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5th International Zooplankton Production Symposium
Population Connections, Community Dynamics, and Climate Variability

March 14-18, 2011, Pucon, Chile

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SessionPaper IDPresenterGranted Type of PresentationPotential ReplacementAbstract TitleAuthorsAttendance ConfirmationWithdrawals
Plenary7339Grégory BeaugrandInvited Climate change and planktonic ecosystems: detection, understanding and projectionGrégory Beaugrandyes
Plenary7115Torkel Gissel NielsenInvited Composition and succession of zooplankton communities - A global comparisonTorkel Gissel Nielsenyes
Plenary7277DalyInvited Modes of climate and food web variability in high latitude oceansKendra L. Dalyyes
Plenary7112Shin-ichi UyeInvited The giant jellyfish (Nemopilema nomurai) bloom in East Asian seas: causes, consequences and countermeasuresShin-ichi Uyeyes
Plenary7232Deborah K. SteinbergInvited Zooplankton role in biogeochemical cycles: Progress and prospects for the futureDeborah K. Steinbergyes
Session 17271Mark D. OhmanInvited Zooplankton as sentinels of climate changeMark D. Ohmanyes
Session 17252Sanae ChibaOral Changes in community structure, trophic link and phenology in lower trophic level ecosystem in the western subarctic North Pacific during 2001-2009Sanae Chiba, Hiroya Sugisaki, Tsuneo Ono, Tomoko Yoshiki and Sonia Battenyes
Session 17128William T PetersonOral Climate change in the northern California Current ecosystem: impacts on the community composition and production of zooplankton William T. Peterson1, Cheryl A. Morgan2, Hongsheng Bi3, Jennifer Fisher2 and Jay Peterson2 yes
Session 16884Saskia A. OttoOral Climate-related decadal dynamics in Baltic Sea zooplankton – interactive and additive effects of bottom-up and top-down controlsSaskia A. Otto , Rabea Diekman, Georgs Kornilovs, Lutz Postel and Christian Möllmannyes
Session 17071Viviana Farstey Oral Global relationships between water temperature and vertical distribution of zooplanktonViviana Farstey and Amatzia Geninyes
Session 17091Jack ForsterOral How do organisms change size with changing temperature? Exploring the mechanism of the Temperature-Size RuleJack Forster, Andrew G. Hirst, David Atkinson and Guy Woodward yes
Session 17320Juan-Carlos MolineroOral Jellyfish outbreaks in the Mediterranean Sea unveil synergies of climate and fisheriesJuan-Carlos Molinero1*, Manuel Hidalgo2, Marta Coll3, Mirna Batistic4, Delphine Bonnet5, Michele Casini6, Ons Daly Yahia7, María Luz Fernández de Puelles8, Lyudmila Kamburska9, Mario Lebrato1,Priscilla Licandro10, Lucía López-López1, Davor Lucic4, et al.yes
Session 17312Lingbo LiOral Large changes in zooplankton communities in the Strait of Georgia, British Columbia, during 1990 – 2007Lingbo Li1, Dave Mackas2, Brian Hunt3, Jake Schweigert4, Evgeny Pakhomov3 , Moira Galbraith2, John Dower5, Steve Romaine2 , Deborah Faust2, and Tony J. Pitcher1yes
Session 17076Alessandra ConversiOral Late '80s regime shifts: intriguing parallelisms in European (and more) seasAlessandra Conversiyes
Session 17170Vivian MontecinoOral Limnetic zooplankton structure and distribution in Chilean lakes and reservoirs.Vivian Montecino, Juan Pablo Oyanedel, Irma Vila and Luis Zúñigayes
Session 17032Sophie G. PitoisOral Long-term changes in the distribution and abundance of selected fish larvae from the CPR (1950-2005) over the UK shelf, in relation to biological and environmental factorsSophie G. Pitois, Christopher P. Lynam, Nicholas C. Halliday and Martin Edwardsyes
Session 17190Anthony J. RichardsonOral Long-term hydroclimate drivers of zooplankton composition and phenology off eastern AustraliaAnthony J. Richardson1,2,3, Luiz Felipe Mendes Gusmão2,5, Mark Baird4, Frank Coman5, Claire Davies5, Jocelyn Dela-Cruz6, Tim Pritchard6, Anita Slotwinski5, Iain Suthers7yes
Session 17153Ioanna Siokou-FrangouOral Mesozooplankton in the Aegean Sea (E.Mediterranean Sea): Differences among decadesIoanna Siokou-Frangou, Maria-Antonietta Pancucci-Papadopoulou, Dionysios Raitsos, Alex Theocharis, Vassilis Zervakis and Soultana Zervoudakiyes
Session 17064Karen WishnerOralREP-0Potential effects of climate variability on oxygen minimum zone zooplankton communitiesKaren Wishner, Kendra Daly and Brad Seibelyes, ready for oral
Session 17229David G. KimmelOralREP-0Regional scale climatological forcing of Calanus finmarchicus dynamics in the Gulf of Maine and the Gulf of St. LawrenceDavid G. Kimmel, Stéphane Plourde, Andrew Leising, James J. Pierson, Jeffrey Runge and Frédéric Mapsyes, confirmed oral
Session 17136Erica HeadOral Responses of Calanus finmarchicus to climate-related changes in phytoplankton bloom dynamics in Northwest Atlantic shelf and sub-polar gyre regionsErica Headyes
Session 17293Jeffrey RungeOral Scenarios of climate change impacts on local production of the subarctic copepod, Calanus finmarchicus, in the Gulf of Maine. Jeffrey A. Runge, Frederic Maps, Andrew Leising, Andrew J. Pershing, James J. Pierson David G. Kimmel yes
Session 16904Aino HosiaOral Scyphozoan jellyfish trends during 1992-2010 at Flødevigen, southern NorwayAino Hosia, Tone Falkenhaug and Lars Johan Naustvollyes
Session 17050Marcos LlopeOral Spatio-temporal variation of the plankton trophic interaction in the North SeaMarcos Llope, Priscilla Licandro, King-Sik Chan and Nils Chr. Stensethyes
Session 17007StemmannOralREP-0Zooplankton response to NW Mediterranean hydroclimatic changes from 1966 to 2010Pieter Vandromme, Lars Stemmann, Carmen García-Comas, Laure Mousseau, Franck Prejger, Ornella, Passafiume, Marc Picheral, Gabriel Gorskyyes
Session 17253Danilo L. CalliariPoster Abundance-diversity-environent relationship: the case of copepod assemblages in the Rio de la Plata estuaryDanilo L. Calliari, Guillermo Cervetto, Rafael Castiglioni and Laura Rodríguez-Grañayes
Session 17138Nadine SchulzPosterREP-1Adaptation potential of the calanoid copepod Acartia tonsa to multiple environmental stressorsNadine Schulz, Jasmin Renz, Janna Peters and Pedro Martínez Arbizuyes, did not confirm poster to oral
Session 16940Hongsheng BiPosterREP-1Alongshore transport and zooplankton communities in the northern California Current systemHongsheng Bi, Bill Peterson, Paul T. Strubnot sure, if not - B. Peterson
Session 16987Désirée TommasiPoster Assessing the environmental drivers of interannual variation in mesozooplankton community structure: insights from field observations in a Canadian fjordDésirée Tommasi, Evgeny A. Pakhomov, and Brian P. V. Huntyes
Session 17054Marijana MiloslavićPoster Compensatory dynamics of zooplankton long term changes. Example from a marine protected are in the South Adriatic SeaMarijana Miloslavić, Davor Lučić, Juan Carlos Molinero, Barbara Gangai, Ivona Onofri and Adam Benovićyes
Session 16924Alexander V. ZavolokinPoster Composition, distribution and dynamic of large-size jellyfish in the Bering, Okhotsk, and Japan Seas and northwestern Pacific OceanAlexander V. Zavolokinyes
Session 17201Anu VehmaaPoster Copepod reproduction and oxidative stress in a future climate scenario: effects of lowered pH, elevated temperature and a toxic cyanobacteriumAnu Vehmaa, Andreas Brutemark, Jonna Engström-Öst, Elena Gorokhova, Hedvig Hogfors and Towe Holmbornyes
Session 16898Alexandra V. Temnykh Poster Difference of the water temperature impact on the regional coastal mesoplankton communitiesAlexandra V. Temnykh and Viktor V. Melnikovyes
Session 16923Elena Dulepova Poster Differences on zooplankton productivity in the western and eastern Bering Sea in the “warm” and “cold” periodsElena Dulepova yes
Session 17176CastellaniPoster Do species-specific differences of copepod life cycle and ecology contribute to multi-decadal variability in abundance across the north Atlantic basin?Claudia Castellani and Priscilla Licandroyes
Session 17015M. Celeste López AbbatePoster Effects of climate change on the zooplankton lipid dynamics of coastal water bodies: a study case in a brackish lake of Argentina.Germán A. Kopprio, M. Celeste López Abbate, Gerhard Kattner, R. Hugo Freije, Mónica Hoffmeyer and Rubén J. Lara.yes
Session 16897Alexandra V. TemnykhPoster Effects of long-term climate variability on the mesoplankton community structure in the Black Sea coastal areas Alexandra V. Temnykh and Viktor V. Melnikovyes
Session 17003Kyoungsoon ShinPoster Egg hatching of copepod in hypoxic zoneMin-Chul Jang, Kyoungsoon Shin, Hyun-Ho Shin and Young-Ok Kimyes
Session 17290Russell R HopcroftPosterREP-1Egg production rates of Pseudocalanus mimus and Pseudocalanus newmani in the coastal Gulf of Alaska Russell R Hopcroft, Cheryl Clarke, and Jeffrey M. Napp yes
Session 17266Tulia MartinezPoster Fish larvae assemblage during El Niño and La Niña 2007 in the Pacific ocean of Colombia Tulia Martinez, Alan Giraldo and Efrain Rodríguez-Rubioyes
Session 17008Sünnje L. BasedowPoster Growth and mortality within a mesozooplankton community at the polar frontSünnje L. Basedow, Meng Zhou, Kurt S. Tande yes
Session 17285Catherine L. JohnsonPoster Interannual variability in the Scotian Shelf (northwest Atlantic) zooplankton community and influence on the Gulf of Maine Catherine L. Johnson, Jeffrey A. Runge and K. Alexandra Curtisyes
Session 17183M. Clara Menéndez Poster Long-term trend in the mesozooplankton abundance in a southwestern temperate estuary (Bahía Blanca Estuary, Argentina)Melisa D. Fernández Severini, Anabella A. Berasategui, Valeria A. Guinder, M. Clara Menéndez Florencia Biancalana, M. Sofía Dutto, M. Celeste López Abbate and Mónica S. Hoffmeyeryes
Session 17278Ramiro Riquelme-BugueñoPoster Mesoscale variability and its impact on the euphausiids community off Central Chile during the spring 2007Ramiro Riquelme-Bugueño, Samuel Hormazábal, Marco Correa-Ramírez, Rubén Escribano and Sergio Núñezyes
Session 17236Anthony J. RichardsonPoster Plankton observing in Australia: 1. the Australian Continuous Plankton Recorder (AusCPR) surveyAnita Slotwinski1, Frank Coman1, Claire Davies1, Graham Hosie2, James McLaughlin3, David McLeod2, Mark Tonks1, Joanna Strzelecki1, Anthony J. Richardson1,4yes
Session 17237Anthony J. RichardsonPoster Plankton observing in Australia: 2. Plankton from the Australian National Reference StationsClaire Davies1, Pru Bonham2, Frank Coman1, Tim Lynch2, Anita Slotwinski1, Peter A Thompson2, Mark Tonks1, Anthony J. Richardson1,3yes
Session 16910Jaime Gomez-GutierrezPoster Seasonal growth, molts, and egg production of Nyctiphanes simplex (Crustacea: Euphausiacea) in the Gulf of CaliforniaJaime Gómez-Gutierrez, Samuel Martinez-Gómez and Carlos J. Robinsonyes
Session 17244Aiko TachibanaPoster Seasonal variation in copepod community structure in Tokyo bay, JapanAiko Tachibana, Takashi Ishimaru and Hiroshi Itohyes
Session 17238Peter RothlisbergPoster Spatial and temporal distribution of copepod diversity and abundance in the Gulf of Carpentaria, AustraliaOthman, BHR1, Greenwood, JG2, McKinnon AD3, Rothlisberg, PC4, Richardson AJ4,5yes
Session 16975Lutz W. PostelPoster Specific long-term variability of Baltic Sea zooplankton stocks due to environmental and anthropogenic influencesLutz W. Postelyes
Session 16918Jessica GarzkePoster The response of zooplankton body size to warmingJessica Garzke and Ulrich Sommeryes
Session 17049Claire SchmokerPoster Trophic links and variability of the Canary Current system planktonic community in cold and warm years: an end-to-end approachClaire Schmoker and Santiago Hernández-Leónyes
Session 17074Patrick H. ResslerPoster Using an acoustic index of euphausiid abundance to understand the impact of fish predation and climate conditions on the euphausiid standing stock of the Bering Sea shelfPatrick H. Ressler, Alex De Robertis, Phyllis J. Stabeno, Joseph D. Warren, Joy N. Smith, and Stan Kotwicki pending until Feb. 1
Session 17089Maria PõllupüüWithdrawal Abrupt abundance changes in copepod abundance in a the coastal Baltic Sea at fifty-year time-scaleMaria Põllupüü, Mart Simm and Henn Ojaveerdid not attend yes
Session 16891Santosh Kumar SarkarWithdrawal Changes in community structure of copepods (Crustacea) due to tropical cyclonic storm ‘Aila’ and climate-induced forces in coastal waters of Sundarban Mangrove Wetland, India Santosh K. Sarkar, Bhaskar D. Bhattacharyano yes
