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PICES 2010 Annual Meeting
North Pacific Ecosystems Today, and Challenges in Understanding and Forecasting Change

October 22-31, 2010, Portland, OR, USA

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SessionPaper IDPresenterGranted Type of PresentationPotential ReplacementAbstract TitleAuthorsAttendance ConfirmationWithdrawals
WG-21 Meeting6867Henry Lee IIOral Density Matters: Comparison of Approaches to Developing Ballast Water Discharge TargetsHenry Lee II, Deborah A. Reusser and Melanie R. Frazieryes
WG-21 Meeting6872Leslie H. HarrisOral Is It or Isn't It? Taxonomic proficiency of North Pacific NIS Polychaete assessments in the Northeast PacificLeslie H. Harrisyes
WG-21 Meeting6866Deborah A. ReusserOral Per capita invasion probabilities: A linear model to predict rates of invasion via ballast waterDeborah A. Reusser, Henry Lee II and Melanie R. Frazieryes
HAB Section Meeting6875TrickOral Report on the 2009 GEOHAB Meeting on Benthic Harmful Algal Bloom speciesC.G. Trick and W.P. Cochlanyes, payment made
HAB Section Meeting6555Mingyuan ZHUWithdrawal HAB in Coastal Waters of China in 2009Mingyuan ZHUdid not attend yes
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)6853James C. OrrInvited Chemical potential for impacts of ocean acidification on Pacific Ocean ecosystemsJames C. Orryes
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)6584Minhan DaiInvited Coastal ocean carbon cycling-current understanding and challengesMinhan Daiyes
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)6575Frank WhitneyInvited How does expanding hypoxia affect the nutrient budget of the subarctic Pacific?Frank Whitney, Steven Bograd and Tsuneo Onoyes
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)6770Enrique CurchitserInvited Modeling the Earth System: Are we ready?Enrique Curchitser and co-authorsyes
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)6689Albert J. HermannInvited Modes of biophysical variability on the Bering Sea shelfAlbert J. Hermann, Kerim Aydin, Nicholas A. Bond, Wei Cheng, Enrique N. Curchitser, Georgina A. Gibson, Kate Hedstrom, Ivonne Ortiz, Muyin Wang, and Phyllis J. Stabenoyes
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)6813Yasuhiro Yamanaka, by Shin-ichiInvited Predicting marine ecosystem responses to climate change by a 3-D high-resolution ecosystem modelYasuhiro Yamanaka, Takeshi Okunishi, Taketo Hashioka, Hiroshi Sumata and Shin-ichi Itoyes, payment made
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)6724Mingjiang ZhouInvited Understanding harmful algal blooms in eutrophic coastal waters: necessity of end-to-end studiesMingjiang Zhouyes
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)6633J. Anthony KoslowOral Climate and fish assemblages of the southern California Current, 1951 – 2008J. Anthony Koslow, Ralf Goericke and William Watsonyes
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)6590George HuntOral Climate impacts on eastern Bering Sea food webs: A synthesis of new data and an assessment of the Oscillating Control HypothesisGeorge L. Hunt, Jr., Kenneth O. Coyle, Lisa Eisner, Edward V. Farley, Ron Heintz, Franz Mueter, Jeffery M. Napp, James E. Overland, Patrick H. Ressler, Sigrid Salo Phyllis J. Stabeno yes
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)6544Muyin WangOral Contributions of Episodic Events in Decadal Climate Variation of the Bering SeaMuyin Wang, James E. Overland, Nicholas A. Bondyes
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)6539Sophia C. JohannessenOral Effects of local and global change on an inland sea: the Strait of Georgia, CanadaSophia C. Johannessen and Robie W. Macdonaldyes
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)6704Hiroaki SaitoOral Forecasting Fish Species Alternation: Results of SUPRFISH Programme and Emerging IssuesHiroaki Saito, Shin-ichi Ito, Atsushi Kawabata, Mitsutaku Makino, Shoshiro Minobe, Masami Nonaka, Takeshi Okunishi, Kazutaka Takahashi and Ichiro Yasudayes
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)6491Michael A. LitzowOral Hare and Mantua updated: Four decades of climate-biology covariation in the northeast PacificMichael A. Litzow and Franz J. Mueteryes
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)6442Neil S. BanasOral Limits on predictability in a diversity-resolving plankton model: A strategy for ensemble ecosystem forecastingNeil S. Banasyes
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)6846Evan A. HowellOral Modeling the central North Pacific ecosystem response to predicted climate variations and fishery management scenariosEvan A. Howell, Jeffrey J. Polovina and John Dunneyes
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)6561Tsuneo OnoOral Oxygen decline in the off-Japan continental slope waters and its potential influence on groundfishesTsuneo Onoyes
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)6658Kenneth O. CoyleOral Production on the Gulf of Alaska Shelf: spatial-temporal expansion of GLOBEC field measurements using an ecosystem model embedded in a circulation modelKenneth O. Coyle, Sarah Hinckley, Wei Cheng, Georgina Gibson, Albert Hermann, Kate Hedstromyes
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)6441Jeffrey PolovinaOral Projected expansion of the subtropical biome and contraction of the temperate and equatorial upwelling biomes in the North Pacific under global warmingJeffrey Polovina, John Dunne, Phoebe Woodworth, and Evan Howellyes
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)6640Richard D. BrodeurOral Projecting future changes in distributions of pelagic nekton along the west coast of North AmericaWilliam W.L. Cheung, Thomas A. Okey, Richard D. Brodeuryes
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)6660Shin-ichi ItoOral Projection of Pacific saury response to the future climate changeShin-ichi Ito, Takeshi Okunishi, Michio J. Kishi and Muyin Wangyes
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)6471Jun-ya ShibataOral Relationship between food web structure of lower trophic level community and transfer efficiency in coastal seaJun-ya Shibata, Ryu Isonaka, Hideki Hamaoka, Kazumasa Matsumoto, Tetsuya Nanko, Todd W. Miller, Hidejiro Onishi, Tadao Kunihiro and Koji Omoriyes
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)6798Steven J. BogradOral The California Undercurrent: 1949-2009 and BeyondSteven J. Bograd, Carmen G. Castro, Francisco P. Chavez, Curtis A. Collins, Vincent Combes, Emanuele Di Lorenzo, Mark Ohman, Ryan Rykaczewski, Frank Whitneyyes
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)6757Emanuele Di Lorenzo, by J KeisterOral The Pacific Boundary Ecosystems and Climate Study (POBEX)Emanuele Di Lorenzo, Julie E. Keister, Sanae Chiba, Vincent Combes, Andrew C. Thomas , Ted P. Strub, Harold Batchelder, Steven Bograd, Peter J. S. Franks, and William T. Petersonyes, did not attend , by J. Keister
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)6807Thomas Van PeltPoster Communicating ecosystem science: The Bering Sea ProjectNora Deans, Thomas Van Pelt, Francis Wiese and Carolyn Rosneryes
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)6630Ferdenant MkrtchyanPosterREP-1Development the Simulation Model of Pollutant Propagation in the Arctic BasinFerdenant A. Mkrtchyan, Vladimir F. Krapivinyes
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)6530Haixia LiuPoster Forming mechanism of summer hypoxia in the Yangtze River Estuary of China: "cold pool" and "thermal barrier" effectsDaoji Li, Haixia Liu and Ping Wangyes
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)6454Svetlana MonakhtinaPoster Skilfish (Erilepis zonifer): traits of biology and fishery nearby the Emperor Seamounts in the north-west Pacific OceanSvetlana Monakhtina, Igor Spirinyes
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)6550Sayaka MatsumuraPoster Spatio-temporal changes in species diversity and assemblage structure of Euphausiids ~ Oyashio to Oyashio-Kuroshio Transition Region in the western north Pacific ~Sayaka Matsumura, Hiroya Sugisaki, Hiroaki Saito, Yuji Okazaki and Tomohiko Kikuchiyes
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)6551Kaoru AokiPoster Spatio-Temporal distribution of Aurelia aurita in Mikawa Bay:Inferred from Net sampling With Fish finder.Kaoru Aoki, Kazuya Takeda, Satoshi Yamada, Takayoshi Yamashita and Tomohiko Kikuchiyes
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)6527Fuxin,SunPoster Study on Bioaccumulation and Elimination of Chlamys farreri to CopperFuxin,SUN Fu-xin,WANG Ying,Zhihong,WUyes
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)6651Jeff NappPoster Understanding Ecosystem Processes in the Bering SeaJeff Napp, Carin Ashjian, Rodger Harvey, Mike Lomas, Mike Sigler and Phyllis Stabenoyes
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)6645Se-Jong JuPoster Vertical signatures in acoustic estimates of zooplankton around the Yellow Sea Bottom Cold Water, KoreaDonhyug Kang, Hyungbeen Lee, Hye seon Kim, Woongseo Kim, and Se-Jong Juyes
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)6426Xuelei, ZhangWithdrawal Benthic records indicating increasing nutrient availability and primary production in the Yellow SeaXuelei Zhang, ZL Wang, JH Liu, QS Wei, SL Fan, MZ Fu, Y Li, P Sun, P Liu, QZ Xu, RX Li, MY Zhuno yes
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)6437Alexey V. VakatovWithdrawal The condition of ecosystem Taui Bay in the Sea of Okhotsk at presentAlexey V. Vakatov, Valeriy I. Michailov, Andrey A. Smirnovdid not attend, oral yes
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)6501MA JianxinWithdrawal The distribution characteristics of phytoplankton in Laizhou BayMA Jianxin,ZHENG Zhenhu,WANG Maojianyes, poster absent yes
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)6424Babagana,AbubakarWithdrawal The impacts of human activities in Africa, the North and South Pole Regions on the Global Climate ChangeBabagana A.did not attend, poster yes
Session 2 (BIO)6818Jay T. CullenInvited Iron speciation and bioavailability: Insight gained from analytical chemistry and microbial physiologyJay T. Cullen and Maria T. Maldonadoyes
Session 2 (BIO)6622Huiwang GaoInvited Response of marine ecosystem to Asian dust fertilization from coastal sea to open oceanHuiwang Gao, Xiaohong Yao, Jinhui Shi and Jianhua Qiyes
Session 2 (BIO)6483Hong ChenOral A review of the influence of ocean fertilization on marine biodiversityHong Chen, Jianbo Han, and Xiaomeng Wangyes
Session 2 (BIO)6849William CrawfordOral Advection of deep-sea and coastal water into the HNLC region of the northeast Pacific OceanWilliam Crawfordyes
Session 2 (BIO)6840Mark L. WellsOral Evidence for regulation of Fe(II) Oxidation Rates by Organic Complexing Ligands in the Eastern Subarctic PacificEric G. Roy and vyes
Session 2 (BIO)6850Josiane Mélançon (for Levausser)Oral Impact of Asian dust on plankton and DMS production in the Northeast Subarctic PacificJosiane Mélançon, Maurice Levasseur, Martine Lizotte, Jean-Éric Tremblay, Gui-Peng Yang, Marjolaine Blais, Guangyu Shi, Hui-Wang Gao, Michael Arychuk, Keith Johnson, Nes Sutherland, Marie Robert and Wendy Richardsonyes
Session 2 (BIO)6762Kazuhiro MisumiOral Mechanisms controlling dissolved iron distribution in the North Pacific: A model studyKazuhiro Misumi, Daisuke Tsumune, Yoshikatsu Yoshida, Takeshi Yoshimura, Keisuke Uchimoto, Tomohiro Nakamura, Jun Nishioka, Humio Mitsudera, Frank O. Bryan, Keith Lindsay, J. Keith Moore, Scott C. Doneyyes
