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PICES 2015 Annual Meeting
Change and Sustainability of the North Pacific

Oct. 14-25, Qingdao, China

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SessionPaper IDPresenterGranted Type of PresentationPotential ReplacementAbstract TitleAuthorsAttendance ConfirmationWithdrawals
HAB-S Papers10660Peng ZhaoOral Emergency monitoring and forecasting system of green tide in the Yellow SeaPeng Zhao, Jingtian Guo, Juan Huang, Ruifu Wang, Liang Zhao yes
HAB-S Papers10661Anna A. PonomarevaOralOral?HAB monitoring in Paris Bay (the north-western part of the East/Japan Sea) where marine mammals are kept in captivityAnna A. Ponomareva and Olga G. SchevchenkoP->O??
HAB-S Papers10533Tian YanOral Karenia mikimotoi bloom, massive fish-killing and shellfish-killing in the East China SeaYan Tian, Lin Jianing, Zhou Mingjiangyes
HAB-S Papers10626Ke SunOralOral? -YESModelling Prorocentrum donghaiense blooms in the coastal waters of the East China SeaKe Sun, Zhongfeng Qiu, Wei Fan, Yijun He and Zexun WeiYes, P->O
HAB-S Papers10547Han GaoOral Prey cells and extraction trigger DSP toxin production by Dinophysis acuminataHan Gao, Xinlong An, Mengmeng Tongyes
S1 (SB)10817Honghua ShiDeclined A model to assess fundamental and realized carrying capacities of island ecosystemHonghua Shi, Chengcheng Shen, Xiaoli Wang, Fen Li, Yuan Chi, Zhen Guo, Mingyang Qiao, Liyuan Gao, Dewen Ding?no yes
S1 (SB)10526Danh-Hung TranDeclined Crustal structure beneath the Sumatra Island from teleseismic receiver functionsDanh-Hung Tran, Ting Yang?no yes
S1 (SB)10687Bontogho T. Patricia EmmaDeclined Intra-seasonal variability of climate change in central Burkina Faso.Bontogho T. Patricia Emma, Ibrahim Boubacar, Barry Boubacar, Helmschrot Joerg ?no yes
S1 (SB)10523Ba Manh LEDeclined Lithospheric structure beneath the fossil ridge in the South China Sea from OBS dataBa Manh LE, Ting YANG?no yes
S1 (SB)10587Fen LiDeclined Uncertainty analysis of ecosystem-based carrying capacity of island Fen Li, Honghua Shi and Chengcheng Shen?no yes
S1 (SB)10860Leonie A. RobinsonInvited A European perspective on Integrated Ecosystem AssessmentLeonie A. Robinsonyes
S1 (SB)10568George G. WaldbusserInvited Impacts of ocean acidification on bivalve production in the Pacific NorthwestGeorge G. Waldbusseryes
S1 (SB)10647MIchael ForemanInvited Regional climate modeling and FUTURE - An overview and possible future directionsMichael Foreman, Chan Joo Chan, Enrique Curchitser, and Angelica Peñayes
S1 (SB)10846Mitsutaku MakinoInvited Toward the integrated research in fisheries scienceMitsutaku Makinoyes
S1 (SB)10845Emanuele Di LorenzoInvited Towards a social-ecological-environmental system approach for the coastal oceanEmanuele Di Lorenzo, Keith Criddle and Alida Bundiyes
S1 (SB)10704Takamitsu ItoOral Anthropogenic aerosols and climate variability control decadal variability of dissolved oxygen in the North PacificTakamitsu Ito, Athanasios Nenes, Matthew S. Johnson, Nicholas Meskhidze, and Curtis A. Deutschyes
S1 (SB)10635Lingbo LiOral Fighting a hard battle: Effects of hypoxia and temperature on euphausiids in the North PacificLingbo Li, Julie E. Keister, and Mei Satoyes
S1 (SB)10565Shin-ichi UyeOral Jellyfish blooms as a threat to the sustainability of the East Asian Marginal Seas: an overview of recent jellyfish studies in China, Japan and KoreaShin-ichi Uye, Hideki Ikdea, Sun Song, Fang Zhang, Chang-Hoon Han and Won-Duk Yoonyes
S1 (SB)10763Vladimir I. PonomarevOral Multiple scale climate variability in the North Pacific and features of recent climatic regimeVladimir I. Ponomarev, Elena V. Dmitrieva and Svetlana P. Shkorbayes
S1 (SB)10742Jameal F. SamhouriOral Social-ecological vulnerability of forage fish and fishermen to climate changeJameal F. Samhouri, Lucas Earl, Caren Barcelo, Steven Bograd, Ric Brodeur, Lorenzo Cianelli, Emma Fuller, Elliott Hazen, Michael Jacox, Isaac Kaplan, Ryan Rykaczewski, Maria Dickinson Sheridan, Gregory D. Williams? If not - someone else
S1 (SB)10604Andrew W. TritesOral Top predators partition the Bering Sea and are unlikely to respond favourably to climate changeA.W. Trites, B. Battaile, K.J. Benoit-Bird, A. Harding, S. Heppell, B. Hoover, D. Irons, N. Jones, K. Kuletz, C. Nordstrom, R. Paredes, and D. Robyyes
S1 (SB)10850Jeffrey PolovinaOral Using earth systems model output to project climate change impacts to the North Pacific Subtropical Ecosystem over the 21st CenturyJeffrey Polovina and Phoebe Woodworth-Jefcoatsyes
S1 (SB)10388Xiansen YePoster A multivariate assessment of eutrophication in three typical bays of the northern Zhejiang, East China SeaRan Ye, Xiansen Ye, Lian Liu, Min Ren, Qiong Wang, Kai Wang, Wei Cao, Qinyan He and Yanhong Caiyes
S1 (SB)10458Meng WeiPoster A quantitative definition of global warming hiatus and 50-year prediction of global mean surface temperatureMeng Wei, Fangli Qiao and Jia Dengyes
S1 (SB)10390Swati KatiyarPoster Change dynamics analysis of the shoreline using optical sensors in coastal stretch of Bay of Bengal, IndiaSwati Katiyar and Pavan Kumar ? Sept 25
S1 (SB)10348Yury ZuenkoPoster Change of the dense bottom water production on the northern Okhotsk Sea shelf and its transport to the intermediate layer of the North PacificYury Zuenko, Alexander Figurkin, Vladimir Matveev and Elena Ustinovayes
S1 (SB)10658Oleg BulatovPoster Climate change and the fishery in Russia–2030Oleg Bulatovnot clear confirmation
S1 (SB)10349Yury ZuenkoPoster Climatic changes of temperature, salinity and nutrients in the Amur Bay of the Japan SeaYury Zuenko and Vladimir Rachkov yes
S1 (SB)10629Yiping RenPoster Evaluating management strategies of limited data species based on hierarchical demographic approaches: An example using yellow croaker (Larimichthys polyactis) along north Pacific coast of ChinaYiping Ren1,2 Yan Jiao1,2, Ying Xue1, and Rong Wan1 Qiuyun Ma1yes
S1 (SB)10378Shin-ichi ItoPosterREP-3Geographic variation in Pacific herring growth in response to regime shifts in the North Pacific OceanShin-ichi Ito, Kenneth A. Rose, Bernard A. Megrey, Jake Schweigert, Douglas Hay, Francisco E. Werner, Maki Noguchi Aitayes
S1 (SB)10495Hui ZhangPoster Ichthyoplankton assemblage structure of spring in the Yangtze estuary revealed by biological and environmental visionsHui Zhang; Weiwei Xian and Shude Liuyes
S1 (SB)10826Zhiwei ZhangPoster Island economic vulnerability to natural disasters — The case of ChangdaoZhiwei zhang, Aiping Fengyes
S1 (SB)10563John A. BarthPosterREP-2Occurrence of demersal fishes in relation to near-bottom oxygen levels within the California Current large marine ecosystemAimee A. Keller, Lorenzo Ciannelli, W. Waldo Wakefield, Victor H. Simon, John A. Barth, and Stephen D. Pierceyes
S1 (SB)10490Yuan-yuan WangPoster Plankton distribution characteristics and its interactive relationship in southern waters of Miaodao ArchipelagoYuan-yuan WANG, Jie LI1and Hong-hua SHIyes
S1 (SB)10416Min ZhangPoster Seasonal variability of phytoplankton in the North Pacific and North Atlantic Ocean from spaceMin Zhang, Yuanling Zhang, Fangli Qiao, Jia Deng, Gang Wangyes
S1 (SB)10342Robert BlasiakPoster Socio-ecological linkages enhancing the resilience of Japan’s Urato IslandsAkane Minohara and Robert Blasiakyes
S1 (SB)10517Yang LiuPoster The impact of winter East Asia Monsoon and ice coverage variation on Japanese scallop aquaculture in Saroma Lake, JapanYang Liu, Sei-Ichi Saitoh, Kimihiko Maekawa, Shouyi Yuan and Toru Hirawakeyes
S1 (SB)10746Andrew R.S. RossPosterREP-1The International Group for Marine Ecological Time Series (IGMETS): Assessing global oceanic changes through joint time series analysisAndrew R.S. Ross, Nicholas Bates, Antonio Bode, James Cloern, Kirsten Isensee, Mike Lomas, Laura Lorenzoni, Anish Lotliker, Frank Muller-Karger, Todd O'Brien, Anthony Richardson, Luis Valdés and Peter Wiebeyes
S1 (SB)10717Aleksandr A. BosinWithdrawal Environmental changes in the western Bering Sea since the Last Glacial MaximumAleksandr A. Bosin, Min-Te Chen, Mariya S. Obrezkova, Sergey A. Gorbarenko, Xuefa Shi, Jianjun Zou, Yanguan Liu and Mikhail I. Malakhovno, cancel poster yes
S1 (SB)10538Changdong LiuWithdrawal Exploring nonstationary and scale-dependent relationships between aquatic species distribution and habitat variables using geographically weighted regressionChangdong Liu, Xiaofeng Guo, Yan Jiao and Kevin Reidyes yes
S1 (SB)10606Umesh K. PradhanWithdrawal Impact of typhoon on the changing particulate organic matter characteristics: Case study of Nandujiang along the tropical Hainan Island, ChinaU.K.Pradhan, Ying Wu, Xiaona Wang, Jing Zhang and Guosen Zhangno, cancel poster yes
S1 (SB)10371Jeffrey PolovinaWithdrawal The North Pacific Transition Zone: In transition to a more oligotrophic habitatJeffrey J. Polovina and Melanie Abecassisyes yes
S2 (BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10788Nicholas A. BondInvited Causes and effects of the recent warming in the Northeast Pacific OceanNicholas A. Bondyes
S2 (BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10705Emanuele Di LorenzoInvited Persistent record-high temperatures in the North Pacific in 2014/2015: A climate hypothesisEmanuele Di Lorenzo and Nathan Mantuayes
S2 (BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10407John C. FieldOral Anomalous patterns in California Current pelagic micronekton distribution and abundance in 2015John C. Field, Keith M. Sakuma, Baldo B. Marinovic, Cynthia N. Carrion and Nathan J. Mantuayes
S2 (BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10670R. Ian PerryOral Anomalous warming and its impacts in the NE Pacific from a Canadian perspectiveR. Ian Perry, Moira Galbraith, Peter Chandler, Howard Freeland, John Dower, Akash Sastri, Mark Hipfner, Jennifer Boldt, Marc Trudelyes
S2 (BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10691Fei Chai on behalf of Yi ChaoOral Anomalously warm conditions during 2013-2015 off the California CoastYi Chao, John Farrara and Fei Chaiyes, by Fei Chai
S2 (BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10667John A. BarthOral Arrival of 2014-2015 Warm Anomaly waters off OregonP. Michael Kosro, Craig Risien, John A. Barth, Alexander Kurapov, Joseph Needoba, R. Kipp Shearman, and P. Ted Strubyes
S2 (BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10571Sam McClatchieOral Ichthyoplankton and corrosive waters off southern CaliforniaSam McClatchie, Andrew R. Thompson and William Watsonyes
S2 (BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10649Akash R. SastriOral Observations of anomalously low crustacean zooplankton production rates along the west coast of Vancouver Island in the spring of 2015Akash R. Sastri, John F. Dower, Aidan Neill, Karyn D. Suchy, Moira Galbraith, Kelly V. Young, R. Ian Perryyes, P->O
S2 (BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10765Angelica PenaOral Phytoplankton responses to the anomalous warming in the NE PacificAngelica Peña, Nina Nemcek and Marie Robertyes
S2 (BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10751Anne B. HollowedOral Preliminary observations of the impact of the BLOB on the summer distribution of marine fish in the Gulf of AlaskaAnne B. Hollowed, Chris Wilson, Wayne Palssonyes
S2 (BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10406Sonia BattenOral The effects of the anomalous warming on lower trophic levels in the NE Pacific, from Continuous Plankton Recorder samplingSonia Battenyes
S2 (BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10801Anthony Koslow on behalf of William T. PetersonOral The effects of The Blob on the zooplankton and upper trophic levels of the Northern California Current off OregonWilliam T. Peterson, Jennifer Fisher, Jay Peterson and Tracy Shawno, by Tony Koslow
S2 (BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10706Eliana Gómez-OcampoOral Warm Blob effects on subtropical NE Pacific Ocean phytoplanktonEliana Gómez-Ocampo and Gilberto Gaxiola-Castro Departamento de Oceanografía Biológica, Centro de Investigación Científica y de Educación Superior de Ensenada, Ensenada, Baja California 22860, Mexico.
