Submitted Abstracts

PICES 2013 Annual Meeting
Communicating forecasts, uncertainty and consequences of ecosystem change

October 11–20, Nanaimo, BC, Canada

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SessionPaper IDPresenterGranted Type of PresentationPotential ReplacementAbstract TitleAuthorsAttendance ConfirmationWithdrawals
S1 (SB)9175Muyin WangInvited Arctic sea ice projections and uncertainties – an update from CMIP5 modelsMuyin Wang and James E. Overlandyes
S1 (SB)9056Brian HelmuthInvited Communicating uncertainty in the era of climate change: when do “the details” matter?Brian Helmuthyes
S1 (SB)9195Alida BundyInvited Communication is a two-way process: bringing science to the people and people to the scienceAlida Bundyyes
S1 (SB)8921Richard J. BeamishInvited Sustaining Marine ScienceRichard J. Beamishyes
S1 (SB)9217Mitsutaku MakinoInvited Why do we need Human Dimensions for the FUTURE Program?Mitsutaku Makino, Keith Criddleyes
S1 (SB)9216Hans-O. PörtnerOral An integrated view of climate sensitivity in marine organisms: the need for proxies indicating molecular to ecosystem-level changes Hans-O. Pörtneryes
S1 (SB)8985Carrie A. HoltOral Evaluating benchmarks of biological status for data-limited populations of Pacific salmon: impacts of climate-driven changes in productivityCarrie A. Holtyes
S1 (SB)8888Sue C.H. GrantOral Fraser River Sockeye pre-season run size forecasts: methods, indicators, and uncertaintySue C.H. Grant and Bronwyn L. MacDonaldyes
S1 (SB)9149Harold BatchelderOral Future Ocean Alliance (FOA): Enhancing ocean sustainability challenges through knowledge-based governance and decision-making Harold (Hal) P. Batchelder, Isabel Torres de Noronha, Oran Young, Suzanne Lawrence, Peter Fox, J. Luis Valdes, David Vousden, Ruben Zondervan, Robin Mahon, and Marion Glaseryes
S1 (SB)9094William J. SydemanOral Meta-analysis: a tool for communicating complexity to informed general audiences William J. Sydeman, Marisol Garcia-Reyes, David S. Schoeman, Ryan R. Rykaczewski, Bryan A. Black, Sarah Ann Thompson, and Steven J. Bograd yes
S1 (SB)9064Phillip R. MundyOral Operational outlook and forecast in support of the management of a climate-driven fisheryPhillip R. Mundy1, Will Koeppen2, Stephanie N. Schmidt3, Ellen Tyler4, Eric J Newland3, Bryce Mecum5, Kathrine Howard3, Darcy Dugan4, and Brian Stone2yes
S1 (SB)8903Marc TrudelOral Using ocean conditions to forecast salmon runs: Lessons learned from a decade of sampling juvenile salmon at seaMarc Trudelyes
S1 (SB)9120Shin-ichi ItoOral Water temperature forecasts to decrease megadeath of aquacultured scallops in Mutsu Bay, Japan.Shin-ichi Ito, Masaki Seito, Tooru Yoshida, Kazuhiro Takeuchi, Shigeho Kakehi, Taku Wagawa, Yutaka Isoda, Hiroshi Kawamurayes
S1 (SB)9172GregrOral When are models good enough? Assumptions and uncertainty in forecasts of ecosystem state and service supply.Edward J. Gregr, Kai M.A. Chan, Villy Christensenyes
S1 (SB)9018HollmenPosterREP-1Development of conceptual ecological models to support the GulfWatch Alaska long-term monitoring programTuula E. Hollmenyes
S1 (SB)8944Gakushi IshimuraPosterREP-2Post-Tsunami Recovery Strategies: issues and challenges for group operations by off-shore longline fisheries in Kesennuma, Japan Gakushi Ishimura, Keita Abe, Kento Ito, Hiroki Nakano and Bolorchimeg Byambayes
S2 (BIO/FIS/POC)9057Emanuele Di LorenzoInvited Changes in character of North Pacific variability and ecosystem implicationsEmanuele Di Lorenzoyes
S2 (BIO/FIS/POC)9200Michael LitzowInvited Nonlinear change in the variability of North Pacific climate – are biological systems responding? Michael Litzow, William J. Sydeman, David Schoeman, Sanae Chiba, Marisol Garcia-Reyes, Michael Malick, Hiroya Sugisaki, Sarah Ann Thompson yes
S2 (BIO/FIS/POC)9151Jay O. PetersonOral Assessing ecosystem variability from an array of indicators relevant to the northern California Current. Jay O. Peterson, William T. Peterson and Jennifer L. Fisheryes
S2 (BIO/FIS/POC)9000Seokjin YoonOral Estimating potential habitat for chum salmon (Oncorhynchus keta) in the Western Arctic using a bioenergetics model coupled with a three-dimensional lower trophic ecosystem modelSeokjin Yoon, Eiji Watanabe, Hiromichi Ueno and Michio J. Kishiyes
S2 (BIO/FIS/POC)9159Jennifer L. FisherOral Increased variability in the copepod community structure and biomass in the northeast Pacific (Newport, Oregon, USA) over the last 16 yearsJennifer L. Fisher, William T. Petersonyes, talk cancelled yes
S2 (BIO/FIS/POC)9148William SydemanOral Six centuries of variability and extremes in a coupled marine-terrestrial ecosystemBryan A. Black, William J. Sydeman, David C. Frank, Daniel Griffin, David W. Stahle, Marisol García-Reyes, Ryan R. Rykaczewski, Steven J. Bograd, and William T. Petersonyes, talk cancelled yes
S2 (BIO/FIS/POC)8885Sen Tok KimOral Spatial distribution and long-term dynamics of demersal fish biomass within East Sakhalin Current area, Sea of OkhotskSenTok Kimyes
S2 (BIO/FIS/POC)9069Marisol García-ReyesOral What do Global Climate Models say about increasing variance in the California Current upwelling ecosystem?Marisol García-Reyes, William J. Sydeman, Ryan R. Rykaczewski, Allison Wiener, Isaac Schroeder and Steven Bogradyes
S3 (MEQ/FUTURE)8941Sandra O'NeillInvited Persistent organic pollutant fingerprints in five Pacific salmon species (Oncorhynchus spp): evidence of distinct contaminant sources associated with their marine distribution and feeding.Sandra O’Neill, Gina Ylitalo, David Herman, and James Westyes
S3 (MEQ/FUTURE)8881Lorrie D. ReaInvited Some maternal Steller sea lion diets elevate fetal mercury concentrations in the western Aleutian Island area of population decline.Lorrie D. Rea, J. Margaret Castellini, Lucero Correa, Brian S. Fadely, Vladimir N. Burkanov and Todd M. O’Harayes
S3 (MEQ/FUTURE)8910Won Joon ShimOral An almost successful story of TBT regulation to protect the coastal environments of KoreaWon Joon Shim, Nam Sook Kim, Sang Hee Hong, Gi Myung Han and Sung Yong Hayes
S3 (MEQ/FUTURE)9109Mikhail V. SimokonOral Arsenic in the coastal ecosystems of Far Eastern SeasMikhail V. Simokon, Lidia T. Kovekovdova, Denis P. Kikuyes
S3 (MEQ/FUTURE)8868Yutaka WatanukiOral Feathers of tracked seabirds reveal a spatial pattern of marine pollutionYutaka Watanuki1, Ai Yamashita1, Mayumi Ishizuka2, Yoshinori Ikenaka2, Shouta M.M. Nakayama2, Chihiro Ishii2, Takashi Yamamoto1,3, Motohiro Ito3, Tomohiro Kuwae4, and Philip N. Trathan5yes
S3 (MEQ/FUTURE)8916Jean-Pierre DesforgesOral Microplastics in the marine environment in coastal British ColumbiaJean-Pierre Desforges, Moira Galbraith, Neil Dangerfield and Peter Rossyes
S3 (MEQ/FUTURE)8927Hideaki MakiOral Petrogenic and pyrogenic PAHs contamination in the sediments in Tohoku coastal seas, Japan by the great tsunami on 3. 11. 2011Hideaki Maki, Gen Kanaya, Shin-Ichi Fukuchi, Kazuki Miura, Hisao Sasaki, Nobuyuki Tanaka, Nobuo Chiba, Osamu Nishimurayes
S3 (MEQ/FUTURE)9048Jingfeng FanOral The contamination and risk assessment of infective human enteric viruses in surface seawater from Bohai Bay, ChinaJingfeng Fan and Hongxia Mingyes
S3 (MEQ/FUTURE)8971Chunjiang GuanPoster A public questionnaire survey of oil spill in 7.16 Dalian New PortChunjiang Guan, Fengao Lin and Jingfeng Fanyes
S3 (MEQ/FUTURE)8854Md. Khurshid Alam BhuiyanPoster Accumulation of Trace Metals in a Mangrove Ecosystem, Miri River, Sarawak, MalaysiaMd. Khurshid Alam Bhuiyan, Abu Hena Mustafa Kamal, Ismail Johan and Mohd Hanafi Idrisno yes
S3 (MEQ/FUTURE)9218Jianguo DuPoster Assessing ecological risks of heavy metals to marine organisms by species sensitivity distributionsJianguo Du1, Zhao Jiayi2, Chen Bin1yes
S3 (MEQ/FUTURE)9087Vasiliy Yu. TsygankovPosterREP-1Chlorinated Hydrocarbons in Organs of Marine Mammals, Seabirds and Salmon from the North-West PacificVasiliy Yu. Tsygankov, Margarita D. Boyarova, Peter A. Tyupeleev, Ilya А. Shcherbakov, Olga N. Lukyanova, Nadezhda K. Khristoforovadid not show up yes
S3 (MEQ/FUTURE)8864Oksana, UdovykPosterREP-4Coping with uncertainties in marine science and management - from crisis management to the new risk approaches: Case of the Baltic Sea chemicals pollution management Oksana, Udovykno, cancel yes
S3 (MEQ/FUTURE)9125Galina S. BorisenkoPoster Findings of radioecological monitoring of salmon in the North West of the Pacific OceanGalina S. Borisenko and Yuriy G. Blinovno, did not show up yes
S3 (MEQ/FUTURE)9052Kwang-Sik ChoiPoster Histopathology of Manila clams Ruditapes philippinarum surveyed in Korean watersYanin Limpanont, Kwang-Sik Choi, Hyun-Ki Hong and Chang-Keun Kang 
S3 (MEQ/FUTURE)8866Dmitriy A. ButorinPoster Levels of 4-NP and 4-OP in bottom sediments of the Peter the Great Bay (Japan/East Sea). Dmitriy A. Butorin and Andrey P. Chernyaevdid not show up yes