Session 2 (BIO)6649Fei ChaiOral Modeling impacts of mesoscale eddies on iron cycle and biogeochemical processes in the Gulf of AlaskaFei Chai, Peng Xiu, Huijie Xue, Lei Shi, and Yi Chaoyes
Session 2 (BIO)6707Jun NishiokaOral Oceanic iron supply mechanisms supporting the spring diatom bloom in the Oyashio region, western subarctic PacificJun Nishioka, Tsuneo Ono, Hiroaki Saito, Keiichiro Sakaoka, Takeshi Yoshimurayes
Session 2 (BIO)6862Emilie BrévièreOral The international Surface Ocean- Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS) project and its mid-term strategyEmilie Brévièreyes
Session 2 (BIO)6859Hiroaki SaitoOral The role of zooplankton in buffering geographical heterogeneity of primary productivityHiroaki Saito, Jun Nishioka, Atsushi Tsuda and Hiroaki Tatebeyes
Session 3 (BIO)6657MackasInvited “You can learn a lot by looking”: the importance of exploratory observation (and occasional surprise) in biological oceanographic discoveryDavid L. Mackasyes
Session 3 (BIO)6768Yukihiro NojiriInvited Good on board practice for the ocean carbon measurement and effort of international collaborationYukihiro Nojiriyes
Session 3 (BIO)6547Michio AoyamaInvited The new era of nutrients measurements in seawater with RM/CRM and the new manual: The joint IOC-ICES Study Group on Nutrient Standards (SGONS) and recent progressMichio Aoyamayes
Session 3 (BIO)6863Frank WhitneyOral Challenges in observing long term trends in oxygen and nutrients: Ocean Station P as an exampleFrank Whitney and Janet Barwell-Clarkeyes
Session 3 (BIO)6568James ChristianOral Evolution of marine microbial ecologyJames R. Christianyes
Session 3 (BIO)6868Andrew G. DicksonOral Measuring pH in seawater: prejudice, practice and pitfallsAndrew G. Dicksonyes
Session 3 (BIO)6514BanseOral Twists in estimating temporal O2 changes in oxygen minimum zones from old O2 data NOTE THAT O2 (TWICE) NEEDS THE "TWO" AS A SUBSCRIPTK. Banse, S.W.A. Naqvi, J.R. Postel and P.V. Narvekaryes
Session 4 (BIO)6845Tim D. SmithInvited Confessions of a Convert: From fishery biology to historical marine ecologyTim D. Smithyes
Session 4 (BIO)6842Paul V.R. SnelgroveInvited Marine Biodiversity in the 21st Century: Making Ocean Life CountPaul V.R. Snelgroveyes
Session 4 (BIO)6680Vera AlexanderInvited The Census of Marine Life – evolution of a decade 0f worldwide marine biodiversity researchVera Alexander, Patricia Miloslavich and Kristen Yarincikyes
Session 4 (BIO)6679Reginald BeachOral A national marine biodiversity observing network to inform ecosystem based management and scienceReginald Beach, Daphne Fautin, J. Emmett Duffy, Heidi Sosik, Jay Stachowicz, Linda Amaral-Zettler, Tatiana Rynearson, Gustav Paulay and Hilary Goodwinyes
Session 4 (BIO)6865John DowerOral A World Census of Marine Life on SeamountsJohn Doweryes
Session 4 (BIO)6864Steven J. BogradOral Building a Marine Life Observing System: Lessons from the Tagging of Pacific Pelagics (TOPP)Steven J. Bograd, Barbara A. Block and Daniel P. Costayes
Session 4 (BIO)6516Hiroko SasakiOral Cetacean habitat distribution in the eastern Bering Sea and Chukch SeaHiroko Sasaki,Keiko Sekiguchi and Sei-Ichi Saitohyes (both poster and Oral)
Session 4 (BIO)6789Elliott L. HazenOral Potential habitat shifts in Pacific top predators in a changing climateElliott L. Hazen, Salvador Jorgensen, Ryan Rykaczewski, John Dunne, Steven Bograd, Dave Foley, Ian Jonsen, Arliss Winship, Daniel Costa, and Barbara Blockyes
Session 4 (BIO)6781Orlov ( for Jose Angel A. Perez)Oral Surveying the patterns of life in the understudied depths of the South Atlantic: continuing the legacy of the MAR-ECO project (CoML) into the southern mid-Atlantic ridgeJose Angel A. Perez, Andrey Gebruk, Alexei Orlov, Stanislav Kobyliansky and André Limano, Alexei Orlov
Session 4 (BIO)6821John C. PayneOral The future of POSTJohn C. Payneyes
Session 4 (BIO)6743Joon Sang ParkPoster The Genus Thalassiosira (Bacillariophyceae): The Surface Ultrastructures of Marginal Fultoportula and Nuclear rDNA Phylogenetic RelationshipJoon Sang Park, Jang-Seu Ki, Jin Hwan Leeyes
Session 4 (BIO)6869Youn-Ho LeeWithdrawal Marine biodiversity in Korea and CoML activitiesYoun-Ho Lee, Sejin Pae, Sung Kim and Sung-Dae Kimyes yes
Session 4 (BIO)6819Guangxing LiuWithdrawal The taxonomic diversity of planktonic copepods in the North Yellow SeaGuang-xing Liu, Qiang Jiang, Yan-zhong Zhu and Hong-ju Chenyes, poster absent yes
Session 5 (FIS)6563Edward A. TrippelInvited Demography, degrees and development of scientific advice for fisheries managementEdward A. Trippelyes
Session 5 (FIS)6451Peng SunOral Chief cause for the change of fish phenotypic traits: Fishing gear selectivityPeng Sun, Zhenlin Liang, Wei Yan and Huaming Yuyes
Session 5 (FIS)6802Ed WeberOral Effect of water-mass properties on the spawning location of Pacific Mackerel Scomber japonicus in the California CurrentEdward D. Weber and Sam McClatchieyes
Session 5 (FIS)6613You Jung KwonOral Estimation of biological parameters for rock bream, Oplegnathus fasciatus, in Jeju marine ranching area of KoreaYou Jung Kwon, Chang Ik Zhang and Hyeok Chan Kwonyes
Session 5 (FIS)6536Cindy J.G. van DammeOral Fecundity regulation mechanisms in fish with different spawning strategiesCindy J.G. van Damme, Mark Dickey-Collas, Olav S. Kjesbu and Adriaan D. Rijnsdorpyes
Session 5 (FIS)6722Doug HayOral Is climate change responsible for changes in the distribution, abundance and spawning of the anadromous eulachon (Thaleichthys pacificus) in the North Pacific? A synthesis of available information.Doug Hay, Megan Moody Bruce McCarter, and Tom Therriaultyes
Session 5 (FIS)6683E.J. DickOral Modeling the reproductive potential of rockfishes (Sebastes spp.)E.J. Dickyes
Session 5 (FIS)6497Steven J. ParkerOral Oogenesis in Antarctic toothfish and implications for fisheries managementSteven J. Parker and Paul Grimesyes
Session 5 (FIS)6474Joel WebbOral Variability in reproductive potential of eastern Bering Sea snow crab, Chionoecetes opilio, demographic and environmental effectsJoel B. Webb, Laura M. Slater, Ginny L. Eckert, and Gordon H. Kruseyes
Session 5 (FIS)6656Susanne McDermottPosterREP-3Effects of maternal growth on fecundity and egg quality of wild and captive Atka mackerel (Pleurogrammus monopteyrius)Susanne F. McDermott, Daniel W. Cooper, Jared L. Guthridge, Ingrid B. Spies, Mike F. Canino, Pamela Woods, and Nicola Hillgruberyes
Session 5 (FIS)6632Paul SpencerPoster Evaluation of closed areas for fish stocks with maternal effects in larval survivalPaul Spencer, Sarah Kraak, and Ed Trippelyes
Session 5 (FIS)6634Xiujuan ShanPosterREP-1Impacts of temperature and salinity on species composition of ichthyoplankton and distribution of fish spawning ground in the Changjiang River estuary and its adjacent watersRui-Jing WAN, Feng ZHOU,Xiu-Juan SHANyes
Session 5 (FIS)6521Laura M. SlaterPoster Preliminary analysis of demographic and geographic processes influencing Tanner crab fecundity in the eastern Bering SeaLaura M. Slater, Joel B. Webb , K. MacTavish and D. Pengillyyes
Session 5 (FIS)6713Sukgeun JungPoster Size-dependent mortality of Pacific cod (Gadus macrocephalus) based on their reproduction and growthSukgeun Jung, Il Su Choiyes
Session 5 (FIS)6508Miriam DoylePoster Species life history patterns and early life ecology as indicators of vulnerability and response of fish populations to climate change in the Gulf of AlaskaMiriam J. Doyle and Kathryn L. Mieryes
Session 5 (FIS)6509Jie ZhengPosterREP-2Temporal changes in size at maturity and their impacts on stock assessment and fishery management for eastern Bering Sea Tanner crabJie Zheng, Gordon H. Kruse, and Bill Bechtolyes
Session 5 (FIS)6774Cecilia PeñaWithdrawal Changes in the size structure of Peruvian anchovy and its effect in the spawningCecilia Peña, Ángel Perea, Ricardo Oliveros-Ramos and Betsy Buitrónno yes
Session 5 (FIS)6653Jon BrodziakWithdrawal Estimating stock-recruitment steepness from life history information: a case study of North Pacific bluefin tuna, Thunnus orientalisJon Brodziak, Marc Mangel, and Gerard DiNardoyes yes
Session 5 (FIS)6767Linsey ArnoldWithdrawal Maternal effects in a long-lived, deep-dwelling rockfish, Sebastes alutus: evidence and management implicationsLinsey Arnold, Selina Heppell, Wade Smith and Scott Heppellno yes
Session 5 (FIS)6797Sandi NeidetcherWithdrawal Temporal and spatial patterns of Pacific cod spawning in the Bering Sea between 2005 and 2007; a comparison of spawning patterns between warm and cold yearsSandi Neidetcherdid not attend, poster yes
Session 6 (FIS/BIO)6832William GillyInvited Adaptability and plasticity of Humboldt squid, Dosidicus gigas, in conjunction with environmental perturbationWilliam Gilly and Unai Markaidayes
Session 6 (FIS/BIO)6628Hjálmar HátúnInvited Large-scale shifts in the North Atlantic bio-geography forced by the subpolarHjálmar Hátúnyes
Session 6 (FIS/BIO)6593Lorenzo CiannelliInvited Predator-prey spatial distribution patterns and spatial overlap in relation to climate driven environmental variabilityLorenzo Ciannelli and Mary Hunsickeryes
Session 6 (FIS/BIO)6791Gregory L. KowalkeOral Do circulation patterns make the eastern North Pacific especially susceptible to zoogeographic shifts?Gregory L. Kowalke, David Mackas, Julie Keister, perhaps others, order of authorship TBDyes
Session 6 (FIS/BIO)6559Trond KristiansenOral Effects of climate change on the phenology of spring blooms and consequences for the survival of larval codTrond Kristiansen, Charles Stock, Ken Drinkwater, and Enrique N. Curchitseryes
Session 6 (FIS/BIO)6573Alexei I. PinchukOral Emergence of the Arctic hyperiid Themisto libellula on the southeastern Bering Sea shelf as a result of the recent cooling and their potential impact on pelagic food webAlexei I. Pinchuk, Kenneth O. Coyleyes
Session 6 (FIS/BIO)6814Aimee A. KellerOral Expansion and shoaling of the oxygen minimum zone off the U.S. west coast in relation to demersal fish distribution and biomassAimee Keller, Victor Simon, W. Waldo Wakefield, Keith Bosley, M. Elizabeth Clarke, John A. Barth and Stephen D. Pierceyes
Session 6 (FIS/BIO)6787John C. FieldOral Foraging ecology of the Humboldt squid in the California CurrentJohn C. Field, Ken A. Baltz , William Matsubu, Graham E. Gillespie, Julia S. Stewart, William F. Gilly and William A. Walkeryes
Session 6 (FIS/BIO)6843Jürgen AlheitOral Impact of Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO) on NE Atlantic ecosystemsJürgen Alheit and Carola Wagneryes
Session 6 (FIS/BIO)6827Jin Yeong KimOral Occurrence Variation of Warm and Cold water species in response to the Climate change off KoreaJin Yeong Kim, Heeyong Kim and Il Su Choiyes
Session 6 (FIS/BIO)6635Robinson MugoOral Potential impact of global warming on skipjack tuna habitat in the western North Pacific.Robinson Mugo, Sei-Ichi Saitoh, Akira Nihira, Tadaaki Kuroyama, Takahiro Toyoda, Shuhei Masuda, Hiromichi Igarashi, Toshiyuki Awaji, and Yoichi Ishikawa.yes
Session 6 (FIS/BIO)6507Rong-shuo CAIOral The respond of Sea Surface Temperature in the offshore area of China to the variations of East Asian Monsoon under global warming and its marine ecological effectsRong-shuo CAI, Hongjian TAN and Ji-long CHEN, Qing-liang Yangyes
Session 6 (FIS/BIO)6532Harald LoengOral The rise and the fall of the northern blue whiting stockHarald Loeng, Hjámar Hátún, Jens Christian Holst, Markk Payne and Aril Slotteyes