Session 17040Carmen García-ComasWithdrawal Copepod community size structure in two coastal Mediterranean areas: Interdecadal changes related to climate variabilityCarmen García-Comas, Lars Stemmann, Grazia Mazzocchi, Marc Picheral, Frederic Ibañez, Iole Di Capua and Gabriel Gorskyno, withdraw the paper yes
Session 16877Vijayalakshmi R. NairWithdrawal Decadal-scale variations in zooplankton standing stock and chaetognath community in the Andaman Sea, Indian OceanVijayalakshmi R. Nairno, cancel presentation yes
Session 16980T. L. LetessierWithdrawal Drivers of Euphausiid species- and numerical-abundance in the PacificT. B. Letessier, M. J. Cox, A. S. Brierley.withdraw yes
Session 17299Lucia, Lopez-LopezWithdrawal Estimating the effect of environmental conditions on the seasonality and outbreak periodicity of Pelagia noctiluca in the Mediterranean SeaLucia Lopez-Lopez12 and Juan Carlos Molinero1poster was not there yes
Session 16979Christopher LynamWithdrawal Have jellyfish in the Irish Sea benefited from climate change and overfishing?Christopher Lynam, Martin Lilley, Thomas Bastian, Tom Doyle, Steven Beggs, Graeme Haysposter was not there yes
Session 17122Astthor GislasonWithdrawal Inter-annual variability in abundance of Calanus spp. in oceanic subarctic waters north of Iceland in relation to environmental conditionsAstthor Gislason, Hildur Petursdottir and Teresa Silvacancel, March 2 yes
Session 16885Bragadeeswaran SubramanianWithdrawal Investigation on zooplankton community structure with refrence to physio chemical parameter in a tropical estuarine system, South east coast of India - A case studyBragadeeswaran Subramanianwithdraw yes
Session 17092Carola WagnerWithdrawal Linking field, laboratory and modeling studies to explain thermal habitats and climate-driven changes in key North Sea copepod speciesCarola Wagner, Maarten Boersma, Martin Edwards, Thomas Pohlmann and Myron A. Peckno, cannot attend yes
Session 16954Nikolay UsovWithdrawal Long-term zooplankton dynamics in the White Sea: quasi-linear trendsNikolay Usovyes yes
Session 17101Cristine Engel ArendtWithdrawal Microsetella norvegica rule a Sub Arctic fjord Kristine Engel Arendt1, Thomas Juul-Pedersen1, Torkel Gissel Nielsen2 and Søren Rysgaard1 cancel poster, withdraw yes
Session 17110Mohamed Moussa Dorgham Withdrawal The Biodiversity of the Mediterranean coastal zooplankton off Alexandria Coast, Egypt. Mohamed Dorgham1 and Nagwa Abdel-Aziz2did not confirm yes
Session 17029Richard R KirbyWithdrawal Trophic amplification of climate warmingRichard R Kirby, Gregory Beaugrandno, cancel oral yes
Session 26988Diane StoeckerInvited Acquired phototrophy in ciliates: Does it boost trophic transfer to mesozooplankton? Diane Stoecker, Kristen Blattner, Alison Weigel and Dean Stockwell yes
Session 27218Ainhoa Lezama-OchoaOral Acoustic study of macrozooplankton community in the Bay of Biscay: diel vertical migration, spatial patterns and interaction with pelagic fishAinhoa Lezama-Ochoa, Michael Ballon, Daniel Grados, Mathieu Woillez, Udane Martinez, Guillermo Boyra, Xabier Irigoien, Arnaud Bertrandyes
Session 27319Gareth L. LawsonOral Aggregation of euphausiids and interaction with higher predators in regions of abrupt topography of the northwest AtlanticGareth L. Lawson, Andone C. Lavery, Peter H. Wiebe, Timothy P. White and Reny B. Tysonyes
Session 27004Wim KimmererOralREP-0Biotic vs. physical control of zooplankton in estuariesWim Kimmereryes
Session 26957Tone Falkenhaug Oral Diet composition and food selectivity of Sprat (Sprattus sprattus) in Hardangerfjord – a fjord off western NorwayTone Falkenhaug and Padmini Dalpadadoyes
Session 27103Lindsay J. SullivanOral Impacts of introduced copepods on the growth and survival of planktivorous fish in the San Francisco EstuaryLindsay J. Sullivan, Wim J. Kimmerer and Joan Lindbergyes
Session 27191Hiroya SugisakiOral Long-term variation of plankton community of Kuroshio warm current area, the spawning ground of Japanese sardineHiroya Sugisaki, Kiyotaka Hidaka, Tadafumi Ichikawa, Yuuichi Hirota, Yutaka Hiroe, Mikiko Kuriyama, Toru Udagawa and Kaoru Nakatayes
Session 27048Joseph D. WarrenOral Measurements of zooplankton preyfield densities over small spatial and temporal scales and their effect on the behavior of individual baleen whale predators Joseph D. Warren, Susan E. Parks, David Wiley, Douglas P. Nowacek, Ari S. Friedlaender yes
Session 27327Michael J. DaggOral Phytoplankton ingestion by populations of dielly migrating copepods and euphausiids in Dabob Bay, a coastal fiord in Washington, USA.Michael J. Dagg, Bruce W, Frost and Jan A. Newtonyes
Session 27072Michael R. LandryOral Plankton trophic structure and food-web fluxes in the eastern equatorial PacificMichael R. Landry and Michael R. Stukelyes
Session 27246Lene Friis MøllerOral Population dynamics and predation impact of the introduced ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi in the Gullmars fjord, west coast of SwedenLene Friis Møller, Peter Tiseliusyes
Session 26989Sylvain Lenoir Oral Projections of changes in the spatial distribution of zooplankton for the end of this century: consequences for higher trophic levelsSylvain Lenoir, Gregory Beaugrand and Jean-Claude Dauvinyes
Session 27025Klas Ove MöllerOral Resolving the small scale distribution of plankton and marine snow: Unravelling the role of thin layers as assessed with optical techniques Klas Ove Möller, Christian Möllmann, Axel Temming and Michael St. Johnyes
Session 26932Julieta AntacliOral Seasonal variability of feeding and reproductive activity of the copepods Drepanopus forcipatus and Calanus australis in the Southern Patagonian Shelf: post-bloom versus early- bloom conditions Julieta Antacli, Marina Sabatini, Rut Akselman and Daniel Hernández yes
Session 27067Daniel P. BevanOralREP-1Spatial variability in lipid content and fatty acid profiles of macrozooplankton from coastal British Columbia, CanadaDaniel P. Bevan, John F. Dower, Marc Trudel and Asit Mazumderyes, confirmed over the phone
Session 27182Leonardo R CastroOral The effect of contrasting feeding environments during the spawning seasons on anchoveta egg quality off central Chile.Leonardo R. Castro; Gabriel Claramunt; Humberto E. González; María C. Krautz; Alejandra Llanos-Rivera1; Joyce Méndez; Wolfgang Schneider and Samuel Sotoyes
Session 27022Mette Dalgaard AgerstedOral The functional biology of krill (Thysanoessa raschii) with focus on its ecological role in a Greenlandic fjordMette Dalgaard Agersted and Torkel Gissel Nielsenyes
Session 27070Anastasia NikishinaOral The role of Noctiluca scintillans in the trophic dynamics of the Black Sea plankton community.Anastasia Nikishina, Alexander Drits and Yulia Vasilyevayes
Session 27148Jonna Engström-ÖstOral Zooplankton and algal blooms – case studies from the BalticJonna Engström-Öst, Elena Gorokhova, Hedvig Hogfors, Andreas Brutemark and Anu Vehmaayes
Session 27137Corinne PomerleauOral Zooplankton prey species and foraging ecology of bowhead whales (Balaena mysticetus) in the Canadian High Arctic: Insights from stable isotope and stomach content analysesCorinne Pomerleau, Steven H. Ferguson, Véronique Lesage, Gesche Winkler and Wojciech Walkutzyes
Session 26951Fabien LombardPoster Active food selection in appendiculariansFabien Lombard, Erik Selander, Thomas Kiørboeyes
Session 26937Karyn D. SuchyPosterREP-4Bridging the gap between food quality and secondary production in a highly productive fjord in British Columbia, CanadaKaryn D. Suchy and John F. Doweryes
Session 27194Elvire AntajanPoster Contribution of herbivory to the diet of the copepod Temora longicornis (Müller) in Belgian coastal watersElvire Antajan, Stéphane Gasparini, Marie-Hermande Daro, Michèle Tackxyes
Session 27026Gisela FigueiredoPoster Diet and prey selection of the chaetognath Parasagitta friderici in a eutrophic bay in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.Gisela Figueiredo, Fabiana Mendes, Adriana Valente and Jean Valentin yes
Session 27012Sari L. C. GieringPoster Do mesozooplankton cause HNLC conditions in the high-latitude North Atlantic?Sari L. C. Giering, Richard Sanders, Richard S. Lampitt1Alex J. Poulton and Daniel J. Mayoryes
Session 27046David OpazoPoster Effects of river discharge in the individual and community grazing rates of planktonic copepods in a seasonal upwelling systemDavid Opazo and Cristian A. Vargasyes
Session 26938Gisela FigueiredoPoster Grazing and egg production of the copepod Acartia tonsa in a highly eutrophic bay, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Gisela Figueiredo, Betina Kozlowsky-Suzuki, Francisco Matos and Jean Valentin yes
Session 27119Toni IgnoffoPoster How they survive: The growth and development of copepods in the food limited San Francisco Estuary.Toni R.Ignoffo, Alison L. Gould, Anne M. Slaughter and Wim J. Kimmereryes
Session 26912Joanna StrzeleckiPoster Influence of physical oceanography on the diet of size fractionated zooplankton of Western Australian coast: insight from fatty acids Joanna Strzelecki1, and Shaofang Wang2 1 CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research, Private Bag No5, Wembley, WA 6913, Australia. E-mail: 2 Chemistry Centre, 125 Hay Street, East Perth, WA 6004, Australia yes
Session 27251Martin OgonowskiPoster Intraspecific differences in diel vertical migration in a Baltic Sea Mysis species (Mysis salemaai, Mysidacea, Crustacea), revealed by stable isotopes, C:N ratios and genetic markersMartin Ogonowski, Jon Duberg, Sture Hanssonyes
Session 26933Marina Sabatini (Julieta Antacli co-author fin.sup. applicant)Poster Mesozooplankton community structure and trophic interactions in the Southern Patagonian Shelf (SW Atlantic, Argentina, 47°-55°S)Marina Sabatini, Rut Akselman, Rubén Negri, Ricardo Silva, Norma Santinelli, Viviana Sastre, Cristina Daponte, Julieta Antacli, Vivian Lutz, Valeria Segura, Raúl Reta and Mónica Gilyes
Session 27150Outi SetäläPoster Mnemiopsis vs. Aurelia: The role of gelatinous top predators in the northern Baltic Sea food web Outi Setälä1, Julie Dinasquet2, Lene Friis-Møller3, Lena Granhag3, Aino Hosia4, Tarja Katajisto5,6, Maiju Lehtiniemi6 and Sanna Markkula1 no, by co-authors
Session 26899Alexandra V. TemnykhPoster One more guilty in dramatic changes in the plankton community of the Black Sea – Acartia clausiAlexandra V. Temnykh and Viktor V. Melnikovyes
Session 27321Juan-Carlos MolineroPoster Plankton dynamics in a changing world. Compensatory dynamics and risks for ecological shifts Juan-Carlos Molinero1*, Katarina Kanevceva2, Cristian Vargas3yes
Session 27082Anne SlaughterPoster Predatory impact and reproductive rate of Acartiella sinensis, an introduced predatory copepod in San Francisco EstuaryAnne Slaughter, Toni Ignoffo and Wim Kimmereryes
Session 26966Espen BagøienPoster Seasonal dynamics of Calanus finmarchicus in relation to environmental factors in the Norwegian Sea - a multiyear basin-scale analysisEspen Bagøien, Webjørn Melle and Stein Kaartvedtyes
Session 27053Marijana MiloslavićPoster Seasonal habitat utilization of Calanus helgolandicus in semi-enclosed marine lakes (“Veliko jezero”, MPA „Mljet“, South Adriatic Sea)Marijana Miloslavić1, Juan Carlos Molinero2, Davor Lučić1, Barbara Gangai1, Ivona Onofri1 and Adam Benović1yes
Session 26978Christopher LynamPoster Spatio-temporal patterns in abundance of larval fish from Continuous Plankton Recorder (CPR) surveys in the North, Celtic and Irish Seas (1950-2005)Christopher Lynam, Sophie Pitois, Nicholas Halliday and Martin Edwardsno, by Sophie Pitois
Session 27270Hedvig HogforsPoster Stimulating effects of bloom forming cyanobacteria on copepod reproduction and developmentHedvig Hogfors, Anu Vehmaa, Towe Holmborn, Susanna Hajdu, Jonna Engström-Öst, Andreas Brutemark, and Elena Gorokhovayes
Session 26983Andrew G. HirstPoster The influence of prey size, sex and behaviour on predation by the scyphomedusa Aurelia aurita.Tania FitzGeorge-Balfour, Andrew G. Hirst, Cathy H. Lucas and Jamie Craggsyes
Session 27047Paulina Y. ContrerasPoster The relative importance of phototrophic, heterotrophic, and mixotrophic nanoflagellates in the microbial food web dynamic of a river-influenced coastal areaPaulina Y. Contreras, Cristian A. Vargas, and José Luis Iriarteyes
Session 27130Leonardo K. MiyashitaPoster The role of planktonic copepods in the diet of fishes from the subtropical Estuarine Complex of Paranaguá Bay, southern BrazilRiguel F. Contente, Marina Stefanoni and Leonardo K. Miyashitayes