S3 (MEQ/FUTURE)9002Jung-Hoon KangPoster Marine floating microplastics around Geoje bay in the Southern Sea of KoreaJung-Hoon Kang, Oh-Youn Kwon, KyunWoo Lee and Won Joon Shim 
S3 (MEQ/FUTURE)8869Sangjin LeePoster NOWPAP activities addressing marine litter Sangjin Leeyes
S3 (MEQ/FUTURE)9188Guangshui NaPosterREP-3Occurrence and Distribution of Five Type Antibiotics and Antibiotic-resistant Escherichia Coli in Liao River Estuary, ChinaGuangshui Na, Zihao Lu, Wanru Zhang, Hui Gao, Jinqiu Du, Zhen Wang, Yaqi Cai, Ziwei Yao, Chuanlin Huono, by Du
S3 (MEQ/FUTURE)9088Nadezhda K. KhristoforovaPosterREP-2Pollutants in Pacific and Atlantic salmonNadezhda K. Khristoforova, Vasiliy Yu. Tsygankov, Olga N. Lukyanova, Margarita D. Boyarovadid not show up yes
S3 (MEQ/FUTURE)8858K K SatpathyPoster RECENT EMERGENCE OF SHALLOW WATER HYPOXIA IN THE INNER SHELF REGION OF THE BAY OF BENGALK. K. Satpathy*1, S N Panigrahi1, A. Mohanthy1, Nisha Keshav2, H. Achyuthan2 & S. K. Sarkar3did not show up yes
S3 (MEQ/FUTURE)8911Won Joon ShimPoster Ship paint as a new input source of floating microplastics in surface microlayer Young Kyoung Song, Won Joon Shim, Mi Jang, Sang Hee Hong and Gi Myung Hanyes
S3 (MEQ/FUTURE)8981Dong-Woon HwangPoster Temporal trend and spatial distribution of trace metals in coastal sediment of Korean peninsulaDong-Woon Hwang, pyoung-Jung Kim, Minkyu Choi, In-Seok Lee, Sook-Yang Kim, and Hee-Gu Choiyes
S3 (MEQ/FUTURE)9003Won Joon ShimPoster Toxicity of micro polystyrene particle for marine copepod Tigriopus japonicusKyun-Woo Lee, Jung-Hoon Kang, Won Joon Shimyes
S4 (POC)9165Kon-Kee LiuInvited Anthropogenic impacts on the carbon cycle and related biogeochemical processes in the western North Pacific continental margins Kon-Kee Liuyes
S4 (POC)8930Miguel A. GoñiInvited Land-ocean conductivity in the carbon cycle of the Pacific Northwest marginMiguel A. Goñiyes
S4 (POC)8970Dong-Jin KangOral An application of TrOCA to the East/Japan SeaDong-Jin Kang, Jae-Yeon Kim, Tongsup Lee, P. Tischchenko and Kyung-Ryul Kim 
S4 (POC)8953Wiley EvansOral Calcium Carbonate Corrosivity in an Alaskan Inland SeaWiley Evans and Jeremy T. Mathisyes, did not attend yes
S4 (POC)9053Liyang ZhanOral Canadian Basin as a Potential sink for atmospheric N2OLiyang Zhan, Liqi Chen, Jixia Zhang, Yuhong Liyes
S4 (POC)8982John A. BarthOral Comparing hypoxia over the continental shelves off central Oregon, U.S.A., and Concepción, ChileJohn A. Barth, Oscar Pizarro, Kate Adams, and Nadin Ramirezyes
S4 (POC)9050Zhongyong GaoOral Distributions of pCO2 and their decadal changes in the Bering SeaZhongyong Gao, Heng Sun and Liqi Chenyes
S4 (POC)9041Rui YinOral Effects of ocean acidification on the physiological profiles in the Japanese pearl oyster Pinctada fucataRui Yin, Atsushi Ishimatsuyes
S4 (POC)9147Christopher KrembsOral Increasing nutrients, changing algal biomass, Noctiluca blooms and a declining benthic foodweb. Is eutrophication fueling the microbial food web and reducing the benthic-pelagic coupling in Puget Sound?Christopher Krembs, Maggie Dutch, Julia Bos, Skip Albertson, Brandon Sackmann, Mya Keyzers, Laura Friedenberg, Carol Maloyyes yes
S4 (POC)9011Minhan DaiOral Multiple stressors in the coastal ocean ecosystemMinhan Dai, Jinwen Liu, Wenping Jing, Hongjie Wang, Xianghui Guo and Guizhi Wang 
S4 (POC)8887Vadim NavrotskyOral On small- and meso-scale dynamic processes responsible for long-term fluctuations of biological parameters of continental shelves and marginal seasVadim Navrotsky, Valeriy Liapidevskii, Vyacheslav Lobaanov and Elena Pavlovayes
S4 (POC)8876Jerome FiechterOral Spatiotemporal variability of air-sea CO2 exchange in the California CurrentJerome Fiechter, Enrique Curchitser, Christopher Edwards, Fei Chai, Nicole Goebel and Francisco Chavezyes
S4 (POC)9162Julie E. KeisterOral Species diversity in zooplankton responses to hypoxia and elevated pCO2.Julie E. Keister, Anna McLaskey, Lisa Raatikainen, Amanda Winans and BethElLee Herrmannyes
S4 (POC)9214Guimei LIUOral Temporal and Spatial Variability of Carbon Cycle in the Northwestern Pacific: A 3D Physical-Biogeochemical Modeling StudyGuimei Liu, Xuanliang Ji, Shan Gao, Hui Wangyes
S4 (POC)8906Sonia BattenOral Variability in lower trophic levels on the Alaskan ShelfSonia Batten1, Abigail McQuatters-Gollop2 and Dionysios RaitsosExarchopoulos3yes
S4 (POC)8989Andrew M. EdwardsOral Vulnerability of Canadian Pacific fisheries to ocean acidificationAndrew M. Edwards, Holly E. Neate, Rowan Haigh, Carrie A. Holt and Debby Iansonyes
S4 (POC)9173Sophia JohannessenOral Why the Strait of Georgia is not a Dead ZoneSophia Johannessen, Diane Masson and Robie Macdonaldyes
S4 (POC)9212Burke HalesOral Winter conditions in oregon coastal waters as refugia from ocean acidificationBurke Hales, Katherine Harris, Wiley Evansyes
S4 (POC)8974Boram SimPoster Basin-to-basin comparison of radiocarbon in the East/Japan SeaBoram Sim, Dong-Jin Kang, Cho-Rong Moon, Young Gyu Park and Kyung-Ryul Kim 
S4 (POC)9021Dong-Jin KangPoster fCO2 characteristics in the surface of marginal seas around Korea (East/Japan Sea and East China Sea)Jae-Yeon Kim, Dong-Jin Kang, Tonsup Lee, Kyung-Ryul Kim, Jeong Hee Shim and Hee-Dong Jeong 
S4 (POC)8926Toshiya NAKANOPoster New empirical equations for total alkalinity in surface waters over the Pacific Ocean from PACIFICA databaseYusuke TAKATANI, Atsushi KOJIMA, Kazutaka ENYO, Yosuke IIDA, Toshiya NAKANO, Masao ISHII, Daisuke SASANO, Naohiro KOSUGI, Takashi MIDORIKAWA and Toru SUZUKIyes
S4 (POC)9014Masao IshiiPoster PACIFICA carbon data secondary quality controlMasao Ishii, Toru Suzuki, Daisuke Sasano, Naohiro Kosugi, Yusuke Takatani, Masahide Wakita, Akihiko Murata, Lisa Miller and Robert M. Keyyes
S4 (POC)9124Nam-Il Won Poster The importance of the intertidal seagrass Zostera japonica as a nutrients sink in the southern coast of KoreaSang Rul Park, Yun Hee Kang, Sangil Kim and Nam-Il Won no yes
S5 (BIO/FIS)8872Shang ChenInvited Marine ecological capital assessment: methods and application in China seasShang Chen, Tao Xiayes
S5 (BIO/FIS)9110Kai M. A. ChanInvited Not impossible: integrating ecological considerations and cultural values into decision-makingKai M. A. Chan, Anne Guerry, Patricia Balvanera, Sarah Klain, Terre Satterfield, et al.yes
S5 (BIO/FIS)8991Leif E. AndersonInvited Using discrete choice experiments to examine recreational use values in the Pacific Northwest region of the USA Leif E. Anderson and S. Todd Leeyes, cancelled yes
S5 (BIO/FIS)8933Daniel K. LewInvited Valuing Marine Resources in the U.S.: Applications of Non-Market Valuation MethodsDaniel K. Lewyes, cancelled yes
S5 (BIO/FIS)8877John C. FieldOral A spatially explicit account of California fisheries as ecosystem servicesJohn C. Field, Rebecca R. Miller, Jarrod Santora, Rosemary Kosaka and Cindy Thomsonyes, cancelled yes
S5 (BIO/FIS)8949Ekaterina V. GolovashchenkoOral Bioeconomic modelling of the marine resource - towards stable exploitation in the western Bering Sea marine ecosystemEkaterina V. Golovashchenko, Andrey I. Solominyes
S5 (BIO/FIS)9051Daeseok KangOral Biophysical value of the environmental inputs to the coastal ecosystem of KoreaDaeseok Kang, Jungho Nam and Won Keun Changno yes
S5 (BIO/FIS)8957Patricia MacDonaldOral Capturing social values in the seafood sector: new tools for new timesPatricia MacDonald, Michele Patterson and Grant Murrayyes
S5 (BIO/FIS)9008R.JayaramanOral Economic valuation of mangroves in Tamilnadu (INDIA) for their conservation and managementR.Jayaraman and Piyashi DebRoyyes, cancelled yes
S5 (BIO/FIS)8962Michio J. KishiOral Ecosystem approach for management of artificial release of chum salmon from Japan coupled with NEMURO and NEMURO.FISHMichio J. Kishi, Kenta Awa, Takeshi Miwa, Seokjin Yoon and Toru Nagasawayes
S5 (BIO/FIS)9077Ling HuangOral Evaluating the Impact of Sector Management on the Productivity of New England Groundfish FisheriesLing Huang, Subhash Ray, Kathleen Segerson, John Waldenyes
S5 (BIO/FIS)8924Xianshi JinOral Fisheries and stock enhancement in the Bohai Sea, ChinaXianshi Jin1, Xiujuan Shan1, Jun Wang1, Yunzhong Wang2, Zhenliang Zhao3, Shengrao Qiu4,Jing Dong5yes
S5 (BIO/FIS)9183Minling PanOral Measuring the trade-off between conflicting demands on marine ecosystem services --a case study of Hawaii longline fisheries in the North Pacific OceanMinling Panyes, cancelled yes
S5 (BIO/FIS)9168MelnychukOral Overfishing and underfishing consequences for food security and economic value in U.S. fisheriesMichael C. Melnychuk, Jeannette A. Banobi, and Ray Hilbornyes