Session 6 (FIS/BIO)6860Vladimir KulikOral The role of mesopelagic fishes in ecosystem vertical mixing in the north western PacificVladimir Kulikyes
Session 6 (FIS/BIO)6564Sonia BattenOral Variability in northwards extension of warm water copepods in the NE PacificSonia Batten and Anthony Walneyes
Session 6 (FIS/BIO)6513Luke D. WhitmanOral Variation in the distribution and energy density of juvenile walleye pollock in the southeastern Bering SeaLuke D. Whitman, Neal E. McIntosh, Scott A. Heppell and Kelly J. Benoit-Birdyes
Session 6 (FIS/BIO)6604by Huse (Solfrid Sætre Hjøllo)Withdrawal Modeling secondary production with a fully coupled physical-primary-secondary production model systemSolfrid Sætre Hjøllo, Geir Huse, Morten D. Skogen, Webjørn Melledid not attend, oral yes
Session 7 (FIS/MEQ)6848Yajie LiuInvited An ecological-economic model of genetic interaction between farmed and wild SalmonYajie Liu, Ola Diserud, Kjetil Hindar and Anders Skonhoft1yes
Session 7 (FIS/MEQ)6445Di JinInvited Aquaculture and Capture Fisheries: An Integrated Economic-Ecological AnalysisDi Jinyes
Session 7 (FIS/MEQ)6594Kelly DavidsonInvited Consumers' willingness to pay for aquaculture fish products vs. wild-caught seafood - a case study in HawaiiKelly Davidson and Minling Panyes
Session 7 (FIS/MEQ)6691Seong-Kwae ParkInvited Economic Relation between Marine Aquaculture and Wild Capture Fisheries: Case of KoreaSeong-Kwae Park and Dong-Woo Leeyes
Session 7 (FIS/MEQ)6782Michael C. RubinoInvited Potential economic effects on wild capture fisheries from an expansion of marine aquaculture in the United StatesMichael C. Rubinoyes
Session 7 (FIS/MEQ)6553Shang ChenInvited Quantification of maricultural effects on coastal ecosystems services: Sanggou Bay case from ChinaShang Chen, Li Wang, Tao Xia, Guoying Du, Dachuan Renyes
Session 7 (FIS/MEQ)6430Chen SunInvited The influence of marine aquaculture to the fishery industry chain in ChinaChen Sunyes
Session 7 (FIS/MEQ)6695Hisashi KurokuraInvited Tuna goes around the world on sushi.Hisashi Kurokura, Akira Takagi, Yutaro Sakai and Nobuyuki Yagiyes
Session 7 (FIS/MEQ)6502HEEDONG PYOOral Analyzing Recovered Effects of Marine Contaminated Sediment Cleanup Project on Wild Capture Fisheries in KoreaHEEDONG PYOyes
Session 7 (FIS/MEQ)6655Galina S.GavrilovaOral Capture fisheries and mariculture of the marineinvertebrates in Peter the Great Bay (Japan Sea)Galina S.Gavrilovayes
Session 7 (FIS/MEQ)6817Toyomitsu HoriiOral Impacts on fishery products of the Tiger Puffer, Takifugu rubripes, by stock enhancementToyomitsu Horiiyes
Session 7 (FIS/MEQ)6674Masahito HirotaOral The TASC (Total Allowable Scallop Culture) in Japan: an approach for the issue on the overproduction in Yezo giant scallop cultivation in Mutsu BayMasahito Hirota, Yoshinobu Kosakayes
Session 7 (FIS/MEQ)6429Maria Rebecca A. CamposWithdrawal Bioeconomic Modelling of Marine Aquaculture and Wild Capture Fisheries Polices in the PhilippinesMaria Rebecca A. Camposno, was oral 11:50 yes
Session 7 (FIS/MEQ)6851James L. AndersonWithdrawal Interactions between Aquaculture and Capture FisheriesJames L. Andersonno yes
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6661Shin-ichi ItoInvited A multi-trophic level ecosystem modeling for understanding mechanism of the small pelagic fish species alternation associated with climate regime shiftsShin-ichi Ito, Takeshi Okunishi, Atsushi Kawabata, Hiroshi Kubota, Akinori Takasuka, Taketo Hashioka, Hiroshi Sumata and Yasuhiro Yamanakayes
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6611Kazuaki TadokoroInvited Geographical comparison of the decadal scale variations in marine ecosystems in the North Pacific OceanKazuaki Tadokoro, Yuji Okazaki, Tsuneo Ono, and Hiroya Sugisakiyes, payment made
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6805Franz J. MueterInvited Long-term forecasts of walleye pollock dynamics in the eastern Bering Sea based on estimated responses of recruitment and growth to climate variabilityFranz J. Mueteryes
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6606Hans-O. PörtnerInvited Oxygen and capacity limited thermal tolerance (OCLT): linking climate to ecosystem changeHans-O. Pörtneryes
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6427Gordon H. KruseOral Climate cycles and population dynamics of North Sea herringJoachim P. Gröger, Gordon H. Kruse and Norbert Rohlfyes
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6444Oleg BulatovOral Climate fluctuations and walleye pollock biomass dynamicsOleg Bulatovyes
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6778William R. CrawfordOral Climate variability and ecosystem response in Pacific Canadian coastal watersWilliam R. Crawford and James R. Irvineyes
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6844Jürgen AlheitOral Climate variability drives anchovies and sardines into North and Baltic SeasJürgen Alheit, Michele Casini, Wulff Greve,Thomas Pohlmann, Anne Sell, Ralf Vorberg6 and Carola Wagneryes
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6686Julie E. KeisterOral Climate-related changes in ocean transport control zooplankton biogeography around the North Pacific basinJulie E. Keister, Emanuele Di Lorenzo, Sanae Chiba, Vincent Combes, Cheryl A. Morgan, and William T. Petersonyes
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6753Ken DrinkwaterOral Comparison of the ecosystem responses to climate forcing and fishing between the Labrador Sea and the Norwegian/Barents seasKen Drinkwater, Glen Harrison, Erica Head, Padmini Dalpadado, Jim Carscadden and George Lillyyes
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6841Anne B. HollowedOral Effects of climate change on pelagic ocean habitats and their potential role in structuring Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska ecosystemsAnne B. Hollowed, Steven Barbeaux, Ned Cokelet, Stan Kotwicki, Patrick Ressler and Christopher Wilson yes
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6600Harald LoengOral Impacts of climate change on the Arctic Ocean and adjacent seasHarald Loengyes
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6641Richard D. BrodeurOral Investigating Alternate Trophic Pathways through Gelatinous Zooplankton, Krill, and Planktivorous Fishes in an Upwelling Ecosystem Using End-to-End ModelsRichard D. Brodeur, James J. Ruzicka, and John H. Steeleyes
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6500Yongjun TianOral Long-term changes in the condition factor of small pelagic fishes in the Japan Sea and the impact of the late 1980s regime shiftYongjun Tian, Hideaki Kidokoro and Tsuneo Gotoyes
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6790William J. SydemanOral Numerical responses of krill predators to variation in krill abundance and spatial organizationWilliam J. Sydeman, Jarrod A. Santora, Sarah Ann Thompson, Kyra L. Mills, John C. Field, Brian K. Wells, Baldo Marinovic, and Bryan A. Blackyes
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6572Melissa A. HaltuchOral On the promises and pitfalls of including decadal scale climate forcing of recruitment in demersal fish stock assessmentMelissa A. Haltuch and André E. Puntyes
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6816Yury ZuenkoOral Saffron cod fluctuations in the Japan Sea: an evidence of match/mismatch hypothesisYury Zuenko, Ludmila Chernoivanova, Alexander Vdovin, and Elena Ustinovayes
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6526Masahide KaeriyamaOral Spaciotemporal change in feeding pattern of Pacific salmon, Oncorhynchus spp., in the North Pacific Ocean ecosystems during 1958-2009Masahide Kaeriyama, Hideaki Kudo, Hideki Kaeriyama, and Kate Myersyes
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6822Seokjin YoonOral Variance estimation of the growth and food sources of the Manila clam by global warming in a subarctic lagoon, JapanSeokjin Yoon, Hiroya Abe and Michio J. Kishiyes
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6541Bryan A. BlackOral Winter and summer upwelling modes and their biological relevance in the California Current EcosystemBryan A. Black, Isaac D. Schroeder, William J. Sydeman, Steven J. Bograd, and Brian K. Wellsyes, ready for oral
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6749Hee Dong JeongPoster A striking difference of coastal SST related to climate change in the eastern coast of KoreaHee Dong Jeong, Sang Woo King, Yong Kyu Choi, Jeong Min Shim and Kee Young Kwonyes
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6492Michael A. LitzowPoster Can rising variance predict sudden shifts in populations and ecosystems? A test using Alaskan crustacean dataMichael A. Litzow, Franz J. Mueter and Dan Urbanyes
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6758King, JacquelynnePoster Climate Forcing and the California Current EcosystemJ.R. King, V.N. Agostini, C.J. Harvey, G.A. McFarlane, M.G.G. Foreman, J.E. Overland, N.A. Bond and K.Y. Aydinyes
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6684Sarah Ann ThompsonPoster Comparing pathways of functional response of top predators to seasonality of upwelling in the California CurrentSarah Ann Thompson, William J. Sydeman, Jarrod A. Santora, Robert M. Suryan, Bryan A. Black, William T. Peterson and John Calambokidisyes
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6835Oleg N. KatuginPosterREP-4Contrasting distribution patterns of the common squid (Todarodes pacificus) in Peter the Great Bay (Japan/East Sea) in 2008 and 2009 Oleg N. Katugin, Konstantin A. Karyakin and Alexander A. Nikitinyes
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6837Mikhail A. ZuevPoster Distribution patterns of the gonatid squids (Gonatidae, Oegopsina) in the northern Sea of Okhotsk in 1990-2008Mikhail A. Zuev, Oleg N. Katuginyes
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6727Ken-ichiro MizunoPoster Effect of temperature on growth of black rockfish Sebastes cheni juveniles in seagrass and macroalgae bedsKen-ichiro Mizuno, Yasuhiro Kamimura and Jun Shojiyes
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6627Suam KimPoster Forecasting practice on the common squid (Todarodes pacificus) population responding climate/oceanographic changesSuam Kim, Sangwook Yeh, Chung-Il Lee, Sukyung Kang, Hyunwoo Kang, Jin-Hee Yoon, Jung Jin Kim and Sinjae Yooyes
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6595James J. RuzickaPosterREP-3Interannual variability in the Northern California Current food web structure: inferring trophic pressures upon juvenile salmonJames J. Ruzicka, Thomas C. Wainwright, Richard D. Brodeur, Jeannette Zamon, Elizabeth Daly, Cheryl A. Morgan, and Robert L. Emmettyes, ready for oral
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6499Elena A. ShtraikhertPoster Inter-annual variability of the spring chlorophyll-a concentration maximum in the Peter-the-Great Bay (Sea of Japan) in 1998-2010Elena A. Shtraikhert, Sergey P. Zakharkov and Tatyana N. Gordeychukyes
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6504Se-Jong JuPoster Latitudinal variation of lipid contents and compositions in copepods, Euchaeta and Pleuromamma spp. from the Northwest Pacific Ocean: its implication of feeding ecology[Se-Jong Ju, Chang-Rae Lee, and Ah-Ra Ko]yes