S3 (FIS)10574Shijie ZhouInvited Alternative fishing strategies and their consequencesShijie Zhouyes
S3 (FIS)10546Marie-Joëlle RochetInvited The Landing Obligation in the European Union Common Fisheries Policy: Can a regulation focused on resource utilization address broader management objectives such as limited environmental impacts, economic development, and food supply?Marie-Joëlle Rochet, Verena Trenkel, Laurence Fauconnetyes
S3 (FIS)10381Xianshi JinInvited The marine fisheries resource utilization, ecosystem impacts and fisheries management in ChinaXianshi Jin & Xiujuan Shanyes
S3 (FIS)10455Hee Joong KangOral Acceptable Biological Catch in the ecosystem-based TAC managementHee Joong Kang, Young Il Seo and Chang Ik Zhangyes
S3 (FIS)10511Gordon H. KruseOral An ecosystem-based fishery management approach toward sustainable groundfish resource utilization in the eastern Bering SeaGordon H. Kruseyes
S3 (FIS)10544Minkyoung BangOral Changes in ecological characteristics of walleye pollock Gadus chalcogrammus in accordance with the biomass fluctuationMinkyoung Bang, Sukyung Kang, Suam Kim and Myong Ho Shonyes
S3 (FIS)10651Juri HoriOral Effects of changes in marine ecosystem services on human well-being: International comparison of human well-being structureJuri Hori and Mitsutaku Makinoyes
S3 (FIS)10345Zuozhi ChenOral Exploitation and management of fisheries resources in northern South China SeaZuozhi Chen*, Yongsong Qiuyes
S3 (FIS)10851Richard LawOral Exploiting the natural productivity of aquatic ecosystemsRichard Law, Gustav W. Delius, Jeppe Kolding and Michael J. Plankyes
S3 (FIS)10460Hyun A KimOral Management of small yellow croaker, Larimichthys polyactis stock in Korean waters using a length-based production value-per-recruit analysisHyun A Kim, Young Il Seo and Chang Ik Zhangyes
S3 (FIS)10375Xinyu GuoOral Modeling interannual variations of Japanese common squid (Todarodes pacificus) resources around JapanXinyu Guo, Yucheng Wang, Taishi Kubota, Naoki Yoshieyes
S3 (FIS)10621Binduo XuOral Optimization of sampling design for a fishery-independent survey with multiple objectivesBinduo Xu, Yiping Ren, Yong Chen, Chongliang Zhang, Ying Xue and Rong Wanyes
S3 (FIS)10516Shengle YinOral Selection of suitable coastal aquaculture sites with environmental and socio-economic consideration: A case study in the Menai Strait, UKShengle Yin, Aigo Takeshige, Yoichi Miyake and Shingo Kimurayes
S3 (FIS)10453Vladimir V. KulikOral The effects of fishing on ecosystem structure of the Northeastern part of the Okhotsk SeaKonstantin M. Gorbatenko, Vladimir V. Kulik and Artem E. Lazshentsevyes
S3 (FIS)10519Saang-Yoon HyunPoster Assessment of Korean pollock population under data-limited situationSaang-Yoon Hyun and Kyuhan Kimyes, keep poster
S3 (FIS)10852Chongliang ZhangPoster Efficacy of fishery closure in rebuilding depleted stocks: Accounting for trophic interactionsChongliang Zhang, Yong Chen, Yiping Renyes
S3 (FIS)10741Tetsuichiro FunamotoPoster Fishery stock assessment and management system in JapanTetsuichiro Funamotoyes, poster only
S3 (FIS)10836Yunlong ChenPoster Redistribution of anchovy (Engraulis japonicus) wintering stock under climate change scenarios in the Yellow SeaYunlong Chen, Xiujuan Shan, Fangqun Dai and Xianshi Jinyes
S3 (FIS)10462Chan Sun YunWithdrawal An extended ecosystem-based fisheries assessment approach for assessing inshore ecosystemsChan Sun Yun, Hee Joong Kang, Jung Hyun Lim and Chang Ik Zhangno, cancel talk yes
S3 (FIS)10540Guanqiong YeWithdrawal An integrated assessment approach for natural fishery resource restoration – a case study of wild Yellow Croaker Pseudosciaena crocea (Riehardson) in Guanjingyang, Fujian, ChinaGuanqiong Ye, Panpan Ma, and Shengyun Yangno, defence, cancel talk yes
S3 (FIS)10648Km. NehaWithdrawal Appraisal of fisheries management options to mitigate climate change based on a simulation model of impacts in western Indian Ocean coral reefsKm. Neha, and Reena Singhdid not show for talk, yes, P->O yes
S3 (FIS)10798Gui lin DaiWithdrawal New normal: The structural analysis of modern fisheries economic development in ChinaGuiLin Dai,YiXiao,LiLi Zhaodid not show for a talk yes
S4 (MEQ)10591Tomohiko IsobeInvited Levels and temporal trends of legacy and emerging POPs in small cetacean species from JapanTomohiko Isobe, Yuko Tajima, Tadasu K. Yamada, Masao Amano, Takashi Matsuishi, Tatsuya Kunisue and Shinsuke Tanabeyes
S4 (MEQ)10809Hideshige TakadaInvited Microplastic: An emerging threat to marine environment and a new tool for POP monitoringHideshige Takada, Rei Yamashita, Yohei Okazaki, Bee Geok Yeo, Ryu Yoshida, Atsuko Kondo, Yu Saitoyes
S4 (MEQ)10779Hyo-Bang MoonInvited Monitoring of legacy and emerging contaminants in wildlife from KoreaYunsun Jeong, Hyun-Kyung Lee, Xiangzi Jin, Sunggyu Lee and Hyo-Bang Moonyes
S4 (MEQ)10510Vladimir ShulkinInvited Spatial variability of trace metal concentrations in different mussels from coastal areas of the northwestern Pacific OceanVladimir Shulkin, Victor Kavun yes
S4 (MEQ)10759Patrick O'HaraOral At-sea distributions reveal where Cassin’s Auklets are exposed to microplastics in the fall in British Columbia 2014Patrick D. O'Hara, Jocelyn Wood, Stephanie Avery-Gomm, Laurie Wilson, Ken H. Morgan, Peter S. Rossyes
S4 (MEQ)10694Olga N. LukyanovaOral Bioindicators of marine pollution in impacted areas of the Sea of OkhotskOlga N. Lukyanova, Elena V. Zhuravel, Denis N. Chulchekov, Olga V.Podgurskaya, Andrey A. Mazuryes
S4 (MEQ)10762Peter S. RossOral Emerging ocean pollution issues in the NE Pacific Ocean vary by matrix: Lessons from sediments, shellfish and marine mammalsPeter S. Ross, Carmen Morales and Marie Noelyes
S4 (MEQ)10408Yanbin LiOral Mercury speciation and major factors controlling the cycling of methylmercury in the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea, ChinaYanbin Li, Lufeng Chen, Yongguang Yinyes
S4 (MEQ)10366Iana BlinovskaiaOral Microplastic is the macroproblem of the world’s oceans, including the Russian Far EastIana Blinovskaiayes
S4 (MEQ)10733Vasiliy Yu. TsygankovOral Persistent organic pollutants in the food chain: Salmon, seabirds and marine mammals from the North-West Pacific (Russian Far East)Vasiliy Yu. Tsygankov, Margarita D. Boyarova, Peter A. Tyupeleev, Ilya А. Shcherbakov, Olga N. Lukyanova, Nadezhda K. Khristoforovayes
S4 (MEQ)10683John E. ElliottOral Spatial and temporal mercury trends in seabird eggs from Pacific Canada 1968-2012 are due to diet: Evidence from sulfur isotopesKyle H. Elliott, John E. Elliottyes
S4 (MEQ)10589Xiaoyan YiPoster Acute effects of emamectin benzoate on the calanoid copepod Pseudodiaptomus poplesiaXiaoyan Yi, Yunyun Zhuang, Hongju Chen,Yousong Huang, Feifei Yang, Huan Zhang and Guangxing Liuyes
S4 (MEQ)10678O. Lukyanova on behalf of Tatyana A. BelanPoster Assessment of marine environment quality of the coastal zone of Peter the Great Bay (the Sea of Japan/ East Sea)Tatyana A. Belan, Tatyana S. Lishavskaya, Alexander V. Sevastianov, Tatyana V. Chatkina, Boris M. Borisov no, by Olga Lyukyanova
S4 (MEQ)10853Oleg V. LosevPoster Estimation of seawater pollution in Uglovoy Bay (Peter the Great Bay, Japan/East Sea)Valery I. Petukhov, Oleg V. Losev, Evgeniya, by I. Blinovskaya
S4 (MEQ)10734Vasiliy Yu. TsygankovPoster Metal concentrations in pink and chum salmon (Kuril Islands, the North Western Pacific)Vasiliy Yu. Tsygankov, Nadezhda K. Khristoforova, Margarita D. Boyarova, Olga N. Lukyanovayes
S4 (MEQ)10663Qian Zhou on behalf of Cui ZhangPoster Phototransformation of oxytetracycline in saline waters under simulated sunlight irradiation: Kinetics, mechanism and productsCui Zhang, Xuefeng Hu and Yongming Luo no, by Qian Zhou
S4 (MEQ)10387Guangshui NaWithdrawal Fate of sul-ARGs in estuary environment and effect of anthropogenic activitiesGuangshui Na*, Zihao Lu, Hui Gao, Ruijing Li, Ziwei Yao and Chuanlin Huono, cancel talk yes
S4 (MEQ)10744Valentina SlobodskovaWithdrawal Genotoxicity of copper oxide nanoparticles in the mussel Mytilus trossulusValentina Slobodskova, Sergey Kukla, Viktor Chelominno, cancel talk yes
S5 (CLIVAR)10557Jianping GanInvited Extrinsic control on the China Seas circulation from the western Pacific OceanJianping Ganyes
S5 (CLIVAR)10567Tangdong QuInvited Sea surface salinity variability in the equatorial Pacific and ENSOTangdong Quyes
S5 (CLIVAR)10405Xiaopei LinInvited The Kuroshio decadal variability and its climate impactXiaopei Lin, Jiayan Yang, Ping Chang and Lixin Wuyes
S5 (CLIVAR)10834Shuangwen SunOralO-2? YESA triggering mechanism for the Indian Ocean Dipoles independent of ENSOShuangwen Sun, Jian Lan and Yue Fangyes, P->O
S5 (CLIVAR)10608Dandi QinOral Comparison between surface cyclonic and anticyclonic eddies along the Kuroshio in the northwestern Pacific OceanDandi Qin, Jianhong Wang, Changming Dong and Yu Liu yes
S5 (CLIVAR)10514Hyung-Gyu LimOral Impact of the chlorophyll bias on tropical mean states with bio-geophysical feedbackHyung-Gyu Lim, Jong-Seong Kug and Jong-Yeon Parkyes
S5 (CLIVAR)10702Raden Dwi SusantoOral Indonesian throughflow and its proxy from satellite altimeters and gravimetersRaden Dwi Susanto and Yuhe Tony Songyes
S5 (CLIVAR)10373Zexun WeiOral Pacific to Indian Ocean throughflow and its South China Sea branchZexun Wei, Guohong Fang, R. Dwi Susanto, Agus Setiawan, Shujiang Li and Tengfei Xuyes
S5 (CLIVAR)10747Chenghao YangOral The annual velocity along the Slope of Northern South China Sea (SNSCS) from mooring observationDongfeng XU1,2, Chenghao YANG1,2, Jun WANG1,2 , Mingquan XU1,2 , Hong CHEN1,2 and Yaochu YUAN1,2no, Chenghao Yang
S5 (CLIVAR)10463Yu ZhangOral The development of a new eddy-resolving global ocean forecasting system in NMEFCYu Zhang, Huier MO, Yinhao Qinyes
S5 (CLIVAR)10491Xin WangOral The responses of the Indian Ocean Dipole and South China Sea to El Niño ModokiXin Wang, Chunzai Wang and WeiTanyes
S5 (CLIVAR)10640Jianhong WangOral The structure analysis of typical western Pacific Ocean eddies forced by strong typhoonsJianhong Wang,Chunsheng Miao,Yuyang Deng,Meiqi Li and Liu Gang yes
S5 (CLIVAR)10595Zhan LianPosterO-3? - NOA comparison of wind stress datasets for the South China SeaZhan LIAN, Guohong FANG, Zexun WEI, Gang WANG, Baonan SUN, Yaohua ZHUyes, keep poster
S5 (CLIVAR)10825Wei CuiPoster A statistical analysis of mesoscale eddies in the northwest Pacific Ocean from 22 years of altimetry dataWei Cui,Jie Zhang and Jungang Yangyes
S5 (CLIVAR)10499Jiepeng ChenPoster Influences of Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean SST on the intensity of interannual variability in summer rainfall over southern ChinaJiepeng Chen, Zhiping Wen, Renguang Wu, Xin Wang, Chao He and Zesheng Chenyes
S5 (CLIVAR)10641Junchuan SunPoster Numerical study on the bottom branch of the Yellow Sea Warm CurrentJunchuan Sun,Zexun Wei,Dezhou Yang and Baoshu Yinyes
S5 (CLIVAR)10529Yonggang WangPosterOral-4?The vertical distributions of the volume transport through major exit passages of the Pacific to Indian Ocean ThroughflowYonggang Wang, Zexun Wei, Tengfei Xu and Liwei Wangyes, keep poster
S5 (CLIVAR)10428Xiaoshuang ZhangWithdrawal Climate modulation on sea surface height in China seasXiaoshuang Zhang, Xidong Wang, Yingzhi Cao, Lianxin Zhang, Caixia Shao, Chunjian Sun, Xinrong Wu, Hongli Fu and Lili Xuanno, cancel poster yes
S5 (CLIVAR)10426Rong-Hua ZhangWithdrawal ENSO modulations by Freshwater Forcing and Ocean Biology-induced Heating in the Tropical PacificRong-Hua Zhang, Chuan Gao, Xianbiao Kang, Hai Zhiyes? Cancel talk yes
S5 (CLIVAR)10622Reshma ShahWithdrawal Identification and analysis of storm impact on South Odisha Coast, IndiaReshma Shahno, cancel poster yes
S5 (CLIVAR)10444Bin XiaoWithdrawal Internal tides in the Pacific Ocean - A look into a high-resolution Wave-Tide-Circulation (WTC) coupled modelBin Xiao, Qi Shu and Fangli Qiaono, cancel talk yes
S5 (CLIVAR)10662Feng NanWithdrawalO-1? NoRapid freshening of the upper ocean in the South China Sea since the early 1990sFeng Nan, Fei Yu1, Huijie Xue, Lili Zeng,and Dongxiao Wangyes, cancel poster yes