S5 (BIO/FIS)9111Kai M. A. ChanOral Sea otters, kelp forests, and coastal communities: ecosystem services amongst trophic cascadesKai M. A. Chan, Russell Markel, Rebecca G. Martone, Jessica Clasen, Jordan Levine, Brock Ramshaw, Gerald G. Singh, et al.yes
S5 (BIO/FIS)8960Linda D'AnnaOral Social value of marine ecosystem services: Insights from multi-dimensional subjective well-beingLinda D'Anna, Grant Murray and Sarah Dudas yes
S5 (BIO/FIS)8853Abu Hena M KamalPoster A decade in climate changes and marine fisheries: assessing the catchment volume in Peninsular MalaysiaAbu Hena M K and Ismail J  yes
S5 (BIO/FIS)8935Tatiana N. SemenovaPoster Ecotourism - an effective means of contributing to the economy and human well-beingTatiana N. Semenovayes
S5 (BIO/FIS)9220Ryotaro OkazakiPoster Influence of SST and PDO on the catches of walleye pollock, pink salmon and Japanese common squids in Rausu, Shiretoko World Natural Heritage, JapanRyotaro Okazaki, Yasunori Sakuraiyes
S5 (BIO/FIS)9024Toyomitsu HoriiPoster Rocky shore resources are bonding fishing village communities in JapanToyomitsu Horii  yes
S5 (BIO/FIS)8923Piyashi DebRoyPoster Willingness To Pay for the ecological functions of mangrove ecosystem - A case study of Pichavaram mangroves in IndiaPiyashi DebRoy, R. Jayaraman, M. Krishnan and Keith R. Criddledid not attend yes
S6 (BIO/POC/TCODE/MONITOR/FUTURE)9171William J. MerryfieldInvited How predictable is the North Pacific?William J. Merryfieldyes
S6 (BIO/POC/TCODE/MONITOR/FUTURE)9091Jason HoltInvited Physical processes mediating climate impacts in shelf sea ecosystemsJason Holt, Icarus Allen, Yuri Artioli, Laurent Bopp, Momme Butenschon, Heather Cannaby, Ute Daewel, Bettina Fach, James Harle, Dhanya Pushpadas, Baris Salihoglu, Corinna Schrum, Sarah Wakelinyes
S6 (BIO/POC/TCODE/MONITOR/FUTURE)9126Kosei KomatsuOral 3D structure and decadal change of the ecosystem in the Kuroshio jet region detected from historical dataKosei Komatsuno, cancel talk yes
S6 (BIO/POC/TCODE/MONITOR/FUTURE)9054Chul Min KoOral A Regional Climate Coupled Model for the western North Pacific: Assessment of a Present Climate Simulation Chul Min Ko, Chan Joo Jang, Chun Yong Jung, Cheol-Ho Kim 
S6 (BIO/POC/TCODE/MONITOR/FUTURE)9017Youngji JohOral An improvement of reproducibility of Pacific decadal oscillation in CMIP5 Youngji Joh, Chan Joo Jang, Minho Kwon, Ho-Jeong Shin and Taewook Park  
S6 (BIO/POC/TCODE/MONITOR/FUTURE)8897Sanae ChibaOral Climate induced variation in the basin scale zooplankton community structure in the North PacificSanae Chiba, Sonia Batten, Tomoko Yoshiki, Tadafumi Ichikawa, Hiroya Sugisakiyes
S6 (BIO/POC/TCODE/MONITOR/FUTURE)8899Andrei KrovninOral Climatic variability in the Northwest Pacific: regimes, mechanisms, trends, impact on commercial fish populationsAndrei Krovnin, Boris Kotenev and George Mouryyes
S6 (BIO/POC/TCODE/MONITOR/FUTURE)9169William CrawfordOral Decadal changes in dissolved oxygen concentration in the thermocline of the Northeast Pacific OceanWilliam Crawford and Angelica Peñayes
S6 (BIO/POC/TCODE/MONITOR/FUTURE)9133James R. ChristianOral Detection of anthropogenic influences on ocean biogeochemistry in the North PacificJames R. Christianyes
S6 (BIO/POC/TCODE/MONITOR/FUTURE)9033Yuri OhOral Effects of nutrient transport through the Korea Strait on the seasonal and interannual variability in the East Sea (Japan Sea) ecosystemYuri Oh, Chan Joo Jang, Sinjae Yoo and Chul Min Ko yes
S6 (BIO/POC/TCODE/MONITOR/FUTURE)9140Vera PospelovaOral Environmental and primary productivity change in coastal waters of the eastern North Pacific revealed from the sedimentary phytoplankton record.Vera Pospelovayes
S6 (BIO/POC/TCODE/MONITOR/FUTURE)9058J. Anthony KoslowOral Epipelagic and mesopelagic fishes in the southern California Current System: ecological interactions and oceanographic influences on their abundance J. Anthony Koslow, Peter Davison, Ana Lara-Lopez and Mark D. Ohmanyes
S6 (BIO/POC/TCODE/MONITOR/FUTURE)8961Hiroshi KurodaOral Interdecadal decreasing trend of the Oyashio on the continental slope off the southeastern coast of Hokkaido, Japan.Hiroshi Kuroda, Taku Wagawa, Yugo Shimizu, Shin-ichi Ito, Shigeho Kakehi, Takeshi Okunishi, Sosuke Ohno, Hiromi Kasai and Akira Kusakayes
S6 (BIO/POC/TCODE/MONITOR/FUTURE)8942Dmitry V. StepanovOral Interdecadal variability of circulation in the northern Japan/East Sea based on numerical simulationsDmitry V. Stepanov, Victoriia I. Stepanova, Nikolay A. Dianskyyes
S6 (BIO/POC/TCODE/MONITOR/FUTURE)9158Neil S BanasOral Linking sea-ice retreat and increasing water temperature to plankton community structure and function in the eastern Bering SeaNeil S Banas, Robert G Campbell, Carin Ashjian, Evelyn Lessard, Alexei Pinchuk, Evelyn Sherr, Barry Sherr, and Jinlun Zhangyes
S6 (BIO/POC/TCODE/MONITOR/FUTURE)9115Joo-Eun YoonOral Primary production and its interannual variability in the East Sea, 1998-2007Joo-Eun Yoon, Young Baek Son and Sinjae Yooyes
S6 (BIO/POC/TCODE/MONITOR/FUTURE)9081Elena I. UstinovaOral Recent trends of air and water temperature and ice cover in the Far-Eastern SeasElena I. Ustinova and Yury D. Sorokinyes
S6 (BIO/POC/TCODE/MONITOR/FUTURE)9078Ryan R. RykaczewskiOral Reconsidering the upwelling intensification hypothesis with climate-change simulationsRyan R. Rykaczewski, John Dunne, Charles Stock, William Sydeman, Marisol García-Reyes, Bryan Black, and Steven Bogradyes
S6 (BIO/POC/TCODE/MONITOR/FUTURE)9029Hae Kun JungOral Regional differences in the response of ocean environment and fisheries resources in Korean waters to the North Pacific regime shift and possible mechanismsHae Kun Jung ,Chang-Keun Kang and Chung Il Leeyes
S6 (BIO/POC/TCODE/MONITOR/FUTURE)8882Michael ForemanOral Regional ocean climate model projections for the British Columbia continental shelfMichael Foreman, Wendy Callendar, Diane Masson, John Morrison, and Isaak Fainyes
S6 (BIO/POC/TCODE/MONITOR/FUTURE)9047Taeki AnOral Seasonal shift of ecosystem structure around the Ulleung Basin of the East/Japan SeaTaeki An, Hyun Je Park, Jung Hyun Kwak, Chung Il Lee, Hae Won Lee, Kangseok Hwang, Jung Hwa Choi and Chang-Keun Kangyes
S6 (BIO/POC/TCODE/MONITOR/FUTURE)9153William T PetersonOral The influence of ten El Niño events on pelagic ecosystem structure in the northern California Current William T Peterson and Jennifer L Fisheryes?,cancelled yes
S6 (BIO/POC/TCODE/MONITOR/FUTURE)9009Minwoo KimPoster Effects of grid refinement in the global ocean circulation experimentsMinwoo Kim, Cheol-Ho Kim and Chan Joo Jang 
S6 (BIO/POC/TCODE/MONITOR/FUTURE)8893Chan Joo JangPoster Mixed layer depth in the North Pacific Ocean simulated from climate models: common biasesChan Joo Jang, Cheol-Ho Kim, and Taewook Parkdid not attend yes
S6 (BIO/POC/TCODE/MONITOR/FUTURE)8945Sayaka YasunakaPoster Monthly maps of sea surface nutrients in the North Pacific: Basin-wide distribution and seasonal to interannual variationsSayaka Yasunaka, Yukihiro Nojiri, Tsuneo Ono, Shin-ichiro Nakaoka, Frank A. Whitneyyes
S6 (BIO/POC/TCODE/MONITOR/FUTURE)9207Wu ShuangquanPoster Numerical simulation of ocean ecological dynamics in Taiwan StraitWu Shuangquan, Gao Zhigang,Yang Jinkun and Yu Tingyes
S6 (BIO/POC/TCODE/MONITOR/FUTURE)9023Lobanov?? For Olga TrusenkovaPoster Patterns of interannual to decadal sea level variability in the Japan/East SeaOlga Trusenkova, Dmitry Kaplunenkono, change to poster
S6 (BIO/POC/TCODE/MONITOR/FUTURE)9026SM M. RahmanPoster Regional differences in oceanic and fisheries variability in the East/Japan Sea related to north Pacific climate-ocean variabilitySM M. Rahman, Chung Il Lee and Chang-Keun Kangyes
S6 (BIO/POC/TCODE/MONITOR/FUTURE)9010Cheol-Ho KimPoster Sea level projection of the North Pacific Ocean using a non-Boussinesq ocean-sea ice model in the SRES A1B scenarioCheol-Ho Kim, Chan Joo Jang, Minwoo Kim 
S6 (BIO/POC/TCODE/MONITOR/FUTURE)9117Marisol García-ReyesPoster Statistical downscaling of an ensemble of Global Climate Models output for the California upwelling regionAllison R. Wiener, Marisol García-Reyes, Ryan R. Rykaczewski, Steven J. Bograd, and William J. Sydemanyes
S6 (BIO/POC/TCODE/MONITOR/FUTURE)9202Yulong LiuPosterREP-1The West Boundary Bifurcate Line about the North Equatorial Current in the PacificYulong Liu and Jinkun Yangyes yes
S8 (BIO/FIS/MEQ/TCODE/FUTURE)9119ShinInvited A multi-model evaluation of ecosystem indicators' performanceYunne-Jai Shin, Jennifer Houle, Alida Bundy, Marta Coll, Penny Johnson, Chris Lynam, and Lynne Shannonyes
S8 (BIO/FIS/MEQ/TCODE/FUTURE)9038Mingyuan ZhuInvited Ecosystem changes in Jiaozhou Bay, ChinaMingyuan Zhu, Ruixiang Li, Zongling Wang and Mingzhu Fuyes, cancelled yes
S8 (BIO/FIS/MEQ/TCODE/FUTURE)9118Isabelle M. Côté Invited Testing and predicting synergy between multiple stressorsIsabelle M. Côté and Emily S. Darlingyes