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6692Jun SPoster Possible effects of the global warming on fish early life stages: shift in spawning season and latitudinal distribution can alter growth of juvenile fishes through the changes in daytime lengthJun SHOJI, Syun-ichi TOSHITO, Ken-ichiro MIZUNO and Yasuhiro KAMIMURAyes
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6820Ann E. Edwards Poster Predicting resilience to ecosystem change in a far-ranging, pelagic, generalist foragerAnn E. Edwards and Shannon Fitzgeraldyes
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6449Vanessa R. von BielaPosterREP-2Terrestrial and marine correlates to black rockfish (Sebastes melanops) growth in the California and Alaska Coastal CurrentsVanessa R. von Biela, Christian E. Zimmerman, Thomas E. Helser, Bryan Black and David C. Douglasyes
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6725Chan Joo JangPoster Variability of mixed layer depth and its relation with chlorophyll concentration in the North Pacific OceanChan Joo Jang and Sinjae Yooyes
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6439Аlexey V. Vakatov Withdrawal Change of the migrations scheme of larvae herring in connection with transformation of directions and forces of the currents caused by climatic factors in northern part of Sea of OkhotskАndrey А. Smirnov, Аlexey V. Vakatovdid not attend, poster yes
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6799Sam McClatchieWithdrawal Ecosystem productivity, zooplankton and recruitment of Pacific Sardine (Sardinops sagax)Sam McClatchieyes, but will not present poster yes
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6473Thomas E. HelserWithdrawal Empirical evidence for biophysical coupling: Short and long term effects of climate variability on the growth rates of marine organisms across diverse taxaThomas E. Helser, Bryan A. Black and Vanessa R. von Bielano yes
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6690Miguel ÑiquenWithdrawalREP-1Overview of the main pelagic species stocks in Peru during 1950 – 2009Miguel Ñiquen, Cecilia Peña and Marilú Bouchondid not attend, poster yes
Session 8 (FIS/POC/BIO)6462Elena DulepovaWithdrawal The long-term dynamics of pelagic communities structure in the western Bering SeaElena Dulepovano yes
Session 9 (MEQ)6871Wolfgang FennelInvited Construction of models with reference to HABsWolfgang Fennelyes
Session 9 (MEQ)6464Theodore J. SmaydaInvited Modeling harmful algal blooms: the need for a conceptual template harmonious with empirical evidenceTheodore J. Smaydayes
Session 9 (MEQ)6574Tamiji YamamotoInvited Numerical modelling of the slow-growing swimming harmful alga Gymnodinium catenatum in a small inlet, Inokushi Bay, southern JapanTamiji Yamamoto and Ryoko Sakaiyes
Session 9 (MEQ)6755Donald M. AndersonOral Bloom dynamics of the red tide dinoflagellate Alexandrium fundyense in the Gulf of Maine: a synthesis and progress towards a forecasting capabilityDonald M. Anderson, Dennis J. McGillicuddy, Jr., Bruce A. Keafer and Ruoying Heyes
Session 9 (MEQ)6739Shigeru ItakuraOral Chattonella (antiqua/marina) vs diatoms - Different seeding strategies and their bloom dynamics in enclosed embayment.Shigeru Itakura, Ichiro Imai, Satoshi Nagai and Mineo Yamaguchiyes
Session 9 (MEQ)6874J.E. Jack RenselOral Modeling Fish-killing blooms of Heterosigma akashiwo in the Salish SeaJ.E. Jack Renselyes
Session 9 (MEQ)6788Angelica PeñaOral Phytoplankton blooms development in the Juan de Fuca Eddy: Insights from a simple biophysical modelAngelica Peña and Michael Foremanyes
Session 9 (MEQ)6484Jenny Q. LaneOral The development of toxigenic Pseudo-nitzschia bloom models in Monterey Bay, California, and their application at a single monitoring site within the model domainJenny Q. Lane, Peter T. Raimondi and Raphael M. Kudelayes
Session 11 (MEQ/FIS)6603Takeshi HayashibaraInvited Investigation of the cold-water corals in the Emperor Seamount Area by Fisheries Agency of Japan.Takeshi Hayashibara, Mai Miyamoto and Takashi Yanagimotoyes
Session 11 (MEQ/FIS)6703Jarrod A. SantoraOral “Hot zones” of krill in the California Current: application to marine Spatial management?Jarrod A. Santora, William J. Sydeman, John Field, Robert M. Suryan and Stephen Ralstonyes
Session 11 (MEQ/FIS)6765Robert M. SuryanOral Biological "hotspots" of the California Current revealed by satellite imagery: temporal and spatial variability and implications for biodiversity conservationRobert M. Suryan, Jarrod A. Santora, and William J. Sydemanyes
Session 11 (MEQ/FIS)6496Steven J. ParkerOral Criteria to select benthic invertebrate taxa to monitor potential impacts to vulnerable marine ecosystems: Lessons from the Southern OceanSteven J. Parker and David A. Bowdenyes
Session 11 (MEQ/FIS)6772Edward J. GregrOral Identifying Ecologically and Biologically Sensitive Areas in the eastern North PacificEdward J. Gregr, Andrea Rambeau and Ian Perryyes
Session 11 (MEQ/FIS)6777Jaime JahnckeOral Identifying vulnerable marine ecosystems in the California Current SystemJaime Jahncke, Nadav Nur, Lance Morgan, Astrid Scholzyes
Session 11 (MEQ/FIS)6829Jae-Bong LeeOral Investigating vulnerable marine ecosystems (VMEs) from Korean distant-water fisheriesDoo-Nam Kim, Jae-Bong Lee, Kyu-Jin Seok and Dong Woo Leeyes
Session 11 (MEQ/FIS)6560Yukimasa IshidaOral Japanese-type marine protected areas (MPAs) and their contributions to biodiversity and fisheries in Tosa Bay, southern JapanYukimasa Ishida, Kazuaki Tadokoro, Tatsuya Kaji, Masatoshi Kimura, Akihiko Yatsu and Mitsutaku Makinoyes
Session 11 (MEQ/FIS)6702Glen JamiesonOral Moving from EBSAs to a protected area network: Framework Considerations and Progress Challenges in Canada’s Pacific waters.Glen Jamiesonyes
Session 11 (MEQ/FIS)6571Jessica L. FinneyOral Using the overlap of predicted cold-water coral habitat and bottom-contact fisheries to identify vulnerable marine ecosystems in British Columbia, CanadaJessica L. Finney, Isabelle M. Côté, Randall M. Peterman, Edward J. Gregryes
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6643Thomas A. OkeyInvited An application of Integrated Ecosystem Assessment in the marine areas of the West Coast of Vancouver Island to support integrated planning and managementThomas A. Okey, Andrew Day, Laura A. Loucks, Jennifer Spencer and Kathryn Wallaceyes
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6677StachowiczInvited Changing biodiversity and the functioning of coastal marine ecosystemsJohn J. Stachowiczyes
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6446Toshiyuki YamaguchiInvited The Introduction To Japan Of The Titan Barnacle, Megabalanus coccopoma (Darwin, 1854) (Cirripedia: Balanomorpha)Toshiyuki Yamaguchi, Yuu Ohshiro, Masashi Kiuchi, Michio Otani, Ikuo Ueda, and Hiroshi Kawaiyes
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6538Burke HalesOral Changing carbonate chemistry and the future of oysters in the eastern North Pacific boundary system.Burke Hales, Jesse Vance, Mariona Segura, Wiley Evans, Sue Cuddyes
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6681Peter S. RossOral Climate change may exacerbate pollution impacts in marine mammals of the North Pacific OceanPeter S. Ross, Donna Cullon, Andrea Buckman, and John K.B. Fordyes
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6659Ian PerryOral Developing ecosystem-based management in a human-dominated marine system: the Strait of Georgia, CanadaR. Ian Perry, Diane Masson, Dave Mackas, Gisele Magnussonyes
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6576Tatiana V. MorozovaOral Dinoflagellate cyst as indicators of eutrophication in the Amursky Bay, Sea of Japan (East Sea)Tatiana V. Morozova, Tatiana Yu. Orlova, Boris A. Burov, Alexander Yu. Lazaryuk, Sergey P. Zakharkov and Vladimir I. Ponomarevyes
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6592D. Shallin BuschOral Evaluating uncertainty in estimates of how climate change may impact Northeast Pacific marine ecosystemsD. Shallin Busch, Cameron H. Ainsworth, Jameal F. Samhouri, William L. Cheung, John Dunne and Thomas A. Okeyyes
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6597Bendell L.I.Oral Influence of near bottom mariculture structures on intertidal diversityBendell L.I.yes
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6699Lingbo LiOral Investigating potential ecological impacts of growth-hormone transgenic coho salmon using a marine ecosystem modelLingbo Li, Tony Pitcher and Robert Devlinyes
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6701Tatiana Yu. OrlovaOral Long-term changes in phytoplankton communities in Amursky Bay (the north-western part of the East/Japan Sea) under eutrophic conditionsTatiana Yu. Orlova, Inna V. Stonik, O.G. Schevchenko and Vladimir I. Ponomarevyes
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6731Xianshi JinOral Long-term variations of ecosystem structure in the Laizhou Bay, ChinaXianshi Jin,Xiujuan Shan, Xiansen Li, Jun Wang, Yi Cui, Tao Zuoyes
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6624Olga N. LukyanovaOral Multiple stressors impact on the ecosystem of Peter the Great Bay (Japan/East Sea)Olga N. Lukyanova, Sergei A. Сherkashin and Mikhail V. Simokonyes
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6652Elizabeth LogerwellOral Natural resource damage assessment in Arctic watersElizabeth Logerwell, Mary Baker and Amy Mertenyes
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6510Steven S. RumrillOral Potential influence of multiple anthropogenic stressors on restoration and recovery of native Olympia oysters (Ostrea lurida) in the Coos Bay estuary, Oregon, USASteven S. Rumrill, Alicia R. Helms, and Adam S. DeMarzoyes, payment made
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6552Shang ChenOral Quantification of influence of spartina invasion on coastal wetland ecosystem services: Yancheng case from ChinaShang Chen, Tao Xia, Guoying Du, Huiyang Wang, Li Wang, Dachuan Renyes
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6759Cameron H. AinsworthOral The importance of community interactions for predicting climate change impactsJameal F. Samhouri, Cameron H. Ainsworth, D. Shallin Busch, William L. Cheung, and Thomas A. Okeyyes
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6678Thomas W. TherriaultOral The importance of scale for predicting impacts of stressors in nearshore environments: an example using European green crab (Carcinus maenas) invasions in British ColumbiaThomas W. Therriault, Claudio DiBacco, Leif-Matthias Herborg, and Graham E. Gillespieyes
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6465Vjacheslav S. LabayOral Variability of macrobenthos structure in coastal waters of northern Sakhalin Island (Okhotsk Sea) around oil- and gas-extracting objectsVjacheslav S. Labayyes
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6667Vasily I. RadashevskyOral World wide dispersal of mudworm Boccardia proboscidea Hartman, 1940 (Annelida, Spionidae)Vasily I. Radashevskyyes
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6719Tatiana L. ChizhovaPoster Age-specific oxidative stress response to cadmium in the scallop Mizuhopecten yessoensisYulia V. Koudryashova, Tatiana L. Chizhova, Evgeniya E. Solodova and Nina N. Belchevano, by Lobanov
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6631F.A. MkrtchyanPosterREP-4An Adaptive System to Identify of Pollutants on the Water SurfaceF.A. Mkrtchyan, V.F. Krapivin, V.I. Kovalev, V.V. Klimovyes