Session 27177Rodrigo A. MartinezPoster Use of vital fluorochromes in microzooplankton grazing experimentsRodrigo A. Martinez and Albert Calbetyes
Session 26922Maxim KovalPoster Zooplankton in the food supply to marine pelagic fishes in the Kamchatka waters Maxim Koval and Anastasia Morozovayes
Session 26925Natalia T. DolganovaPoster Zooplankton of the Sea of Japan as a potential forage for livestock growing of salmonNatalia T. Dolganovapending
Session 27337Anu VehmaaWithdrawal Copepod reproductive success in experimentally modified spring phytoplankton communitiesAnu Vehmaa, Anke Kremp, Timo Tamminen, Hedvig Hogfors, Kristian Spilling and Jonna Engström-Östposter was not present yes
Session 26913Andrew MorozovWithdrawal Holling type III functional response in herbivorous zooplankton: Brining together field evidence and mathematical modellingAndrew Morozovwithdrew yes
Session 26982Jean-Pierre Bergeron Withdrawal Interannual fluctuations of the spring pelagic ecosystem productivity in the Bay of Biscay (NE Atlantic) through mesozooplankton aspartate transcarbamylase activity: Are there any relationships with the anchovy population dynamics? Jean-Pierre Bergeron, Daniel Delmas, Martin Huret, Noussithé Koueta and Jacques Masséno, cancel oral presentation yes
Session 27233Joseph Dominic H. PalermoWithdrawalREP-3Mesozooplankton grazing activity during a bloom dominated by Pyrodinium bahamense var. compressum in Sorsogon Bay, PhilippinesJoseph Dominic H. Palermo, Aletta T. Yñiguez, Marianne Camoying, Christine Barrera, Aldwin Almo, Christopher Mendoza, Lourdes J. Cruz and Rhodora V. Azanzapending yes
Session 27017Andrew MorozovWithdrawal Modelling interactions in tri-trophic plankton communities: the importance of vertical space for an efficient grazing control Andrew Morozov, Claudia Halsband-Lenk and Elaine Fileman2paid fee- did not confirm yes
Session 26934Amatzia GeninWithdrawal Patchiness of zooplankton does not confuse planktivorous fish, it can even benefit them Amatzia Genin and Svetlana Rickelno, cancel the abstract yes
Session 26936Martina FerrarisWithdrawal Pelagia noctiluca impact on plankton community structure in the North Western Mediterranean SeaMartina Ferraris, Lars Stemmann, Jean-Olivier Irisson, Gabriel Gorskyno, cancel presentation yes
Session 27322Moira DécimaWithdrawal Spatial and temporal effects on planktonic trophic structure in the California Current Ecosystem Moira Décima, Michael R. Landry, Elizabeth Gier & Brian Poppwithdraw yes
Session 26999Anna Dubinina Withdrawal Spring diurnal dynamics of ichthyo- and zooplankton in a deep canyon in Avachinsky Gulf (South-East Kamchatka) in 2006-2007Natalya Buslova, Anna Dubinina and Oleg Tepninposter was not present yes
Session 27169Akash SastriWithdrawal The influence of water column stratification on zooplankton community composition, zooplankton productivity and food web efficiency Akash Sastri, Beatrix Beisner, Philippe Juneau and Joanna Gauthierno yes
Session 27014Joseph Sebastian PaimpillilWithdrawalREP-2The pelagic food web in Cochin backwaters - The proliferation of micro-zooplanktonJoseph Sebastian Paimpillil Kizekpat Balachandran Achuthan Kuttyposter was not present yes
Session 27275Jaime Färber LordaWithdrawal Trophic conditions off the wets coast of Mexico during winter Jaime Färber Lorda and Miguel Lavínpaid fee- did not confirm yes
Session 27093LIN QunWithdrawal Trophic interactions of jellyfish blooms with fisheries in the Yellow SeaLIN Qun, JIN Xian-Shi and ZHANG Bono, visa problem yes
Session 27338Jaime Färber-LordaWithdrawal Winter trophic conditions off the southwest coast of MexicoJaime Färber-Lorda and M. F. Lavínpaid fee- did not confirm yes
Session 26976Andrew S. BrierleyWithdrawal Zooplankton-jellyfish-fish interactions: Bayesian bio-archaeology of the rise of slimeAndrew S. Brierley V. Anne Smith M. I. Wallace no, withdraw oral and presentation yes
Session 37057Don DeibelInvited Life cycles and life history adaptations of pelagic tunicatesDon Deibel and Ben Lowenyes
Session 37100Espen StrandOral Behavior and life-history strategies of Northern krill (Meganyctiphanes norvegica) and its impact on population dynamics and spatial distribution – results from a spatial explicit individual-based model with external forcing.Espen Strand, Geir Huse and Webjørn Melleyes
Session 36964Andrew G. HirstOral Does predation control adult sex ratios and longevities in marine pelagic copepods?Andrew G. Hirst, Delphine Bonnet, Dave V. P. Conway, Thomas Kiørboeyes
Session 36973Ulf BåmstedtOral Explaining the mass occurrence of a deepwater scyphomedusa in Norwegian fjordsUlf Båmstedtyes
Session 37125Leah R. FeinbergOral Life history of Euphausia pacifica in the northern California current: what can be learned by contrasting field and laboratory studies.Leah R. Feinberg, C. Tracy Shaw, William T. Peterson, Hongsheng Biyes
Session 37002Natasha HenschkeOral Relative abundance of life history stages of the ubiquitous salp Thalia democratica in different water types.Natasha Henschke, Jason D. Everett, Mark E. Baird, Matthew D. Taylor, Iain M. Suthersyes
Session 37005Alenka MalejOral Spatial connectivity and cycles of Pelagia noctiluca (Semaeostomeae, Scyphozoa)Alenka Malej, Vlado Malačič, Andreja Ramšak, Tjaša Kogovšek and Katja Stopar yes
Session 37042Cornelia JaspersOral The physical characteristics of the Baltic Sea might act as a bottleneck for the Mnemiopsis leidyi population expansion in this newly invaded areaCornelia Jaspers1, Thomas Kiørboe1, Kajsa Tönnesson2 and Matilda Haraldsson3yes
Session 37068Frédéric MapsOral Understanding copepod life-history and diversity using a next-generation zooplankton modelFrédéric Maps, Andrew J. Pershing and Nicholas R. Recordyes
Session 36962Webjørn MellePosterREP-1A high frequency time series of hydrography, nutrients, chlorophyll and Calanus finmarchicus life history at Weather Station Mike in the Norwegian Sea during 1997 and 1998Webjørn Melle and Bjørnar Ellertsenyes, oral? 16:20
Session 37043Ann BucklinPosterREP-4Comparative phylogeography and connectivity of zooplankton based on DNA barcodesAnn Bucklin and Leocadio Blanco-Bercialyes
Session 36994Berasategui-HoffmeyerPosterREP-2Eurytemora americana egg production and morphology in the Bahía Blanca estuary, ArgentinaAnabela A. Berasategui, Monica S. , Sofia M. Duttoyes
Session 37056Geneviève J. ParentPoster Hybridization of Calanus finmarchicus and Calanus glacialis off the Canadian coastGeneviève J. Parent, Julie Turgeon, Stéphane Plourde and Pierre Jolyyes
Session 37219Gerardo Aceves-MedinaPoster Influence of the mesoscale structure off Baja California on the diversity and abundance of the larval fish assemblagesGerardo Aceves-Medina, S. Patricia A. Jiménez-Rosenberg, Ricardo Saldierna-Martínez, Reginaldo Durazo-Arvizu and Gilberto Gaxiola-Castroyes
Session 37069Cheryl A MorganPoster Latitudinal gradients in copepod community composition in the Northern California Current and S. Gulf of Alaska during years of varying ocean conditionsCheryl A. Morgan, William T. Peterson, Molly V. Sturdevant, Julie E. Keister, Moira Galbraith, Jesse F. Lamb, David L. Mackas, Joseph A. Orsi, Mary E. Thiess, Marc Trudel, and Bruce L. Wingyes
Session 36963D. Bonnet (for Séverine Boyer)Poster Life strategies of Acartia spp populations in the Thau LagoonSéverine Boyer, Isabelle Arzul, Marc Bouvy and Delphine Bonnetno, by co-author
Session 37023Christina B. Augustin, no one, she is not coming, just the posterPoster Lifecycle of the scyphozoan moon jellyfish Aurelia aurita in the Western Baltic Sea Christina B. Augustin, Sandra Kubeyes
Session 37041Dellis Montuy-GómezPosterREP-3Nyctiphanes simplex embryogenesis sincronization with female molting and gonadal cycles (Crustacea: Euphausiacea) in the Gulf of CaliforniaDellis Montuy-Gómez, Jaime Gómez–Gutiérrez, Carmen Rodríguez-Jaramillo and Carlos J. Robinsonno, by co-authors
Session 36941Yuichiro YamadaPoster Ontogenetic and seasonal variations in lipid and fatty acid compositions of subarctic copepod Neocalanus cristatus and Eucalanus bungii in the Oyashio region, western North PacificYuichiro Yamada, Shuhei Nishida, Martin Graeve and Gerhard Kattnerno, tsunami Sendai, print out the poster
Session 37055Geneviève J. ParentPoster Overlapping size ranges of Calanus spp. off the Canadian coast: impacts on oceanographic surveysGeneviève J. Parent, Stéphane Plourde, Pierre Joly and Julie Turgeonyes
Session 37166David W. PondPoster Phase transitions of wax esters adjust buoyancy in diapausing Calanoides acutusDavid W. Pond and Geraint A. Tarlingyes
Session 37207Elisabeth HalvorsenPoster Phenology of reproduction of two calanoid copepods in the Arctic: life history adaptation and predictability of sea ice break-upElisabeth Halvorsenyes
Session 36900Benni Winding HansenPoster Physiology and biology of Calanoid copepod eggs Benni Winding Hansen, yes, woul prefer oral
Session 37168David W PondPoster Pressure induced homeoviscous adaptation of cellular membranes in diapausing Calanoides acutus David W. Pond, Geraint, A. Tarling and Daniel J. Mayoryes
Session 36958Tone Falkenhaug Poster Reproductive patterns in pelagic decapod shrimps from the northern Mid-Atlantic RidgeTone Falkenhaug and Svetlana Sudnikyes
Session 36995BerasateguiPoster Reproductive strategy and egg morphology of the copepod Acartia tonsa in a temperate estuary, ArgentinaAnabela Berasategui, Monica S. Hoffmeyer, Florencia Biancalana, María S. Dutto yes
Session 37167David W PondPoster Seasonal lipid dynamics and diapause of Calanus finmarchicus in a fjordic environmentKatie Clarke, David W. Pond and Andrew Brierleyyes
Session 37090Maria PõllupüüPoster Selective impact of the predatory cladoceran Cercopagis pengoi on zooplankton community in the Gulf of Riga (Baltic Sea)Maria Põllupüü, Mart Simm and Henn Ojaveeryes
Session 37256François CarlottiPoster The influence of hydrodynamic processes on zooplankton trasnport and distributions in the North western Mediterranean sea estimated from a lagrangian model. Application to Pelagia noctiluca. François Carlotti, Zhongfeng Qiu,Andrea Doglioli, Patrick Marsaleixcnot sure, by Lionel Eisenhauer
Session 37001Chaolun LiPoster The response of the copepod grazing and reproduction to the species-different spring blooms in the Southern Yellow SeaChaolun Li, Guang Yang, Juan Ning and Song Sunyes
Session 37165Kyoungsoon ShinPoster Understanding the importance of the Yellow Sea Bottom Cold water Mass as an over-summering refuge for Euphausia pacifica in the Yellow Sea[Se-Jong Ju, Hye Seon Kim, Donhyug Kang, Woongseo Kim and Kyoungsoon Shin]no, by co-authors
Session 37202Morten O. AlverWithdrawal An Eulerian Calanus finmarchicus population model validated using field dataMorten O. Alver, Webjørn Melle, Espen Bagøien and Dag Slagstadwithdraw yes
Session 36434Elahe SanjaraniWithdrawal Identification of Zooplankton in the Iranian coastal of Oman Sea and their comparison in pre and post Monsoon Elahe Sanjarani and Malihe sanjaranicancelled March 9 yes
Session 37121Astthor GislasonWithdrawal Life cycle and seasonal vertical distribution of copepods in oceanic subarctic waters north of IcelandAstthor Gislason, Hildur Petursdottir and Teresa Silvacancel, March 2 yes
Session 37259Francois CarlottiWithdrawal Modelling spatial distributions of zooplankton life stages influenced by mesoscale circulation in the North Western Mediterranean Sea during the year 2001Lionel Eisenhauer, Francois Carlotti, Frédéric Diaz, Rose Campbell poster was not present yes
Session 36997Shinji ShimodeWithdrawal Neocalanus ocean vs. Calanus ocean: implication as characteristics of planktonic ecosystem in the North Pacific.Shinji Shimode, Mitsuhiro Toratani and Atsushi Tsudacancel, tsunami yes
Session 37245Naira J. SilvaWithdrawal Occurrence of copepod carcasses on the inner shelf off Ubatuba (Southeastern Brazil)Naira J. Silva and Rubens M. Lopesposter was not present yes
Session 37087Cesar VilasWithdrawal Population dynamic of mysid community and its key role for nursery function in a temperate estuary.Cesar Vilas, Enrique González-Ortegón, Francisco Baldo, Emilio Pascual, Pilar Drake cancelled March 9 yes
Session 36908Hidefumi FujiokaWithdrawal Preliminary result of early life cycle of Neocalanus plumchrus and Neocalanus flemingeri in the Oyashio region, western north PacificHidefumi Fujioka, Ryuji J. Machida and Atsushi Tsudacancel, Feb 4 yes