S8 (BIO/FIS/MEQ/TCODE/FUTURE)9177Helen J. Gurney-SmithOral A functional genomics approach to assessing ecosystem health and resilience in keystone bioindicator speciesHelen J. Gurney-Smith, Catherine A. Thomson, Dan S. Sanderson, Jennifer Kimball and Stewart C. Johnson yes
S8 (BIO/FIS/MEQ/TCODE/FUTURE)8851Skip McKinnellOral A quantitative framework for assessing the main effects and interactions of multiple stressors; how I learned to compare apples and orangesSkip McKinnellyes
S8 (BIO/FIS/MEQ/TCODE/FUTURE)9143Cathryn Clarke MurrayOral Assessing direct and indirect risk from human activities to significant ecosystem components in the Northeast PacificCathryn Clarke Murray, Megan Mach, Rebecca Goldman Martone, Gerald Singh, Kai M.A. Chan and Miriam Oyes
S8 (BIO/FIS/MEQ/TCODE/FUTURE)8972Vladimir V. KulikOral Comparing environmental changes with the states and trends of the ecosystem indicators proposed by IndiSeas in the Sea of Okhotsk for the last 10 yearsVladimir V. Kulikyes
S8 (BIO/FIS/MEQ/TCODE/FUTURE)8988Doug HayOral Decadal change in eastern Pacific herring size-at-age and gonad size: a climate connection? Doug Hay, Jake Schweigert, Jennifer Boldt, Jaclyn Cleary, Thomas A. Greiner Kyle Hebert  
S8 (BIO/FIS/MEQ/TCODE/FUTURE)8993Ian PerryOral Developing indicators for ecosystem responses to multiple pressures: case studies between the eastern and western North PacificR. Ian Perry, Jameal Samhouri, Motomistu Takahashiyes
S8 (BIO/FIS/MEQ/TCODE/FUTURE)9170Andrew DayOral Developing social-ecological indicators for Canada's Pacific Marine regions: steps, methods, results and lessons Andrew Day, Thomas A. Okey, Micha Prins, and Stephanie Kingyes
S8 (BIO/FIS/MEQ/TCODE/FUTURE)9185Caren BarcelóOral Ecosystem indicators of the fluctuating pelagic forage fish and predator community in the Northern California CurrentCaren Barceló, Richard D. Brodeur, Jameal Samhouri and Lorenzo Ciannellino, cancel talk yes
S8 (BIO/FIS/MEQ/TCODE/FUTURE)9073Motomitsu TakahashiOral Ecosystem responses to anthropogenic activities and natural stressors in the East China and Yellow SeasMotomitsu Takahashi and Mingyuan Zhuyes
S8 (BIO/FIS/MEQ/TCODE/FUTURE)9166Joanna SmithOral Ecosystem-based management indicators for a marine planning process in BC's north coast - Marine Planning Partnership (MaPP) Joanna Smith, Charlie Short, Steve Diggon, John Bones, Matthew Justice, Andrew Day, and Stephanie Kingyes
S8 (BIO/FIS/MEQ/TCODE/FUTURE)9137Stephen S. BanOral Expert elicitation of a Bayesian Belief Network for the Great Barrier ReefStephen S. Banyes
S8 (BIO/FIS/MEQ/TCODE/FUTURE)8999Caihong FuOral Exploring ecological indicators to evaluate fishing and environmental impacts on ecosystem attributes Caihong Fu and Yunne-Jai Shinyes
S8 (BIO/FIS/MEQ/TCODE/FUTURE)8958Rebecca G. MartoneOral Groundtruthing cumulative impact models in nearshore ecosystems of the California CurrentRebecca G. Martone, Melissa M. Foley, Megan E.Mach, Corina I. Marks, Carrie V. Kappel, Kimberly A. Selkoe, and Benjamin S. Halpernyes
S8 (BIO/FIS/MEQ/TCODE/FUTURE)9101Stephen B. BrandtOral Growth rate potential as a quantitative ecosystem indicator of habitat quality.Stephen B. Brandt, Cynthia Sellingeryes
S8 (BIO/FIS/MEQ/TCODE/FUTURE)8990Kelly S. AndrewsOral Indicators, status and common trends of anthropogenic pressures in the California Current.Kelly S. Andrews, Greg D. Williams, Jameal F. Samhouri and Phil S. Levinearly October, cancelled yes
S8 (BIO/FIS/MEQ/TCODE/FUTURE)9089Yongjun TianOral Interannual-decadal variability in the large predatory fish assemblage in the Tsushima Warm Current regime of the Japan Sea with an emphasis on the impacts of climate regime shifts Yongjun Tianyes
S8 (BIO/FIS/MEQ/TCODE/FUTURE)9082Jameal SamhouriOral Land cover as a marine ecosystem indicator? Diversity and ecosystem functions along an urban gradient in Puget SoundJameal F. Samhouri, A. Ole Shelton, Blake Feist, Greg Williams, Krista Bartz, Ellie Canade, Hannah Fotherby, Mindi Sheer, and Phil Levinearly October, cancelled yes
S8 (BIO/FIS/MEQ/TCODE/FUTURE)9179Myron A. PeckOral Making meaningful links between modelled ocean physics and measured organismal physiology: Climate impacts on North Sea herring as a case studyMyron A. Peck, Marta Moyano and Marc Hufnaglno, remotely??, cancelled yes
S8 (BIO/FIS/MEQ/TCODE/FUTURE)8992Kirstin HolsmanOral Methods to characterize risk of Alaskan marine habitats to multiple stressors and establish ecosystem reference pointsKirstin Holsman and Stephani Zadoryes
S8 (BIO/FIS/MEQ/TCODE/FUTURE)9135Blake E. FeistOral Potential overlap of cetaceans with groundfish fishing fleets in the California CurrentBlake E. Feist, Marlene A. Bellman, Elizabeth A. Becker, Karin A. Forney, Michael J. Ford and Phillip S. Levinyes?, cancelled yes
S8 (BIO/FIS/MEQ/TCODE/FUTURE)9157Sarah Ann ThompsonOral Regionalizing seabirds as indicators of forage fish in AlaskaSarah Ann Thompson, William J. Sydeman, Heather Renner, and John F. Piattyes
S8 (BIO/FIS/MEQ/TCODE/FUTURE)8977Masahide KaeriyamaOral Risk management for recovering chum salmon populations in the Iwate coastal ecosystem after the Tohoku catastrophic earthquake and tsunamiYuxue Qin, Yuichi Shimizu, and Masahide Kaeriyamayes
S8 (BIO/FIS/MEQ/TCODE/FUTURE)8914Kyung-Su KIMOral The combined effects of elevated CO2 and temperature on the survival, growth and skeletal formation of the olive flounder larvae Paralichthys olivaceus.Kyung-Su KIM, JeongHee SHIM and Suam KIMyes
S8 (BIO/FIS/MEQ/TCODE/FUTURE)9005Kisaburo NakataOral The pelagic and benthic coupled biogeochemical cycle model study for Mikawa Bay estuary Kisaburo Nakata 
S8 (BIO/FIS/MEQ/TCODE/FUTURE)8994Ian PerryPosterREP-2A statistical approach to the development of ecosystem indicators for multiple pressures in the Strait of Georgia, CanadaR. Ian Perry and Diane Massonyes
S8 (BIO/FIS/MEQ/TCODE/FUTURE)9219Guanqiong YePoster Designing A Network Of Coral Reef Marine Protected Areas in Hainan Island, South ChinaGuanqiong Ye, Jie Liu, and Loke Ming Chou yes
S8 (BIO/FIS/MEQ/TCODE/FUTURE)9042Peng SunPosterREP-1Trawl selectivity induced evolutionary effects on age structure and size at age of hairtail (Trichiurus lepturus) in East China Sea, China Peng Sun, Zhenlin Liang, Yang Yu, Yanli Tang, Fenfang Zhao, Liuyi Huang yes
S9 (MONITOR)8905Sonia BattenInvited Ship of Opportunity sampling of lower trophic levelsSonia Battenyes
S9 (MONITOR)9059J. Anthony KoslowOral Are current ocean observation networks adequate? A model for cooperative observation programs as the basis for ecosystem-based management, ocean climate research and assessment of ecosystem changeJ. Anthony Koslow and Jennifer Coutureyes
S9 (MONITOR)9107Steven J. BarbeauxOral Developing real-time local fishery management through cooperative acoustic surveys in the Aleutian IslandsSteven J. Barbeaux, Dave Fraser, Lowell Fritz, and Elizabeth Logerwellyes, cancelled yes
S9 (MONITOR)8951John H. Harms Oral The Northwest Fisheries Science Center’s Southern California Hook and Line Survey for shelf rockfish in cooperation with the sportfishing industryJohn H. Harmsyes, cancelled yes
S9 (MONITOR)9060Juanes for Carrie C. WallOral Understanding the marine soundscape off Vancouver Island: An exploration of passive acoustic data from the NEPTUNE Canada ocean observing systemCarrie C. Wall, Rodney A. Rountree and Francis Juanesno, Juanes
S9 (MONITOR)8895Kyung-Il ChangOral Use of snow crab traps as sampling platforms for deep sea monitoring in the East/Japan SeaKyung-Il Chang, Ki-Wan Kim and Sang-Uk Leeyes
S9 (MONITOR)9191Christopher N RooperOral Using acoustic data to map the presence or absence of deep-water sponges and corals in closed areas in the Gulf of AlaskaChristopher N Rooper, Michael H Martinyes, cancelled yes
S9 (MONITOR)8969Chiba for Tomoko M. YoshikiPoster Geographical shift of warm water species distribution in western subarctic North Pacific based on CPR sample during 2001-2010Tomoko M. Yoshiki, Sanae Chiba, Tadafumi Ichikawa, Hiroya Sugisaki and Sonia Battenno
S9 (MONITOR)9007Shin-ichi ItoPoster Reconstruction of coastal sea water temperature monitoring systems and real-time broadcast to fishermen in Iwate Prefecture.Shin-ichi Ito, Kazushi Tanaka, Yuki Endoh, Takeshi Yamanome, Shinnosuke Kaga, Taku Wagawa and Shigeho Kakehiyes,only poster
S9 (MONITOR)8966Hisashi YamaguchiPoster Understanding of the estimated error of satellite chlorophyll-a in Mutsu bayHisashi Yamaguchi, Hiroshi Murakami, Xu Yongjiu, Takayuki Kusunoki, Masahito Ebina yes, only poster
S10 (FIS/TCODE)8889BotsfordInvited Stock-recruitment and population variability in a changing, uncertain worldLouis W. Botsford1, J. Wilson White2, Alan Hastings3, Lauren Yamane1, Flora Cordoleani1, Patrick Kilduff1 and Allison Dedrick1yes