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6665Alexandra S. KondakovaPoster Antropogenic hormone substance of coastal waters the Peter the Great Bay (Japan/East Sea).Alexandra S. Kondakova and Andrey P. Chernyaevno, by Chernova
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6733Jung-Hoon KangPoster Distribution of potentially risky heterotrophic Noctiluca scintillans and port specific capacity based on port baseline surveys in KoreaJung-Hoon Kang, Oh Youn Kwon, Kyoungsoon Shin and Man Changyes, payment made
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6711Yasuhiro KamimuraPoster Effects of environmental conditions on growth-selective survival of juvenile black rockfish Sebastes cheni in a vegetated habitat in the central Seto Inland Sea, JapanYasuhiro Kamimura and Jun Shojiyes
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6812Hee Won ParkPosterREP-3Estimating optimum size of stock enhancement in marine ranching ecosystemHee Won Park, Jae Bong Lee , You Jung Kwon, Chang Ik Zhang and Sung Il Leeyes
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6794Ik Kyo ChungPoster Estimation of the seaweed biomass by the extensive field surveyIk Kyo Chung, Jung Hyun Oak, Sang-Rae Lee and Jeong Ha Kimyes, payment made
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6533Takeo KuriharaPoster Malacofaunal changes associated with warming Kuroshio CurrentTakeo Kurihara, Hideki Takami, Takeharu Kosuge, Susumu Chiba, Masatsugu Iseda and Takenori Sasakiyes
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6466Vjacheslav S. LabayPoster Malacostraca (Crustacea) – New species in coastal waters of Aniva Bay (Okhotsk Sea, Sakhalin Island)Vjacheslav S. Labayyes
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6666Andrey P. ChernyaevPosterREP-2Oil pollution in Nakhodka bay (Japan/East Sea).Andrey P. Chernyaev and Anna S. Vazhovadid not attend, poster was there
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6720Anastasia ChernovaPoster Results of long-term pollution monitoring in Peter the Great Bay (Sea of Japan)Alexander Sevast’yanov, Anastasia Chernova and Tatyana Lishavskayayes
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6723Young Shil KangPoster Seasonal and spatial variability in zooplankton community in Masan Bay, KoreaYoung Shil Kang, Won-Chan Lee, Sok Jin Hong and Dong-Wook Kimyes, wants poster
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6721Takuma MoritaPoster Significance of estuarine habitat as nursery for yellowfin sea bream Acanthopagrus latus: comparison of feeding, growth and possible predators for larvae and juveniles in two habitats around Ohta River estuary northern Hiroshima Bay, JapanTakuma Morita, Yuji Iwamoto and Jun Shojiyes
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6856Sangjin LeePoster Threats to marine and coastal biodiversity in the NOWPAP regionSangjin Lee and Mark Waltonyes
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6745Guo ying DuPosterREP-1Valuation of ecological capital in coastal area of Shandong province, ChinaGuo ying Du, Shang Chen, Tao Xia, Da chuan Ren, Li Wang and Min Wangyes
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)67411T.V. Konovalova A.V., Withdrawal Distribution of macrobentos around LUN-A platform at the initial phase of Lunskoye field development (North-East shelf Sakhalin Island, Sea of Okhotsk)T.V. Konovalova A.V., T.A. Belan, Moshchenko, B.M. Borisov, L.S. Belandid not attend, poster yes
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6447Valentina SlobodskovaWithdrawal DNA strand breakage in aquatic organisms as a biomarker in the environmental monitoringValentina V. Slobodskova, Evgeniya E. Solodova, Victor P. Chelomindid not attend, poster yes
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6494SONG XiukaiWithdrawal Evolution and formation causes of Alexandrium Tamarense red tide in the sea area of the Nanhuangcheng IslandSONG Xiukai,MA Jianxin,LIU Yihao,LIU Lijuan,et, cannot attend yes
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6873Leslie H. HarrisWithdrawal Is It or Isn't It? Taxonomic proficiency of North Pacific NIS Polychaete assessments in the Northeast PacificLeslie H. Harrisyes, did attend workshop only, poster absent yes
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6428Lailah Gifty Lartey-AntwiWithdrawal Population dynamics and ecology of surf clam Donax pulchellus in GhanaLailah Gifty Lartey-Antwi, Ayaa K. Armah and J.Laudiendid not attend, poster yes
Session 12 (MEQ/FUTURE)6609Bin ChenWithdrawal Restoration of typical marine ecosystems in ChinaTao Yu, Bin Chen, Weiwei Yu, Wenhua Liu and Zhenghua Liuno, cannot attend - oct. 12 yes
Session 13 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/FUTURE)6587Sanae ChibaInvited An overview of ecosystem state variability in the subarctic North Pacific: east-west synchrony and contrastSanae Chibayes
Session 13 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/FUTURE)6477Osamu IsoguchiInvited Seasonal to interannual variations of the western boundary current of the subarctic North Pacific using altimeter dataOsamu Isoguchi and Hiroshi Kawamurayes
Session 13 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/FUTURE)6610Joaquim I. GoesInvited The role of the Aleutian Low Pressure System in regulating phytoplankton biomass, primary production and export production across the subarctic Pacific Ocean basinJoaquim I. Goes, Helga do R. Gomes, Kosei Sasaoka and Toshiro Sainoyes
Session 13 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/FUTURE)6433Rui SaitoOral East-west comparison of the zooplankton community in the subarctic Pacific during summers of 2003-2006Rui Saito, Atsushi Yamaguchi, Ichiro Imai, Sei-Ichi Saitoh and Kenshi Kumayes
Session 13 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/FUTURE)6796Howard FreelandOral Heat and Salt conservation in the N.E. PacificHoward Freelandyes
Session 13 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/FUTURE)6545Sachihiko ItohOral Warn and cold-core anticyclonic eddies in the western subarctic North PacificSachihiko Itoh, Ichiro Yasuda and Hiromichi Uenoyes
Session 13 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/FUTURE)6669H. SaitoOral West meets East: Inter-gyre transportation of Neocalanus copepodsHiroaki Saito, Atsushi Tsuda and Hiroaki Tatebeyes
Session 13 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/FUTURE)6712Yuichiro KumamotoPosterREP-1A comparison of dissolved oxygen concentration in intermediate layer between the western and eastern subarctic gyres of the North Pacific from 1985 to 2007.Yuichiro Kumamoto, Akihiko Murata, Shinya Kouketsu, Michio Aoyama, Shuichi Watanabe and Masao Fukasawayes, prefers oral
Session 13 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/FUTURE)6662Shin-ichi ItoPosterREP-2Seasonal variation of the Oyashio transport compared with the Alaskan StreamShin-ichi Ito, Yugo Shimizu, Shigeho Kakehi, Taku Wagawa, Akira Kusaka, Masatoshi Satoyes, ready for Oral
Session 13 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/FUTURE)6716Yugo ShimizuPosterREP-3Velocity structure and transport of Oyashio measured by vessel-mounted acoustic Doppler current profiler along repeat hydrographic section A-lineYugo Shimizu, Taku Wagawa, Shin-ichi Ito, Shigeho Kakehi, Akira Kusaka, Masatoshi Satoyes, payment made
Session 14 (POC/MEQ/FUTURE)6565Brian L. PolagyeInvited Environmental effects of tidal energy developmentBrian L. Polagyeyes
Session 14 (POC/MEQ/FUTURE)6676Henry JeffreyInvited Ocean Energy: A European PerspectiveHenry Jeffreyyes
Session 14 (POC/MEQ/FUTURE)6540Michael ForemanOral A Circulation Model for the Discovery Islands, Canada: The First Step in Assessing Tidal Energy Potential and ImpactsMichael Foreman, Dario Stucchi, Kyle Garver, and Thomas Grimeyes
Session 14 (POC/MEQ/FUTURE)6761Keyyong HongOral Current status and future perspectives of marine renewable energy development in KoreaKeyyong Hong, Seung-Ho Shin and Seok-Won Hongyes
Session 14 (POC/MEQ/FUTURE)6617Yong Jun ChoOral On the likelihood of Power-Breaker as wave energy extractor and its hydraulic characteristicsYong Jun Cho, Min Kyun Kimyes
Session 14 (POC/MEQ/FUTURE)6619Tokio WadaOral Status and Perspectives of the Utilization of Marine Renewable Energy in JapanTokio Wada and Ken Takagiyes
Session 14 (POC/MEQ/FUTURE)6779George BoehlertOral Wave and Tidal Energy Research in the Pacific Northwest: The Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy CenterGeorge W. Boehlert and Philip C. Malteyes
Session 15 (MONITOR)6696Toshio SugaInvited Profiling floats as tools for biogeochemical/biological monitoringToshio Sugayes
Session 15 (MONITOR)6638Sonia BattenInvited The Continuous Plankton Recorder - a lengthy history and a global futureSonia Battenyes
Session 15 (MONITOR)6485Glenn NolanInvited The ICES Working Group on Oceanic Hydrography (WGOH): building on over 100 years of North Atlantic observationsGlenn Nolan, Eugene Colbourne, Hedinn Valdimarssonyes
Session 15 (MONITOR)6460Jerome FiechterOral A data assimilative, coupled physical-biological model for the Coastal Gulf of AlaskaJerome Fiechter, Gregoire Broquet, Andrew M. Moore and Hernan G. Arangoyes
Session 15 (MONITOR)6542Réka DomokosOral Acoustic investigation of Bigeye tuna at cross seamountRéka Domokosyes
Session 15 (MONITOR)6811Molly McCammonOral Alaska Ocean Observing System: lessons learned in developing an end-to-end observing systemMolly McCammon, Carl Schoch, and Darcy Duganyes
Session 15 (MONITOR)6750Yasumasa MiyazawaOral Application of the Ensemble Kalman Filter to the Kuroshio variations around the Kii PeninsulaYasumasa Miyazawa, Toru Miyama, Sergey M. Varlamov, Guo Xinyu, and Takuji Wasedayes
Session 15 (MONITOR)6650David WelchOral Applications of Coastal Ocean Acoustic Telemetry Arrays for Marine Fisheries: Making Research Cost-Effective & Policy RelevantDavid W. Welchyes
Session 15 (MONITOR)6535Yoichi IshikawaOral Development of coastal data assimilation system for environmental monitoring/forecastingYoichi Ishikawa, Toshiyuki Awaji, Teiji, In and Sei-ichi Saitohyes
Session 15 (MONITOR)6830Dong-Jin KangOral E-RAP (EAST-1 Real-time Automatic Profiler): Its Development and ApplicationDong-Jin Kang, Kyung-Ryul Kim, Kyung-Il Chang and Ki Wan Kimyes
Session 15 (MONITOR)6586Jonathan A. HareOral Fifty years of ship-of-opportunity observations on the northeast U.S. continental shelf: results and management applicationsJonathan A. Hare, Jack A. Jossi, and Joseph M. Kaneyes
Session 15 (MONITOR)6596Carrie A. HoltOral Forecasting Pacific hake distribution at fine spatial scales using satellite-derived oceanographic dataCarrie A. Holt, Ashleen Benson, Brigitte Dorner, Melissa Haltuch, Megan O'Connor and Mary Thiessyes
Session 15 (MONITOR)6834William T PetersonOral Forecasting returns of coho and Chinook salmon in the northern California Current: a role for long term observationsWilliam Peterson, Edmundo Casillas, Jay Peterson, Cheryl Morgan,and Jennifer Fisheryes
Session 15 (MONITOR)6823David G. FoleyOral Identification and Monitoring of Chinook Salmon Habitat along the California CoastDavid G. Foleyyes
Session 15 (MONITOR)6520Kwang-Soon ParkOral Introduction of Korea operational oceanographic system (KOOS)Kwang-Soon Park1, Dong-Young Lee, Ki-Cheon Jun, Sang-Ik Kim, and Jae-Il Kwon, Jung-Woon Choiyes