S5 (CLIVAR)10688De-Zheng SunWithdrawal Response of El Niño events to higher CO2 forcing: Role of nonlinearityDe-Zheng Sun, Jiabing Shuai, and Shao Sunno, cancel talk yes
S5 (CLIVAR)10372Peng QIWithdrawal Seasonal to interannual variations of the Kuroshio’s near-surface circulation in the East China SeaPeng Qi and Lei Caono, cancel talk yes
S5 (CLIVAR)10745Susanna NurdjamanWithdrawal Seasonal variation of chlorophyll-a in Halmahera waters Susanna Nurdjaman and Elgodwistra Kartikoputrono, cancel poster yes
S5 (CLIVAR)10731Yan SunWithdrawal Weak ENSO asymmetry due to nonlinear air-sea interaction in CMIP5 climate modelsYan Sun, Fan Wang and De-Zheng Sundid not show up for talk yes
S6 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10848Richard BellerbyInvited Arctic Ocean acidification: Present understanding, management requirements and future research strategiesRichard Bellerby, Jeremy Mathis, Kumiko Azetsu-Scott, Lisa Miller, Sam Dupont, Howard Browmanyes
S6 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10775Kunshan GaoInvited Effects of ocean acidification on marine primary producersKunshan Gaoyes
S6 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10520Ja-Myung KimInvited Shifts in biogenic carbon flow from particulate to dissolved forms under high carbon dioxide and warm ocean conditionsJa-Myung Kim, Kitack Lee, Kyungsoon Shin, Eun Jin Yang, Anja Engel, David M. Karl and Hyun-Cheol Kimyes
S6 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10802Richard A. FeelyInvited The Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network (GOA-ON): Status and initial resultsRichard A. Feely1, and Elizabeth Jewett2yes
S6 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10399Naohiro KosugiOral Autumn depression in pCO2 in the Japan Sea and contribution of Changjiang diluted waterNaohiro Kosugi, Daisuke Sasano, Masao Ishii, Kazutaka Enyo and Shu Saitoyes
S6 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10401Michiyo Yamamoto-KawaiOral Calcium carbonate saturation and ocean acidification in Tokyo Bay, JapanMichiyo Yamamoto-Kawai, Natsuko Kawamura, Tsuneo Ono, Naohiro Kosugi, Atsushi Kubo, Masao Ishii, and Jota Kandayes
S6 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10437Wei-Jun CaiOral Carbon cycle and ocean acidification strongly modulated by sea-ice retreat in the Pacific sector of the Arctic Ocean over the past two decadesWei-Jun Cai, Baoshan Chen, Liqi Chen, Zhongyong Gao, Heng Sun, Di, Qi, and Jianfang Chenyes
S6 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10551Zhongyong GaoOral Comparison of carbon fluxes and ocean acidification between two gateways in the Arctic Ocean: TheChukchi Sea and the Nordic SeaZhongyong Gao, Liqi Chen, Heng Sun, Zhenglin Xiao, Di Qiyes
S6 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10631Julie E. KeisterOral Differential sensitivities of crustacean zooplankton to ocean acidificationJulie E. Keister, Anna K. McLaskey, Paul McElhany, M. Brady Olsonyes
S6 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10355Shintaro TakaoOral Diurnal variation of pH in Oshoro Bay, Hokkaido, Japan – A monitoring study assessing and projecting impacts of ocean acidification on a coastal ecosystemShintaro Takao and Masahiko Fujiiyes
S6 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10389Feng ZhouOral Hypoxia off the Yangtze River estuary: Observations and simulationsFeng Zhou, Fei Chai, Daji Huang, Huijie Xue, Jianfang Chen, Peng Xiu, Jiliang Xuan, Jia Li, Dingyong Zeng, Xiaobo Ni, Kui Wangyes
S6 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10558Liang XueOral Is ocean acidification disturbed by climate?Liang Xue, Meng Wei, Libao Gao, Yongliang Duan and Weidong Yuyes
S6 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10503Liqi ChenOral Ocean Acidification Observation Network for the Arctic and sub-Arctic Pacific OceansLiqi Chenyes
S6 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10382Di QiOral Recent accelerated intrusion of Pacific aragonite corrosive “acidified” water into the Arctic OceanDi Qi, Liqi Chen*, Weijun Cai*yes
S6 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10467Bofeng liOral Spatiotemporal distributions of carbon species in the North Pacific subpolar region by using the parameterization techniqueBofeng Li and Yutaka W. Watanabeyes
S6 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10549Tsuneo OnoOral Spatio-temporal variation of pCO2 in shore-reef waters off Arasaki district, Sagami Bay, JapanTsuneo Ono, Ryo Kimura, Toshihiro Onitsuka, Hideki Takami and Daisuke Muraokayes
S6 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10792Ian S.F. JonesOraloral?The expected impact of ocean nourishment on ocean acidityIan S F Jonesyes
S6 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10675Fei Chai on behalf of Peng XiuOral Variability of oceanic carbon cycling and its relation to the ocean acidification in the North Pacific OceanPeng Xiu, Fei Chaino, by Fei Chai
S6 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10536Juying WangOral Variation of sea surface pCO2 and controlling processes in cold seasons in the northern Yellow Sea, ChinaJuying Wang, Huade Zhao, Xuemei Xu, Kunpeng Zang and Nan Zhengyes
S6 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10417Yanmin WangPoster Advances in ocean acidification of a vulnerable carbon pool in the Southern OceanYanmin Wang and Liqi Chenyes
S6 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10785Alex KozyrPoster CDIAC data management and archival support for a high-frequency atmospheric and seawater pCO2 data set from 14 open ocean mooringsAdrienne J. Sutton1,2, Christopher L. Sabine2, and Alex Kozyr3yes if gets approval
S6 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10590Weimin WangPoster Effects of CO2-driven ocean acidification on the early development of scallop Argopecten irradias (Lamarck, 1819)Weimin Wang, Guangxing Liu, Tianwen Zhang, Hongju Chen, Liao Tang and Xuewei Maoyes
S6 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10377Yumei ZhaoPoster Ocean acidification observation system at Bohai Gulf based on ocean acidification characteristic parametersYumei Zhao, Qiufeng Zhang, Bing Hanyes
S6 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10489Jiexia ZhangPoster Surface undersaturation and subsurface maxima of nitrous oxide in the Chukchi Sea Shelf and Chukchi Abyssal PlainJiexia Zhang, Liyang Zhan, Liqi Chen, Yuhong Li, Jianfang Chen?yes, looking for fin sup
S6 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10369Miming ZhangPoster The surface seawater DMS distributions, sea-air fluxes and its influence to sulfur aerosols in the North Pacific OceanMiming Zhang, Liqi Chen*yes
S6 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10545Naohiro Kosugi on behalf of Masao IshiiPoster Trend of ocean acidification in the tropical and subtropical zones of the western North Pacific along 137˚EMasao Ishii, Naohiro Kosugi, Daisuke Sasano, Takashi Midorikawa, Kazutaka Enyo, Toshiya Nakano and Hisayuki Y. Inoueyes
S6 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10403Kannan GunasekaranWithdrawal Impact of Ocean acidification on morphological variation in captive condition of the benthic foraminifera Ammonia beccariiKannan Gunasekaran, Deivasigamani Selvam and Ayyappan Saravanakumardid not show for talk, yes? Sept 25 yes
S6 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10738Jianfang ChenWithdrawal Monitoring of eutrophication and ocean acidification off the Changjiang EstuaryJianfang Chen, Xiaobo Ni, Kui Wang, Dewang Li, Haiyan Jin and Daji Huangno, cancel poster yes
S6 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10525Suqing XuWithdrawal Seasonal variation of distribution of air-sea CO2 flux in the Taiwan Strait and its controlling mechanismSuqing Xu, Liqi Chendid not show for poster, yes yes
S6 (POC/BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)10822Chengxuan LiWithdrawal Spatial distributions of dimethylsulfide (DMS) and dimethylsulfoniopropionate (DMSP) and influencing factors in the Norwegian and Greenland seas during summerChengxuan Li, Baodong Wang, Guipeng Yangdid not show for poster yes
S7 (POC/BIO/TCODE)10859Yongqiang YuInvited Impacts of external forcing on the decadal climate variability in CMIP5 simulationsYongqiang Yu and Yi Songyes
S7 (POC/BIO/TCODE)10843Jacquelynne KingInvited Report from Brazil: Effects of climate change on the world’s oceansJacquelynne Kingyes
S7 (POC/BIO/TCODE)10837Shoshiro MinobeInvited SST habitat and food change projections for Pacific salmon (Oncorhynchus spp.) in the North Pacific and adjacent seas based on CMIP5 climate modelsShoshiro Minobe, Hiromichi Ueno, James R. Irvine, Alexander V. Zavolokin, Katherine W. Myers, Mio Terada, Mitsuho Oe and Skip McKinnellyes
S7 (POC/BIO/TCODE)10699Lei ZhouOral A genesis potential index for tropical cyclone using oceanic parametersMin Zhang, Lei Zhou, Dake Chenyes
S7 (POC/BIO/TCODE)10652Dongxiao WangOral Anomalous tropical cyclone activity in the northwestern Pacific in 2014Lei Yang, Dongxiao Wang, Xin Wang, Ke Huang 
S7 (POC/BIO/TCODE)10787Sukgeun JungOral Climate-change driven range shifts of chub mackerel (Scomber japonicus) projected by bio-physical coupling individual based model in the western North PacificSukgeun Jung, Ig-Chan Pang, Joon-ho Lee, Lee kyunghwan, Hwa Hyun Lee, Kyung-Su Kim and Suam Kimyes
S7 (POC/BIO/TCODE)10497Dmitry V. StepanovOral Effects of atmospheric forcing on circulation variability in the northern Japan/East Sea in 1948 to 2010Dmitry V. Stepanov, Victoriia I. Stepanova and Anatoly V. Gusevyes
S7 (POC/BIO/TCODE)10582Lei WangOral Evaluation on air-sea CO2 fluxes in the equatorial Pacific simulated by CMIP5 modelsLei Wang, Yong Luo and Jianbin Huangyes
S7 (POC/BIO/TCODE)10674Fei ChaiOral Future changes of nutrient dynamics and biological productivity in California Current SystemFei Chai, Peng Xiu, and Enrique N. Curchitseryes
S7 (POC/BIO/TCODE)10719Hyoun-Woo KangOral Near future lower-trophic ecosystem projection in the seas around KoreaHyoun-Woo Kang, Hanna Kim, Jae Kwi So, Momme Buttenschon, Icarus Allen and Ok Hee Seoyes
S7 (POC/BIO/TCODE)10592Hiroomi MiyamotoOral Potential effect of climate change for copepods distribution in western North Pacific OceanHiroomi Miyamoto, Kazuaki Tadokoro, Takeshi Okunishi, Hiroya Sugisaki, Kiyotaka Hidaka, Yuichi Hirota, Tsuneo Ono, Kou Nishiuchi, Satoshi Kitajima, Takahiko Kameda, Haruyuki Morimoto, Tadafumi Ichikawayes
S7 (POC/BIO/TCODE)10750Anne B. HollowedOral S-CCME’s international coordinated research program to project climate change impacts on fish and fisheries by 2019Anne B. Hollowed, Kristin Holsman, Shin-ichi Ito, Myron Peck, John Pinnegar, and Cisco Werneryes
S7 (POC/BIO/TCODE)10486Yong Sun KimOral Seasonal characteristics of the long-term sea surface temperature variability in the Yellow and East China SeasYong Sun Kim, Chan Joo Jang, Jin Yong Jeong and Yongchim Minyes
S7 (POC/BIO/TCODE)10585Ho-Jeong ShinOral The CMIP5 ocean heat storage and temperatureHo-Jeong Shin, Chan Joo Jangyes
S7 (POC/BIO/TCODE)10690Zenghong LiuOral The latest progress on global Argo observationsJianping Xu, Zenghong Liuyes
S7 (POC/BIO/TCODE)10828Lyubov VasilevskayaPoster Change of beginning and duration of the first stage of Far-Eastern summer monsoon on the southern coast of PrimoryeLyubov Vasilevskaya, Tatyana Shatilina and Denis Vasilevskiy 1FEFU, Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, Russia. E-mail: 2Tinro-Center, Vladivostok, Russia. yes
S7 (POC/BIO/TCODE)10584Hee Seok JungPoster Development of a regional climate coupled model for the seas around KoreaChan Joo Jang, ho Jeong Shinyes
S7 (POC/BIO/TCODE)10454Jingli MuPoster Effects of CO2-driven ocean acidification (OA) on early life stages of marine medaka (Oryzias melastigma)Jingli Mu, Fei Jin, Juying Wang, Nan Zheng and Yi Cong 
S7 (POC/BIO/TCODE)10508Dmitry V. StepanovPoster Features of the circulation structure in the Okhotsk Sea based on high-resolution numerical simulation in 1979 to 2000Dmitry V. Stepanov, Vladimir V. Fomin and Nikolay A. Dianskyyes