Session 36970Hildur PetursdottirWithdrawal Seasonal abundance of zooplankton south of Iceland in relation to environmental variablesHildur Petursdottir and Astthor Gislasoncancelled March 7 yes
Session 36930Mary Mar Padohinog NoblezadaWithdrawal Size distribution, sexual maturity and diets of chaetognath Flaccisagitta enflata along the Pacific Coast and adjacent inland waters of the PhilippinesMary Mar P. Noblezada and Wilfredo L. Camposposter was not present yes
Session 37027Wan AiyongWithdrawal The dead proportion of copepods in Jiaozhou Baywan aiyong,zhang guangtaoposter was not present yes
Session 47208John DowerInvited Does individual variability matter in small-scale interactions involving zooplankton? Observations and considerations from ichthyoplankton field studiesJohn Dower and Pierre Pepinyes
Session 47333LopesOral Behavioral responses of Temora turbinata (Copepoda, Calanoida) exposed to phytoplankton thin layersLuis Fabiano Baldasso, J. Rudi Strickler and Rubens M. Lopesyes
Session 46956Margarita ZarubinOral Depth keeping by swimming against the flow in zooplankton: adaptive benefits and ecological implications Margarita Zarubin, Viviana Farstey and Amatzia Geninyes
Session 47172David M. FieldsOral Mechanoreceptive hairs: how do they work?David M. Fields, T. Quincy Browne, Steve D. Shemayes
Session 47206Susanne Menden-DeuerOral Predator prey interactions in the plankton: Linking microscopic behaviors to population dynamicsSusanne Menden-Deueryes
Session 47298Fred MarinOral Quantification of plankton and marine snow in the Gulf of Mexico during summer 2010 using the Video Plankton RecorderFred Marin Cabell Davisyes, moving to Oral
Session 47114Houshuo JiangOral Toward a mechanistic understanding of the jumping behavior of copepodsHoushuo Jiang, Thomas Kiørboe, and Sean P. Colinyes
Session 47141Adriana V. AraujoPoster Copepod assemblage dynamics in a tropical estuaryAdriana V. Araujo, Cristina de O. Dias and Sérgio L. C. Boneckeryes
Session 47178Marco UttieriPoster Seasonal adaptations of Daphnia pulicaria swimming behaviour: the effect of water temperature Joshua J. Ziarek, Ai Nihongi, Takeyoshi Nagai, Marco Uttieri and J. Rudi Stricklerno, will mail the poster
Session 47209M. Clara MenéndezPoster Tidal and seasonal changes in the mesozooplankton community in a highly turbid and mixed estuary (Bahía Blanca, Argentina)M. Clara Menéndez, M. Sofia Dutto, Florencia Biancalana, M. Cintia Piccolo and Mónica S. Hoffmeyeryes, wants poster 14:30
Session 47203Giuseppe BiancoWithdrawal Copepod swimming behaviour: from 3D small-scale patterns to species-specific adaptive traitsGiuseppe Bianco, Maurizio Ribera d’Alcalà and Maria G. Mazzocchicannot attend, cancel yes
Session 47221Andrea Liévana MacTavishWithdrawal Distribución vertical de larvas meroplanctónicas en la Bahía de Todos Santos y macareos internos de marea. Andrea Liévana MacTavish, Lydia Ladah, Miguel Lavín and Anatoliy Filonov no, cancel yes
Session 46996Zorka DulicWithdrawal Effects of water source change on zooplankton in aquaculture pondsZorka Dulić, Miloš Ćirić, Nada Lakić, Marko Stanković, Božidar Rašković and Katarina Bjelanovićcannot attend yes
Session 47297Lewis S. Incze, 15:10Withdrawal Internal waves, submarine topography, and euphausiid patchesLewis S. Inczewithdrew yes
Session 57489Ruben EscribanoInvited Zooplankton in upwelling and coastal systemsRuben Escribanoyes
Session 57158Joana CruzOral Characterization of plankton communities and Acartia reproductive traits related to environmental conditions in the Guadiana river estuary and adjacent coastal zoneJoana Cruz, M. Alexandra Chícharo, Radhouane Ben-Hamadou, Luís Chícharo, Pedro Ré and A. Miguel P. Santosyes
Session 56892Jesse F. LambOral Comparing the hydrography and copepod community structure between the continental shelf ecosystems of Washington and Oregon, USA, 1998 – 2009: Can a single transect serve as an index of ocean conditions over a broader area?Jesse F. Lamb and William T. Petersonyes
Session 56927Mary Mar Padohinog NoblezadaOral Comparison of Chaetognaths assemblages along the Pacific Coast and adjacent Inland Waters of the Philippines: additive biological indicator of water mass movementMary Mar P. Noblezada and Wilfredo L. Camposyes
Session 56878Lidia YebraOral Effect of summer eutrophication on the coastal zooplankton community composition along the Iberian Alborán Sea (SW Mediterranean)Lidia Yebra, Sébastien Putzeys, Dolores Cortés, Francisco Gómez, Pablo León, Jesús Mercado and Soluna Sallesyes
Session 57038Arnaud BertrandOral High resolution macrozooplankton biomass distribution according to the depth of the upper oxygen minimum zone off PeruArnaud Bertrand, Michael Ballón, Alexis Chaigneau, Daniel Grados, Zaida Quiroz, Florian Monetti and Ronan Fabletyes yes
Session 57151Rana W. El-SabaawiOral Interannual variability in nitrogen dynamics and zooplankton structure in the northern range of the California upwelling system Rana W. El-Sabaawi. Marc Trudel, Dave L. Mackas, John F. Dower and Asit Mazumderyes
Session 57102Michael BallónOralREP-0Is there enough zooplankton to feed forage fish population off Peru? An acoustic (positive) answerMichael Ballón, Arnaud Bertrand, Anne Lebourges-Dhaussy, Mariano Gutiérrez, Patricia Ayon, Daniel Grados and François Gerlottoyes
Session 57109Odette VergaraOral Is zooplankton grazing an important pathway of C through the pelagic food web in a highly productive coastal upwelling system?Odette Vergara, Ruben Escribano and Valentina Valdésyes
Session 57198Claudia Halsband-LenkOral Long-term and interannual variability of zooplankton at a coastal station in the Western English ChannelClaudia Halsband-Lenk, Stefano Ciavatta and Claire Widdicombeyes
Session 57129C. Tracy ShawOral Population dynamics of the euphausiids Euphausia pacifica and Thysanoessa spinifera in the upwelling region off Newport, OR, USAC. Tracy Shaw, Leah R. Feinberg, and William T. Petersonyes
Session 57222Jason D. EverettOral Swarms of the salp Thalia democratica off south-eastern Australia: The interaction of oceanography, fecundity and growthJason D. Everett, Mark E. Baird, Natasha Henschke, Kylie A. Pitt and Iain M. Suthersyes
Session 57154Song SunOral The life history strategies of Calanus sinicus in the continental shelf ecosystemSong Sun1, Shiwei Wang, Chaolun Li and Xiaoxia Sunyes
Session 56985Stephen RomaineOral The Presence of Distinct Offshore Planktonic Communities in Coastal British Columbia InletsStephen Romaine and Moira Galbraithyes
Session 57099Ricardo GieseckeOral The role of chaetognaths in the trophic carbon cycling in the central-southern Humboldt Current System off ChileRicardo Giesecke, Humberto E. González and Ruben Escribano V.yes
Session 57235Anja KreinerOral Variability in copepod communities in the northern Benguela upwelling region from 2000 to 2010Anja Kreiner and Dawit Yemaneyes
Session 57174Katia AronésOral Variability of the zooplankton community in the Northern Humboldt Current System(2007-2009)and its relation to physical forcing Katia Aronés, Luis Vásquez, Alexis Chaigneau and Patricia Ayónyes
Session 57216Jonathan CorreaOral Vertical structure of copepods in the Northern Humboldt Current System (6° - 8°S) during February 2008.Jonathan Correa, Alexis Chaigneau, Carmen Grados and Patricia Ayónyes
Session 56931Hans-Juergen HircheOral Zooplankton in the south east Pacific upwelling: diversity and vertical distribution derived from an optical imaging system and automated image analysisHans-Juergen Hirche, Kristina Barz, Patricia Ayon, Jan Schulz and Andree Luedtkeyes
Session 56972Delphine BonnetPoster Ciliates populations monitoring in Thau lagoon (South of France)Cécile Roques, Nicole Lautredou-Audouy, Séverine Boyer and Delphine Bonnetyes
Session 57155I. Noyan YilmazPoster Climate, hydrography and invasive species driven decadal variability in zooplankton of the highly stratified Sea of MarmaraI. Noyan Yilmaz, Ahsen Yuksekyes
Session 57094Tatiana R. AvilaPoster Estimative of secondary production in Patos Lagoon Estuary (Brazil, RS): methodological aspectsTatiana R. Avila, Anderson Abel S. Machado and Adalto Bianchiniyes
Session 57272Sonia YáñezPoster How copepod growth may respond to distinct upwelling regimes?Sonia Yáñez1, 2, 3, Paula Ruz1, 2, 3, Rubén Escribano2 and Pamela Hidalgo1, 2 yes
Session 57058M. Sofía DuttoPoster Is the untreated sewage discharge affecting the zooplankton community?: a case study in a turbid estuary (Bahía Blanca, Argentina)M. Sofía Dutto, M. Celeste López Abbate, Florencia Biancalana, Anabela A. Berasategui and Mónica S. Hoffmeyerno, by Anabela Berasategui
Session 57303Roberto Quesquén PosterREP-1Key copepods in a coastal upwelling area in the Northern Humboldt Current SystemRoberto Quesquén and Patricia Ayónyes, waiting for Oral confirmation
Session 57139Sergio Hernández-TrujilloPoster Mesozooplankton community structure in Bahía de La Paz, MexicoArturo Nava-Torales, Sergio Hernández-Trujillo and Gabriela Ma. Esqueda-Escárcegayes
Session 57315Beatriz YannicelliPoster Metabolic responses of Pleuroncodes monodon larvae to low oxygen concentration.Beatriz Yannicelli, Kurt Paschke, Rodrigo González and Leonardo Castroyes
Session 57164Manuela PérezPoster Nitrogen excretion by mesozooplankton in a coastal upwelling area: seasonal comparison and implications for biological productionManuela Pérez, Camila Fernández, Ruben Escribanoyes
Session 56969Georgina CepedaPoster Oithona nana: population dynamics at the EPEA coastal station (38º 28´S 57º 41´W) and at the Rio de la Plata estuarine frontGeorgina Cepeda, Daniel Hernández and María Viñasyes
Session 57247Per B HollilandPoster Ontogenetic and seasonal changes in diel vertical migration amplitude of the calanoid copepods Eurytemora affinis and Acartia spp. in a coastal area of the northern Baltic ProperPer B Holliland¹, Ida Ahlbeck¹, Erica Westlund¹ and Sture Hansson¹. yes
Session 57295Carmela NakazakiPoster Planktonic amphipods distribution in upwelling zones in northern Humboldt Current System Carmela Nakazaki, Katia Arones, and Patricia, by co-authors
Session 57306Paula Ruz, Daniela ArayaPoster Production of copepods upon a nearly-continuous coastal upwelling regime in the northern Humboldt Current system off Chile Paula Ruz, Sonia Yáñez, Daniela Araya, Pamela Hidalgo and Rubén Escribano.yes
Session 56911Leonardo Kenji MiyashitaPoster Production of Penilia avirostris (Cladocera, Ctenopoda) off Ubatuba, BrazilLeonardo Kenji Miyashitayes
Session 57147Jay O. PetersonPoster Seasonal and inter-annual variability in copepod species composition and egg production related to climate and upwelling dynamics in the northern California CurrentJay O. Peterson, William T. Peterson and Cheryl Morganyes
Session 57282Augusto César Crespi-AbrilPoster Seawater temperature, -chlorophyll and zooplankton samples support a new paradigm: Coastal waters off northern Patagonia play a major role as spawning and nursery areas for early life-cycle planktonic stages of the Argentine squid Illex argentinusAugusto César Crespi-Abril, Pedro José Barón, Enrique Mario Morsanno, by Pedro J. Barón
Session 56977Mariela SpinelliPoster Size fractions of mesozooplankton (Copepoda and Appendicularia) in relation to first feeding larvae of anchovy (Engraulis anchoita) during spring of 2004 at the frontal system of Peninsula Valdes (42º-44ºS), Argentina.Mariela Spinelli, Marcelo Pájaro, Patricia Martos, Graciela Esnal and Fabiana Capitanioyes
Session 57263M. MuñozPoster Spatial structure and nictemeral changes of the zooplankton community along the Garrucha canyon (SW-Spain) as derived from dissecting microscope, ZooImage and FlowCAM analysis. María Muñoz1, Andreas Reul1, Begoña Bautista1, José M. Blanco1, Jaime Rodríguez1, José A. Fernandes2, Pablo I. León3, Valeriano Rodríguez1.yes
Session 57108Bellineth ValenciaPoster Temporal and spatial variation of the hyperiid amphipod assemblages in the eastern tropical Pacific of Colombia (2007-2008) Bellineth Valencia, Bertha Lavaniegos and Alan Giraldoyes
Session 57273Sergio Hernández TrujilloPoster Temporal variability of copepod community in the Bahía de La Paz, MéxicoSergio Hernández-Trujillo, Gabriela Ma. Esqueda-Escárcega and Ma. del Rocío Pacheco-Chávezyes
Session 57249Marc PaganoPoster Tidal effects on the zooplankton composition and abundance in a coral reef lagoon (Toliara, MadagascarJean Blanchot, Gisèle Champalbert, Marc Pagano, Loic Guilloux, Martine Rodier and Robert Arfiyes