S10 (FIS/TCODE)9108Jon BrodziakInvited Understanding and Predicting Population Resilience Via SteepnessJon Brodziak and Marc Mangelyes, cancelled yes
S10 (FIS/TCODE)8963Michio J. Kishi Oral A Lagrangian modeling approach for Pacific saury migrationsMichio J. Kishi , Seokjin Yoon, Takeshi Terui, Satoshi Suyama, MasayasuNakagami and Shin-ichi Itoyes
S10 (FIS/TCODE)8959Skip McKinnellOral A simple model framework for assessing salmon production and setting escapement targetsSkip McKinnellyes
S10 (FIS/TCODE)8850Zhenming SuOral An improved Bayesian state-space model for dealing with multiple sources of uncertainty in stock-recruitment dataZhenming Suyes yes
S10 (FIS/TCODE)8931Gordon H. KruseOral Effects of shifting population demographics, oceanography, and predation on apparent stock-recruit relationships for Tanner crabs in the eastern Bering Sea Jonathan I. Richar, Gordon H. Kruse, Albert J. Hermann, and Enrique Curchitseryes
S10 (FIS/TCODE)8857Cody S. SzuwalskiOral Environment drives recruitment dynamics for most marine fisheriesCody S. Szuwalski, Katyana A.Vert-Pre, Andre E. Punt, Trevor A. Branch, Ray Hilbornyes
S10 (FIS/TCODE)8919Catherine MichielsensOral Exploring density dependence, delayed density dependence and time varying productivity to explain decreased productivity of Fraser River sockeye salmonCatherine J.G. Michielsens, Mike Lapointe and Carl J. Waltersyes
S10 (FIS/TCODE)9127Ron A. HeintzOral Measures of Fish Condition Integrate Environmental Variability and Reduce Uncertainty in Recruitment Models Ron A. Heintz and Edward V. Farley, Jr.  yes
S10 (FIS/TCODE)8855Robyn E. ForrestOral Modelling the effects of density-dependent mortality in juvenile red snapper caught as bycatch in Gulf of Mexico shrimp fisheries: implications for managementRobyn E. Forrest, Murdoch K. McAllister, Steven J.D. Martell and Carl J. Walters yes
S10 (FIS/TCODE)9095Anne HollowedOral Setting biological reference points under a changing climateAnne Hollowed and Cody Szuwalskiyes
S10 (FIS/TCODE)9155Cheryl S. HarrisonOral The tattered curtain hypothesis revisitedCheryl S. Harrison1 and David A. Siegel2yes
S10 (FIS/TCODE)9123LaTreese S. DensonOral Using environmental data to inform spatial stock assessment assumptions in Stock SynthesisLaTreese S. Denson and David B. Sampsonyes
S10 (FIS/TCODE)8920Kirstin K. HolsmanOral Using multi-species food-web and assessment models to evaluate climate change impacts on fisheriesKirstin K. Holsman, Kerim Aydin, and Jim Ianelli yes
BIO-Paper9152C. Tracy ShawOral A tale of two krill: who, when, where, and how many? The euphausiids Euphausia pacifica and Thysanoessa spinifera in the coastal upwelling zone off the Oregon Coast, USAC. Tracy Shaw, Leah R. Feinberg and William T. Petersonyes
BIO-Paper8956Moira GalbraithOral Aglantha digitale (O.F. Müller, 1776) in the NE PacificMoira Galbraith and Mary Araiyes, cancelled yes
BIO-Paper9062Szymon SurmaOral Ecological interactions between forage fish, rorquals, and fisheries in Haida GwaiiSzymon Surmayes
BIO-Paper9022Trevor W. JoyceOralREP-3Effects of El Niño/La Niña–Southern Oscillation oceanographic variation on the at-sea distribution and foraging ecology of piscivorous seabirds in the oceanic eastern tropical PacificTrevor W. Joyce and Lisa T. Ballance yes
BIO-Paper8879Woo Yul YiOral Egg production rate and hatching success in relation to feeding rate of the planktonic copepod Paracalanus parvus s.l. at a fixed station, southeastern coast of KoreaWoo Yul Yi, Hyung-Ku Kang, Bome Song and Joong Ki Choiyes
BIO-Paper8883Rui SaitoOral Influence of Aleutian eddies on calanoid copepods south of the western Aleutian Islands during summerRui Saito, Atsushi Yamaguchi, Hiromichi Ueno, Hiromu Ishiyama, Hiroji Onishi, Ichiro Imai, Ichiro Yasudayes
BIO-Paper9146Jessica A. MillerOral Is the growth of larval and early juvenile northern anchovy (Engraulis mordax) related to the biochemical climatology of the Northern California Current?Jessica A. Miller, William T. Peterson, Louise Copeman, Marisa N. C. Litz, Angela L. Sremba, and Laurelyn Perryyes
BIO-Paper8918Jarrod A. SantoraOral Melding space and time: mesoscale structuring of predator-prey relationships off central California Jarrod A. Santora, Isaac D. Schroeder, John C. Field, Brian K. Wells, William J. Sydemanyes
BIO-Paper9102Jeffrey G. DormanOral Modeling krill “hotspots” in the central California Current: results from variation in diel vertical migration schemesJeffrey G. Dorman, Ramona L. Zeno, Jarrod A. Santora and William J. Sydemanyes
BIO-Paper9161Angelica Peña Oral Phytoplankton and nutrient dynamics along Line P in the NE subarctic PacificAngelica Peña and Nina Nemcekyes
BIO-Paper9067Ah-Ra KoOral Seasonal and spatial variations of food sources of krill Euphausia pacifica in Yellow Sea using fatty acids analysisAh-Ra Ko and Se-Jong Juyes
BIO-Paper8929Corinne PomerleauOral Spatial patterns in zooplankton communities and stable isotope ratios (δ13C and δ15N) in relation to oceanographic conditions in the sub-Arctic Pacific and Western Arctic regions during the summer of 2008.Corinne Pomerleau, R. John Nelson, Akash Sastri, Brian P.V. Hunt, William J. Williams yes
BIO-Paper8973Huamei ShaoOral Spatiotemporal analysis of kelp forests distribution characteristics in sea desertification areas using acoustic and direct sensing methodsHuamei Shao, Yuka Morita, Shiori Sonoki, Kenji Minami, Norishige Yotsukura, Masahiro Nakaoka and Kazushi Miyashita 
BIO-Paper8904Strahan TuckerOral Stock-specific and condition based predation of juvenile pink, chum and sockeye by rhinoceros auklets (Cerorhinca monocerata) Strahan Tucker, Mark Hipfner, John R. Candy, Colin Wallace, Terry D. Beacham and Marc Trudelyes
BIO-Paper8983Jeffrey M. NappOral Temporal variation in Bering Sea zooplankton biomass and distribution using two complementary acoustic methodsJeffrey M. Napp, Adam Spear, Phyllis J. Stabeno, and Charles F. Greenlawyes, cancelled yes
BIO-Paper9020Mayuko OtsukiOral The presence of fin whale vocalizations is correlated with zooplankton abundance in the southern Chukchi SeaMayuko Otsuki, Kazuo Amakasu, Minoru Kitamura, Shigeto Nishino, Takashi Kikuchi, Yoko Mitani, and Kazushi Miyashitayes
BIO-Paper9076Se-Jong JuOral Understanding the food selectivity of Euphausia pacifica in Yellow Sea: in-situ live feeding experiment with natural food assemblagesSe-Jong Ju, Ah-Ra Ko, Eunjin Yang, William T. Peterson and Caroline T. Shawyes
BIO-Paper8902Yoshiyuki AbeOral Variation in assimilation efficiencies of dominant Neocalanus and Eucalanus copepods in the subarctic Pacific: consequences for population structure modelsYoshiyuki Abe, Masafumi Natsuike, Kohei Matsuno, Takeshi Terui, Atsushi Yamaguchi, Michio J. Kishi and Ichiro Imaiyes
BIO-Paper8967Bonggil HyunPoster Changes in coastal phytoplankton community structure under future climate conditions: a mesocosm studyBonggil Hyun, Kyoungsoon Shin, Keun-Hyung Choi, Woo-Jin Lee, Pung-Guk Jang, Min-Chul Jang and Chang-Ho Moon yes
BIO-Paper8862Ludmila S. BelanPoster Composition and distribution pattern of amphipod crustaceans along the pipeline route at the Lunskoye field (NE Sakhalin Island Shelf) Ludmila S. Belan, Tatyana A. Belan, Boris M. Borisovno, no poster yes
BIO-Paper9198Oleg N. KatuginPoster Distribution patterns of Gonatus onyx, G. pyros and G. berryi (Gonatidae, Teuthida) in the northwestern Pacific Ocean and adjacent marginal seasOleg N. Katugin, Mikhail A. Zuev and Gennadyi A. Shevtsovyes
BIO-Paper8964Kyoungsoon ShinPosterREP-2Effects of Increased CO2 and Temperature on the Growth of Diatoms in Laboratory Experiments Kyoungsoon Shin, Bonggil Hyun, Keun-Hyung Choi, Pung-Guk Jang, Min-Chul Jang and Woo-Jin Lee 
BIO-Paper8898Wen-Tseng LoPoster Epipelagic siphonophores associated with summer mesoscale hydrographic features in the waters around Taiwan, western North Pacific OceanWen-Tseng Lo, Shwu-Feng Yu and Hung-Yen Hsiehyes
BIO-Paper9001Seokjin YoonPosterREP-1Estimating carrying capacity for scallop aquaculture using a bioenergetics modelSeokjin Yoon, Michio J. Kishi, Satoshi Nakada, Yoichi Ishikawa, Tomonori Isada and Sei-Ichi Saitohyes
BIO-Paper9015Kateryna IvanovaPosterREP-2Eukaryotes from anoxic habitats: some aspects of existingMaksim Gulin, Kateryna Ivanova and Mikhail Kovalenko  yes
BIO-Paper8912Moira GalbraithPoster Interannual variability in the abundance of Pseodocalanus spp. Moira Galbraith and Sonia Battenyes
BIO-Paper9138Erin FedewaPoster Interannual variation in pre- and post-settlement processes of northern rock sole (Lepidopsetta polyxystra) in relation to temperature variability in the Gulf of Alaska Erin J. Fedewa, Jessica A. Miller and Thomas P. Hurst yes
BIO-Paper8907Alexander V. ZavolokinPosterREP-4Jellyfish outbreaks in the Far Eastern Seas of Russia: regional differences in strength and potential for bloomsAlexander V. Zavolokinno, cancel poster yes