S7 (POC/BIO/TCODE)10772Yajuan SongPosterREP-3The effects of runoff forcing on the summer monsoon onset in a climate modelYajuan Song, Fangli Qiao and Zhenya Song 
S7 (POC/BIO/TCODE)10821Jia DengWithdrawal A study of nonlinear structure for Dansgaard-Oeschger time series Jia Dengno, cancel poster yes
S7 (POC/BIO/TCODE)10830Zhi LiWithdrawal Modulation of interannual variability of tropical cyclone activity over Southeast Indian Ocean by negative IOD phaseZhi Li, Weidong Yuyes yes
S7 (POC/BIO/TCODE)10832Kuiping LiWithdrawal Monsoon onset in the Bay of Bengal associated with the first northward-propagating intra-seasonal oscillationKuiping Li and Weidong Yuno, cancel poster yes
S7 (POC/BIO/TCODE)10714Anatolii S. АstakhovWithdrawal Reconstruction offshore climate, water redox conditions and nature hazards of western Japan Sea for last millenniums using shelf sediment geochemical records.Kirill I. Аksentov, Anatolii S. Аstakhov, Andrey V. Darin and Ivan A. Kalugin no, cancel talk yes
S7 (POC/BIO/TCODE)10819Yan LiWithdrawal The detecting and adjusting of the sea surface temperature data homogeneity over coastal zone of Circum Bohai SeaLi Yan, Mu Lin, Wang Guosong, Fan Wenjing, Liu Kexiu, Song Jun, Li Huan yes yes
S7 (POC/BIO/TCODE)10831Baochao LiuWithdrawalREP-3The impact of local SST and tropical ISO on the monsoon onset over BOB in CMIP5 coupled modelsBaochao Liu and Weidong Yuyes yes
S7 (POC/BIO/TCODE)10816Lin LiuWithdrawalREP-1The Wyrtki jet simulated in CMIP5 modelsLin Liu, Baochao Liu, Guoqing Hanno, cancel poster yes
S7 (POC/BIO/TCODE)10552Guoping ZhuWithdrawal Variation and it periodicity of sea surface temperature in the eastern Yellow Sea in the recent 30 yearsGuoping Zhu, Gang Li, Xiaoming Yang, Xinjun Chen and Qi Songno, cancel poster yes
S8 (FIS)10778Daniel K. LewInvited Economic values of protected marine species in the U.S.: Empirical studies and conceptual challenges for ecosystem-based managementDaniel K. Lewyes
S8 (FIS)10418Chengcheng ShenOral Assessment and regulation of ocean health based on ecosystem services: Case study in the Laizhou Bay, ChinaChengcheng Shen, Wei Zheng, Honghua Shi and Dewen Dingyes
S8 (FIS)10799Linhua HaoOral Assessment of ecological damage and compensation from marine engineering construction projects in ShandongLinhua Hao, Shang Chen, Tao Xia, Zhiquan Caoyes (P->O)
S8 (FIS)10774Luo-ping ZhangOral Evaluation of marine ecosystem intrinsic valueLuo-ping Zhang, Hong-ni Xu, Hua-xia Sheng and Wei-qi Chenyes (P->O)
S8 (FIS)10521Aoi SugimotoOral Fish as “Bridge” that connects migrant fishermen and local community: Proposing a new value of marine resources from socio-cultural aspectsAoi Sugimoto, Nobuyuki Yagi, and Hisashi Kurokurayes
S8 (FIS)10601Emmanuel A. SwekeOral Job satisfaction: Perspectives from fishers in northeastern Hokkaido, JapanEmmanuel A. Sweke, Yumi Kobayashi, Mitsutaku Makino and Yasunori Sakuraiyes
S8 (FIS)10359Stephen KasperskiOral Using socio-economic and fisheries involvement indices to understand Alaska Fishing Community well-beingStephen Kasperski and Amber Himes-Cornellyes
S8 (FIS)10773Shang ChenOral Valuing ecosystem diversity maintenance services of the Shandong marine protected areas: An application of the contingent valuation methodYi Xiao, Shang Chen, Zhiquan Cao, Tao Xia and Linhua Haoyes (P->O)
S8 (FIS)10496Liang LiuPoster Evaluation of the Marine Ecosystem services of the Liaodong Gulf, Bohai Gulf and Laizhou Gulf, ChinaLIU Liang, WU Shan-shan, WANG Shuangyes
S8 (FIS)10531Wei XuPoster Sea use intensity assessment and practice in China—A new methodology for ocean managementWei Xu, Han Wang, JingYi Zhang ang Qi Yueyes (O->P)
S8 (FIS)10676Ohidul AlamWithdrawal A review of marine ecosystem services and economic resources of the Bay of BengalOhidul Alam, Tianlin Deng and Pinjing Heno, cancel talk yes
S8 (FIS)10625Pavan KumarWithdrawal Assessment and monitoring of natural marine ecosystems: An economic perspective towards climateRani Meenu and Pavan Kumartalk was not delivered no, by co-author yes
S8 (FIS)10668Ke-liang ChenWithdrawal Marine ecosystem services value accounting and driving forces: A case study of Xiamen BayKe-liang Chen, Stuart Pearson, and Xiao-hua Wangyes, cancel poster yes
S8 (FIS)10392Amit BalyanWithdrawal Resilience of coral reefs to the climate change and anthropogenic disturbances in the Gulf of MannarAmit Balyan and Vandana Tomarno, cancel poster yes
S8 (FIS)10784Sebastian VillasanteWithdrawal Social transformations of marine ecosystem services: A new conceptual framework for integrated assessmentsSebastian Villasanteno, cancel Invited yes
S9 (FIS)10341Robert BlasiakInvited Balloon effects in global fisheries: Shifting paradigmsRobert Blasiak and Nobuyuki Yagiyes
S9 (FIS)10776Tokunaga, KanaeInvited Cooperative management of trans-boundary fish stocksTokunaga, Kanaeyes
S9 (FIS)10338Mikhail A. StepanenkoOral Interannual variability of Bering Sea pollock seasonal migrations and the impact of ecosystem changesMikhail A. Stepanenko, Elena V. Gritsayyes
S9 (FIS)10833Tatiana Semenova or E. KurilovaOral Management of transboundary stocks of walleye pollock in the Russian FederationEkaterina Kurilova and Tatiana Semenovayes
S9 (FIS)10465Minling Pan Oral Spillover effects of marine environmental regulation for sea turtle protectionHingLing Chan and Minling Pan yes
S9 (FIS)10443Yu Heng LuOral The role of fishery cooperative associations on fishery management and the conservation of fishery resources: A case study of Sakuraebi (Sergia lucens) in Taiwan and JapanYu Heng Lu and Nobuyuki Yagi yes
S9 (FIS)10424Catarina WorOral The use of a Lagrangian movement model and management strategy evaluation to assess management performance for transboundary stocksCatarina Wor, Carl Walters, Steve Martell and Murdoch McAllisteryes
S10 (SB)10710Takasi KamiyamaInvited Changes in occurrence of paralytic shellfish poisoning and the effects on bivalve aquaculture in Tohoku region of Japan after the Great East Japan EarthquakeTakasi Kamiyamayes
S10 (SB)10548Lorraine C. BackerInvited Human dimensions of harmful algal blooms (HABs): Contributing to ecosystem-based managementLorraine C. Backeryes
S10 (SB)10720Polina A. KamenevaOral Diarrheic shellfish poisoning in socio-economic perspective in Prymorsky region, RussiaPolina A. Kameneva, Tatiana Yu. Orlova1.yes
S10 (SB)10679Jinhui WangOral Do the aquaclture and ballast discharge influence the scope of Harmful Algal BloomJinhui Wang,Zhuyou Ma,Yun Li and Hongying Qian yes
S10 (SB)10814Baodong WangOral Does reduced sediment load contribute to increased outbreaks of harmful algal blooms off the Changjiang Estuary?Baodong Wang, Ming Xinyes
S10 (SB)10656Svetlana Esenkulova Oral Monitoring of harmful algal blooms in the Strait of Georgia by a Citizen Science program, Canada 2015Svetlana Esenkulova and Isobel Pearsallyes
S10 (SB)10522Aoi SugimotoOral Suggestions for reducing environmental, social and economic impacts by mariculture on coastal communities based on a case study in Anda-Bolinao, northwestern PhilippinesAoi Sugimoto, Maria Lourdes San Diego-McGlone, Francisco Paciencia, Shielameh P. Milan, Elizabeth T. Tomas, Carolina C. Ramirez, Annabelle Echavez, Jessem Gabatin, Miguel D. Fortes, and Kazuo Nadaoka yes
S10 (SB)10862Vera L. TrainerOral The impacts of a massive harmful algal bloom along the US west coast in 2015Vera L. Trainer, Ryan McCabe, Barbara Hickey and Raphael Kudelayes
S10 (SB)10618ZhengXi ZhouOralREP-1Untangling the relationship between harmful algal blooms and environmental factors in the coastal waters adjacent to the Changjiang River estuaryZhengXi Zhou, RenCheng Yu, YunFeng Wang, FanZhou Kong, QingChun Zhang, Tian Yan and Mingjiang Zhouyes, P->O
S10 (SB)10554Yang LinPoster Advances in marine algae hemolysin moleculesYang Lin, Liu Lei, Liu Li, Zhao Rui, Wei Ning, Liu Ren-Yan, Liang Yu-bo 
S10 (SB)10539Ren-Cheng YuPoster Application of qPCR methods in detection of PST-producing Alexandrium species in the Yellow Sea and East China SeaRen-Cheng Yu, Yan Gao, Qing-Chun Zhang, Fan-Zhou Kong and Ming-Jiang Zhouyes
S10 (SB)10681Jing YangPoster Numerical study on the prediction of the Harmful Algae Blooms in the East China SeaYang Jing, Li hai, Liu Qinzhenno, by J. Zheng
S10 (SB)10693Dan WangPosteroral?Prediction, prevention and mitigation of harmful algal blooms in the China SeaDan WANGno, by J. Zheng
S10 (SB)10628Kumari SwatiWithdrawal Scientific assessment of marine harmful algal blooms and its impact on climatekUMARI sWATIno, cancel poster yes
S10 (SB)10794Chunjiang GuanWithdrawal Study on the changes of phytoplankton composition and climate in Qingduizi Bay Chinese northern Yellow SeaChunjiang Guan, Yanlong Chen, Xiaoxu Liu and Dongdong Zhangdid not show for poster, yes yes
S10 (SB)10425Renyan LiuWithdrawal Toxic Protoceratium reticulatum and yessotoxins from the Chinese Yellow SeaRenyan Liu; Yubo Liang; Lei Liu; Ning Weidid not show for poster, yes yes
BIO-Paper10605Andrew TritesOral Archeological data indicate that northern fur seals are likely to once again become a dominate predator in the California Current SystemAndrew W. Trites and Frances C. Robertsonyes
BIO-Paper10586Hwa Hyun LeeOral Buoyancy and vertical distribution of Pacific mackerel eggs and larvae and its climate change implication for the temporal variability of recruitmentHwa Hyun Lee, Sukyung Kang, Kyungmi Jung, Suam Kim, and Sukgeun Jungyes
BIO-Paper10575Kenji KonishiOral Decadal scale change in the feeding habits of sei whales in the western North Pacific off JapanKenji Konishi, Tatsuya Isoda and Tsutomu Tamurayes
BIO-Paper10344Mitsuhide SatoOral Distribution of mixotrophic phytoplankton along the latitudinal transect of the central North PacificMitsuhide Sato, Takuhei Shiozaki and Fuminori Hashihamayes
BIO-Paper10615Yongjiu XuOral Interannual variation of summer zooplankton size structure and its relation to physical and biological processes in the Yellow Sea and East China SeaYongjiu Xu, Joji Ishizaka, Meixun Zhao, Jing Zhangyes
BIO-Paper10812Elliott L. HazenOral Scales of inference: The influence of spatial and temporal resolution on habitat-based models for marine predatorsKylie L. Scales, Elliott L. Hazen, Michael G. Jacox, Christopher A. Edwards, Andre M. Boustany, Matthew J. Oliver, Steven J. Bogradyes
BIO-Paper10753C. Tracy ShawOral The euphausiids Euphausia pacifica and Thysanoessa spinifera in the coastal upwelling zone off the Oregon Coast, USAC. Tracy Shaw and William T. Petersonyes
BIO-Paper10614Yunyun ZhuangOral Using 454 pyrosequencing to analyze the in situ diet of the marine copepod Calanus sinicusYunyun Zhuang, Huan Zhang, Yousong Huang, Guangxing Liu and Senjie Linyes
BIO-Paper10376Samuel R. LaneyOral Using imaging flow cytometry to examine phytoplankton assemblage structure in the Bering SeaSamuel R. Laney and Lisa Eisneryes
BIO-Paper10448HuiTae JooPoster Carbon and nitrogen uptake rates of phytoplankton in the East Sea (Japan Sea) in 2012HuiTae Joo, Jung-Woo Park, JangHan Lee, Sang Heon Leeyes
BIO-Paper10466Chiyuki SassaPosterREP-4Comparative reproductive biology of three dominant myctophids of the genus Diaphus on the slope region of the East China SeaChiyuki Sassa, Hiroshige Tanaka and Seiji Ohshimoyes
BIO-Paper10515Ye Won KimPoster Comparison of macromolecular compositions of different size phytoplankton in Gwangyang Bay, KoreaYe Won Kim, So hyun Ahn, Janghan Lee, Sang Heon Leeyes
BIO-Paper10439Howon LeePoster Contribution of bacterial communities to total primary production in the Northwestern Pacific OceanHowon Lee, Jae Hoon Noh, and Sang Heon Leeyes
BIO-Paper10807Franz MueterPoster Delineating a physical and biological break point in the Gulf of AlaskaJason Waite, Franz Mueter and Brendan Coffinyes
BIO-Paper10413Soeon AhnPoster Diet of long-beaked common dolphin (Delphinus capensis) in the East Sea (Japan Sea), KoreaSoeon Ahn, Hyun Woo Kim, Suam Kim, Young Ran Lee, Kyum Joon Park, Doo Nam Kim and Doo Hae Anyes
BIO-Paper10340Anders KnudbyPoster Distribution modeling for species and species assemblages, an exploration of spatial patterns with gradient forestAndrew McMillan, Anders Knudbyyes