Session 56920Pamela HidalgoPoster Zooplankton biomass and production in the coastal upwelling zone off the Chilean Humboldt Current SystemPamela Hidalgo,Ruben Escribano, Odette Vergara, Ramiro Riquelme-Bugueño and Pamela Pinoyes, wants poster
Session 57083Sarah PausinaPoster Zooplankton community response to disturbance following a flood event in a subtropical bay, AustraliaSarah Pausina, Emily Saeck, Felipe Gusmao, David McKinnon and Anthony J. Richardsonyes, wants poster
Session 57195Xanthippi GerakiPoster Zooplankton in a groundwater formatted pockmark field (Eastern Mediterranean) Xanthippi Geraki, Dimitris Christodoulou, George Papatheodorou and Nina Fragopoulu no, by Ioanna Siokou from NCMR (Athens)
Session 57304Luciana Pinto SartoriPoster Zooplankton size spectra obtained by LOPC from Abrolhos BankLuciana Pinto Sartori and Rubens Mendes Lopesyes
Session 57031María Delia ViñasPoster Zooplankton structure and succession at the EPEA coastal station (Northern Argentina): Dominance of the smaller size fractions.María Delia Viñas, Rubén Negri, Ricardo Silva, Fabiana Capitanio, Cristina Daponte and Daniel Hernándezyes
Session 57010Antonina dos SantosWithdrawalREP-0Abundance and mortality of the larvae of the green crab Carcinus maenas in the Bay of Cascais, north-eastern AtlanticAntonina dos Santos, Carla Santinho, A. Miguel P. Santos and Margarida Castro no, cancelled, sick, March 13 yes
Session 57123Anja EggertWithdrawalREP-0Bulk zooplankton dynamics on the northern Benguela hypoxic shelfAnja Eggert, Martin Schmidt, Volker Mohrholzno, cancel the abstract yes
Session 57098MªLuz Fernandez de PuellesWithdrawal Comparative studies on Zooplankton (micro and mesozooplankton ) in two oligotrophic areas of the Central Western MediterraneanMª Luz Fernández de Puelles1 , Laura Vicente1 and Alicia Herrera2 yes yes
Session 57086Cristy S. AcabadoWithdrawalREP-2Comparisons of the abundance and vertical distribution of major zooplankton between upwelling and non-upwelling stations in the East Sulu Sea, PhilippinesCristy S. Acabado, Wilfredo L. Campos, and Mary Mar P. Noblezada cannot attend yes
Session 57059Arasan Srinivasan Withdrawal Seasonal distribution and biomass of copepods in the Thoothukudi coastal waters of Gulf of Mannar, southeast coast of IndiaArasan Srinivasan and Rajdeep Duttaposter was not present yes
Session 56998Anna DubininaWithdrawal Spring ichthyo- and zooplankton of the Pacific Ocean waters adjacent Kamchatka in 2006-2007Anna Dubinina, Natalya Buslova and Oleg Tepninposter was not present yes
Session 56986Prof. Dr. Ramasamy SanthanamWithdrawal Tintinnid fauna of Indian coasts - their species diversity, dynamics and interactions with dinoflagellates Prof. Dr. Ramasamy Santhanamdid not confirm yes
Session 56431Malihe Sanjarani Withdrawal Trends on the distribution and diversity of tintinnids (Planktonic Ciliates) in the Iranian's Waters of the Oman SeaMalihe Sanjarani and Elahe Sanjaranino, cancelled March 7 yes
Session 57234Kristina S.A. Cordero-BaileyWithdrawal Vertical zooplankton distribution in the northeastern Sulu Sea, PhilippinesKristina S.A. Cordero-Bailey and Laura T. Davidwithdraw yes
Session 67484Øystein VarpeInvited Adaptations to seasonality and the annual routine perspective for zooplanktoØystein Varpeyes
Session 66993Humberto E. GonzálezOral A phytoplankton bloom was controlled by zooplankton grazing during the Lohafex iron-fertilisation experiment in the S-W Antarctic Circumpolar CurrentHumberto E. González, Grazia Mazzocchi, Ines Borrione, Ricardo Giesecke, Gauri Mahadik, Margarita Marchant, Eduardo Menschel, Patrick Martin, Maurizio Ribera d´Alcala and Pieter Vandromme.yes
Session 66888Miquel AlcarazOral Arctic zooplankton in a warming scenario: Metabolism, tipping points and stoichiometry of regenerated nutrientsMiquel Alcaraz1*, Rodrigo Almeda1, Enric Saiz1, Albert Calbet1, Carlos M. Duarte2, Susana Agustí2, Rocio Santiago2, Juancho Movilla1, Alejandro Alonso1, Jorge Felipe1, Elena Arashkevich3, Ulrike Grote4yes
Session 67173C. Tracy ShawOralREP-2Effect of sea ice conditions on physiological maturity of female Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) west of the Antarctic Peninsula C. Tracy Shaw, Robin M. Ross, and Langdon B. Quetinyes, presented both - oral and poster
Session 67135Ksenia Kosobokova Oral Is Arctic zooplankton sleeping in the winter?Ksenia Kosobokova and Hans-Juergen Hircheyes
Session 66914Rubao JiOral Life history and biogeography of Calanus copepods in the Arctic Ocean: An individual-based modeling studyRubao Ji, Carin Ashjian, Robert Campbell, Changsheng Chen, Guoping Gao, Cabell Davis, Geoffery Cowles, Robert Beardsleyyes
Session 66880Albert CalbetOral Microzooplankton grazing in Arctic watersAlbert Calbet, Enric Saiz, Karen Riisgaard, Rodrigo Almeda, Juan Ignacio Movilla, Miquel Alcaraz, Sara Zamora, and Torkel Gissel Nielsen yes
Session 66883Sara ZamoraOral Plankton community structure and role of Oithona similis on the western coast of Greenland Sara Zamora, Torkel Gissel Nielsen and Enric Saizyes
Session 66948Sanne KjellerupOral Population dynamics and life strategy of the copepod Metridia longa in a Greenlandic fjord, 2010Sanne Kjellerup, Rasmus Swalethorp, Karen Riisgaard and Torkel Gissel Nielsenyes
Session 67220Carin J. AshjianOralREP-0The energy budget of egg production in Calanus glacialis during spring and summer in the Beaufort-Chukchi SeasStéphane Plourde, Carin. J. Ashjian, Robert G. Campbell and Celia Gelfmanno, by co-author, confirmed oral
Session 67180P. RenaudPoster Abundance, structure and biomass of Calanus hyperboreus in the Barents SeaE.L Orlova, V.A Ivshin, P. Renaud, C. Halsband-Lenk, T. V. Strakhova, I.P. Prokopchukyes
Session 67330Angus AtkinsonPoster Are Antarctic krill fecal pellets exported or recycled?Angus Atkinson, Katrin Schmidt, Sophie Fielding, So Kawaguchi and Paul Geissleryes
Session 67225Imme RutzenPosterREP-3Assembling pan-arctic patterns of zooplankton abundanceImme Rutzen, Russel R. Hopcroft and Falk Huettmannyes
Session 67300Elizaveta A. ErshovaPoster Broadscale patterns of summer zooplankton communities in the Chukchi Sea during 2004 and 2009Elizaveta A. Ershova, Russell Hopcroft, Ksenia N. Kosobokovayes
Session 67310Anaïs AubertPoster C,N,P body concentrations and ratios in high latitudes calanoid copepods: a reflection of changes in environmental conditions?Anaïs Aubert, Tobias Tamelander and Paul Wassmannyes
Session 66928Ulrike GrotePoster Effect of rising seawater temperature on the survival of the Arctic calanoid copepod Calanus glacialis: A laboratory experimentUlrike Grote, Elena Arashkevich, Elisabeth Halvorsen, Anna Pasternak, Raul Primicerio, Konstantin Solovyev and Anastasia Nikishinayes
Session 67013Sanne KjellerupPoster Effects of climate changes on the three coexisting Calanus species; C. hyperboreus, C. glacialis and C. finmarchicus during the productive season in Disko bay, West Greenland Sanne Kjellerup, Rasmus Swalethop, Michael Dunweber, Signe Jung Madsen, Marie Vestergaard Henriksen, Torkel Gissel Nielsen, Benni W. Hansen, Eva Friis Møller yes
Session 67308Fanny NarcyPoster Feeding habits and life strategy of Oithona similis in Kongsfjorden (Spitsbergen): insights from its lipid contentFanny Narcy, Margaux Noyon, Stéphane Gasparini, Patrick Mayzaud and Stig Falk-Petersenyes
Session 67044Gara FranchyPoster Grazing activity around the South Shetland Islands (Antarctic Peninsula) during summerGara Franchy, Claire Schmoker and Santiago Hernández-Leónyes
Session 67250Margaux NoyonPosterREP-1How did the Arctic amphipod Themisto libellula cope with high Atlantic water masses input? A 5 month survey in KongsfjordenMargaux Noyon, Stéphane Gasparini, Fanny Narcy and Patrick Mayzaudyes, move to oral? 17:00
Session 67296Jennifer M. QuestelPoster Inter-annual Variability of the Planktonic Communities of the Northeastern Chukchi SeaJennifer M. Questel, Russell R. Hopcroft, Cheryl Clarkeyes
Session 67145Jørgen BergePoster Macrozooplankton rather than Calanus responsible for autumn DVM in Arctic fjords and pack ice: backscatter contribution by net samples compared with acousticsJ. Berge, ,F. Cottier, Ø. Varpe, P.E. Renaud, S. Falk-Petersen, A. Aubert, O. Bjærke, J. Hovinen, S. Juul-Madsen, M. Tveityes
Session 67028Cecilie BromsPoster Plankton abundance, community structure and production across an Arctic front Cecilie Broms, Webjørn Melle, Lars Johan Naustvoll and Tor Knutsenyes
Session 67331Angus AtkinsonPoster Spring blooms in the Southern Antarctic Circumpolar Current Front (SACCF) support early spawning of Antarctic krillKatrin Schmidt, Angus Atkinson, Hugh Venables and David Pondyes
Session 67323Cheryl Clarke Poster The Arctic Ocean Diversity (ArcOD) data-portal: zooplankton Cheryl Clarke and Russell R Hopcroft yes
Session 67142Amy MaasPoster The metabolic response of Antarctic pteropods (Gastropoda: Mollusca) to food availabilityAmy Maas, Leanne Elder, Heidi Dierssen, and Brad Seibel yes
Session 67189Kunio T. TakahashiPoster The occurrence of eugregarinid protozoan within the digestive tract of the Antarctic coastal krill Euphausia crystallorophiasKunio T. Takahashi, Atsushi Tanimura and Kenji Saitoyes
Session 67063Konstantin SolovyevPoster Three Calanus species populations in the Fram Strait in spring period: role of hydrological and biological factorsKonstantin Solovyev, Marit Reigstadyes
Session 67024SvensenPoster Zooplankton community across Fram Strait in autumn: are small copepods and protozooplankton important? Camilla Svensen, Lena Seuthe, Yulia Vasilyeva, Anna Pasternak and Edmond Hansenyes
Session 67035Enric SaizPoster Zooplankton feeding in the Artic during a Phaeocystis bloomEnric Saiz, Albert Calbet, Rodrigo Almeda, Juancho Movilla, Eva M. Velasco and Miquel Alcarazyes
Session 66947Guang-Tao ZHANGPoster Zooplankton species composition and community structure in Western Arctic Ocean in summer 2003Guang-Tao ZHANG,Song SUNyes
Session 67197Lionel EisenhauerWithdrawal Changes in the production and distribution of Arctic Calanus sp. congeners at multi-decadal scales in response to climate warmingLionel Eisenhauer, Dag Slagstad and Paul Wassmannno, cancelled March 10 yes
Session 67193Jun NishikawaWithdrawal Diel vertical migration of the pelagic tunicate, Salpa thompsoni in the Southern OceanJun Nishikawa, Patricia Kremer, Laurence P. Madin, Erich Horgancancel, tsunami Sendai yes
Session 66893Karen RiisgaardWithdrawal On the trophic role of high arctic heterotrophic dinoflagellates and ciliates in the North East Water (NEW) PolynyaKaren Riisgaard and Torkel Gissel Nielsen no, cancel yes
Session 67305Kriss Rokkan IversenWithdrawal Relationships between mesozooplankton and the microbial food web in a high-latitude fjord (Kongsfjorden, Svalbard): Seasonal patterns of trophic interactions and ecological roles throughout an Arctic yearKriss Rokkan Iversen, Lena Seuthe and Fanny Narcyno, cancel oral yes
Session 67196Ananda RabindranathWithdrawal Spatial and temporal variation of high Arctic zooplanktonAnanda Rabindranath, Jørgen Berge, Finlo Cottier, Stig Falk-Petersen and Andrew Brierleyno, cancel yes
Session 77073Robert G. CampbellInvited The physiology, bioenergetics, and life history traits of Calanus species in Arctic and Subarctic seasRobert G. Campbellyes
Session 77212Juan BuenoOral A unifying theory of metabolic scaling and life history evolution for developmental timeJuan Bueno and Angel Lopez-Urrutiayes
Session 76935Delphine BonnetOral Does fit mean productive?Delphine Bonnet, Carmen García-Comas and Roger Harris yes
Session 77224Christine J. CassOral Effects of temperature and oxygen on metabolic parameters for eucalanoid copepods of the eastern tropical north Pacific: implications for biogeochemical cyclesChristine J. Cass and Kendra L. Dalyyes
Session 77332Peter ThorOral Functional response of carbon absorption efficiency in the calanoid copepod Acartia tonsaPeter Thor and Ida Wendtyes
Session 77276Ramiro Riquelme-BugueñoOral Health condition and body growth rates of euphausiids of the California and Humboldt Current Systems and the Gulf of California using the hepato-somatic indexRamiro Riquelme-Bugueño, Jaime Gómez-Gutíerrez, Jennifer Menkel, Leah R. Feinberg, William T. Peterson and Rubén Escribanoyes