BIO-Paper9080Michelle A. KappesPoster Reproductive constraints influence habitat accessibility, segregation, and preference of sympatric albatross species in the North PacificMichelle A. Kappes, Scott A. Shaffer, Yann Tremblay, David G. Foley, Daniel M. Palacios, Steven J. Bograd, and Daniel P. Costano? , no poster yes
BIO-Paper8870Daichi ArimaPoster Seasonal changes in the zooplankton community and number of generations per year of small copepods in Ishikari Bay, Sea of JapanDaichi Arima, Atsushi Yamaguchi, Yoshiyuki Abe, Kohei Matsuno, Rui Saito, Hiroki Asami, Hiroshi Shimada and Ichiro Imaiyes
FIS-Paper8852Nadezhda V. YaroshOral About seasonal growth of scale of juvenile coho salmon Oncorhynchus kisutch in the Bolshaya River, West KamchatkaNadezhda V. Yarosh, Victor .F. Bugaevyes
FIS-Paper9079Brendan ConnorsOral Are there too many pink salmon in the ocean? Productivity and life history of Fraser River sockeye salmon in relation to pink and sockeye salmon abundance across the North Pacific Greg Ruggerone, Brendan Connorsyes
FIS-Paper8932Christine C. StawitzOral Can we predict synchronous production dynamics? Applications to somatic growth.Christine C. Stawitz, Timothy Essington, Anne Hollowed, Trevor Branch, Melissa Haltuch, Paul Spencer, and Nathan Mantuayes
FIS-Paper9131Chen-Yi TuOral Climate effects on spatial-temporal variation of the demersal fish assemblage in the Tsushima Warm Current region of the Japan Sea Chen-Yi Tu, Yongjun Tian and Chih-hao Hsiehyes
FIS-Paper8884Osamu TamaruOral Constracting the 3D simulation model of a squid schooling behavior at jigging operations with the Boids AlgorithmOsamu Tamaru, Go Takayama, Hideo Takahara and Toshihiro Watanabeyes
FIS-Paper8939Chiyuki SassaOral Distribution, growth, and mortality of larval Benthosema pterotum (Pisces: Myctophidae) in the shelf region of the East China SeaChiyuki Sassa, Motomitsu Takahashi and Youichi Tsukamotoyes
FIS-Paper8878Cameron FreshwaterOral Effects of body size, marine entry timing, and marine growth on the migration of juvenile sockeye salmon Cameron Freshwater, Marc Trudel and Francis Juanesyes
FIS-Paper9084David G. StormerOral Effects of variable water temperature and food availability during summer on juvenile Chinook salmon early marine survival, growth and energetics David G. Stormer and Francis Juanesyes, cancelled yes
FIS-Paper9066Haruka NishikawaOral Impact of climate variability on the neon flying squid (Ommastrephes bartramii) winter-spring cohort stockHaruka Nishikawa, Yoichi Ishikawa, Takahiro Toyoda, Shuhei Masuda, Yuji Sasaki, Mitsuo Sakai and Toshiyuki Awajiyes
FIS-Paper8984Eric HertzOral Implications of the interannual variability in the feeding ecology of juvenile Chinook salmonEric Hertz, Marc Trudel, Strahan Tucker, Terry Beacham, Chuck Parken and Asit Mazumderyes
FIS-Paper8952Megan M. StachuraOral Linking recruitment synchrony to environmental variabilityMegan M. Stachura, Timothy E. Essington, Nathan J. Mantua, Anne B. Hollowed, Melissa A. Haltuch, Paul D. Spencer, Trevor A. Branch, Miriam J. Doyleyes
FIS-Paper9141Tetsuichiro FunamotoOral Non-stationary effects of environmental conditions on walleye pollock larval distributionTetsuichiro Funamoto, Lorenzo Ciannelli and Kazushi Miyashitayes
FIS-Paper8980Irene D. AlabiaOral Persistent summer pelagic hotspots of neon flying squid (Ommastrephes bartramii) in the western North PacificIrene D. Alabia, Sei-Ichi Saitoh, Hiromichi Igarashi, Yoichi Ishikawa, Norihisa Usui, Masafumi Kamachi, Toshiyuki Awaji and Masaki Seito yes
FIS-Paper8908Jennifer BoldtOral Potential for competitive interactions between Pacific sardine and Pacific herring in British Columbia, CanadaJennifer L. Boldt, Jake Schweigert, Jaclyn Cleary, Linnea Flostrand, Vanessa Hodes, Gordon McFarlane, Stephane Gauthier, Moira Galbraith, and Dave Mackasyes
FIS-Paper9221Nadezhda V. YaroshOral Seasonal growth of juvenile coho salmon Oncorhynchus kisutch scales in the Bolshaya River, West KamchatkaNadezhda V. Yarosh and Victor F. Bugaevduplicate yes
FIS-Paper9145Marisa N. C. LitzOral Seasonal variability in juvenile fish and invertebrate prey available to Columbia River salmon entering the oceanMarisa N.C. Litz, Robert L. Emmett, Andrew M. Claiborne, Jessica A. Miller, and David J. Teelyes
FIS-Paper8997Beverly A. AglerOral Size-selective mortality of Kvichak River, Bristol Bay, Alaska sockeye smolts in relation to smolt characteristics, ocean conditions, and sockeye productivityBeverly A. Agler, Gregory T. Ruggerone, Lorna Wilson and Edward V. Farley, Jryes
FIS-Paper9178Richard D. BrodeurOral Spatial and Temporal Variations in Albacore Habitat in the Northeast Pacific Transition Zone Using Remotely-sensed Environmental DataR.D. Brodeur1, L. Ciannelli2, A.J. Phillips2, W.G. Pearcy2, and J. Childers3yes?, cancelled yes
FIS-Paper8934Kiva L. OkenOral Using surplus production models to study predation in age-structured populationsKiva L. Oken, Timothy E. Essingtonyes
FIS-Paper8948Ah Reum KimPosterREP-6Age and growth of filefish Thamnaconus modestus off the Jeju IslandAh Reum Kim, Ho Jin Bae, Chul-Woong Ohyes
FIS-Paper9046Xun ZhangPosterREP-5An attempt of dissemination of potential fishing zone prediction map of Japanese common squid in the coastal water, southwestern Hokkaido, JapanXun Zhang, Sei-Ichi Saitoh, Toru Hirawake, Satoshi Nakada, Koji Koyamada, Toshiyuki Awaji, Yoichi Ishikawa and Hiromichi Igarashiyes
FIS-Paper8856Zavolokin on behalf of Mikhail A. StepanenkoPosterREP-3Annual variability of pollock resources, distribution, reproduction and environment in the Bering SeaMikhail A. Stepanenko, Elena V. Gritsay no
FIS-Paper9027Lyse GodboutPoster Climate change, emigration timing to sea and salmon marine survival. Lyse Godbout, Carrie Holt, Peter Tchaplinski, Don Mcubbing, James Irvine , and Marc Trudel. yes
FIS-Paper9213Sun Kil LeePoster Comparisons of trophic level in ecosystem by effects of fishing in Korean watersSun Kil Lee, Jae Bong Lee, Dae Soo Chang and Jong Bin Kimyes
FIS-Paper9013Yang LiuPoster Development of the 3-D growth prediction model for Japanese scallop in Funka Bay, JapanYang Liu, Sei-Ichi Saitoh, Yu Ihara, Toru Hirawake, Katsuhisa Baba and Kanamori Makoto yes
FIS-Paper8860K K SatpathyPoster Ecosystem change and adaptation of biota induced by climatic extremesKK Satpathy and S Panigrahi, no yes
FIS-Paper8913Mikhail A. ZuevPosterREP-7Fish by-catch during the schoolmaster gonate squid Berryteuthis magister (Berry, 1913) trawl fishing near northern Kuril IslandsMikhail A. Zuevyes
FIS-Paper8861K K SatpathyPoster Imprint of monsoonal pattern on fish assemblage in coastal waters of south-east India, Bay of Bengal: A case study K.K. Satpathy, S. Biswas , S Mishra, and NPI Dasno yes
FIS-Paper8940Chiyuki SassaPoster Late winter larval fish assemblage in the southern East China Sea, with emphasis on spatial relations between mesopelagic and commercial pelagic fish larvaeChiyuki Sassa, Yoshinobu Konishi and Youichi Tsukamotoyes
FIS-Paper8968Chunsheng Liu Poster Medusa consumption and prey selection of silver pomfret Pampus argenteus juveniles Chunsheng Liu and Siqing Chencannot attend yes
FIS-Paper9116Pil Soo KimPosterREP-1Metagenomic analysis of the fish gut microbiotaPil Soo Kim, Jae Bong Lee and Jin-Woo Baeyes, no poster yes
FIS-Paper9083David G. StormerPoster Overwintering ability of juvenile ocean-type Chinook salmon: effect of water temperature and food deprivation on growth, energetics and survivalDavid G. Stormer and Francis Juanesyes
FIS-Paper9034Hiroko SasakiPosterREP-2Potential habitat overlap between neon flying squid (Ommastrephes bartramii) and marine mammals in the western North Pacific: possible trophic linkagesHiroko Sasaki, Irene Alabia, Hiroto Murase, Koji Matsuoka, Hiromichi Igarashi, Yoichi Ishikawa, Norihisa Usui, Masafumi Kamachi, Toshiyuki Awaji, Masaki Seito and Sei-Ichi Saitohyes
FIS-Paper8922SHAN Xiu-JuanPoster Seasonal variations in fish community structure in Laizhou Bay and the Yellow River Estuary, ChinaSHAN Xiu-Juan1, SUN Peng-Fei1, 2, WU Qiang1, CHEN Yun-Long1, JIN Xian-Shi1yes
FIS-Paper9097Zuenko/Katugin (for Nadezhda L. Aseeva)PosterREP-4Some features of Lycodes soldatovi biology and parasitology in the Okhotsk SeaNadezhda L. Aseevano
FIS-Paper9176Nadezhda A. RastyagaevaPoster Some results of salmon origin identification and of figuring out the age structure of identified stocks by different methodsNadezhda A. Rastyagaevayes
FIS-Paper9184A. Jason PhillipsPoster Spatio-temporal associations of albacore catches in the Northeastern Pacific with regional and climate environmental variables A. Jason Phillips, Lorenzo Ciannelli, Richard D. Brodeur, William G. Pearcy, and John Childersyes?