BIO-Paper10421Feiyan DuPoster Ecological characteristics of zooplankton in the northern waters of Nan’ao IslandWang Lianggen, Du Feiyan, Chen Pimaoyes
BIO-Paper10797Qinsheng WeiPoster Ecological responses to the offshore detached Changjiang diluted water in summerQinsheng Wei, ZhigangYu, Xuelei Zhang, Hui Wu, Baodong Wangyes
BIO-Paper10813Leslie BrownPoster Examination of water quality of an oligotrophic salmon lake in British Columbia, Canada using MERIS satellite imageryGary Borstad, Eduardo Loos, Leslie Brown, Kaan Ersahin, Daniel Selbie, James Irvine and Maycira Costayes
BIO-Paper10783Qinsheng WeiPoster Hypoxia off the Changjiang River estuary and its relationships with plume front and upwelling in summerQinsheng Weiyes
BIO-Paper10756C. Tracy ShawPoster Hypoxia tolerance in oxygen minimum zone euphausiidsBrad A. Seibel, Jillian Schneider; Stein Kaartvedt, Karen Wishner, Kendra Daly, C. Tracy Shawyes
BIO-Paper10612Nam-Il WonPoster Marine microbiological communities in Korean coastal waters examined by NGS analysisNam-Il Won, Ki-Hwan Kim, Youngsung Kim, Ji Eun Jang, Jae Hwan Kim, Sang Rul Park and Hyuk Je Leeyes
BIO-Paper10735Sachihiko ItohPoster Mixed layer depth and chlorophyll a: Profiling float observations in the Kuroshio-Oyashio Extension regionSachihiko Itoh, Ichiro Yasuda, Hiroaki Saito, Atsushi Tsuda and Kosei Komatsuyes
BIO-Paper10555Daisuke HasegawaPoster Oyashio spring bloom observed by an underwater gliderDaisuke Hasegawa, Takeshi Okunishi, Yugo Shimizu, Shigeho Kakehi, Taku Wagawa, Sousuke Ohno, Hiroshi Kuroda, Akira Kuwata, Hiromi Kasai, Tsuneo Ono, Yuji Okazaki, Kazuaki Tadokoro, and Akira Kusakayes
BIO-Paper10414Haifeng ZhangPoster Paleoceanographic changes since 50 ka B.P. inferred from radiolarian assemblages in Gulf of Alaska, subarctic North PacificHaifeng Zhang, Rujian Wang, Wenshen Xiao and Wenbao Liyes
BIO-Paper10657Naoki YoshiePosterREP-3Phytoplankton change in the Kuroshio region of the East China Sea associated with the Kuroshio frontal eddyNaoki Yoshie, Narihiro Sato, Miwa Nakagawa, Eisuke Tsutsumi, Yoshikazu Sasai, Xinyu Guoyes
BIO-Paper10393Rubao JiPosterREP-1Phytoplankton phenology in the Bering Sea: Variability and driversRubao Ji, Zhixuan Feng, Jinlun Zhang and Carin Ashjianyes
BIO-Paper10434Yan LiuPoster Polyamines response to nutrient limitation stress and their physiological roles in Skeletonema CostatumYan Liu, WeiH Zhao, Hui Miaoyes
BIO-Paper10450Na-eun JoPoster Relationship between phytoplankton macromolecular compositions and zooplankton proximate compositions in the Southwestern Japan/East SeaNa-eun Jo, Jae Joong Kang, Ho Won Lee, So Hyun An and Sang Heon Leeyes
BIO-Paper10468Seung Ho BaekPoster Responses of microbial communities to dosing with the algicide thiazolidinedione derivative TD49 in a mesocosm experimentSeung Ho Baek, Moonho Son, Kyoungsoon Shin, Hoon Cho, Si Wouk Kim and Young Ok Kimyes
BIO-Paper10550Takafumi YamaguchiPoster Seasonal changes in prosome length and egg reproduction of planktonic copepod Calanus sinicus in Sagami Bay, JapanTakafumi Yamaguchi, Tomohiko Kikuchi, Tatsuki Toda and Shinji Shimodeyes
BIO-Paper10696Kazuaki TadokoroPosterREP-2Seasonal variation of mesozooplankton community in the Oyashio and Kuroshio-Oyashio Transition waters, western North PacificKazuaki Tadokoro,Yuji Okazaki, and Hiromi Kasaiyes
BIO-Paper10449Sang Heon LeePoster Spatial and temporal patterns of primary production in the Japan/East SeaSang Heon Lee, HuiTae Joo, SeungHyun Son, Jung-Woo Park, JungHyun Kwak, Jae-Hoon Noh, Jin-Yong Jeong, and Chang-Keun Kangyes
BIO-Paper10365Yu XinPoster Spatial distribution of δ15N of chlorophyll-a in surface sediment of the northern Benguela Upwelling SystemYu Xin, Kirstin Dähnke and Kay-Christian Emeis1yes
BIO-Paper10542Qian XuPoster Spatial variations of phytoplankton communities in July of 2011 and 2013 in the East China Sea derived by photosynthetic pigmentsQian Xu, Chiho Sukigara, Joji Ishizaka, Watanabe Yuji, Takeshi Matsuno and Sinjae Yooyes
BIO-Paper10672Kedong YinPoster The influence of decadal typhoon events on chlorophyll and carbon fixation in the East China SeaDongxing Chen, Kedong Yin, Lei He, Jianzhang Heyes
BIO-Paper10518Pan JunPoster The use of the LOPC to measure horizontal and vertical zooplankton size and abundance of 35°N section in summerPan Jun,Cheng Fangping and Yu Feiyes
BIO-Paper10535Shinji ShimodePoster Three-year variability of Eucalanus californicus population in Sagami Bay, Japan: Relationships between population density and duration of surface occurrenceShinji Shimode, Masumi Inui, Tomohiko Kikuchi and Tatsuki Todayes
BIO-Paper10613Nam-Il WonPoster Trophic linkages among biological communities in Korean coastal waters examined by stable isotope analysesNam-Il Won, Jun-Sop Kim, Hyeon Seok Kim and Youngsung Kimyes
BIO-Paper10829Zhichuang LuWithdrawal Analysis of finless porpoise diet using prey morphological characters and DNA barcodingZhichuang Lu, Shengyong Xu, Jiabo Han and Tianxiang Gaoyes yes
BIO-Paper10420Yi WangWithdrawal Bootstrapped based ANN for forecasting seawater chlorophyll-a around northwest Pacific RimYi Wang, Yanbo Gao, Changlei Ma, Lianming Qino, cancel poster yes
BIO-Paper10671Pawan K. ChaudharyWithdrawal Chlorophylls and phycoerythrins as markers of ecological forcing on phytoplankton in New Caledonia and oceanic adjacent areaP. K. Chaudhary, R. P. Rajeshwer, and N.P. Sah did not show for poster, ? Fin sup yes
BIO-Paper10410Ji-Dong GuWithdrawal Distribution pattern of anammox bacteria along an anthropogenic nitrogen-input gradient from the Pearl River delta to the South China SeaPing Han, and Ji-Dong Guno, cancel poster yes
BIO-Paper10780Seung Won JungWithdrawal Effects of temperature and nutrients on changes in genetic diversity of bacterioplankton communities as revealed by 454 pyrosequencing in a semi-closed bay, South KoreaSeung Won Jung, Hyun-Jung Kim, Dhong-Il Lim and Taek-Kyun Leeyes yes
BIO-Paper10336Hyeong-Gi KimWithdrawal Geographical patterning nematode assemblages in Corallina officinalis in the English Channel and in South KoreaHyong-Gi Kim, Lawrence E. Hawkins, Jasmin A. Godbold, Chul-Woong OH, Hyun Soo Rho, Katrin A Bohn, Moira A Maclean and Stephen J Hawkinsno, cancel poster yes
BIO-Paper10790Taek-Kyun LeeWithdrawal Identification of microalgae in South Sea of Korea by species-specific PCRTaek-Kyun Lee,Mirye Park,Jinik Hwang,Gunsup Lee,Seungwon Jung,Juyun Lee,Man Chang,Sang-Seob Leeno, cancel poster yes
BIO-Paper10451Jihong ZhangWithdrawal Long term change of chlorophyll-a concentration in Sanggou Bay, ChinaJihong Zhang, Jianguang Fangyes yes
BIO-Paper10653Jingwen LiuWithdrawal Marine virus mediated sphingolipid metabolic regulation and the apoptosis-inducing in marine Emilianian huxleyiJingwen Liu, Xuhong Liu, Yiqin Cai, Xueting Wangno, cancel poster yes
BIO-Paper10781Seung Won JungWithdrawal Microphytoplankton community structure of a Cochlodinium polykrikoides bloom in the Tongyeong coastal waters of South Korea using morphological and 454 pyrosequencing methodsHyun-Jung Kim, Seung Won Jung , Sung-Suk Suh and Taek-Kyun Leeyes yes
BIO-Paper10412Ming WangWithdrawal Nutrient enrichment outweighs effects of light qualities in Zostera marina (eelgrass) seed germinationMing Wang, Xuexi Tang, Xin Guo and Bin Zhouno, cancel poster yes
BIO-Paper10397Pinmei WangWithdrawal Study of Secondary Metabolites Biosynthetic Gene Clusters from Marine Aspergillus sp. Strain by Heterologous Expression MethodPinmei Wang, Xue Li, Daoqiong Zheng, Jinzhong Xuno, cancel poster yes
BIO-Paper10502Jun LiWithdrawal The application of products from Geostationary Ocean Color Imager (GOCI) in China SeaJun Li,Jianhua Zhu,Bin Han,Anan Yang and Fei Gaono, cancel poster yes
BIO-Paper10805Jessie A. Moravek Withdrawal The influence of salmon recolonization on riparian communities in the Cedar River, Washington, USAJessie A. Moravek, Hannah Clipp, and Peter Kiffneyno, cancel poster yes
BIO-Paper10804Hannah L. ClippWithdrawal The Response of Avian Predators to Salmon Recolonization in the Cedar River, Washington, USAHannah L. Clipp, Jessie A. Moravek, Thomas P. Good, and Peter M. Kiffneyno, cancel poster yes
FIS-Paper10709Jennifer BoldtOral An index of relative biomass, abundance, and condition of juvenile Pacific Herring (Clupea pallasi) in the Strait of Georgia, British ColumbiaJennifer L. Boldt, Matthew Thompson, Charles Fort, Chris Rooper, Jake Schweigert, Terrance J. Quinn II, Doug Hay, and Thomas W. Therriaultyes
FIS-Paper10764Shinya OhshimaOral Annual variability in the distribution and biomass of dominant myctophid fishes off western Kyushu, JapanShinya Ohshima, Tohya Yasuda, Masa-aki Fukuwaka, Rintaro Koide, Koki Abe, Hiroki Yasumayes
FIS-Paper10684Tsuyoshi WakamatsuOral Development of a regional marine environment analysis system for fishery applicationsTsuyoshi Wakamatsu, Yusuke Tanaka, Shiro Nishikawa, Haruka Nishikawa, Hiromichi Igarashi and Yoichi Ishikawayes
FIS-Paper10370Elizabeth LogerwellOral Environmental drivers of benthic fish distribution in and around Barrow canyon in the northeastern Chukchi Sea and western Beaufort SeaElizabeth Logerwell, Kimberly Rand , Seth Danielson and Leandra deSousayes
FIS-Paper10755Sandra NeidetcherOral Image-analysis software applied to assess spatial and temporal variability of fecundity in Walleye pollock, Gadus chalcogrammusSandra Neidetcher, Benjamin Williams, Libby Logerwell, Martin Dorn, Gorden Kruse, Susanne McDermott, Carol Ladd, Wei Chengyes
FIS-Paper10609Hiromichi IgarashiOral Relationships between ocean conditions and interannual variability of habitat suitability index (HSI) distribution for neon flying squid in central North Pacific examined using new 4D-VAR ocean reanalysis datasetHiromichi Igarashi, Yoichi Ishikawa, Tsuyoshi Wakamatsu, Yusuke Tanaka, Masafumi Kamachi, Norihisa Usui, Mitsuo Sakai, Sei-ichi Saitoh and Yutaka Imamurayes
FIS-Paper10343Alexey A. KhoruzhiyOral Structure of the nekton community of the upper epipelagial in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean in February-AprilAlexey A. Khoruzhiy, Svetlana V. Naydenkoyes
FIS-Paper10430Shannon G. ObradovichOral The impact of fine-scale spatial behaviour of quillback rockfish (Sebastes maliger) on a hook-based relative abundance index from longlinesShannon G. Obradovich, K. Lynne Yamanaka2 and Murdoch K. McAllisteryes
FIS-Paper10632Zhongxin WuOral Trophic flows in the marine ecosystem of an artificial reef zone in the Yellow Sea ChinaZhongxin Wu, Xiumei Zhang, Hector M. Lozano-Montes and Neil R. Loneraganyes
FIS-Paper10847Alexei M. OrlovPoster “Jawless Fishes of the World” – A new book dealing with various aspects of lampreys and hagfishes worldwideAlexei M. Orlovyes
FIS-Paper10796Rintaro KoidePoster Acoustic survey of dominant mesopelagic fishes off eastern Hokkaido, JapanRintaro Koide, Kazuhiro Sadayasu, Tetsuichiro Funamoto, Hiroshige Tanaka, Shinya Ohshima and Hiroki Yasumayes
FIS-Paper10708Zhe LiPoster Behavioral responses of Pacific cod (Gadus macrocephalus) juveniles to food deprivation, temperature gradients and lightZhe Li, Jun Yamamoto, Mitsuhiro Nakaya and Yasunori Sakuraiyes
FIS-Paper10588Jung Hwa RyuPoster Diversity and community structure of marine fish species in Korean waters during 2006-2013Jung Hwa Ryu and Jin-Koo Kim 
FIS-Paper10643Matthew R. BakerPosterREP-1Environmental thresholds and species distribution: Implications for interactions and recruitment in multispecies modelsMatthew R. Baker, Anne B. Hollowed, Kirstin Holsman and Albert Hermannyes
FIS-Paper10842Xin YuPoster Evaluating three size removal methods in otolith shape analysis, using the Japanese grenadier anchovy (Coilia nasus) and Osbeck’s grenadier anchovy (Coilia mystus) in Chinese coastal watersXin YU, Liang CAO , Jinhu LIU, Bo ZHAO, Xiujuan SHAN and Shuozeng DOUyes
FIS-Paper10461Wen-Bin HuangPoster Evaluation of a commercial CPUE standardization model applied to the Pacific saury fishery in the North PacificWen-Bin Huang and Wei-Ting Hsuyes
FIS-Paper10564Elizabeth LogerwellPosterREP-4Examining two macro invertebrate communities using functional traits and environmental variables in and around Barrow canyon in the Chukchi and Beaufort seasKimberly Rand, Elizabeth Logerwell, Bodil Bluhm, Héloïse Chenolot, Seth Danielson, Katrin Iken, Leandra de Sousayes