Session 15 (MONITOR)6776Gillian B. Lichota, by MooreOral Monitoring Pacific Arctic ecosystem change through development of a Distributed Biological Observatory (DBO)Gillian B. Lichota, John A. Calderyes
Session 15 (MONITOR)6740Sei-Ichi SaitohOral New challenge of integrated coastal fisheries information system in southern Hokkaido, JapanSei-Ichi Saitoh, Toru Hirawake, I Nyoman Radiarta, Tomonori Isada, Robinson Mugo, Fumihiro Takahashi, Ichiro Imai, Yasuhiro Sakurai, Michio J. Kishi, Masaaki Wada, Toshiyuki Awaji, and Yoichi Ishikawayes
Session 15 (MONITOR)6828Vyacheslav LobanovOral North-East Asian Regional Global Ocean Observing System: the story of success and current requirements for coastal and marine managementVyacheslav B. Lobanovyes
Session 15 (MONITOR)6598Danielle F. EvensonOral Use of ocean observations to develop forecasts in support of fishery management operationsMundy, Phillip R. and Danielle F. Evensonyes
Session 15 (MONITOR)6795Howard FreelandPoster Argo: A decade of progress, so what comes next?Howard Freeland and the Argo Steering Teamyes
Session 15 (MONITOR)6566Megan O'ConnorPosterREP-2Forecasting the north-south distribution of Pacific hake using coastal upwelling indices and oceanographic model outputsMegan O'Connor, Melissa Haltuch, Carrie A. Holt, Brigitte Dorner, Ashleen Benson and Mary Thiessyes
Session 15 (MONITOR)6729Hiromichi IgarashiPoster Improved approach for the identification and prediction of neon flying squid abundance and distribution in northwestern North Pacific using an integrated 4D-VAR data assimilation systemHiromichi Igarashi, Nozomi Sugiura, Shuhei Masuda, Takahiro Toyoda, Yoshihisa Hiyoshi, Yuji Sasaki, Mitsuo Sakai, Taro Ichii, Takushi Kindaichi, Jun-ya Tanaka, Masaharu Oomizu, Yoichi Ishikawa and Toshiyuki Awajiyes, payment made
Session 15 (MONITOR)6625Hiroya SugisakiPosterREP-1Long term variations of abundances and size compositions of copepod communities off southern Japan using bench-top Video Plankton Recorder system (B-VPR)Tadafumi Ichikawa and Hiroya Sugisakiyes
Session 15 (MONITOR)6735Georgiy MoiseenkoPoster Modeling spatial distribution of the ocean chlorophyll-a concentration from remote sensing dataVadim Burago, Georgiy Moiseenko and Igor Shevchenkoyes
Session 15 (MONITOR)6737Xiang PuPoster Simulation of non-point source nutrient flux and its impact on water quality of coastal ocean: a case study on Jiaozhou Bay in ChinaXiang Pu, Huiwang Gao, Zhe Liu and Yunjun Yuyes
Session 15 (MONITOR)6675noPoster The partial pressure of carbon dioxide and air-sea fluxes in the northern Yellow Sea of ChinaHuade Zhao, Xuemei Xu, Minghao Li, Juying Wangyes
Session 15 (MONITOR)6616Hisashi YamaguchiPoster Variation of satellite chlorophyll-a in the East China Sea based on local satellite algorithm with reduced influence from suspended sedimentHisashi Yamaguchi, Young Beak Son, Eko Siswanto, Joji Ishizaka, Sinjae Yoo, Yu-Hwan Ahn, Sang-Woo Kim, Junwu Tang, Hiroshi Kawamura and Yoko Kiyomoto yes
Session 15 (MONITOR)6470Mohamed Rawidean Mohd KassimWithdrawal A Statistical Model Approach for Fish Forecasting System using SST & Chlorophyll Satellite ImagesMohamed Rawidean Mohd Kassimdid not attend, poster yes
Session 15 (MONITOR)6577Tao XiaWithdrawal Risk forecasting of shellfish contamination by ecosystem monitoring in Yellow Sea, PR of ChinaZhaohui Zhang, Tao Xia, and Pixi Sundid not attend, poster yes
Session 15 (MONITOR)6487Chunjiang GuanWithdrawal The application of coastal wetland management techniques in absorbing greenhouse gases and reducing of nitrogen and phosphorusChunjiang Guan,Minghui Ma , Feng’ao Lin, Xiutang Yuandid not attend, poster yes
Session 15 (MONITOR)6423Babagana,AbubakarWithdrawal The impacts of human activities on the atlantic and indian oceans in AfricaBabagana A.did not attend, poster yes
Session 15 (MONITOR)6556Walid SuradiWithdrawal Tuna Forecasting System (TFS) using SST & Chlorophyll Satellite ImagesWalid Suradino yes
Session 15 (MONITOR)6453Felix JoseWithdrawal WAVCIS: A met-ocean observing network for supporting coastal restoration and hypoxia monitoring along the Louisiana coastFelix Jose and Gregory w. Stoneno yes
BIO Paper Session6534Hidefumi FujiokaOral A molecular method for species identification of early life stages of Neocalanus plumchrus and Neocalanus flemingeri using Real-Time PCRHidefumi Fujioka, Atsushi Tsuda and Ryuji J. Machidayes
BIO Paper Session6876Todd W. MillerOral A stable isotope trophic assessment of upper trophic level nekton in the Northern California Current ecosystem Todd W. Miller, Richard D. Brodeur, Koji Omori, Robert L. Emmett and Hideki Hamaokayes
BIO Paper Session6693C. Tracy ShawOral Cohort data for the euphausiid Euphausia pacifica based on biweekly sampling off Newport, OR, USAC. Tracy Shaw, Leah R. Feinberg. Hongsheng Bi, William T. Petersonyes
BIO Paper Session6769Meredith L. ElliottOral Copepod assemblages as indicators of ocean conditions in Central CaliforniaMeredith L. Elliott, Jaime Jahncke, Moira Galbraith and Dave Mackasyes
BIO Paper Session6591George HuntOral Declines of northern fur seals at the Pribilof Islands: forage fish depletion, competition with adult pollock and arrowtooth flounder, or fishing activity?George L. Hunt, Jr., Stephani Zador, James Ianelliyes
BIO Paper Session6436Atsushi YamaguchiOral Diel vertical migration and carbon flux estimation on macrozooplankton in the summer western North Pacific OceanAtsushi Yamaguchi, Yurika Hanamiya, Hikaru Watanabe and Hiroto Muraseyes, ready for Oral
BIO Paper Session6858Olga TyurnevaOral Discovering a new feeding area for calf-cow pairs of Western Gray Whales on the south-east shelf of Kamchatka in 2009 and their utilizing different feeding regions within one seasonOlga Yu. Tyurneva, Yuri M. Yakovlev, Vladimir V. Vertyankin, Glenn Gailey, Olga Sychenko and Judy E. Muiryes
BIO Paper Session6754Tomoko YoshikiOral Egg development time and hatching success of deep sea spawning calanoid copepods, genus NeocalanusTomoko Yoshiki, Tsuneo Ono, Akio Shimizu and Tatsuki Todayes
BIO Paper Session6705Hector D. Douglas IIIOral Fatty acid and stable isotope analyses reveal consumption patterns of planktivorous auklets and variability in ecosystem productivityHector D. Douglas III, Alan M. Springer, Suzanne Budge, Lacey Aucoinyes
BIO Paper Session6764Xiuning DuOral Feeding rates of adult Euphausia pacifica on natural particle assemblages in the coastal upwelling zone off Oregon, USAXiuning Du, William T. Peterson and Tracy Shawyes
BIO Paper Session6498Chiyuki SassaOral Interannual comparison of diet of larval jack mackerel Trachurus japonicus in the southern East China Sea during 2002 to 2005Chiyuki Sassa and Youichi Tsukamotoyes, ready for Oral
BIO Paper Session6517Ah-Ra KoOral Lipid metabolism of minke whale & pacific white-sided dolphin, in Korean waters, and its implication of feeding ecologyAh-Ra Ko, Dae-Yeon Moon, Seok-Gwan Choi, Kyung-Hoon Shin and Se-Jong Juyes
BIO Paper Session6786Angelica PeñaOral Modelling plankton dynamics in the Straits of Georgia and Juan de FucaAngelica Peña and Diane Massonyes
BIO Paper Session6478Anastasia S. DolganovaOral Modern condition of fauna of Polychaeta of the northwestern shelf of Bering SeaAnastasia S. Dolganovayes
BIO Paper Session6806Harold P. BatchelderOral On adding a stage-structured model of krill to NEMUROHarold P. Batchelder and Brie J. Lindseyyes
BIO Paper Session6803Bridget E. FerrissOral Regional patterns in mercury concentrations of yellowfin and bigeye tuna in the Pacific OceanBridget E. Ferriss and Timothy E. Essingtonyes
BIO Paper Session6730Kenji TsuchiyaOral Typhoon-driven variations in productivity and species composition of phytoplankton in Sagami Bay, JapanKenji Tsuchiya, Yoshiki Tomoko, Hideo Miyaguchi, Kenichi Mori, Tomohiko Kikuchi and Tatsuki Todayes
BIO Paper Session6728Se-J. JuOral Understanding the role of the Yellow Sea Bottom Cold Water Mass (≤10˚C) on the survival strategy of Euphausia pacifica throughout the hot summer in the Yellow Sea Se-J. Ju, H. S. Kim, W. S. Kim, D. H. Kang and A. R. Koyes
BIO Paper Session6663Shin-ichi ItoPoster A test of coupled physical and lower-trophic-ecosystem model NEMUROMS in the North PacificShin-ichi Ito, Hiroshi Kuroda, Takahiko Kameda, Takeshi Okunishi, Enrique N. Curchitser, Kate Hedstrom and Jerome Fiechteryes
BIO Paper Session6570Brett R DumbauldPoster Can an introduced parasitic bopyrid isopod Orthione griffenis cause extinction of mud shrimp Upogebia pugettensis populations in U.S. West coast estuaries?Brett R. Dumbauld, John W. Chapmanyes, payment made
BIO Paper Session6839Yeon-Kye KimPoster Comparison study of UV-absorbing and antioxidant activity of seaweed extracts Natalia M. Aminina, Irina A. Kadnikova, Yeon-Kye Kim and Ho-Dong Yoonno, by Yeon-Kye Kim
BIO Paper Session6648Tae-Geon ParkPoster Distribution of the spotted seal, Phoca largha, along the coast of Baekryeongdo in 2006~2008Tae-Geon Park, Yong-Rock An, Zang-Geun Kim, Seok-Gwan Choi and Dae-Yeon Moonno, by Dr. Choi
BIO Paper Session6580Sarat C. TripathyPoster Evaluation of Vertically Generalized Production Model (VGPM) in Ariake Bay, Southwestern JapanSarat C. Tripathy, Joji Ishizaka, Tatsuya Shibata, Eko Siswanto and Yoshihisa Minoyes
BIO Paper Session6458KulikPoster Forage base of Pacific salmon (Oncorhynchus spp.) in the Northwest Pacific Ocean in 2004-2009Alexander V. Zavolokinyes, by Kulik
BIO Paper Session6668Xiiuning DuPoster Phytoplankton community structure and its relation to hydrographic conditions in the North Yellow Sea in autumn, 2007Xiu-ning Du and Guang-xing Liuyes
BIO Paper Session6734Youngju LeePoster Phytoplankton dynamics and primary production of the Yellow Sea in winter and summer.Youngju Lee, Joong Ki Choiyes
BIO Paper Session6771Brie J. LindseyPoster Potential spawning behaviors of Euphausia pacifica in the upwelling region of the Oregon coast: A 2-D modeling explorationBrie J. Lindsey, Harold P. Batchelderyes
BIO Paper Session6583Katsumi TakayamaPoster Reproducibility of chlorophyll-a and nutrient variability in the Japan Sea by the three-dimensional ecosystem-circulation modelKatsumi Takayama, Tatsuro Watanabe, Hideyuki Kawamura and Iori Tanakayes
BIO Paper Session6581Evgeniya E. VekhovaPoster The phytoplankton contribution to the diet: A comparison of two mussels diet (Mollusca: Bivalvia) from different biotopes of the Sea of JapanEvgeniya E. Vekhova, Michael I. Kusaykin and Konstantin V. Kiselevcannot attend, move to poster
BIO Paper Session6647Yuji OkazakiPoster The vertical distribution of krill in the Oyashio and mixed water region, western North PacificYuji Okazaki, Kazuaki Tadokoro and Yugo Shimizuyes
BIO Paper Session6636Seok-Gwan ChoiPoster Validity of photo-identification method for the spotted seals in the BaekryongdoHyun Woo Kim, Yong-Rock An, Tae-Geon Park, Zang Geun Kim, Dae-Yeon Moon and Seok-Gwan Choiyes
BIO Paper Session6709Chang Ik ZhangWithdrawal Age and growth of Gomphina veneriformi in the east coast of KoreaSoo Jeong Lee, Hyeok Chan Kwon, Sang Cheol Yoon, Yeong Min Choi and Chang Ik Zhangposter absent yes
BIO Paper Session6531Tatyana BelanWithdrawal Composition and distribution pattern of macrozoobenthos on continental shelf of Okhotsk Sea near NE Sakhalin IslandLudmila Belan, Tatyana Belandid not attend, poster yes
BIO Paper Session6461Tatyana A. BelanWithdrawal Near-bottom environmental conditions and polychaete taxocenes in the north part of Amursky Bay (The Sea of Japan/East Sea)Tatyana A. Belan, Alexander V. Moshchenkodid not attend, poster yes