MEQ-Paper9186Stanley D. RiceInvited Oil development in the Arctic: What are the science needs?Stanley D. Riceyes
MEQ-Paper8954Leslie Holland-BartelsOral An evaluation of science needs to inform decisions on Outer Continental Shelf energy development in the Chukchi and Beaufort seas, AlaskaLeslie Holland-Bartels and Lyman Thorsteinsonyes
MEQ-Paper9187Jinqiu DuOral Characteristics of radionuclides in sediment samples from coastal waters of Dalian Bay and Liaodong BayJinqiu Du, Ziwei Yao, Hui Gao, Guangshui Na and Chuanlin Huoyes
MEQ-Paper9113John N. SmithOral Detection of radioactivity from the 2011 Fukushima accident in the Eastern North Pacific and Arctic OceansJohn N. Smith, Robin Brown, Marie Robert, Bill Williams, and Richard Nelsonyes
MEQ-Paper8873David RivkinOral Environmental impact factors of renewable energy production facilities in marine environments.David Rivkinyes, cancelled yes
MEQ-Paper9006Shin-ichi ItoOral Estimation of river discharge and suspended substance flux from the rivers to the Pacific after the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant accident.Shin-ichi Ito, Hiroshi Kutsukake, Kazuhiro Takeuchi, Hideki Kaeriyama, Masashi Kodama, Shigeho Kakehi, Kazuhiro Aoki, Hiroshi Kuroda, Hiroshi Yagi, Ambe Daisuke and Tsuneo Onoyes
MEQ-Paper9190Vyacheslav LobanovOral Fukushima 2011 derived radionuclides in the Japan and Okhotsk Seas and subarctic front region of the Northwestern Pacific a year laterVyacheslav Lobanov, Vladimir Goryachev, Aleksandr Sergeev, Dmitriy Kaplunenko, Natalia Shlyk, Natalia Treshcheva, Sergei Prants and Maksim Budyanskyno, cancel yes
MEQ-Paper9194Wu Men for Wen Yu, combine 9197Oral Measured distribution of seawater radioactivity from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in North PacificWen Yu, Tao Yu, Jianhua He, Yusheng Zhangno
MEQ-Paper8955Dee WilliamsOral Monitoring effects related to offshore petroleum development in Coastal AlaskaDee Williamsyes, cancelled yes
MEQ-Paper9197Wu Men for Wen Yu, combine 9194Oral Radioactivity of marine cephalopoda and fish species after 2011 Fukushima accident in Northwest PacificJianhua He, Wen Yu, Wu Men, Tao Yu, Yusheng Zhangno
MEQ-Paper9181Delvan NevilleOral Radiocesium and jellyfish: where's the biomagnification?Delvan Neville, Kathryn Higley and Richard Brodeuryes
MEQ-Paper9182Kathryn HigleyOral Relating radiation dose to effect: the importance of accurate dosimetry in assessing the impact of radioactivity on marine organismsKathryn Higley, Elizabeth Ruedig, Emily Caffrey, Mario Gomez-Fernandez, Michelle Comolli, Delvan Nevilleyes
MEQ-Paper8865Xiaorong LiPosterREP-MQ-POC3D parameterization methods of tidal turbine in large scale ocean modelXiaorong Li, Ming Li, Qingyang Song, Huaming Yuyes yes
MEQ-Paper9012Kateryna IvanovaPosterREP-1Coastal hypoxia events: effects of natural and human-induced forcing on benthic meiofauna (Ria Formosa lagoon, Portugal)Kateryna Ivanova  yes
MEQ-Paper9164Sharon N. NuñalPoster Enhanced bioremediation of heavy oil-contaminated sediment by combining biostimulation and bioaugmentation strategiesSharon N. Nuñal, Sheila Mae Santander-De Leon, Jiro Koyama, Tadahide Noro, Takeshi Yoshikawa and Hiroto Maedano, cancel poster yes
POC Paper8875Qingyang SongOral A new global tide model based on finite volume method and satellite altimetric dataQingyang Song, Huaming Yu, Xueen Chenno, cancel talk yes
POC Paper9189Vyacheslav LobanovOral Cascading of Dense Water along Peter the Great Bay Slope in the northwestern Japan SeaVyacheslav Lobanov, Aleksandr Sergeev, Igor Gorin, Pavel Scherbinin, Aleksandr Voronin, Dmitry Kaplunenko, Oleg Popov, Timofei Gulenko and Svetlana Ladychenko yes, cancelled yes
POC Paper9085Kirill KivvaOral Evidence of local upwellings in the north-western Bering Sea in 2012Kirill Kivva and Denis Chulchekovyes
POC Paper8874Seung-Tae YoonOral Heat content variations in the southwestern East/Japan SeaSeung-Tae Yoon, Kyung-Il Changyes
POC Paper9025Young-Gyu ParkOral Properties of internal tides observed southwestern part of the East SeaSeong Bong Sea, Young-Gyu Park, Jae-Hun Park, Changwoong Shin and Chanhyung Jeon 
POC Paper8886Jae-Hun ParkOral Seasonal effects on generation and propagation of semi-diurnal internal tides in the East/Japan SeaChanhyung Jeon, Jae-Hun Park, Sergey Varlamov, Jong-Hwan Yoon, Young-Gyu Park, Young Ho Kim, Seong Bong Seo, Hong Sik Min, Jae-hak Leeyes
POC Paper8975Viktor KuzinOral Some results of the use of the numerical model in the Arctic Ocean climate simulationViktor Kuzin, Elena Golubeva and Gennady Platovyes
POC Paper9075Pavel A. FaymanOral The Okhotsk Sea currents: numerical simulation and satellite dataPavel A. Fayman, Vladimir I. Ponomarev, Vyacheslav Dubina, Jong-Hwan Yoonno, cancel talk yes
POC Paper8900Rong-shuo CaiOral The roles of East Asian monsoon in the responses of marine environment in the East China Sea to the East Asian climatic jump around 1976/77Rong-shuo Cai and Jun-pen Zhangyes
POC Paper8891Hiromichi UenoPosterREP-3Decadal variation of temperature inversions along Line PHiromichi Uenoyes
POC Paper9090Tsuyoshi WakamatsuPosterREP-2Detection of attracting Lagrangian coherent structures in the Oyashio and the Oyashio-Kuroshio transition zones using ocean data assimilation system.Tsuyoshi Wakamatsu, Yusuke Tanaka, Yoichi Ishikawayes
POC Paper8896Kyung-Il ChangPosterREP-1Mesoscale eddies in the East/Japan Sea: Detection algorithms and characteristics of eddy propertiesKyung-Jae Lee and Kyung-Il Changyes
POC Paper9004Akira OkunoPosterREP-4Numerical detection of spawning ground of Pacific bluefin tuna in the Japan SeaAkira Okuno, Tatsuro Watanabe, Taiki Ishihara, Shota Shimizu and Osamu Abeno, cancel poster yes
POC Paper8901Rong-shuo CaiPoster Spatial-temporal evolution of SSTA in the South China Sea (SCS): an implication for the SCS summer monsoon outbreaksQing-hua Qi and Rong-shuo Caiyes
POC Paper9040Chang-Woong ShinPosterREP-4Trends of the coastal upwelling index along the southeastern coast of KoreaChang-Woong Shin, and Dong Guk Kimyes
W19205Villy ChristensenInvited Modeling food web dynamics and spatial-temporal environmental variabilityVilly Christensen, Jeroen Steenbeek, Joe Buszowski, Marta Coll and Carl Waltersyes
W19154Willliam PetersonOral Comparison of a size-based and species-based representation of copepod biomass in the northern California CurrentWilliam Peterson and Jennifer Fisheryes?, cancelled yes
W19055Ivonne OrtizOral Effects of size selectivity and species preference on trophic interactions in ecosystem modelsIvonne Ortiz, Kerim Aydinno, cancel paper yes
W19180Myron A. PeckOral Examining the trophodynamic consequences of climate variability on the growth and survival of North Sea fish larvae: A coupled model approach utilizing size spectrum theoryMyron A. Peck, Klaus B. Huebert, Markus Kreus and Johannes Pätschno, by Huebert
W19215Xuanliang JiOral Parameter sensitivity study of the ecosystem model in the Northwestern PacificXuanliang Ji, Guimei Liu, Shan Gao 
W18936Julia K. BaumOral Size-based constraints on the pyramids of life Rowan Trebilco1, Julia K. Baum2, Anne Salomon3 and Nick Dulvy1yes
W18880James R. WatsonOral The role of movement in determining the global distribution of marine biomassJames R. Watson, Charles A. Stock and Jorge L. Sarmientoyes
W18995Phoebe Woodworth-JefcoatsOral Two takes on the impacts of climate change and fishing: comparing a size-based food web model and an Ecopath with Ecosim model in the central North PacificPhoebe Woodworth-Jefcoats, Jeffrey Polovina, Evan Howell and Julia Blanchardearly October, cancelled yes
W2 (POC/BIO/FUTURE)9134Carolina ParadaInvited Biophysical gauntlet regulating young walleye pollock survival in the Gulf of Alaska: Emphasis on meso and submesoscale eddiesCarolina Parada 
W2 (POC/BIO/FUTURE)9142Bryan A. BlackInvited From the trees to the seas: multi-species perspectives on long-term climatic and ecological variabilityBryan A. Blackyes
W2 (POC/BIO/FUTURE)9150Juergen AlheitInvited How the coupled ocean-atmosphere system of the North Atlantic impacts on dynamics of small pelagic fish populations and ecosystem regime shifts in the eastern North and Central Atlantic by modulating multi-decadal climate variabilityJuergen Alheityes
W2 (POC/BIO/FUTURE)9099Emanuele Di LorenzoOral A Filtering-Hypothesis to explain Climate Synchrony in Fish PopulationsEmanuele Di Lorenzo, Mark D. Ohman and Salvador Lluch-Cotayes
W2 (POC/BIO/FUTURE)9121Albert J. HermannOral A rapid multivariate method for estimating regional forecast uncertaintyAlbert J. Hermannyes
W2 (POC/BIO/FUTURE)9096Yury ZuenkoOral Coastal ecosystem response to climate change in Peter the Great Bay (Japan Sea): advances and failures of long-term monitoringYury Zuenko, Vladimir Rachkov and Victoria Nadtochyyes
W2 (POC/BIO/FUTURE)9156Cheryl S. HarrisonOral Coastal retention in upwelling currents: mechanisms and sensitivity to wind forcingCheryl S. Harrison1 and David A. Siegel2yes
W2 (POC/BIO/FUTURE)9106Kazuaki TadokoroOral Geographical and temporal variations in mesozooplankton biomass around Japan, western North PacificKazuaki Tadokoro, Shigeho Kakehi, Akinori Takasuka, Kiyotaka Hidaka, Tadafumi, Yuichi Hirota, Ichikawa, Haruyuki Morimoto, Takahiko Kameda, Satoshi Kitajima, Kou Nishiuchi, and Hiroya Sugisakiyes
W2 (POC/BIO/FUTURE)9174Colleen M. PetrikOral How eastern Bering Sea climate variability affects the distribution of walleye pollock early life stagesColleen M. Petrik, Janet T. Duffy-Anderson, Franz Mueter, Katherine Hedstrom, Seth Danielson and Enrique Curchitseryes
W2 (POC/BIO/FUTURE)9160Jennifer L. FisherOral Listen while the copepods speak: how different copepod indices respond to environmental indices in the northeast Pacific (Newport, Oregon, USA) Jennifer L. Fisher, William T. Petersonyes
W2 (POC/BIO/FUTURE)9136Kenneth DenmanOral Modelling the changing structure of marine ecosystems in response to changes in the physical climateKenneth L. Denmanyes
W2 (POC/BIO/FUTURE)9070Shoshiro MinobeOral Some changes of marine ecosystem in the 21st century in model projectionsShoshiro Minobe 
W2 (POC/BIO/FUTURE)9192Frank WhitneyOral Some implications of ocean deoxygenation in the subarctic PacificFrank Whitneyyes
W2 (POC/BIO/FUTURE)9144David TimothyPosterREP-1Climatology and long-term trends of sediment flux and composition in the subarctic Northeast Pacific OceanDavid Timothy and Robie Macdonaldyes