FIS-Paper10627Zhongxin WuPoster Food partitioning among three reef fish, Hexagrammos otakii, Sebastes schlegelii and Hexagrammos agrammus, in the Lidao coastal waters of northern Yellow Sea, ChinaZhongxin Wu, Xiumei Zhang and Charlotte R. Dromardyes
FIS-Paper10841Lu LiuPoster Genetic variation and population structure of marbled rockfish (Sebastiscus marmoratus) in the Northwestern Pacific inferred from microsatellite analysisLu Liu , Tian-xiang. Gao*, Takashi.Yanagimoto, Na Song, Chun-hou. LiOBS-P->FIS-P
FIS-Paper10354Jun ZhangPoster In situ target strength measurements of skipjack tuna Katsuwonus pelamis and yellowfin tuna Thunnus albacares in the South China SeaJun Zhang, Guo-bao Chen, Zuo-zhi Chen, and Yong-song Qiuyes
FIS-Paper10697Motomitsu TakahashiPosterREP-2Interannual variations in growth trajectories of juvenile jack mackerel Trachurus japonicus in the Tsushima Warm CurrentMotomitsu Takahashi, Chiyuki Sassa, Satoshi Kitajima and Youichi Tsukamotoyes
FIS-Paper10438Hitomi OyaizuPoster Modeling the migration and growth of immature Pacific saury (Cololabis saira) using an individual-based bioenergetics modelHitomi Oyaizu, Satoshi Suyama, Sachihiko Itoh, Shin-ichi Ito, Daisuke Ambe, Takahiko Kameda, Takeshi Terui and Michio J. Kishiyes
FIS-Paper10740Tetsuichiro FunamotoPoster Optimum survival temperature for walleye pollock larvaeRyo Nakagawa, Takashi Yokota, Hiroshige Tanaka, Yukimasa Chimura, Yuho Yamashita and Tetsuichiro Funamotoyes
FIS-Paper10695Hiroshi KurodaPoster Particle tracking experiments to specify hatching areas of the Pacific stock of chub mackerel off the southeastern coast of JapanHiroshi Kuroda, Yugo Shimizu, Masanori Takahashi, Atsushi Kawabata, Takeshi Okunishi, Takashi Setouyes
FIS-Paper10440Su Min KimPoster Proximate composition and stable isotope ratios (δ13C and δ 15N) of Japanese jack mackerel (Trachurus japonicus) in the Geumo Island nursery groundSu Min Kim, Heeyong Kim, Sang Heon Leeyes
FIS-Paper10583Jin-Koo KimPoster Restricted separation of the spawning areas of two lineages of sand lance, Ammodytes personatus, in the Yellow Sea and East SeaJin-Koo Kim and Soo Jeong Lee 
FIS-Paper10347Alexey Khoruzhiy on behalf of Alexander ZavolokinPoster Shifts in hydrological regime and their implication for distribution and abundance of fish in the western Bering Sea in 21 centuryAlexander Zavolokin and Gennady Khenno, by Alexey Khoruzhiy
FIS-Paper10351Kui ZhangPoster Stock assessment for the Trichiurus japonicus fishery in the East China Sea based on Bayesian state-space modelling[Kui Zhang, and Zuozhi Chen]yes
FIS-Paper10838Olga ZikunovaPoster The abundance of the chinook salmon Oncorhynchus tschawytscha (Walbaum) population in the basin of the Kamchatka RiverOlga Zikunovayes
FIS-Paper10353Ekaterina Kurilova on behalf of Albina KanzeparovaPoster The impact of climate factors on Pacific salmon within Khabarovsk territoryKanzeparova Albina, Zolotukhin Sergei, Kozlova Tatianano, by Kurilova
FIS-Paper10599Se Hun MyoungPosterREP-5The role of Gangjin Bay: Spawning or nursery grounds for fish?Se Hun Myoung, Soo Jeong Lee, Jung-Hwa Ryu and Jin-Koo Kim 
FIS-Paper10677Chris RooperPoster Using species distribution models to define essential fish habitat in AlaskaChris Rooper, Ned Laman, Kali Turner, Sean Rooney, Dan Cooperyes
FIS-Paper10498Xinqing ZhengWithdrawal A mass-balance ecosystem model of a subtropical bayJianguo Du, Xinqing Zheng, Bin Chen, Jianji Liao, Wenjia Huno, cancel poster yes
FIS-Paper10827Jiaguang XiaoWithdrawal Complete mitochondrial genome of Sillago species: Insights into taxonomy and phylogenyJiaguang Xiao, Na Song, Tianxiang Gao and Roland J. McKaysubmitted by Kevin yes
FIS-Paper10350Nadezhda AseevaWithdrawal Dynamics of the greenland halibut stock in the Okhotsk Sea and its possible reasonsNadezhda Aseeva and Anastasia Levitskayano, cancel poster yes
FIS-Paper10754Jeffrey J. PolovinaWithdrawal Finding the way to the top: how the composition of micronekton groups determines apex predator biomass in the central North PacificC. Anela Choy, Colette C. C. Wabnitz, Phoebe A. Woodworth-Jefcoats, Jeffrey J. Polovinayes, cancel poster yes
FIS-Paper10356Hongjun LiWithdrawal Genetic diversity and differentiation of seven geographical populations of hard clam (Meretrix meretrix) assessed by COI and microsatellite markersHongjun Li, Xiutang Yuandid not show for poster, yes yes
FIS-Paper10835Zhiqiang HanWithdrawal Genetic evidence for speciation in Japanese sand lance Ammodytes personatus: Pleistocene isolation, temperature and current promoted speciationZhiqiang Han, Zhiyong Wang, Takashi Yanagimoto and Tianxiang Gaono, cancel poster yes
FIS-Paper10360Oksana G. MikhailovaWithdrawal Seasonal migrations of northern shrimp on the southwest coast of KamchatkaOksana G. Mikhailovano, cancel poster? yes
FIS-Paper10352Оlga NovikovaWithdrawal Stock abundance dynamics of saffron cod on West and East Kamchatka and natural determinants of the dynamicsОlga Novikovano, cancel talk yes
MEQ-Paper10685Qian ZhouOral Accumulation of microplastics on coastal beaches, China: Abundance, composition and sourcesQian Zhou, Haibo Zhang, Yuan Li & Yongming Luo yes
MEQ-Paper10576Yu HaoOral Historical trends of terrigenous organic carbon transported by the Yangtze River (Changjiang)Yu Hao, Wu Yingyes
MEQ-Paper10646Sergey KulbachnyiOral Hydrocarbon exploration on the Sea of Okhotsk shelf and its possible impact on marine ecosystemsSergey Ev.Kulbachnyiyes
MEQ-Paper10602Hongzhi LiOral Radioactivity estimates at North Pacific Ocean based on radiation dose rateHongzhi, Li; He, Wu; Jinzhao, Zhang; Lei, Wang; Chunfang, Liyes
MEQ-Paper10593Shizuho MikiOral Strontium-90 in marine fishesShizuho Miki, Ken Fujimoto, Takami Morita, Yuya Shigenobu, Kaori Takagi, Tsuneo Ono, Tomowo Watanabe and Hiroya Sugisakiyes
MEQ-Paper10610Lijun QiOral The geochemical signals in the Abandoned Huanghe River Delta surface sedimentsLijun Qi, Ying Wu and Shenliang Chenyes
MEQ-Paper10509Thanakorn JiwarungrueangkulPoster Clay mineralogical records of sediment provenance change during the sea level rise of last deglaciation in the southern South China SeaThanakorn Jiwarungrueangkul, Zhifei Liu and Yulong Zhaoyes
MEQ-Paper10506Pokin ChannimitsriPoster Distribution of major and trace elements in surface sediments of the Gulf of ThailandPokin Channimitsri, Zhifei Liu, Penjai Sompongchaiyakulyes
MEQ-Paper10452Dabin LeePoster Estimation of carrying capacity by measuring coastal environmental parameters in Geoje-Hansan Bay, KoreaDabin Lee, Jae Hyung Lee and Sang Heon Leeyes
MEQ-Paper10513Sang Pham NhuPoster Geochemical records of provenance and East Asian monsoon evolution during the Late Quaternary in the western South China SeaSang Pham Nhu, Zhifei Liu, Yulong Zhaoyes
MEQ-Paper10598Takami MoritaPoster Radioactive cesium in marine organisms around JapanTakami Morita, Ken Fujimoto, Yuya Shigenobu, Daisuke Ambe, Hideki Kaeriyama, Shizuho Miki, Tsuneo Ono, Tomowo Watanabe, Hiroya Sugisaki.yes
MEQ-Paper10501Yuya ShigenobuPoster Radiocesium transfer from contaminated sediment to benthic organisms and demersal fishYuya Shigenobu, Daisuke Ambe, Hideki Kaeriyama, Tsuneo Ono, Takami Morita, Shintaro Yamasaki, Kousuke Yoshida and Seiichi Tomiharayes
MEQ-Paper10432Ping DuPoster Responses of mesozooplankton communities to different anthropogenic activities in a subtropical eutrophic bayPing Du1,2, Zhi B. Jiang1,2, Yi B. Liao1,2, Jiang N. Zeng1, Xiao Q. Xu1, Jing J. Liu1, Xin Luo1, Lu Shou1, Quan Z. Chen1 and De M. Zhang2yes
MEQ-Paper10665Zhun LIPoster Resting cysts of potentially harmful dinoflagellates in Korean coastal areaZhun LI, Eun Song Kim, Joo‐Hwan Kim, Myung-Soo Han and Hyeon Ho Shinyes
MEQ-Paper10504Daisuke AmbePoster Spatio-temporal variation of radiocesium in sea sediment on benthic marine ecosystem based on five-minute resolution mappingDaisuke Ambe, Shigeho Kakehi, Toru Udagawa, Kazuhiro Aoki, Yuya Shigenobu, Tsuneo Ono, Takami Morita, Mikiko Tanaka, Ken Fujimoto, Hideki Kaeriyama and Shizuho Mikiyes
MEQ-Paper10357Shijie HePoster Study of impact of moderate and heavy weathering processes on individual carbon and hydrogen isotope of n-alkanes in oilshe shijie ,wang chuanyuanyes
MEQ-Paper10415Ruijing LiPoster The occurrence and Distribution of HBCDs in Laizhou Bay of ChinaRuijing Li, Guangshui Na*, Hui Gao, Zihao Lu, Ziwei Yao and Chuanlin Huoyes
MEQ-Paper10386Hyeon Ho ShinPoster The role of temporary cysts in dense blooms caused by Cochlodinium polykrikoides MargalefHyeon Ho Shin, Zhun LI and Eun Song Kimyes
MEQ-Paper10543Vandana TomarWithdrawal Appraisal of multi-hazards coastal vulnerability and its impact on coastal areas of the Gulf of Kutch, India, using Optical SensorVandana Tomar1 and Amit Balyan2 no, cancel poster yes
MEQ-Paper10361Tatiana KrupnovaWithdrawal Climatic and human activities influence on kelps communities at the coast of Primorye (Japan/East Sea) Tatiana Krupnova,Yury Zuenko,Irina Tsypysheva no, cancel talk yes
MEQ-Paper10791Sung-Suk SuhWithdrawal Detection of Cochlodinium polykrikoides using sandwich hybridization integrated with nuclease protection assaySung-Suk Suh, Mirye Park1, Jinik Hwang, Taek-Kyun Leeno, cancel poster yes
MEQ-Paper10682Jun ZhaoWithdrawal Early diagenesis of sedimentary chloropigments in the Changjiang and Mississippi river-dominated ocean margins: Implications for source, transport and burial of organic carbonJun Zhao, Thomas S. Bianchi, Xinxin Li, Mead A. Allison, Peng Yao and Zhigang Yuno, cancel poster yes
MEQ-Paper10839Yang-Guang GuWithdrawal Heavy metal concentrations in wild fishes captured from the South China Sea and associated health risksYang-Guang Gu, Qin Lin, Xue-Hui Wang, Fei-Yan Du,Zi-Ling Yu and Hong-Hui Huang did not show for poster, yes yes
MEQ-Paper10793Min-bo LuoWithdrawal Large ocean engineering impact on distribution characteristics of epifauna community in waters around Yangshan Islands in Hangzhou BayMin-bo Luo, Yun-long Wangdid not show for poster, yes yes
MEQ-Paper10358Daniel M. MbithiWithdrawal Long range transport of aerosolsDaniel M. Mbithi, John N. Muthama, Franklin O. Opijah, Gilbert O. Oumano, cancel poster yes
MEQ-Paper10623Jin HuangWithdrawal Research of pore water nutrients diffusion fluxes in the Yangtze River Estuary adjacent watersHUANG Jin , LIU Su-meino, cancel poster yes
POC-Paper10446Michael ForemanOral ADCP measurements in the Discovery Islands, British Columbia, CanadaDi Wan and Michael Foremanyes
POC-Paper10527Wei HuOral An improved wave-induced mixing parameterization in the Great LakesWei Hu, Jia Wang, Conghua Cao, Juan Huang, Xueming Zhu and Haoguo Huyes
POC-Paper10384Xiu-mei FanOral Extracting fronts from chlorophyll and SST satellite data and analysing the relation between themFan Xiu-mei, Wu Yu-mei, Cui Xue-sen, Fan Wei,Hua Cheng-junyes
POC-Paper10435Yuping GuanOral Filtering methods for detecting ocean striationsYuping Guan, Yu Zhang, Zhaohui Chen, Hailong Liu and Rui Xin Huangyes
POC-Paper10364Hiromichi UenoOralOral-1?Global distribution of mergers and splits of oceanic mesoscale eddiesHiromu Ishiyama, Hiromichi Ueno, Masaru Inatsu, Sachihiko Itohyes, P->O
POC-Paper10380Vadim NavrotskyOral On specifics and effects of processes in stratified bottom layers in the shelf zone of the seaVadim Navrotsky, Valeriy Liapidevskii, Viacheslav Lobanov, Elena Pavlova., Fedor Khrapchenkov yes
POC-Paper10728Dmitry KaplunenkoOral Procedures for correctiing in situ CTD data and results obtained during the NEAR-GOOS Cross-Basin Climate Monitoring Section projectDmitry Kaplunenko, Aleksander Lazaryuk, Vyacheslav Lobanov, Sergey Sagalaev, Sho Hibino and Toshiya Nakano yes
POC-Paper10858Kyung-Il ChangOral Seasonal variation of coastal currents in the East/Japan SeaKyung-Il Chang and Jae-Hyoung Parkyes
POC-Paper10726Xinyuan DiaoOral Structure and formation of the South Yellow Sea water mass in springDIAO Xinyuan ,SI Guangcheng , WEI Chuanjie,YU fei yes