BIO Paper Session6557Xuehai LiuWithdrawal Numerical Modeling of physical-biological processes and carrying capacity in an aquaculture sea: a case of the Sanggou Bay in ChinaXuehai Liu, Yeli Yuan, Fangli Qiaono, by someone else yes
BIO Paper Session6490Ksenia V. RadchenkoWithdrawal The composition, biomass, trophic status and calorie content of cnidarian jellyfish (Cnidaria) in the Pacific Ocean off the Kuril Islands in summerKonstantin M. Gorbatenko and Ksenia V. Radchenkodid not confirm yes
BIO Paper Session6463Natalia T. DolganovaWithdrawal Zooplankton of the Sea of Japan as a potential forage for livestock growing of salmonNatalia T. Dolganovano yes
FIS Paper Session6567Jennifer L. NielsenOral Adaptive and behavioral responses to a changing climate: A genomics perspectiveJennifer L. Nielsenyes
FIS Paper Session6800Kerim AydinOral An analysis of 30 years of seasonal and geographic variability in marine food webs through fish food habits and stable isotope analysesKerim Aydin and Troy Buckleyyes
FIS Paper Session6847Stewart C JohnsonOral Atlantic cod genomics: Development of tools, resources and applicationsStewart Johnson1, Marije Booman2 , Sophie Hubert3, Brent Higgins3, Tudor Borza3, Jennifer Kimball4, Cynthia Stone3, Gary Simpson3, Marlies Rise2, Charles Feng2, Tiago Hori2, Jennifer Hall2, Edward Trippel5, Sharen Bowman3,6 and Matthew L. Rise2yes
FIS Paper Session6718Bernard A. MegreyOral Can production models be used as a tool to examine factors that influence productivity of marine systems?Bernard A. Megrey, Jason S. Link, Thomas J. Miller, Tim Essington, R. Ian Perry, Alida Bundy, and Ken F. Drinkwater, and Erlend Moksness.yes
FIS Paper Session6440Tetsuichiro FunamotoOral Distribution of walleye pollock (Theragra chalcogramma) larvae around Funka Bay, Japan: relationships with environmental factorsTetsuichiro Funamoto, Satoshi Honda, Yuho T. Yamashita, Masayuki Chimura and Kazushi Miyashitayes
FIS Paper Session6793Angela M. JohnsonOral Effects of hypoxia on the juvenile demersal fish community structure in nearshore Central Oregon watersAngela M. Johnson, Lorenzo Ciannelli and W. Waldo Wakefieldyes
FIS Paper Session6569Beverly AglerOral Growth of Bristol Bay and Yukon River, Alaska chum salmon in relation to climatic factors and inter-specific competitionBeverly Agler and Greg Ruggeroneyes
FIS Paper Session6438Vladlena V. GertsevaOral Growth variability of the splitnose rockfish (Sebastes diploproa) in the Northeast Pacific Ocean: pattern revisitedVladlena V. Gertseva, Jason M. Cope, Sean E. Matsonyes
FIS Paper Session6671Jung Jin KimOral Inter-annual variability on larval dispersion of common squid Todarodes Pacificus during 2000sJung Jin Kim, William Stockhousen, Yang-Ki Cho, Chang Sin Kim, Suam Kimyes
FIS Paper Session6554Shang ChenOral Marine ecological capital assessment: concepts and frameworksShang Chen, Dachuan Ren, Dong Wang, Jingmei Li, Tao Xia, Guoying Duyes
FIS Paper Session6585Akira OkunoOral Numerical simulation of the larval transport of snow crab Chionoecetes opilio in the Japan SeaAkira Okuno, Tatsuro Watanabe, Katsumi Takayama, Naoto Honda, Koji Kakinoki and Osamu Katohyes
FIS Paper Session6752Louis W. BotsfordOral Population dynamic effects of fishing and climate change on upper trophic levels in the northeast PacificLouis W. Botsford, Matthew D. Holland, J. Wilson White, Alan Hastingsyes
FIS Paper Session6543Jennifer L. BoldtOral Recruitment strength indices for northern British Columbia stocks of Pacific herringJennifer L. Boldt, Thomas W. Therriault, Marc Trudel, Tyler Zubkowski, and Jake Schweigertyes
FIS Paper Session6815Motomitsu TakahashiOral Responses in growth rate of larval northern anchovy to anomalous upwelling in 2005 in the northern California CurrentMotomitsu Takahashi, David M. Checkley Jr., Marisa, N. C. Litz, Richard D. Brodeur, William T. Petersonyes
FIS Paper Session6763Jim IrvineOral Science-based ecosystem approaches under Canada’s Wild Salmon PolicyJames R. Irvine, Kim D. Hyatt, Janelle Curtis, and Ray Lauzieryes
FIS Paper Session6443Elizabeth A. DalyOral Shifting trophic utilization by juvenile Chinook salmon in coastal marine waters: an interdecadal perspective with implications for climate changeElizabeth A. Daly and Richard D. Brodeuryes
FIS Paper Session6861Anna V. DakusOral The use of molecular techniques for population genetic analysis of the Pacific herring (Clupea pallasii) in the northwestern PacificAnna V. Dakusyes
FIS Paper Session6486Akihiko YatsuOral Two-stanza outbreak hypothesis of the Pacific stock of Japanese sardine during 1970’sAkihiko Yatsuyes
FIS Paper Session6698Hye-Min PARKOral Vertical distribution and reproductive aspects of caridean shrimps in the deep-water of the East Sea, KoreaHye-Min PARK, Jung Nyun KIM, Hae Won LEE, Byeong Gyu HONG, Jin Ho BAE, Hyeong Gi KIM and Chul-Woong OHyes
FIS Paper Session6615Hyeok Chan KwonPoster A population ecological study of filefish (Stephanolepis cirrhifer) in the Japan/East Sea of KoreaHyeok Chan Kwon,Chang Ik Zhang and You Jung Kwonyes
FIS Paper Session6810Soo Jeong LeePoster Age and growth of Gomphina veneriformi in the east coast of KoreaSoo Jeong Lee, Hyeok Chan Kwon, Sang Cheol Yoon, Yeong Min Choi and Chang Ik Zhangyes
FIS Paper Session6710Ji-Hyeon KIMPosterREP-2Age, growth and reproductive biology of Filefish Tamnaconus modestus in Southern sea of KoreaJi-Hyeon KIM, Jung Nyun KIM, Tack-Yoon OH, Jin Ho BAE, Hyeong Gi KIM and Chul-Woong OHposter was at the meeting
FIS Paper Session6654Kimberly RandPoster Arctic cod (Boreogadus saida) and snow crab (Chionoecetes opilio) distributions relative to oceanography in the Alaskan Beaufort Sea, August, 2008.Elizabeth Logerwell, Kimberly Rand and Tom Weingartneryes
FIS Paper Session6599Hideaki KudoPoster Attempt to estimate spawning escapement of chum salmon, Oncorhynchus keta, using aerial census by radio-controlled helicopterHideaki Kudo, Akihiro Etoh and Masahide Kaeriyamayes
FIS Paper Session6784Tatiana Tunon Poster Authorship patterns in 30 years of DFO Research Documents: Is applied fisheries research like other science?Tatiana Tunon and Gottfried Pestalyes
FIS Paper Session6589Thomas C. WainwrightPoster Climate effects and Oregon coast coho salmon: a multi-ecosystem approachThomas C. Wainwright and Laurie A. Weitkampyes
FIS Paper Session6706Hector D. Douglas IIIPoster Discriminating variation in consumption patterns and carotenoid content of juvenile Pacific Salmon with fatty acid analysis and Raman spectroscopyHector D. Douglas III, Alan M. Springer, Suzanne Budge, Igor Ermakov, Werner Gellermannyes
FIS Paper Session6452Michio J. KishiPosterREP-1Ecosystem approach for management of chum salmon coupled with NEMUROMichio J. Kishi, Kenta Awa and Takeshi Teruiyes
FIS Paper Session6614You Jung KwonPoster Effects of fishery factors on catch rate of bigeye tuna, Thunnus obsesus and yellowfin tuna, Thunnus albacare in the Korean tuna longline fisheryYou Jung Kwon, Doo-Hae An, Keith Bigelow and Dae-Yeon Moonyes
FIS Paper Session6714Sukgeun JungPoster Estimating abundance of Pacific cod (Gadus macrocephalus) by applying a mark-recapture method during the spawning season in Jinhae Bay, KoreaSukgeun Jung, Il Su Choiyes
FIS Paper Session6511Thomas C. Kline, Jr.Poster Estimating over-winter mortality of age-0 Pacific herring based on loss of energy content and implications for recruitmentThomas C. Kline, Jr.yes
FIS Paper Session6804Jung Hyun LimPoster Estimation of population ecological characteristics of thomas's rapa whelk, Rapana venosa, in the west coast of KoreaJung Hyun Lim and Chang Ik Zhangyes
FIS Paper Session6732Heui Chun AnPoster Evaluation of the LED fishing lamp for jigging and angling boatHeui Chun An, Bong Seong Bae, Kyoung Hoon Lee, Chang Doo Park and Chae Sung Leeyes
FIS Paper Session6639Kevin A. ThompsonPoster Factors affecting the diets of groundfish in the Gulf of AlaskaKevin A. Thompsonyes
FIS Paper Session6742Jong Hee LeePoster Forecasting variations of fishery and ecosystem risk indices for large purse seine and two-paired trawl fisheries in Korean waters using IFRAMEJong Hee Lee, Jae Bong Lee and Chang Ik Zhangyes
FIS Paper Session6582Takaomi KanekoPoster Formularization and internalization of the future external diseconomies produced by the present fishing activitiesTakaomi Kaneko, Takashi Yamakawa and Ichiro Aokiyes
FIS Paper Session6870Theresa A’marPoster Incorporating ecosystem forcing through predation into a management strategy evaluation for the Gulf of Alaska walleye pollock (Theragra chalcogramma) fisheryTheresa A’maryes
FIS Paper Session6515Wen-Bin HuangPoster Maturation of female Pacific saury Cololabis saira (Brevoort) in the northwestern Pacific from the Taiwanese fishery catchYu-Chun Huang and Wen-Bin Huangyes
FIS Paper Session6469Ik-Kyo ChungPoster Metagenomic approach to the plankton speci0es diversity of the East Sea of KoreaSang-Rae Lee, Tae Keun Rho, Jung Hyun Oak, Tongsup Lee, Jin Ae Lee and Ik-Kyo Chungyes, payment made
FIS Paper Session6629Alexei M. OrlovPoster Pacific sleeper shark in the North Pacific: new data on distribution and size compositionAlexei M. Orlov, Vadim F. Savinykh, and Eugeny F. Kulishyes
FIS Paper Session6783GillespiePoster Population dynamics and biological characteristics of the invasive European green crab, Carcinus maenas, in British Columbia CanadaGraham E. Gillespie, Antan C. Phillips and Lindsay C. Orryes, payment made
FIS Paper Session6854Hyun Jeong LimPoster Productivity Recovery of Shellfish Aquaculture in Western Sea of Korea after Hebei Spirit Oil SpillHyun Jeong Lim, Kwang Jae Park, Sang Ho Baik, Tae Seek Lee, In Kwon Jang, Hyun Sob Han and Phil Mundyyes, poster only
FIS Paper Session6738Jae Bong LeePoster Seasonal variations of fisheries resources composition in the coastal ecosystem of the Youngil Bay, KoreaJae Bong Lee, Soo Jeong Lee, Jong Hee Lee, Young Jae Shin, Yeong Min Choi, Dong Woo Lee and Chang Ik Zhangyes
FIS Paper Session6825Jae Bong LeePoster Spatial biomass distribution of Corbicula sp. in the Seomjin River of southern KoreaJae Bong Lee, Young Jae Shin, Jong Hee Lee, Yeong Min Choi, Jae Seong Lee, Dong Woo Lee and Inja Yeonyes
FIS Paper Session6672Ryuji YukamiPoster Stock size fluctuations in chub and spotted mackerel in the East China Sea and Sea of Japan from 1973 to 2008Ryuji Yukami, Mari Yoda, Seiji Ohshimo and Hiroshige Tanakayes
FIS Paper Session6809Hee Won ParkPoster Study on the ecological characteristics of Mugil cephalus, in south of Korean waters.Hee Won Park, Chang Ik Zhangyes
FIS Paper Session6626Yuichiro KoguraPoster The genetic population structure of lacustrine sockeye salmon, Oncorhynchus nerka, in JapanYuichiro Kogura; James E. Seeb; Noriko Azuma; Hideaki Kudo; Syuiti Abe and Masahide Kaeriyamayes
FIS Paper Session6623Hiroshige TanakaPoster Trophic relationship of small pelagic fish in the East China Sea and Sea of Japan: a stable isotope approachHiroshige Tanaka, Seiji Ohshimo and Chiyuki Sassayes
FIS Paper Session6785Gottfried PestalPoster Visualizing a complex spawner-recruit model for sockeye salmonGottfried Pestal and Tatiana Tunonyes
FIS Paper Session6700Tao XiaWithdrawal A software for marine ecosystem services assessment: main functions and applicationTao Xia,Shang Chen,Li Wang,Dachuan Ren ,Min Wangdid not attend, poster yes