W2 (POC/BIO/FUTURE)9093Yasuhide NakamuraPosterREP-2Comparison of stable isotope ratios between zooplankton communities around JapanYasuhide Nakamura, Atsushi Yamaguchi, Noritoshi Suzuki, Akihiro Tuji and Ichiro Imaino yes
W3 (BIO)9044Ian JonsenInvited Approaches for identifying multi-species hot-spots from electronic tracking and vessel-based sightings dataIan Jonsen  yes
W3 (BIO)9208Martin RennerInvited Combining tracking and transect data - issues and possible solutionsMartin Renner 
W3 (BIO)9201John F. PiattInvited The North Pacific Pelagic Seabird Database (NPPSD) Version 2: Expanding spatial and temporal ranges and identifying data gaps Gary S. Drew, John F. Piattyes
W3 (BIO)9203Trevor W. JoyceOral At sea marine mammal, seabird, and ecosystem assessment surveys in the eastern Pacific: an overview of Southwest Fisheries Science Center’s 23-year time series Lisa T. Ballance, Jay P. Barlow, and Trevor W. Joyceyes
W3 (BIO)9211Jarrod A. SantoraOral Comparative habitat use and spatial overlap of sooty shearwaters using shipboard and satellite-tracking Jarrod A. Santora, Josh Adams, Bill Henry, K. David Hyrenbach, Jim T. Harvey, David G. Ainleyyes
W3 (BIO)9210Yutaka WatanukiOral Distribution of short-tailed shearwaters in the northern North Pacific: a comparison between geolocator-based tracking of individuals and boat-based surveysYutaka Watanuki1, Bungo Nishizawa1, Takashi Yamamoto2, Elizabeth Labunski3, Kathy Kuletz3, Catherine Meathrel4, RA Phllips5 
W3 (BIO)8938Tsutomu TamuraOral Geographical and temporal distribution of common minke, sei and Bryde’s whales in the western North Pacific in relation to prey availabilityTsutomu Tamura, Kenji Konishi, Koji Matsuoka and Takashi Hakamadayes
W3 (BIO)9193Douglas BertramOral Interannual variation in zooplankton prey distribution determines marine breeding distributions of Cassin’s Auklet in the proposed Scott Islands National Marine Wildlife Area in CanadaBertram,D.F.1 , D.L. Mackas, D.W. Welch, W. S. Boyd, J. L. Ryder, and A. Heddyes
W3 (BIO)9035Hiroko SasakiOral Seasonal shift of Bryde’s and sei whale habitat in the western North PacificHiroko Sasaki, Hiroto Murase, Koji Matsuoka, Yoko Mitani and Sei-Ichi Saitohyes
W3 (BIO)9206Tracee O. GeernaertOral Trends in seabird occurrence on eastern Pacific halibut assessment surveys (2002-2012)Tracee O. Geernaertyes
W3 (BIO)9167Elliott L. HazenOral Understanding spatial overlap of human impacts and marine predator distributionsSara M. Maxwell1,2,3,4, Elliott L. Hazen4,5,6, Steven J. Bograd5, Benjamin S. Halpern7,8, Greg A. Breed9, Barry Nickel10... Daniel P. Costa11 yes
W3 (BIO)9132Steven J. BogradOral WhaleWatch: Integrating blue whale satellite telemetry and oceanographic data to develop habitat models for conservation managementHelen Bailey, Steven J. Bograd, Elliott Hazen, Bruce Mate, Ladd Irvine, Daniel Palacios, Karin Forney and Evan Howellyes
W4 (TCODE)9163Richard P. SignellInvited Better tools to search, access and analyze ocean dataRichard P. Signellno, remotely, wsh cancelled yes
W4 (TCODE)8915Roy MendelssohnInvited Integrating web-service based environmental and biological data into client applicationsRoy Mendelssohnno, by Lynn DeWitt, wsh cancelled yes
W4 (TCODE)8986Kelly KneeOral Client-side tools for utilization of data servicesKelly Knee, Kyle Wilcox, Cheryl Morse, Roy Mendelssohn, and Cara Wilsonno, by Lauren Decker, wsh cancelled yes
W4 (TCODE)9209Danelle ClineOral ODSS: A Decision Support System (DSS) for ocean explorationDanelle Cline, Kevin Gomes, Duane Edgington, Micheal Godin, Thom Maughan, Mike McCann, Tom O’Reilly, Fred Bahr, Francisco Chavez, Monique Messie, Jnaneshwar Das and Kanna Rajanyes, wsh cancelled yes
W4 (TCODE)9129Igor ShevchenkoOral Providing ice characteristics of the Northwest Pacific marginal seasVadim Burago, Andrey Golik, Rimma Kravtchenko, Larisa Matyushenko, Georgy Moiseenko, Olga Vasik and Igor Shevchenkoyes, wsh cancelled yes
HAB-S8937Tatiana V. MorozovaOral Diarrhetic shellfish toxins in Primorye, Russian FederationTatiana Yu.Orlova, Inna V.Stonik , Polina A. Popkova, Tatiana V. Morozova, Vera L. Trainer, Leslie Moore, Bich-Thuy L. Eberhartyes
HAB-S9098Satoshi Nagai Oral Easy detection of multiple HAB species by nucleic acid chromatographySatoshi Nagai  
HAB-S9037Zhu on behalf of Ruixiang LiOral HAB in coastal water of China in 2012Ruixiang Li and Mingyuan Zhu 
HAB-S9074Joo-Hwan KimOral Improvement of previous qPCR method for quantification of Heterosigma akashiwo cystJoo-Hwan Kim, Bum Soo Park, Jin Ho Kim, Pengbin Wang, Jae-Hyung Joo and Myung-Soo Han yes
HAB-S9112Ichiro ImaiOral Prediction of toxic algal bloom occurrences and adaptation of scallop aquaculture industry to blooms for minimizing economic losses in Hokkaido, JapanIchiro Imai, Hiroshi Shimada, Shigeru Itakurayes
HAB-S9139Pospelova, VeraOral Spatial distribution and identification of resting cysts of Cochlodinium polykrikoides in surface sediments from the aquaculture sites of southern South Korea.Pospelova, Verayes
HAB-S8979Anglv ShenPoster Competition between the bloom-forming dinoflagellates Prorocentrum donghaiense and Karenia mikimotoi under different temperatures and phosphorus limitation Anglv Shen and Daoji Li  yes
HAB-S9061Svetlana EsenkulovaPoster Isolation and culture of harmful algal species affecting aquaculture on the west coast of Canada. Svetlana Esenkulova, Christopher M. Pearce, Nicola Haigh, and Laurie J. Keddy yes
HAB-S9086Chang-Hoon KimPoster Water quality improvement by the polychaete rockworm Marphysa sanguinea (Montagu) in the integrated culture with olive flounderParandavar Hossein, Sung-Kyun Kim, Byung-Kwon Kim, Kyeong-Hun Kim and Chang-Hoon Kim 
W6 (MEQ)8917Daniel D. HuppertInvited Regional economic impacts of razor clam beach closures due to harmful algal blooms (HABs) on the Pacific coast of WashingtonKaren Dyson and Daniel D. Huppertyes
W6 (MEQ)9016Meg ChadseyOral Cooperation of science and management for harmful algal blooms: domoic acid and the Washington Coast razor clam fisheryMeg Chadsey1, Vera Trainer2 and Thomas Leschine3yes
W6 (MEQ)9049Shigeru ItakuraOral Economic Impacts of harmful algal blooms on fisheries and aquaculture in the western Japan – An overview of interannual and interspecies comparison. Shigeru Itakura, Ichiro Imaiyes
W6 (MEQ)9019Nicola HaighOral Economic losses to the British Columbia salmon aquaculture industry due to harmful algal blooms 2009 – 2012Nicola Haigh and Svetlana Esenkulovayes
W6 (MEQ)9092Leif E. AndersonOral Effects of HAB and pollution closures on the recreational use values of shellfish harvesters in Puget SoundLeif E. Anderson and Mark L. Plummeryes, cancelled yes
W6 (MEQ)8965Changkyu LeeOral HAB mitigation by yellow clay in Korean watersChangkyu Lee, Youngtae Park and Taegyu Parkcancelled yes
W6 (MEQ)9028Hao GuoOral Red tide and economic cost in China in recent 5 yearsHao Guo,Dewen Ding, Chunjiang Guanyes
W6 (MEQ)9100TrickOral Re-evaluating the economic metrics of HAB events.Charles G. Trickcancelled yes
W6 (MEQ)9105Takafumi YOSHIDAOral Situation of Economic Impacts of Harmful Algal Blooms in the NOWPAP regionTakafumi Yoshida, Hiroshi Onoyes
W6 (MEQ)9130Seok Jin OhPoster Utilization of different nitrogen sources by toxic dinoflagellate Alexandrium tamarense and Alexandrium catenella isolated from Masan Bay, KoreaJi A Park, Hyeong Kyu Kwon, Han Soeb Yang and Seok Jin Ohyes
W7 (MEQ)9128Allyson L. OldsPoster Eulachon, Thaleichthys pacificus, of the Chilkat and Chilkoot rivers: roles in local and indigenous culturesAllyson L. Olds, Megan McPhee, Anne Beaudreau, Courtney Carothers and Brad Ryanno, cancel yes
GP (General Poster)8996F. JuanesPoster Aquaculture as a gate for invasions: hybrid zones of invasive NIS and native Mytilus mussels are linked to farm density on Vancouver IslandV. Crego-Prieto1, F. Juanes2, A. Roca1, F.J. Taylor2 and E. Garcia-Vazquez1yes
GP (General Poster)8894ThapaPoster Climate change impact and adaptability in NepalMadhu Thapayes, did not show up yes
GP (General Poster)8987Amelia A. PorterPoster Coastal pollution: Towards a risk-benefit analysis of traditional seafood of coastal First Nations in British ColumbiaAmelia A. Porter, Tom Child and Peter S. Rossyes
GP (General Poster)8892Alexei M. OrlovPoster Distribution and size composition of Arctic lamprey, Lethenteron camtschaticum, in the North PacificAlexei M. Orlov, Alexei A. Baitalyuk, Dmitry V. Pelenevyes
GP (General Poster)9114JeongHee ShimPoster Effects of meteorological and oceanographic variability on Porphyra production at the Nakdong River estuary, south coast of KoreaJung-no Kwon and JeongHee Shimyes
GP (General Poster)9072Olivia McMillanPoster Effects of simulated winter and summer environmental conditions on the behavioural ecology of juvenile ocean-type Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha)Olivia McMillan, David Stormer and Francis Juanesyes
GP (General Poster)8943Dmitry V. StepanovPoster Interannual heat content variability in the Okhotsk Sea based on temperature datasetDmitry V. Stepanov, Evgeniya A. Tikhomirova and Vladimir A. Luchinyes
GP (General Poster)9036Hiromichi IgarashiPoster Modeling the optimal habitat suitability of neon flying squid in central North Pacific by using 3-D ocean data assimilation productHiromichi Igarashi, Toshiyuki Awaji, Masafumi Kamachi, Yoichi Ishikawa, Norihisa Usui, Masaaki Iiyama, Mitsuo Sakai, Yoshiki Kato, Irene Alabia, Sei-ichi Saitoh and Masaki Seitoh 
GP (General Poster)9204Matthew BakerPoster Patterns influencing species interactions within North Pacific marine ecosystemsMatthew Baker Anne Hollowed  yes
GP (General Poster)8890Alexei M. OrlovPoster Sablefish, Anoplopoma fimbria, from catches of passive and active fishing gears in the northwestern PacificPavel K. Afanasiev, Alexei M. Orlov, Roman N. Novikovyes
GP (General Poster)9104Kirill KivvaPoster Spatial and temporal variability of dissolved organic matter in the western Bering SeaKirill Kivva, Nadezhda Torgunova, Alina Agatovayes
GP (General Poster)8928James RobinsonPoster Steepening spectra. Size-based analyses describe the effects of fishing on Pacific coral reef fish communities.James PW Robinson, Andrew Edwards, Ivor D Williams, Rusty Brainard, Julia K Baum yes
GP (General Poster)9122Georgiy MoiseenkoPoster The annual variability of the remote sensing reflectance empirical orthogonal functions for the Okhotsk SeaGeorgiy Moiseenko, Igor Shevchenko and Vadim Burago yes
GP (General Poster)8867Xiao-Hua ZhuPoster Variations of Kuroshio nutrient transportXiao-Hua Zhu, Yu Long and Xinyu Guo 

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