Session 77143Jennifer MenkelOralREP-0Krill physiological condition and growth in relation to changing environmental conditions in the Northern California Current, USA (2007-2010): Euphausia pacifica and Thysanoessa spiniferaJennifer Menkel, William Peterson, and Ramiro Riquelme-Bugueñoyes, confirmed oral
Session 77316Elena GorokhovaOral Oxidative stress and antioxidant responses in copepods: effects of food quantity and qualityElena Gorokhova, Lisa Mattsson, Rehab El-Shehawy, Claire Holeton, Hedvig Hogfors, Towe Holmborn, Anu Vehmaa, Andreas Brutemark, Jonna Engström-Östyes
Session 76971Lutz W. PostelOral Productivity of mesozooplankton: Scaling of aspartate transcarbamylase activity (ATC) measurements by allometric model calculationsLutz W. Postelyes
Session 77117Ted PackardPoster Absence of substrates underestimates the measurement of electron transport system activity in zooplankton Federico Maldonado Uribe, Ted Packard and May Gómezyes, or by Ted Packard and/or May Gomez
Session 76916Sari Giering (colleague)Poster Absorption efficiencies and basal turnover of carbon, nitrogen and fatty acids in Calanus spp.Daniel J. Mayor, Kathryn Cook, Barry Thornton, Pamela Walsham, Ursula F. M. Witte, Alain F. Zuur and Thomas R. Andersonno, by colleague
Session 77020Marja KoskiPoster Critical stages of nauplii growth: Is the early development determined by maternal reserves or initial feeding?Marja Koski and Sigrun Jónasdóttiryes
Session 77163Rodrigo AlmedaPoster Ecophysiology of the naupliar stages of the cyclopoid copepod Oithona davisaeRodrigo Almeda, Enric Saiz, Miquel Alcaraz, Albert Calbet and Lidia, by Enric Saiz
Session 77289Susana GarridoPoster Effect of temperature, food type and concentration on the grazing and reproduction of the calanoid copepod, Centropages chierchiaeSusana Garrido, Joana Cruz and Chiara Coniglioneyes
Session 76907Víctor Aguilera-RamosPoster Experimental evidence that sustained and environmentally realistic conditions of food diatoms based may induces a fecundity decline in copepodsVíctor Aguilera-Ramos, Rubén Escribano, Katty Donoso, Serge Poulet and José Martíneznot sure
Session 77097Jörg DutzPoster Factors controlling the seasonal dynamics of fecundity and recruitment of Temora longicornis in the Baltic SeaJörg Dutz, van Beusekom J.E.E. and Hinrichs R.yes
Session 76881Stamatina IsariPosterREP-2Feeding performance of the copepod Clausocalanus lividus (Frost and Fleminger, 1968)Stamatina Isari and Enric Saizyes
Session 77279Lars J. HanssonPoster Mnemiopsis leidyi feeding response to temperature is size dependentLars J. Hanssonyes
Session 76894Toru KobariPoster Nucleic acids and protein contents as proxies for protein-specific growth of Artemia salinaToru Kobari, Shigeki Kori, Haruko Moriyes
Session 77286Stephanie BushPoster Physiological ecology of the diel vertically migrating squid Pterygioteuthis sp. Stephanie Bushyes
Session 76882Lidia YebraPoster Protein and nucleic acid metabolism as proxies for growth and fitness of Oithona davisae early developmental stagesLidia Yebra*, Elisa Berdalet, Rodrigo Almeda, Verónica Pérez, Albert Calbet and Enric Saiz yes
Session 76953Fabien LombardPoster Reproducing planktic foraminiferan growth, habitat and abundance using an ecophysiological multispecific approachFabien Lombard, Laurent Labeyrie, Elisabeth Michel, Laurent Bopp, Elsa Cortijo, Sophie Retailleau, Helene Howa,Frans Jorissenyes
Session 77011Sara ZamoraPoster Reproductive performance of Oithona davisae (Copepoda, Cyclopoida) feeding on different concentrations of the heterotrophic dinoflagellate Oxyrrhis marina Sara Zamora and Enric Saizyes
Session 77133Ted Packard (for Natalia Osma)Poster Role of pyridine nucleotides in controlling the respiration of the dinoflagellate Oxyrrhis marina.Natalia Osma, Ted T. Packard and May Gómezno, by Ted Packard
Session 77179Claudia CastellaniPosterREP-1Seasonal acclimatisation of the respiration rate of Temora longicornis (Müller)Claudia Castellani and Yener Altunbaşyes
Session 77242Roswati Md AminPoster Species and strain- specific effect of Skeletonema marinoi on copepod physiologyRoswati Md Amin, Marja Koski and Ulf Båmstedtyes
Session 76939Alicia Herrera-UlibarriPoster The effect of starvation on respiratory metabolism in Leptomysis lingvura Alicia Herrera-Ulibarri, May Gómez and Ted Packardyes
Session 77132Ted Packard (for Igor Fernández-Urruzola)Poster The impact of body size and starvation on the biochemistry and the physiology of ammonium excretion in the mysid Leptomysis lingvura.Igor Fernández-Urruzola, May Gómez and Ted Packardno, by Ted Packard
Session 76903M. GómezPoster The R/ETS ratio: Where we are now?M. Gómez, I. Fernández-Urruzola, A. Herrera, F. Maldonado, I. Martínez, N. Osma and T. Packardyes
Session 76906Ico Martínez Poster Zooplankton secondary production models in cultures of Daphnia magna: A comparison studyMay Gómez, Ico Martínez , Ismael Mayo, Jose M. Morales and Theodore T. Packardyes, or by May Gómez Cabrera (PI=6903)
Session 77051Enric SaizWithdrawal Ecophysiology of the naupliar stages of the cyclopoid copepod Oithona davisaeRodrigo Almeda, Enric Saiz, Miquel Alcaraz, Albert Calbet and Lidia Yebraduplicate of 7163 yes
Session 77324Kazutaka TakahashiWithdrawal Effect of spring diatom bloom in reproductive activity, egg production and hatching success of Eucalanus bungii in the Oyashio region, western subarctic PacificKazutaka Takahashi, Keiichiro Ide, Kazuya Yoshimura, Akira Kuwata, Hiroaki Saito and Takeo Hamano, tsunami yes
Session 77088Serge PouletWithdrawal The diatom effects on the reproduction of Calanus helgolandicus - New observations at the ultra-cellular and molecular scalesSerge Poulet, Victor Aguilera-Ramosno, cancel 10:30 yes
Session 87318Santiago Hernández-LeónInvited Zooplankton and biogeochemical cycles: Who is conducting the orchestra?Santiago Hernández-Leónyes
Session 87019Marja KoskiOral Copepods and biological pump: The potential effects of large vs. small copepods on vertical fluxMarja Koski, Kristine Arendt, Fabien Lombard, Sigrun Jόnasdόttir, Jörg Dutz and Sanne Kjellerupyes
Session 87215Christian Wexels RiserOral Degradation of copepod faecal pellets: the role of small-sized, < 180 µm, plankton and Calanus finmarchicus Christian Wexels Riser, Camilla Svensen, Marit Reigstad, Lena Seuthe and Tobias Tamelanderyes
Session 87162Jillian SchneiderOral Hypoxia induced metabolic suppression in migratory zooplankton living in oxygen minimum zonesJillian L. Schneider, Leanne Elder, Rui Rosa, Amy Maas, Lillian Hancock, and Brad A. Seibelyes
Session 86952Fabien LombardOral Marine snow originating from appendicularian: age-changes in houses settling characteristics and the effect of ballast materialFabien Lombard, Thomas Kiørboeyes
Session 86992Sari L. C. GieringOral Mesozooplankton demands exceed carbon flux in the twilight zoneSari L. C. Giering, Richard Sanders, Richard S. Lampitt, Chris Marsay and Daniel J. Mayoryes
Session 86890Houssem SmatiOral Physical forcing, zooplankton dynamics and particulate carbon export to the deep ocean in the northwestern Sargasso SeaHoussem E. Smati, Songniang Jiang, Maureen H. Conte and Tommy D. Dickeyyes
Session 86921McKinnonOralREP-1The contribution of metazooplankton to carbon flux in waters adjacent to an eastern Indian Ocean coral atoll.A.David McKinnon, Felipe Gusmão, Miles Furnas and Ruth Böttger-Schnackyes, change to oral
Session 87311Julie E. KeisterOral The impact of upwelling filaments on carbon cycling and advection of coastal zooplankton: a synthesis with new observations.Julie E. Keister and Stephen D. Pierceyes
Session 87226Gérald DarnisOral Zooplankton mediation of carbon cycling and export in the Amundsen Gulf system (southeastern Beaufort Sea)Gérald Darnis and Louis Fortieryes
Session 87261Isabelle RomboutsPoster A global approach linking climate and marine copepod diversity to ecosystem functioningIsabelle Rombouts, Gregory Beaugrandyes
Session 87045Gara FranchyPoster A simple model to estimate active flux in relation to zooplankton lunar cycles in subtropical watersGara Franchy and Santiago Hernández-Leónyes
Session 87096MªLuz Fernandez de PuellesPoster Changes in zooplankton population structure during and after the north-western Mediterranean open sea spring bloomMari Luz Fernández de Puelles1, Alejandro Isla2, Renate Scharek2, Mikel Latasa 3, Antonio Bode4yes
Session 86915Toru KobariPoster Comparisons of depth distributions of mesozooplankton community between subarctic and subtropical Pacific Oceans: relative importance of vertical migrants to downward carbon fluxToru Kobari, Minoru Kitamura, Masato Minowa, Hiroshi Isami, Hiroyasu Akamatsu, Hajime Kawakami, Kazuhiko Matsumoto and Makio C. Hondayes
Session 87060Alejandro, Vicente, ArizaPoster Daily ration and feeding chronology of dominant diel vertical migrant fishes in the Subtropical Eastern North Atlantic Ocean.Alejandro V. Ariza, Natacha Aguilar and Santiago Hernández-Leónno, will send a poster
Session 87302Maarten BoersmaPoster Ecological stoichiometry and trophic interactions in a changing worldMaarten Boersma, Arne M. Malzahn, Katherina L. Schoo & Karen H. Wiltshireyes
Session 87039Cristian A. VargasPoster How significant are allocthonous subsidies of terrestrial sources to support zooplankton carbon in coastal areas?Cristian A. Vargas, Paulina Y. Contreras, Alejandra Lafon, Nelson Silva, and Rodrigo Martínezyes
Session 87078Sébastien PutzeysPoster Influence of the late winter bloom on migrant zooplankton metabolism and its implications on export fluxes.Sébastien Putzeys, Lidia Yebra, Carlos Almeida, Pierrick Bécognée and Santiago Hernández-Leónno, by Yebra
Session 87113Felipe GusmãoPoster Mesozooplankton AARS activity off the Western Australia coastFelipe Gusmão, Joanna Strzelecki, and A. David. McKinnonyes
Session 87211Juan-Carlos MolineroPoster On the export flux ratio of gelatinous zooplankton particulate organic matter: applications in global biogeochemical modelsMario Lebrato, Andreas Oschlies, Markus Pahlow, Juan-Carlos Molinero, Kylie A. Pitt, Andrew K. Sweetman, Daniel O. B. Jones and Robert H. Condonno, by co-author Molinero
Session 86919Hiroshi IsamiPoster Relative importance of respiratory carbon flux by Pleuromamma copepods in subarctic and subtropical Pacific OceansHiroshi Isami, Minoru Kitamura, Masato Minowa, Toru Kobari, Hiroyasu Akamatsu, Hajime Kawakami, Kazuhiko Matsumoto and Makio C. Hondayes
Session 87052M. Sofía DuttoPoster Variation in nitrogen and carbon isotopes in the Bahía Blanca Estuary: Implications for ecological study in planktonic food web. Florencia Biancalana, M. Sofía Dutto, Germán A. Kopprio, Rubén J. Lara and Mónica S. Hoffmeyerno, by Anabela Berasategui
Session 87248I. Herrera-RiveroPosterREP-3Zooplankton biomass and indices of grazing, metabolism and growth after a dust deposition event in subtropical watersI. Herrera-Rivero, G. Franchy, A. Ariza, L. Yebra and S. Hernández-Leónyes, ready for oral
Session 87156Catherine LalandePosterREP-2Zooplankton fecal pellet export during spring in the eastern Fram StraitCatherine Lalande, Eduard Bauerfeind, Eva-Maria Nöthig, Michael Klages and Antje Boetiusyes
Session 86905Ted PackardPoster Zooplankton respiration and vertical carbon flux Ted Packard and May Gomezyes
Session 86887Edward D’Jivetti MulaamaWithdrawal Anthropogenic forcing: The role of zooplankton structure in biogeochemical cycles in the Indian Ocean Ecologist Edward D’Jivetti Mulaamadid not confirm yes
Session 87175Svenja KruseWithdrawal Crucial role of Antarctic mesopelagic chaetognaths in pelagic energy flowSvenja Kruse, Ulrich Bathmann and Thomas Breycancel, cannot attend yes
Session 86949Hiroaki SaitoWithdrawal Geochemical biogeography: To bridge the gap between zooplanktology and biogeochemistryHiroaki Saitocancel oral cannot attend, 11:30 yes
Session 86955Jean-Baptiste RomagnanWithdrawal Imaging and size spectra approach to investigate pelagic ecosystem dynamics in different trophic regimes: insights from the Tara Oceans expeditionJean-Baptiste Romagnan, François Roullier, Lars Stemmann, Marc Picheral, Jean-Louis Jamet, Christian Sardet and Fabrice Not no, cancel paid fee- did not confirm yes
Session 97152Jesús PinedaInvited Species rarity in mangrove coastal lagoons: timing of spawning, larval transport and settlementJesús Pineda, Brian L. White and Victoria S. Starczak yes
Session 97118Claudio DiBaccoOral Assessing swimming behavior and velocities of barnacle larvae in a downwelling flumeClaudio DiBacco, Heidi Fuchs, Jesus Pineda, Karl Helfrichyes