FIS Paper Session6687Nancy D. DavisWithdrawal Factors affecting winter survival of Chinook salmon in the Bering Sea: Start of a new investigationNancy D. Davis, Robert V. Walker, and Katherine W. Myersno, cancelled on oct. 5 yes
FIS Paper Session6459Oleg G. ZolotovWithdrawal Greenlings of the genus Hexagrammos in waters off the Kamchatka Peninsula: distribution and some biological featuresOleg G. Zolotovno, oct. 8 yes
FIS Paper Session6852Cheryl M. WoodleyWithdrawal Integrating genomics with marine ecosystem managementCheryl M. Woodleyno, cancelled yes
FIS Paper Session6495Eugene SamkoWithdrawal Results of remote sensing data using for maintenance of fishery in the Far-Eastern SeasEugene Samko, Nafanail Bulatov, Larisa Muktepavel, Alexander Nikitin and Alexander Kapshiterdid not attend, poster yes
FIS Paper Session6435Elena V. GritsayWithdrawal The effectiveness of walleye pollock fishing in the north-western Bering Sea in 2007-2009Elena V. Gritsaydid not attend, poster yes
FIS Paper Session6612Tatiana KrupnovaWithdrawal Using suspended plantations of Laminaria for mollusk ranchingTatiana Krupnova, Vladimir Pavlyuchkov, Nina Shepel and Yury Zuenkono yes
POC Paper Session6646Hiroshi KurodaOral A numerical study on the winter mixed layer on the shelf-slope region south of JapanHiroshi Kuroda, Takashi Setou, Yuichi Hirota, Manabu Shimizu and Kazuhiro Aokiyes, ready for Oral
POC Paper Session6824Kyung-Il ChangOral Characteristics of anomalous coastal upwelling off the east coast of Korea in summer, 2007Jae-Hyung Park, Kyung-Il Changyes
POC Paper Session6682Antonietta CapotondiOral Climate change in upper-ocean stratification as inferred from the IPCC-AR4 modelsAntonietta Capotondi, Michael Alexander, James Scott, Enrique Churchitser and Nicholas Bondyes
POC Paper Session6548Zhongyong GaoOral Developments of Arctic carbon sink from 1999 to 2008Zhongyong Gao, Liqi Chen and Heng Sunyes
POC Paper Session6694StabenoOral Eastern Bering Sea shelf: Comparison between a cold period (2007-2010) and a warm period (2001-2005)Phyllis J. Stabeno, Nicholas A. Bond and Jeffrey M. Nappyes
POC Paper Session6726Svetlana Y. LadychenkoOral Evolution and hydrographic structure of mesoscale eddies formed in the northwestern Japan SeaSvetlana Y. Ladychenko, Vyacheslav B. Lobanov and Dmitry D. Kaplunenkoyes
POC Paper Session6780William R. CrawfordOral Features of the northeast Pacific OceanWilliam R. Crawfordyes
POC Paper Session6801Karen NietoOral How does mesoscale oceanic structure in the California Current System affect the distribution and ultimately the survival of larval fish?Karen Nieto, Sam McClatchie and Ed Weberyes
POC Paper Session6467Young Jae RoOral Linking the Tropic Oceanic Conditions to the Water Characteristics in the Subtropic Western Pacific Marginal SeasYoung Jae Royes, payment made
POC Paper Session6481Olga TrusenkovOral Low frequency variability of sea level in the Japan/East Sea, estimated from AVISO satellite altimetryOlga Trusenkova and Dmitry Kaplunenkoyes
POC Paper Session6482Olga Trusenkova Oral Multivariate analysis of wind stress and curl over the Japan/East Sea, based on satellite scatterometry dataOlga Trusenkovayes
POC Paper Session6448Hiromichi UenoOral Observations of a Kenai eddy along the Alaskan Stream south of the Aleutian IslandsHiromichi Ueno, Hiroji Onishi, Sachihiko Itoh, Ichiro Yasuda, Yutaka Hiroe, Toshio Suga and Eitarou Okayes
POC Paper Session6506Liqi ChenOral Precision evaluation of air-sea fluxes of CO2 in western Arctic Ocean under seaice rapid shrinking and its implication of global climate changeLiqi Chen,Zhongyong Gao,and Weijun Cai? Depends on funding
POC Paper Session6747Guangliang LiuOral Simulation of Lagrangian tide-induced residual current in Jiaozhou Bay, North ChinaGuangliang Liu, Zhe Liu, Huiwang Gao and Shizuo Fengyes, ready for oral
POC Paper Session6605Carol LaddOral The Pribilof eddy in the eastern Bering SeaCarol Ladd, Phyllis Stabeno, and Julia O’Hernyes
POC Paper Session6736Hanna NaOral Warming signal in the upper East/Japan SeaHanna Na, Kwang-Yul Kim, Kyung-Il Chang, Kuh Kim and Shoshiro Minobeyes
POC Paper Session6620Nicholas A. BondOral What controls the extent of ice in the Bering Sea in spring?Nicholas A. Bond, Phyllis J. Stabeno, Albert J. Hermann and Muyin Wangyes
POC Paper Session6748Elena I. Ustinova Oral Winter extreme events in the thermal state of the Okhotsk and Bering SeasElena I. Ustinova and Yury D. Sorokinyes
POC Paper Session6715Tae-Hoon Kim Poster Basin-Scale low N:P ratios and DOC export in the East/Japan SeaTae-Hoon Kim and Guebuem Kimyes
POC Paper Session6489Zhongyong GaoPosterREP-1CO2 system in the Bering SeaZhongyong Gao, Liqi Chen and Heng Sunyes
POC Paper Session6562Yugo ShimizuPoster Spreading pattern and transport of the Okhotsk Sea Intermediate Water to the northwest Pacific revealed by profiling floats with optode and hydrographic observationsYugo Shimizu, Lynne D. Talley, Shin-ichi Ito, Shigeho Kakehi and Taku Wagawayes, poster only
POC Paper Session6549Zhongyong GaoPosterREP-2Summertime CO2 system distribution and air-sea CO2 fluxes in the Bering SeaZhongyong Gao, Liqi Chen and Heng Sunyes
POC Paper Session6519Talgat R. KilmatovPoster The Indirect Estimation of the Climatic Trend of the Kinetic Energy Production in the North PacificTalgat R. Kilmatov, Elena V. Dmitrieva, Olga I. Trinkono, by Lobanov
POC Paper Session6673Moroz V.V.Poster The intermediate water characteristics forming peculiarity in the Komandor-Kamchatka areaMoroz V.V.poster was at the meeting
POC Paper Session6480Nadezda M. DulovaWithdrawal Current variability features in the north-eastern part of the Posyet Bay, the Sea of Japan (East Sea)Fedor F. Khrapchenkov, Nadezda M. Dulovadid not attend, poster yes
POC Paper Session6522Jai-Ho OHWithdrawal Projection of climate change in 21st century by the time-slice experiment with high resolution AGCMJai-Ho OH, Ara Go, Y.-R. Jung and S.-M. Woono, was oral 9:05 yes
POC Paper Session6457Konstantin RogachevWithdrawal Submesoscale structures in the subpolar frontal zoneKonstantin Rogachevno yes
POC Paper Session6607Fangli QiaoWithdrawal The improvement of ocean circulation models and climate models through surface wave: From mean state to long-term variationsFangli Qiao, Zhenya Song, Changshui Xia and Dejun Daidid not attend yes
POC Paper Session6642Maxim A. IshchenkoWithdrawal The new effects of synoptic dynamics of the sea currents and fluctuations in the North PacificVladimir B. Darnitskiy and Maxim A. Ishchenkodid not attend, oral yes
POC Paper Session6518Ze LiuWithdrawal The Stratified Influence of the Kuroshio Intrusion over the Continental Shelf Break to the Northern TaiwanZe Liu and Yijun Hou Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanhai Road No. 7, Qingdao 266071, Shandong Province, P. R. China. E-mail: liuze1982@qq.comdid not attend, poster yes
POC Paper Session6512Igor A. ZhabinWithdrawal Tidally dominated coastal regimes of the Okhotsk Sea northwestern shelf.Igor A. Zhabin, Vyacheslav A. Dubinano yes
TCODE E-poster6685Tony KoslowE-poster CalCOFI information management and data deliveryKaren Baker, Ed Weber and Tony Koslowyes
TCODE E-poster6450Igor ShevchenkoE-poster Using PICES rented serverIgor Burago, Bernard Megrey, Georgiy Moiseenko, Olga Vasik, Tatiana Semenova, Igor Shevchenkoyes
TCODE E-poster6717Richard DeweyE-poster VENUS: Real Time Ecosystem Monitoring From A Coastal Observing SystemRichard Dewey and Verena Tunnicliffeyes, payment made
Workshop 1 (BIO)6493Guimei LiuInvited Developing Nowcast/Forecast Ecosystem Model in the South China SeaGuimei Liu, Hui Wang, Fei Chaiyes
Workshop 2 (FIS)6432Brian J. BurkeOral Evaluating behavioral rules potentially used by migrating salmonBrian J. Burke, James J. Anderson, and Edmundo Casillasyes
Workshop 2 (FIS)6792Dongwha SohnOral Modeling the drift pathways of Greenland halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides) from spawning to settling locations in the eastern Bering Sea using the Dispersal Model for Early Life StagesDongwha Sohn, Lorenzo Ciannelli, Janet T. Duffy-Anderson and William T. Stockhausenyes
Workshop 2 (FIS)6537Steven L. H. TeoOral Movement patterns of pelagic sharks and tunas in the Northeast PacificSteven L. H. Teo, Suzy Kohin, Heidi Dewar, David Wells, and Candan Soykanyes
Workshop 2 (FIS)6766James AndersonOral Seeking principles for modeling fish migratory behavior - a cross discipline approachJames Andersonyes
Workshop 2 (FIS)6546Chloe BracisOral Successes and limitations modeling fish behavior with limited dataChloe Bracisyes
Workshop 2 (FIS)6588Geir HuseWithdrawal Individual based modeling of fish behavior in coupled biophysical modelsGeir Husedid not attend, oral, invited yes
Workshop 3 (MEQ)6472Satoshi NagaiInvited Recent developments in molecular diagnostic technology for HAB detectionSatoshi Nagaiyes
Workshop 3 (MEQ)6826Vladi Cherepakhin, Ph.DOral A Novel, Portable Flow Cytometer Facilitates Algal Population Quantification in Cultures and Environmental Samples.Katie Flynn Bush1, Juli Dyble Bressie, Chris Navas, Clare E. Rogersyes
Workshop 3 (MEQ)6775Mark WellsOral A Proposal for Raman-based Barcoding for the Identification of Toxic Marine Pathogens and PhytoplanktonVera L. Trainer, Mark S. Strom, Qiuming Yu, and Mark L. Wellsyes
Workshop 3 (MEQ)6744Ichiro ImaiOral Detection of Alexandrium tamarense (Dinophyceae) cysts in bottom sediments with real-time PCR assay: Cyst dynamics and occurrence of bloom in Osaka Bay, the Seto Inland SeaIchiro Imai, Tomotaka Shiraishi, Ken-Ichiro Ishii, Keigo Yamamoto, Masaki Nakajima and Satoshi Nagaiyes
Workshop 3 (MEQ)6855Katherine HubbardOral Molecular detection and insights into differentiation of Eastern Pacific Pseudo-nitzschia communities from the open ocean to the Puget Sound estuaryKatherine Hubbard, Claire H. Ellis and E. Virginia Armbrustyes
Workshop 3 (MEQ)6688Nicolaus G. AdamsOral Population structure of Pseudo-nitzschia australis and its association to domoic acid production in the waters of Washington StateNicolaus G. Adams, Piper Schwenke and Vera L. Traineryes
Workshop 3 (MEQ)6857James BirchOral Remote Detection of Marine Microbes, Their Genes and Gene Products Using the Environmental Sample Processor (ESP)James Birch, Scott Jensen, Brent Roman, Doug Pargett, Christina Preston, Roman Marin, Cheri Everlove and Christopher Scholinyes
Workshop 3 (MEQ)6468Satoshi NagaiOral Simple, rapid, specific and cost-effective method for identifying Alexandrium tamarense and A. catenella using "LAMP" methodSatoshi Nagai and Shigeru Itakurayes
Workshop 3 (MEQ)6773Brian D. BillPoster Kinetics of nitrogen uptake and transient ammonium uptake response by the toxigenic diatom Pseudo-nitzschia turgidulaBrian D. Bill, William P. Cochlan and Vera L. Traineryes
Workshop 3 (MEQ)6760Bich-Thuy L. EberhartPoster Pseudo-nitzschia and cellular domoic acid levels along the coastline of the Pacific Northwest, USA: Summer 2009Bich-Thuy L. Eberhart, Brian D. Bill, Nicolaus G. Adams, Soram Hong and Vera L. Traineryes
Workshop 3 (MEQ)6831Harry NelsonWithdrawal Identification and enumeration of Alexandrium using an imaging flow cytometer (FlowCAM®)Harry Nelson and Benjamin Spauldingdid not attend, oral yes
Workshop 5 (POC/BIO)6602Masao IshiiOral Second-level quality control of PACIFICA synthesized databaseMasao Ishii, Masahide Wakita, Akihiko Murata, Toru Suzuki, Alex Kozyr and Robert Keyyes

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Faroe IslandsS61
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