POC-Paper10362Rui SaitoOral Subsurface hydrographic structures and the temporal variation of Aleutian eddiesRui Saito, Ichiro Yasuda, Kosei Komatsu, Hiromu Ishiyama, Hiromichi Ueno, Hiroji Onishi, Takeshi Setou and Manabu Shimizuyes
POC-Paper10840Fangli QiaoOral The development of a high resolution global ocean surface wave-tide-circulation coupled modelFangli Qiao, Qi Shu and Bin Xiaoyes
POC-Paper10725Elena I. Ustinova Oral The structure of regional climate variability in the Far-Eastern SeasElena I. Ustinova and Yury D. Sorokinyes
POC-Paper10692Ze-Nan ZhuOral Tomographic mapping of nonlinear tidal and residual currentsZe-Nan Zhu, Xiao-Hua Zhu, Xinyu Guoyes
POC-Paper10721Jae-Kwi SoPosterOral-2? NOA preliminary study on the tidal effects on the Yellow Sea Bottom Cold Water and its ecosystem using a physics-ecosystem coupled modelJae-Kwi So, Hyoun-Woo Kang and Ok-Hee Seo yes, keep poster
POC-Paper10650Jianyu NiPoster Annual variation of Ba/Ca and Mn/Ca ratios in Porite coral from eastern Hainan Island and their environmental implicationQiaowen Jiang, Zhimin Cao, Daoru Wang, Yuanchao Li, Zhongjie Wu, Jianyu Niyes
POC-Paper10530Mingbing LiPoster Application of Wave Drifter to marine environment observationMingbing Li, Suoping Zhang, Zhuihui Qi and Chaoqun Dangyes
POC-Paper10820Gang WangPoster Decadal variability of upper ocean heat content in the PacificGang Wang, Shuangxi Yan and Fangli Qiaoyes
POC-Paper10445He WangPoster Dynamic evaluation of Envisat ASAR derived ocean swell in North PacificHe Wang, Alexis Mouche, Romain Husson, Jianhua Zhu and Bertrand Chapron yes, poster only
POC-Paper10487Xiaoqi HuangPoster Error variation analysis and global assessment for total water vapor of HY-2 Scanning microwave radiometerXiaoqi HUANG, Yili ZHAO, Jianhua ZHU, He WANG, Chuntao CHENyes
POC-Paper10363Miaohua MaoPoster Investigation of shallow and deep water wave dynamics using unstructured SWAN: An application to Lake MichiganMiaohua Mao, Meng Xiayes
POC-Paper10767Svetlana P. ShkorbaPoster Linkages of climatic anomalies in the North Pacific, Asia at temperate latitudes, Indo-Pacific and Arctic oceansSvetlana P. Shkorba, Vladimir I. Ponomarev, Elena V. Dmitrieva and Lubov N. Kuimovayes
POC-Paper10686Tsuyoshi WakamatsuPoster Long term, high-resolution ocean reanalysis of the Northwest Pacific OceanTsuyoshi Wakamatsu, Norihisa Usui, Yosuke Fujii, Yusuke Tanaka, Hiromichi Igarashi, Masafumi Kamachi and Yoichi Ishikawayes, oral->poster
POC-Paper10713Jianfeng WangPosterOral-3?Measurements of the turbulent energy dissipation rate in the Changjiang river near-field plumeJianfeng Wang, Fei Yu and Chuanjie Weiyes, keep poster
POC-Paper10409Neil K. S. CheongPoster Paleoenvironmental reconstruction from deepwater sedimentary records in the central South China Sea since the middle PleistoceneNeil K. S. Cheong, Zhifei Liu, Xuan Lv and Yanli Liyes
POC-Paper10492Svetlana MarchenkoPosterOral-3? NOSeasonal variability of water circulation in the deep Bering SeaMarchenko S.S., Vlasova G.A., Rudykh N.I.yes, keep poster
POC-Paper10770Vladimir I. PonomarevPoster Simulation of mesoscale and submesoscale circulation in the northwestern Japan SeaVladimir I. Ponomarev, Pavel A. Fayman, Vyacheslav A. Dubina and Irina V. Mashkinayes
POC-Paper10600Ying LiPosterOral-4?Study of the turbulent mixing in the northwestern Pacific based on a fine-scale parameterization methodYing Li, Zexun Wei and Yongsheng Xuyes, keep poster
POC-Paper10429Xiang-nan WangPoster Study on the hydrodynamic performance of a flap bottom-hinged wave energy converterXiang-nan Wang , Zhong-hua Zhang yes
POC-Paper10768Fei YuPoster The formation process of Southern Yellow Sea Cold Water Mass in springFei Yu, Guangcheng Si, Xinyuan Diao, Chuanjie Wei, Qiang Renyes
POC-Paper10636Georgiy S. MoiseenkoPoster Upper layer phenomena monitoring of the sea using EOF analysis of remote sensing dataGeorgiy S. Moiseenkoyes
POC-Paper10724Hee Dong JeongPosterOral-2?Variation of sea surface Chlorophyll a in the southwestern boundary area of the East SeaHee Dong Jeong, Sang Woo Kim, Yong Kyu Choi, Jeong Min Shim, Kee Young Kwon and Yong Hwa Leeyes, keep poster
POC-Paper10666SvetlanaYu. GlebovaPoster Winter cyclonic activity in the Asia-Pacific region and its effect on surface temperature in the Sea of Okhotsk in the 2000sSvetlana Yu.Glebovano, by Zuenko
POC-Paper10541Jianjun KangWithdrawal Analysis of ocean surface wave spectra from a new wave buoyjianjun kang  yes
POC-Paper10537Zhanming HuWithdrawal Analysis on the formation dynamics of a typical small-scale eddy in the Bohai SeaChuanxi Xing and Zhanming Huno, cancel poster yes
POC-Paper10818Chuntao ChenWithdrawal Assessment of GPS buoy accuracy for altimeter sea surface height calibrationChuntao Chen, Jianhua Zhu, Wanlin Zhai, Longhao Yan, Qian Zhang, Xiaoxu Zhangno, cancel poster yes
POC-Paper10673Evgeniya MaryinaWithdrawal Features resulting from reconstructing vector fields of tidal currents on the shelf of eastern Sakhalin Island (Sea of Okhotsk)Evgeniya Maryina and Margarita Grishinano, cancel poster yes
POC-Paper10823Yuanling ZhangWithdrawal Intercomparison of reanalysis datasets on ocean heat contentYuanling Zhang, Xianyao Chenno, cancel poster yes
POC-Paper10607Olga TrusenkovaWithdrawal Intercomparison of wind patterns over the Japan Sea, derived from satellite and reanalysis productsOlga Trusenkova and Mikhail Pichuginno, cancel talk yes
POC-Paper10698Ferdenant A. MkrtchyanWithdrawal Problems in detecting and classifying sea surface anomalies by remote sensingF.A. Mkrtchyanno, cancel poster yes
POC-Paper10727Yisen ZhongWithdrawal Submesoscale eddy structures in the South China SeaYisen Zhong, Annalisa Bracco, Jiwei Tian and Jihai Dongno, cancel talk yes
POC-Paper10339Andrés H. AriasWithdrawal Time-series wavelet transform exposes South Atlantic Ocean changes during the last 40 yearsAndrés H. Arias, Ernesto Alberdi, Rubén H. Freije and Jorge E. Marcovecchiono, not sure how to present yes
Workshop-110811Charles G. TrickInvited Comparing physiologies and toxicities in Heterosigma akashiwo: An east-west perspectiveCharles G. Trickyes
Workshop-110803Ichiro ImaiOralOral?Biological characteristics of the red tide causing raphidophytes Heterosigma akashiwo and Chattonella spp. in the coastal Sea of JapanIchiro Imai, Shigeru Itakura and Mineo Yamaguchiyes
Workshop-110808Douding LuOralOral?Fish-killing Heterosigma akashiwo blooms in Chinese coastal watersDouding Lu, Xinfeng Dai, Chunjiang Guan, Hao Guoyes
Workshop-110654Svetlana EsenkulovaOral Heterosigma akashiwo bloom and associated environmental conditions in Cowichan Bay, Canada in 2014Svetlana Esenkulova, Chrys Neville and Isobel Pearsall1yes
Workshop-110459Yeseul KimOral Testing several hypotheses on the outbreak mechanisms of Cochlodinium polykrikoides blooms in the southern coastal waters of KoreaYeseul Kim, Sinjae Yoo, Young baek Son and Soonmi Leeyes
Workshop-110782Ying Zhong TangWithdrawalOral?Characterization of the allelopathic effects and toxicity in an isolate of Cochlodinium polykrikoides from Jiaozhou Bay, ChinaZhang Xi Hu, Ying Zhong Tangno, cancel talk yes
Workshop-110777Changkyu LeeWithdrawal Fish-kill dinoflagellates in Korean coastal waters – A comparative ecosystem approachChangkyu Leeno, cancel invited yes
Workshop-110771Vera L. TrainerWithdrawal Fish-kill flagellates in the Salish Sea –A comparative ecosystem approachVera L. Trainer, and Nicola Haighyes, did not give a talk yes
Workshop-110810Tatiana Yu. OrlovaWithdrawal Raphidophytes in the coastal waters of Far East of Russia during the latter period of the last centuryTatiana V. Morozova and Tatiana Yu. Orlovano, by Orlova (talk was not delivered) yes
Workshop-210603Noriaki SakaguchiInvited IPBES Asia-Pacific regional/subregional assessment on biodiversity and ecosystem servicesNoriaki Sakaguchiyes
Workshop-210857Malcolm ClarkInvited Threats to marine biodiversity in the Deep Sea: experience from New Zealand in data-poor situationsMalcolm R Clark, Ashley A Rowdenyes
Workshop-210534Bei HuangOral Assessment of the impacts of major threats to marine biodiversity in coastal waters of Yantai and Dalian, ChinaBei Huangyes
Workshop-210739Young Nam KimOral Case study of identifying major threats to marine biodiversity in Korean coastal watersJae Hoon Noh and Young Nam Kimyes
Workshop-210570Janelle CurtisOral Distribution of vulnerable marine ecosystem indicator taxa in relation to fishing effort on Cobb SeamountJanelle M. R. Curtis and Cherisse Du Preezyes
Workshop-210718Tatiana OrlovaOral Potential threats to marine biodiversity and ecosystems in the Russian area of NOWPAPTatiana Orlova, Vladimir M. Shulkinyes, did not give a talk
Workshop-210664Takafumi YoshidaOral Regional report on the impact of major threats to marine biodiversity in the NOWPAP regionTakafumi Yoshida and Kazuya Kumagaiyes
Workshop-210573Malcolm R. ClarkOral Sustainable deep-sea fisheries and environmental conservation: How can we balance conflicting objectives?Malcolm R. Clark and Matthew Dunnyes
Workshop-210789Kwang-Sik ChoiPoster Macroalgal-coral phase shifts on subtidal benthic community on the northern coast of Jeju Island, KoreaMinji Kim, Sang Rul Park, Kwang-Sik Choi, Shashank Keshavmerthyyes
Workshop-210500Jianguo DuWithdrawal Assessing ecological risks of heavy metals to marine organisms by species sensitivity distributionsJianguo Du, Zhao Jiayi, Chen Binno, cancel poster yes
Workshop-210579Fang LiWithdrawal Preliminary study on the connection effects between nearshore islands and the continent in the sea area of Liaoning Province, China and its effectsFang Li, Yuanbin Fu, Xiaoyu Guo and Jingping Xudid not show up for talk yes
Workshop-210559Cherisse Du PreezWithdrawal Unique and vulnerable community assemblies on a shallow North Pacific seamountCherisse Du Preez and Janelle M. R. Curtisno, cancel talk yes
Workshop-310786Heather A. BoumanInvited Detection and distribution of phytoplankton types: A view from space, and implications for higher trophic levelsHeather A. Bouman, Shubha Sathyendranath, Trevor Plattyes
Workshop-310507Young Baek SonOral Collapse of summer biological activity in the East China Sea during 1998-2014Young Baek Son, Taehee Lee, Dong-Lim Choi, Chan Joo Jang and Sinjae Yooyes
Workshop-310736Xin-Ming PuOral Effects of Changjiang Diluted Water on the planktonic ecology of the Yellow Sea Cold Water MassXin-Ming Pu, Zong-Ling Wangyes
Workshop-310493Yuping ZhouOral Effects of increasing nutrient loads on the competition and succession between two predominant red tide algae of East China SeaYuping Zhou, Fangfang Li, Rong Pan, Qiuting Pang, Liju Tan and Jiangtao Wangyes
Workshop-310758Svetlana EsenkulovaOral Examining linkages between juvenile salmon growth and phytoplankton, zooplankton dynamics during the early marine periodChrys Neville, Svetlana Esenkulova, Mary Thiess, Ian Perry, and Marc Trudelyes
Workshop-310561Yi XuOral Migration behavior changes of juvenile North Pacific albacore linking to environmental variabilityYi Xu, Steven Teo, Stephanie Snyder, and Suzanne Kohinyes
Workshop-310442Shu YangOral Regional differences in decadal variations of diatom primary productivity in the southern Yellow Sea and adjacent seas over the past 100 yearsShu Yang, Qian Yang, Keming Qu and Yao Sunyes
Workshop-310619Kirill KivvaOral Seasonal nutrient dynamics in the western Bering SeaKirill Kivva and Vladimir Matveevyes
Workshop-310556Soonmi LeeOral Variability of chlorophyll-a bloom timing associated with physical forcing in the East Sea/Sea of Japan (1998-2014)Soonmi Lee, Sinjae Yoo and Young Baek Sonyes
Workshop-310700Sinjae YooOral Variability of the phytoplankton functional types under changing winter vertical mixing in the Ulleung Basin, East Sea: A modeling studySoonmi Lee and Sinjae Yooyes
Workshop-310715Jingjing ZhengPoster A Modeling study of the hypoxia dynamic off the Changjiang EstuaryJingjing zhengyes, O->P
Workshop-310707Yi XuPosterREP-2How does explicit treatment of spatial variability in environmental conditions affect simulated anchovy recruitment?Yi Xu, Kenneth A. Rose, Fei Chai, Francisco P. Chavez, and Patricia Ayónyes