Session 97314Luis Felipe SkinnerOralREP-0Daily larval availability and settlement of Tetraclita stalactifera (Cirripedia) at Cabo Frio, Brazil: effect of tidal and upwelling transportLuis Felipe Skinneryes, confirmed oral
Session 97081Dafne Eerkes-MedranoOral Effects of nearshore hypoxia on invertebrate meroplankton of the Oregon coastDafne Eerkes-Medrano, Lorenzo Ciannelli, Angela Johnson, Chris Langdon, Christine Sislak and Bruce Mengeyes
Session 97269Diego A. NarváezOral Interannual and intraseasonal variability in dispersion of oyster larvae: A numerical study coupling an Individual-Based model to a hydrodynamic modelDiego A. Narváez, John M. Klinck, Eric Powell, Eileen E. Hofmann, John Wilkin and Dale B. Haidvogelyes
Session 97257Rhiannon L RognstadOral Intertidal population connectivity: the role of larval supplyRhiannon L Rognstad, David S Wethey and Thomas J Hilbishyes
Session 96959Pennie LindequeOral Meat and two veg? Determining feeding selectivity of bivalve larvae in the Western English Channel with traditional and molecular techniques.Pennie Lindeque, Elaine Fileman and Claudia Halsband-Lenkyes
Session 97292Chad S GilbertOral Modelling the influence of adult distribution, size-dependent fecundity and larval mortality on the dispersal of sea scallop (Placopecten magellanicus) larvaeChad S Gilbert, Wendy C Gentleman, Catherine L Johnson, Claudio DiBaccoyes
Session 97006Jennifer L. FisherOral Nearshore larval retention among years and between regions of varying upwelling intensity Jennifer L. Fisher1, William T. Peterson2 and Steven G. Morgan3yes
Session 96943Lu GuanOralREP-0Quantifying mesoscale patterns of spatiotemporal variability of four temperate larval fish species on Canada’s west coastLu Guan, John Dower and Skip McKinnellyes, ready for oral
Session 97159Cátia BartilottiPosterREP-1Distribution of decapod larvae off the Northwestern Iberia: ontogenetic vertical migrations in the Portuguese upwelling ecosystemCátia Bartilotti, Margarida Castro, A. Miguel P. Santos, Henrique Queiroga, Antonina dos Santosyes, check the convenors schedule
Session 97104Andréa G. KoettkerPosterREP-0Meroplankton assessment on the Abrolhos Bank, Brazil: observations on major larval groups.Andréa G. Koettker and Rubens M. Lopesyes, wants to keep poster
Session 97267Ernesto Díaz-CabreraPoster Mesoscale beta diversity and spatial nestedness of crustacean larvae in the coastal zone off central-southern ChileErnesto Díaz-Cabrera, Eduardo Hernández-Miranda, Cristián E. Hernández and Renato A. Quiñonesyes
Session 97239Juan BuenoPosterREP-3Phenology and dispersion patterns of decapod larvae in the Cantabrian Sea during 2006Juan Bueno, Angel Lopez-Urrutia and Antonina dos Santosyes, has oral in S7
Session 96990Ali M. AlAidaroosPoster Studies on the species diversity of selective brachyuran larvae from the Red sea along Jeddah coastline.Ali M. AlAidaroosyes
Session 97061Lohengrin D. FernandesPosterREP-2Trend and seasonality in larval supply: a 15-year time series analysis of meroplankton in a coastal upwelling area in Southwestern Atlantic OceanLohengrin D. Fernandes, Jurema T. Quintanilha, Eliane Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Ricardo Coutinhoyes
Session 97016Elaine FilemanPosterREP-0What’s on the menu? Feeding rates and selectivity of meroplankton (decapod) larvae in the Western English ChannelElaine Fileman, Claudia Halsband-Lenk, Rachel Harmer, and Pennie Lindequeno, by co-authors
Session 97021Luis GiménezWithdrawal An integrative approach to model recruitment dynamicsLuis Giménez and Stuart Jenkinsno, cancel talk yes
Session 97018Gabriela TorresWithdrawal Maternal effects: from environment through molecular and individual level, towards population ecology; the shore crab Carcinus maenas as model speciesGabriela Torres, David Wilcockson, David Thomas, Nia Whiteley and Luis Giménezno, cancel talk yes
Workshop 17328Wendy C. GentlemanInvited Thinking outside the Z-box: How Individual-Based Models (IBMs) can advance zooplankton ecologyWendy C. Gentlemanyes
Workshop 17288Harold P. BatchelderOral Comparison of IBM and concentration based approaches to modeling krill growth and population dynamicsHarold P. Batchelder and Brie J. Lindseyyes
Workshop 17240Gaël DurOral Individual Based Model for the phenology of Eurytemora affinis from the Seine Estuary, France. Gaël Dur, Sami Souissi, Jiang-Shiou Hwangyes
Workshop 17309Jeffrey G. DormanOral Modeled krill distribution in the California Current from 1990-2005Jeffrey G. Dorman, Thomas M. Powell, William J. Sydeman and Steven J. Bogradyes
Workshop 17340Douglas C. SpeirsOral Modelling Calanus finmarchicus in the Irminger Sea: from individuals to populationDouglas C. Speirs and Michael R. Heathyes
Workshop 17307Brie J. LindseyOral North Pacific krill production: a bioenergetic model for Euphausia pacifica in the California Current SystemBrie J. Lindsey and Harold P. Batchelderyes
Workshop 17124Matteo SinerchiaOral Using an Individual Based Model with four trophic levels to model fisheries recruitmentMatteo Sinerchia, Wes R. Hinsley, Anthony J. Field, John D. Woodsyes
Workshop 17210Samuel Soto-MendozaPoster Retention of Engraulis ringens eggs and larvae, connectivity among spawning and recruitment zones, and their relationship with invertebrate predators and larval food distributions in the southern part of the Humboldt Current. Samuel Soto-Mendoza, Leonardo Castro, Carolina Parada and Joyce Mendezyes
Workshop 17204Giuseppe BiancoWithdrawal Coupling laboratory 3D observations and an object-oriented individual-based model to investigate Clausocalanus furcatus swimming behaviourGiuseppe Bianco, Vincenzo Botte, Laurent Dubroca, Maurizio Ribera d’Alcalà and Maria G. Mazzocchicannot attend, cancel yes
Workshop 27120Carol Eunmi LeeInvited Rapid evolution during independent copepod invasions into novel environmentsCarol Eunmi Lee1, Greg Gelembiuk1, Joana Silva2, Marijan Posavi1, Michael Kiergaard1, Brian Eads3, Davorka Gulisija1, Yuseob Kim4yes
Workshop 26942Mattias JohanssonOral A comparison of the mitochondrial genomes of five species of North Pacific krillMattias L. Johansson, Leah R. Feinberg, Michael A. Banks and William T. Petersonyes
Workshop 26965Paolo SimonelliOral Calanus spp. feeding rates on a diatom species estimated by quantitative PCRPaolo Simonelli, Christofer Troedsson, Hans H. Jakobsen, Albert Calbet, Marc E. Frischer and Jens C. Nejstgaardyes
Workshop 27217Tatiana RynearsonOral DNA analysis of prey in zooplankton: from gut contents to feeding ratesTatiana Rynearson, Edward Durbin, Alison Cleary and Maria Casasyes
Workshop 27160Silke LaakmannOral Do we know the known? Zooplankton biodiversity of the North SeaSilke Laakmann, Inga Mohrbeck, Thomas Knebelsberger and Michael J. Raupachyes
Workshop 27213Erica GoetzeOral Does habitat specialization drive population genetic structure of oceanic zooplankton?Erica Goetze, David B. Carlonyes
Workshop 27066Ebru UnalOralREP-0Gene expression analysis of time-series collections of Calanus finmarchicus in the Gulf of Maine, NW Atlantic OceanEbru Unal, Petra Lenz, David Towle and Ann Bucklinyes
Workshop 26950Hiroomi MiyamotoOral Genetic diversity of pelagic chaetognathsHiroomi Miyamoto, Ryuji J. Machida, Shuhei Nishidayes
Workshop 26909Jaime Gómez-GutiérrezOral Genetic evidence of distinct new Collinia species, parasitoids of krill from the Bering Sea to Baja California peninsula regionJaime Gómez-Gutiérrez, Michaela C. Strüder-Kypke, Denis H. Lynn, C. Tracy Shaw, Alejandro López-Cortés, Mario J. Aguilar-Méndez and Carlos J. Robinsonyes
Workshop 27105Petra H. LenzOral Microarray studies in a calanoid copepod, Calanus finmarchicusPetra H. Lenz, R. Patrick Hassett, Paola Batta Lona, Ebru Unal, Benjamin King, Ann Bucklin and David W. Towleyes
Workshop 26960Pennie LindequeOral Molecular identification of zooplankton: 10 years on.Pennie Lindequeyes
Workshop 27065Katja T. C. A. PeijnenburgOral Zooplankton populations isolated in marine lakes: natural laboratories of evolution?Katja T. C. A. Peijnenburg, Lisa E. Becking, Rade Garić and Mirna Batistićyes
Workshop 27077Paola G. Batta-LonaPoster Adaptation in a changing antarctic environment: Transcriptomics of the southern ocean salp, Salpa thompsoniPaola G. Batta-Lona, Rachel O’Neill, Craig Obergfell, and Ann, wants poster
Workshop 27037Lidia YebraPoster Barriers in the pelagic: population structuring of Calanus helgolandicus and C. euxinus in European watersLidia Yebra, Delphine Bonnet, Roger P. Harris, Penelope K. Lindeque, Katja T. C. A. Peijnenburgyes
Workshop 26974Ryuji J. MachidaPoster Environmental genetic analysis of coral reef metazoan communityRyuji J. Machida, Laetitia Plaisance, Christopher P. Meyer, Jonathan Geller and Nancy Knowltonyes
Workshop 27161Inga MohrbeckPoster First insights in the molecular diversity of the North Sea zooplanktonInga Mohrbeck, Silke Laakmann, Thomas Knebelsberger and Michael J. Raupachyes
Workshop 27317Elena GorokhovaPosterREP-1Growth strategies of invasive cladoceran Cercopagis pengoi in the Baltic Sea and molecular basis for its invasion success Elena Gorokhovayes
Workshop 26968Georgina CepedaPoster Molecular systematics and biogeography of Oithona spp. of the Atlantic OceanGeorgina Cepeda, Leocadio Blanco-Bercial, Ann Bucklin, Corina Berón and Maria Viñas yes
Workshop 27030Richard R KirbyWithdrawalREP-3Answers from the molecular analysis of continuous plankton recorder samplesRichard R Kirbyno, cancel yes
Workshop 27062Edward G DurbinWithdrawal DNA analysis of prey in zooplankton: from gut contents to feeding ratesEdward G. Durbin, Maria C. Casas and Tatiana A. Rynearsoncancel yes
Workshop 27034Rade GarićWithdrawalREP-2Systematics of Oikopleurinae (Tunicata, Appendicularia, Oikopleuridae) based on morphological and 18S rDNA dataRade Garić, Martin Pfannkuchen and Mirna Batistićdid not confirm participation yes
Workshop 37116Jenny HuggettInvited Zooplankton time series from eastern boundary upwelling ecosystems: within- and between-system comparisonsJenny Huggett, Todd O’Brien, Hans Verheye, Ángel López-Urrutia, Patricia Ayón, Rubén Escribano, Larry Hutchings, Anja Kreiner, Dave Mackas, Mark Ohman, William Peterson and Chris Reasonyes
Workshop 37140William T PetersonOral 15 years of biweekly sampling along the Newport Hydrographic Line, an update William T. Peterson, Cheryl A. Morgan, Jennifer Fisher, Jay Peterson and Hongsheng Biyes
Workshop 37199Claudia Halsband-LenkOral Comparative time series analyses in the English ChannelClaudia Halsband-Lenk and Elvire Antajanyes
Workshop 37080David L. MackasOral Flow-field fluctuations vs. warming trend: what is driving meridional shifts in zooplankton distribution ranges and community dominance?David L. Mackasyes
Workshop 37284Catherine L. JohnsonOral Interannual variability in abundance and seasonal timing of dominant species, immigrant groups, and functional groups at six stations in the northwest AtlanticCatherine L. Johnson, Pierre Pepin and Michel Harveyyes
Workshop 37075Patricia AyónOral Long term changes in zooplankton size distribution in the Peruvian Humboldt Current System: Conditions favouring sardine or anchovy Patricia Ayón, Gordon Swartzman, Pepe Espinoza and Arnaud Bertrandyes
Workshop 37230Todd D. O'BrienOral The COPEPOD Interactive Time-series Explorer (COPEPODITE)Todd D. O'Brienyes
Workshop 36886Pierre HelaouetOral Understanding populations changes in time due to niche requirementsPierre Helaouetyes
Workshop 37095MªLuz Fernandez de PuellesOral Zooplankton trends in an oligotrophic open area of the Balearic Sea (central western Mediterranean) MªLuz Fernández de Puelles 1 and Todd D. O’Brien 2yes
Workshop 37241Gael DurPoster Multiscale temporal variability of Eodiaptomus japonicus in Lake Biwa.Gael Dur, Syuhei Ban, Sami Souissi, Emi Doi, Shinsuke Oomae, Takashi Morita, Yoichiro Sakaiyes
Workshop 36961Pennie LindequePoster Seasonal dynamics of meroplankton assemblages at Station L4James Highfield1, 2; Damien Eloire1, 3; David V. P. Conway4; Pennie Lindeque,1; Martin Attrill2; and Paul Somerfield1yes
Workshop 37228Kazuaki TadokoroWithdrawal Recent changes of meso-zooplankton community in the western North Pacific OceanKazuaki Tadokoro, Yuji Okazaki, Tsuneo Ono and Hiroya Sugisakino, cancel talk yes