Workshop-310824Yanfang XiaoPosterREP-1The merged global ocean chlorophyll content productYanfang Xiao, Tingwei Cuiyes, keep poster
Workshop-310748Qiang HaoWithdrawalREP-3The satellite net primary production and its control mechanisms in the Changjiang Estuary, ChinaQiang Hao, Fei Chai, Joji Ishizaka, Peng Xiu, Fengfeng Le, Feng Zhouyes, but cancel poster yes
Workshop-410580Yongge SunInvited Geochemical and microbial community response to oil spill: a five year investigation after the Xingang oil pipeline explosion, the Dalian Bay, North ChinaYongge Sun,Kai Zhang,Bingfang Shen,Xing Liu,Ziwei Yao,Zhenmei Luyes
Workshop-410861Seong Gil KangInvited Marine pollution preparedness and response to oil and HNS spill incidents in the Northwest Pacific Action Plan (NOWPAP) regionSeong Gil Kangyes
Workshop-410757Zhen WangOral Distinguishing crude oils from heavy fuel oils by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon fingerprintsXing Liu, Zhen Wang, Xindong Ma, Hengzhen Xu and Ziwei Yaoyes
Workshop-410398Chuanyuan WangOral Distribution and sources of hydrocarbons in surface sediments from tail reaches of the Yellow River EstuaryChuanyuan Wang, Shijie Heyes
Workshop-410578Adedayo O. AdeleyeOral Genotoxic effects of PCBs and heavy metals on marine musselsYanan Di, Adedayo O. Adeleye, Zhang Yi Fie, Ying Ye and Jian Fang Chen yes
Workshop-410761Un Hyuk YimOral Lessons learned from the Hebei Spirit oil spill: Environmental perspectivesUn Hyuk Yim, Won Joon Shim, Jong Seong Khim, Moonkoo Kim and Jee-Hyun Jungyes
Workshop-410760Patrick D. O'HaraOral Oil dispersants impact feather function in marine birdsPatrick D. O'Hara, Benjamin G. Fieldhouse, Lora A. Morandinyes
Workshop-410419Yongliang WeiOral Oil spill trajectory prediction using the GNOME model and satellite imagesYongliang Wei, Zeyan Tang, Jianqiang Liu and Xiaofeng Liyes
Workshop-410732Yoon Young BackOral The activities of Marine Environmental Emergency Preparedness and Response Regional Activity (MERRAC) for oil and HNS spills preparedness and response in the Northwest Pacific Action Plan (NOWPAP) regionDr. Seong Gil Kang, Dr. Jeong Hwan Oh, Ms. Yoon Young Back, Ms. Jung Hyun Lim, Mr. Bo Sik Kang  
Workshop-410766Peter RossOral The MV Marathassa: Lessons learned from the 2015 spill of Bunker fuel in Vancouver HarbourPeter S. Ross, Carmen Morales & Mark Yunkeryes
Workshop-410553Yifei ZhangPoster Complex toxic impacts of heavy metals and PAHs to marine mussels cellsYifei Zhang, Adedayo Adeleye and Yanan Di yes
Workshop-410391Pavan KumarPosterREP-2? -NOExploring the potential of Geospatial Technology for oil spill detection in shallow coastal areas in the Arabian GulfPavan Kumar, Swati Katiyar, J.S. Rawat yes, keep poster
Workshop-410737Qingqing PanWithdrawal An example of application of multiphase computational fluid dynamics in oil spill responseQingqing Pan and Mark Reedno, cancel poster yes
Workshop-410396Yanan DiWithdrawal Complex impacts of C60 fullerenes and/or benzo(α)pyrene in marine mussels: Application of integrated biological approach in marine environment monitoringYanan Di, Declan Schroeder, Andrea Highfield, James Readman and Awadhesh Jhano, cancel talk yes
Workshop-410577Jiangling XuWithdrawal Drift prediction of oil spill and its decision support for emergency responseJiangling Xu, Yajing Cao, Juan Huang, Song Gaoyes yes
Workshop-410752Ferdenant MkrtchyanWithdrawalREP-1? YESFeatures GIMS- technology in environmental monitoring of marine ecosystemsVladimir Krapivin, Ferdenant Mkrtchyan, Nazaret Nazaryanno, cancel talk yes
Workshop-410346Jingjing ZhangWithdrawal Identification of functional genes involved in Cd2+ response of Chinese surf Clam (Mactra chinensis) through transcriptome sequencingJingjing Zhang, Hongjun Li and Yanjie Qinno, cancel talk yes
Workshop-510394Michio AoyamaInvited 134Cs and 137Cs in the North Pacific Ocean derived from the TEPCO Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant accident, Japan in March 2011: Transport processes and estimation of 134Cs and 137Cs inventoriesMichio AOYAMAyes
Workshop-510400Ronald SzymczakInvited Asia/Pacific marine ecosystem impacts from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident: A 2011-2015 overviewRonald Szymczakyes
Workshop-510856Minhan DaiInvited Sources and inventory of Cesium and Plutonium in China seasJunwen Wu, Minhan Daiyes
Workshop-510743Jianhua HeOral A new device for precipitation and filtration of radiocesium in seawaterJianhua HE, Wu MEM, Yiliang LI, Wen YU, Tao YU and Yusheng ZHANGyes
Workshop-510427Jinqiu DuOral Assessment on marine environmental impact from artificial radionuclides in the coastal waters of Liaodong BayJinqiu Du, Hui Gao, Guangshui Na, Ziwei Yao and Chuanlin Huoyes
Workshop-510723Zhenfang DongOral Auto-system development and invention for measurement of 137Cs/134 Cs in-sitoZhenfang Dong; Hongqi Shi and Deyi Mayes
Workshop-510569Kathryn A. HigleyOral Challenges in calculating radiation dose to marine organismsKathryn A. Higley, Delvan Neville, Mario Gomez-Fernandezyes
Workshop-510422Kyung-Tae JungOral Development of a radionuclide transport model applicable to coastal regimes with multi-fractional cohesive and non-cohesive sedimentsKyung-Tae Jung, Igor Brovchenko, Vladimir Maderich, Kyeong Ok Kim and Fangli Qiaoyes
Workshop-510716Wen YuOral Distribution and impact of radiocesium in the seawater of northwest Pacific in 2014Wen Yu, Jianhua He, Wu Men, Tao Yu, Yusheng Zhangyes
Workshop-510385Chang ZhaoOral Long-term transport and dispersion of 137Cs released into ocean off Fukushima nuclear accidentChang Zhao, Fangli Qiao, Guansuo Wang and Changshui Xiayes
Workshop-510524Shin-ichi ItoOral Model developments to estimate movements of radioactive cesium with ocean sediment after the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant accidentShin-ichi Ito, Kazuhiro Aoki, Hiroshi Kuroda, Takashi Setou, Kazuhiro Takeuchi, Daisuke Hasegawa, Hideki Kaeriyama, Ambe Daisuke, Tsuneo Ono, Shigeho Kakehi, Hiroshi Yagi, Kouichi Sugimatsu, Akiyoshi Nakayamayes
Workshop-510505Hideki KaeriyamaOral Monitoring activity on radioactive cesium in seawater and sediment in the North Pacific by Fisheries Research Agency after the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentHideki Kaeriyama, Daisuke Ambe, Tsuneo Ono, Shigeho Kakehi and TOmowo Watanabeyes
Workshop-510528Yutaka KuritaOral Radiocesium contamination histories of Japanese flounder Paralichthys olivaceus after the 2011 Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant accidentYutaka Kurita, Hiroyuki Togashi, Yuya Shigenobu and Shin-ichi Itoyes
Workshop-510480Hiroyuki TogashiOral Temporal changes in the distribution of radiocesium contamination among ten dominant coastal fish species in Sendai bay and the coastal area off FukushimaHiroyuki Togashi, Yukinori Nakane, Yuya Shigenobu and Yutaka Kurita 
Workshop-510722Wu MenOral The radioactive level of nekton species in the Northwest Pacific more than one year after Fukushima nuclear accidentWu Men, Jianhua He, Fenfen Wang, Yu Wen, Yiliang Li and Yusheng Zhangyes
Workshop-510423John N. SmithOral Transport of the Fukushima radioactivity plume to the Eastern North Pacific OceanJohn N. Smithyes
Workshop-510596Ken FujimotoOral Use of otoliths to estimate the concentration of radioactive strontiumKen Fujimoto, Shizuho Miki, Tomowo Watanabe and Takami Moritayes
Workshop-510689Galina S.BorisenkoWithdrawal Assessment impact of radioactive contamination on the Pacific saury after the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant accidentGalina S.Borisenko,Victor N.Filatov,Yuriy G.Blinov, Yuriy V.Novikov,Hikita M.Blishchakdid not show for poster, no, keep abstract yes
Workshop-510630Jianda JiWithdrawal Effects of external gamma irradiation on growth of Phaeodactylum tricornutumJianda Ji, Fulong Cai and Tao Yuno, cancel poster yes
Workshop-510572Hongqi ShiWithdrawal Monitoring of 134Cs in surface sea wateHongqi Shi, Zhenfang Dong, Jianwei Zhu and Yu Zhangdid not show for poster, yes yes
Workshop-510597Takami, MoritaWithdrawal Radioactive cesium in marine biota off FukushimaTakami Morita, Ken Fujimoto, Yuya Shigenobu, Daisuke Ambe, Hideki Kaeriyama, Shizuho Miki, Tsuneo Ono, Tomowo Watanabe, Hiroya, cancel talk yes
Workshop-510433Peng ZhouWithdrawal Radioactive status of seawater and assessment in the northeast South China Sea, the Luzon Strait and its adjacent areaZHOU Peng, LI Dongmei, FANG Hongda, HUANG Chuguang, LI Haitao, CAI Weixu, WU Lingling, ZHAO Li, ZHAO Feng, ZHENG Yuanlai, ZHANG Hongbiaodid not show for poster, yes yes
Workshop-510637Delvan NevilleWithdrawal Radionuclide tracers suggest different migratory patterns in two groups of North Pacific albacore (Thunnus alalunga)Jason Phillips, Owyn Snodgrass, Delvan Neville, Daniel Madigan4, Lorenzo Ciannelli, Ric Brodeur, Kathryn Higley and William Pearcyyes, cancel poster yes
Workshop-510620Dekun HuangWithdrawal Temporal variations of 7Be and 210Pb activity in aerosols at Xiamen, ChinaDekun Huang, Jianhua He and Tao Yuno, cancel poster yes
Workshop-510703Zhi ZengWithdrawal The radionuclides gamma analysis of North-west Pacific biological samples in CJPL by low background γ spectrometry GeTHUZhi Zeng, Jianhua He, Hao Ma, Wen Yuno, cancel talk yes
Workshop-610769Song SunInvited Brief introduction of marine observing system in ChinaSong Sunyes
Workshop-610639David M. Checkley, Jr.Invited CalCOFI: Best practices under a changing climateDavid M. Checkley, Jr.yes
Workshop-610581Daji HuangInvited Chinese efforts in coastal ocean observation in 21st centuryDaji Huangyes
Workshop-610566Sung Yong KimOral A vision for the integrated coastal ocean observing system in KoreaSung Yong Kimyes
Workshop-610404Jiajia LiuOral An overview of wireless communication technology in ocean observing systemJiajia Liu, Lingfeng Liu and Yuhong Douyes
Workshop-610659John A. BarthOral Coastal ocean observing in the northeast PacificJohn A. Barth and many NANOOS and OOI Colleaguesyes
Workshop-610634S. Kim JuniperOral Development and implementation of best practices for the Ocean Networks Canada ocean observatoriesS. Kim Juniper, Reyna Jenkyns, Marlene Jeffriesyes
Workshop-610800J. Anthony KoslowOral Fishes as indicators of ecosystem change and how they can be incorporated into coastal ocean observing systemsJ. Anthony Koslowyes
Workshop-610638Matthew R. BakerOral Research in the Arctic: Coordinated approaches to baseline understanding of the ecosystem and analyses of change in the Northern Bering Sea, Chirikov Basin, and Chukchi SeaMatthew R. Bakeryes
Workshop-610795Ryuta MurashigePoster Temporal change of plankton and environmental factors during typhoons observed at the Oshima Cabled ObservatoryRyuta Murashige, Yoshinari Endoyes
Workshop-610447Fanglin ChengWithdrawal A representative assessment method for the coastal marine observation environmentFanglin Cheng, Qin Yan, Ying Ye and Bo Lidid not show for poster yes
Observer-Poster10849Lei HanPoster CLIVAR: 20 years’ progress in coordinating international activities on climate and ocean researchLei Han, Valery Detemmerman, Nico Caltabianoyes
Observer-Poster10806Franz MueterPoster ESSAS – Ecosystem Studies of Subarctic and Arctic SeasKen Drinkwater, Franz Mueter, Sei-Ichi Saitohyes
Observer-Poster10669Yi XuPoster IMBER – Research for marine sustainability: Synthesis and the way forwardEileen Hofmann,Alida Bundy, Ken Drinkwater, Alberto Piola, Bernard Avril,Carol Robinson,Eugene Murphy,Einar Svendsen,Lisa Maddison,Julie Hall, Yi Xu yes
Observer-Poster10644Matthew R. BakerPoster Integrated ecosystem research programs – North Pacific Research BoardMatthew R. Bakeryes
Observer-Poster10844George GrahamPoster Integrated marine environmental sensing with the SAHFOS Continuous Plankton Recorder surveyGeorge Graham, Anthony Walne, Rowena Stern and Robert Campyes
Observer-Poster10855Keyseok ChoePoster Introduction to the National Marine Biodiversity Institute of KoreaSuk-Jae Kwon, Jinwook Baek, Gwang Cheon Choi, Keyseok Choeyes

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New ZealandW22
United KingdomOBS-P1
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