Workshop 47106Brad A. SeibelInvited Zooplankton physiology in a changing ocean: synergistic effects of climate-related variables on metabolismBrad A. Seibel, Biological Sciences, University of Rhode Island, Center for Biotechnology and Life Sciences, 120 Flagg Road, Kingston, RI 02881yes
Workshop 46926Liza M. RogerOral Comparison of shell structure of two tropical species of thecosome pteropods (Creseis acria and Diacavolinia longirostris) over a 40-year periodLiza M. Roger, A. David McKinnon, Anthony J. Richardson and Brenton Knottyes
Workshop 47036Jörg DutzOral Does the allelopathic and toxic activity of Alexandrium minutum change with ocean acidification?Jörg Dutz, Sara Ceballos, Alejandro Isla and Erik Selanderyes
Workshop 47329Steve DooOral Effects of ocean warming and acidification on larval development in the diadematoid sea urchin Centrostephanus rodgersii Maria Byrne, Steve Doo, Natalie Soars and Symon Sworjanynyes
Workshop 47000So KawaguchiOral Impacts of Ocean Acidification on early development of Antarctic krillSo Kawaguchi1, Haruko Kurihara, Rob King, Akio Ishida, Masahide Wakita, Lillian Hale, Thomas Berli, James P. Robinson, Steve Nicol, Patti Virtue and Atsushi Ishimatsuyes
Workshop 47079Leah R. FeinbergOral Impacts of ocean acidification on the hatching success and larval development of Euphausia pacifica. Leah R. Feinberg, Melissa E. Prechtl and William T. Petersonyes
Workshop 46895M. Brady OlsonOral Microzooplankton feeding and growth in an acidified oceanM. Brady Olson, Brooke A. Love, Suzanne L. Stromyes
Workshop 47187So Kawaguchi on behalf of James P. RobinsonOral The effects of CO2-induced ocean acidification on the survival and development of early larval stage Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba)James P. Robinson, So Kawaguchi, Atsushi Ishimatsu, Haruko Kurihara, Rob King, Patti Virtue and Stephen Nicolyes, may not attend
Workshop 47280Barbara NiehoffOral The response of the zooplankton to elevated CO2 concentrations: results from a mesocosm experiment in a high Arctic fjordBarbara Niehoff, Jan Czerny, Signe Klavsen, Sebastian Krug and Kai Schulzyes
Workshop 47131Cathryn Wynn-EdwardsPoster Effects of elevated CO2 levels on the biochemical composition of Antarctic phytoplankton species and their quality as food for Euphausia superba larvaeCathryn Wynn-Edwards1,2,3, Andrew Davidson3, Simon Wright3, So Kawaguchi3, Rob King3, Peter Nichols2, and Patti Virtue1no, by superviser
Workshop 47181Claudia Halsband-LenkPoster Impact of ocean acidification on the reproduction of coastal calanoid copepodsKristian McConville, Elaine Fileman and Claudia Halsband-Lenkyes
Workshop 47111TBA depending on DFO travel approvalsPoster Pteropod time series from the NE PacificMoira D. Galbraith and David L. Mackasyes, poster
Workshop 47188So Kawaguchi on behalf of James P. RobinsonWithdrawal The effects of CO2-induced ocean acidification on the survival and development of early larval stage Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba)James P. Robinson, So Kawaguchi, Atsushi Ishimatsu, Haruko Kurihara, Rob King, Patti Virtue and Stephen Nicolyes yes
Workshop 57254Cabell DavisInvited In situ optical imaging of mesoplankton using the Video Plankton Recorder and digital holographic imagingCabell Davisno, by the wsh convenor
Workshop 57192Elvire AntajanOral Comparison of winter fish eggs distribution in Eastern Channel and Southern North Sea derived from traditional microscopy and digitalized images analysis identificationElvire Antajan, Stéphanie Lelièvre and Sandrine Vaz yes
Workshop 57009StemmannOral Long term and spatial plankton monitoring with the Zooscan : insights from a 6 years project at the Laboratory of Villefranche sur Mer and perspectives for a global network. Lars Stemmann, Franck Prejger, Corinne Desnos, Marc Picheral, Gabriel Gorskyyes
Workshop 57223Harry NelsonOral New methods for using a continuous imaging particle analyzer (FlowCAM) for the analysis and classification of zooplanktonHarry Nelson, Ben Spaulding, Matthew Dupliseayes
Workshop 57334MarcolinOral Zooplankton biomass size spectra off Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) estimated by LOPC and Zooscan observationsCatarina R. Marcolin and Rubens M. Lopesyes
Workshop 57149Xiaoxia SUNPoster Application of Automated Image Identification in Jiaozhou Bay Zooplankton Ecological StudyXiaoxia SUN, Song SUN, Shiwei WANGyes
Workshop 57186Karen ManríquezPoster Biomass structure of the mesozooplankton in the coastal upwelling system off central-southern Chile during the spring 2004 as assessed by automated image analysisKaren Manríquez, Nicolás Bralic and Rubén Escribanoyes
GP (General Poster)7157Matilda HaraldssonPoster A place for Mnemiopsis? – Spatio-temporal habitat characterization in Scandinavian watersMatilda Haraldsson, Cornelia Jaspers, Josefin Titelman, Dag L. Aksnes and Peter Tiseliuspaid fee- did not confirm
GP (General Poster)7357Gary BorstadPoster Analysis of zooplankton time series from an upward looking sonar: the data-cube conceptGary Borstad, Leslie Brown, Mei Sato, David Lemon, Randy Kerr and Peter Willisyes
GP (General Poster)7205Leslie NasmithPoster Assessing the relative risk of inter- versus intra-coastal ballast water transport of non-indigenous zooplanktonLeslie E. Nasmith, Claudio DiBacco, Donald B. Humphrey, and Colin D. Levingsyes
GP (General Poster)7214Felipe GusmãoPoster Barnacle larvae production on Southampton Water, England. Erik Muxagata and John A. Williamsyes
GP (General Poster)7200Lai Peng FoongPoster Chromosome studies on the marine harpacticoid copepod Euterpina acutifrons Dana (Dana, 1848) Lai Peng Foong, Tomohiko Kikuchi and Tatsuki Todayes
GP (General Poster)7243M. Loreto TorreblancaPoster Copepod distribution in a pair of mesoscale eddies off Concepción, central-southern ChileM. Loreto Torreblanca, Carmen E. Morales, Marco Correa-Ramírez, Samuel E. Hormazabal and Pamela, by co-author
GP (General Poster)7231Todd D. O'BrienPoster COPEPOD: A global plankton database with data and DATA.Todd D. O'Brienyes
GP (General Poster)7107Peter H. WiebePoster Data management in support of zooplankton research. Peter H. Wiebe1, Molly D. Allison1, Robert C. Groman1, and Cynthia L. Chandler2yes
GP (General Poster)6984Andrew G. HirstPoster Digesting the errors associated with gut-content analysis in gelatinous zooplankton: an intercomparison of digestion time methods and recommendations.Tania FitzGeorge-Balfour, Andrew G. Hirst, Cathy H. Lucas and Jamie Craggsno, by co-author
GP (General Poster)7301M. Loreto TorreblancaPoster Distribution of the copepods Calanus chilensis and Calanus australis in the coastal band, coastal transition zone, and oceanic waters off central-southern Chile.M. Loreto Torreblanca and Carmen E. Moralesno, by co-author
GP (General Poster)7274Christian Briseño-AvenaPoster Dormancy in Calanus pacificus californicus: are copepods safe from predators while overwintering?Christian Briseño-Avena, Jules Jaffe, Mark D. Ohman and Paul L. D. Robertsyes
GP (General Poster)7146Peter H. WiebePoster Enhanced capture of krill using an LED based strobe light on a 1-m2 MOCNESS.Peter H. Wiebe, Gareth L. Lawson, Andone C. Lavery , Nancy J. Copley, Erich Horgan, and Albert Bradleyyes
GP (General Poster)7291Mark C. BenfieldPoster Industry ADCPs reflect the responses of zooplankton and micronekton to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of MexicoMark C. Benfieldyes
GP (General Poster)7294M. Sonia BarríaPoster Microzooplankton dynamics in the Bahía Blanca Estuary, Argentina M. Sonia Barría, M. Celeste López Abbate, Rosa E. Pettigrosso, Karin Fulco and Mónica S. Hoffmeyer cannot attend, colleague will present
GP (General Poster)7184Ann BucklinPoster Molecular and morphological phylogeny of Paracalanidae, Giesbrecht 1892 (Copepoda: Calanoida)Astrid Cornils, Leocadio Blanco-Bercial, Sigrid B. Schnack-Schiel, Ann Bucklinno, by co-author
GP (General Poster)7281Felipe GusmãoPoster Secundary production of Acartia (Copepoda: Calanoida) in Patos Lagoon EstuaryErik Muxagata, Waldemar J.A. Amaral and Carla N. Barbosayes
GP (General Poster)7084Mariela Spinelli on behalf of Rodrigo J. GonçalvesPoster UVR effects on nauplii from South-Atlantic coastal waters (Patagonia, Argentina): Does food with high concentration UV-absorbing compounds make a difference?Rodrigo J. Gonçalves,1,2 Mariela L. Spinelli,2,3 Rodrigo D. Hernández Moresino,1,2 Virginia E. Villafañe,1,2 Fabiana L. Capitanio,2,3 and E. Walter Helbling,1,2no, by Mariela Spinelli
GP (General Poster)7264Elvire AntajanPoster Winter distribution of Mnemiopsis leidyi (Agassiz, 1865) in the southern North Sea and first record in French watersElvire Antajan, Morgane Travers-Trolet, Christophe Loots, Sandrine Vaz yes
GP (General Poster)7260Hege VestheimPoster Zooplankton community response to multiple anthropogenic stressorsHege Vestheim, Paolo Simonelli, Jorun Egge, Tom Andersen, Frede Thingstad and Ketil Hyllandno yes
GP (General Poster)7313Sergio NúñezWithdrawal Advances in biophysical modeling of Euphausia mucronata in the Southeast PacificSergio Núñez, Carolina Parada & Ramiro Riquelme-Bugueñoposter was not present yes
GP (General Poster)7171S.N.SanagoudraWithdrawal ANTHROPOGENIC EFFECTS OF WATER QUALITY ON ZOOPLANKTON ALONG COASTAL WATERS GULF OF KHAMBAT, GUJRAT, INDIAS.N.Sanagoudra 1*, S.N.Gajbhiye2 and Jiyalal M.Jaiswar2did not confirm yes
GP (General Poster)7127Claudio DiBaccoWithdrawal Assessing the relative risk of inter- versus intra-coastal ballast water transport of non-indigenous zooplanktonLeslie E. Nasmith, Claudio DiBacco, Donald B. Humphrey, Colin D. Levingsyes, cancel this yes
GP (General Poster)6902Santosh Kumar SarkarWithdrawal Biodiversity and distribution of Tintinnids (Ciliophora : Tintinnida) of Sundarban Mangrove Wetland, India Santosh Kumar Sarkar, Sejuti Naha Biswas and Nallamuthu Godhantaraman no yes
GP (General Poster)6879Christianah Oludayo,OlaniyiWithdrawal Comparative studies on the performance and survival rate of larva fed Artemia and cultured fresh water live food(zooplanktons). Christianah Oludayo,Olaniyi.poster was not present yes
GP (General Poster)7033Rade GarićWithdrawal Fritillaria ragusina sp.nov., a newly described species of Appendicularia (Tunicata) from the Adriatic SeaRade Garić and Mirna Batistićdid not confirm participation yes
GP (General Poster)7258Francois CarlottiWithdrawal Mesozooplankton biomass and taxonomic distribution across the Mediterranean sea during the PROSOPE surveyFrancois Carlotti, Serge Plounevez, Marc Sourisseau cancel this presentation only yes
GP (General Poster)7262Josefin TitelmanWithdrawal PREDATION AND DIEL BEHAVIORAL PATTERNS IN A CHAETOGNATH Josefin Titelman, Kazutaka Takahashi, Kajsa Tönnesson, Danilo Calliari, Lene Friis Møller, Peter Tiseliuscancel Feb28 yes
GP (General Poster)7268Martin J. CoxWithdrawal Quantifying ecosystem variation using acoustic scattering layer observations Martin J. Cox, Carl Donovan, Jane Reid and Andrew S. Brierleycancel yes
GP (General Poster)7325Kazutaka TakahashiWithdrawal Sapphirinid copepods as predators of doliolids: their contribution to doliolids mortality and sinking fluxKazutaka Takahashi, Tadafumi Ichikawa, Hiroaki Saito, Shigeho Kakehi, Yasunori Sugimoto, Kiyotaka Hidaka, Koji Hamasakiposter was not present yes
GP (General Poster)7549Tao ZuoWithdrawal Spring size spectra and production of net zooplankton in Laizhou Bay , Bohai SeaTao Zuo, Rong Peng and Qun Linposter was not present yes
GP (General Poster)6889Edward D’Jivetti MulaamaWithdrawal The effect of climate change on zooplankton populations along the East African coastEcologist Edward D’Jivetti Mulaama,did not confirm yes
GP (General Poster)7126Neda JafariWithdrawal The first report of Hatschekia sp. on gills of fish Lethrinus nebulosus in the Iranian coast of the Persian Gulf Neda Jafariwithdraw, did not confirm yes
GP (General Poster)6456Rouhollah zareWithdrawal The monthly succession of larvaceans around Hormuz Island waters, Persian Gulf, IranRouhollah zare and mahdyeh eftekharwithdraw, cannot attend yes
GP (General Poster)7144Shivanagouda N.Sanagoudra*Withdrawal ZOOPLANKTON DIVERSITY OF TWO FRESHWATER LAKES WITH RELATION TO TROPHIC STATUS, SHIMOGA DISTRICT, KARNATAKA, SOUTH INDIAShivanagouda N.Sanagoudra* and M. Venkateshwarlu 1Department of Applied Zoology Kuvempu University Shankaraghatta, Shimoga Karnataka, India, 577451. * sanagoudra@gmail.composter was not present yes

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