Book of Abstracts (PICES 14th Annual Meeting, 2005)
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Table of Contents and Keynote Address
S1: Mechanisms of climate and human impacts on ecosystems in marginal seas and shelf regions (S1 Schedule) (S1 Abstracts)
S2: Life history and ecology of euphausiids in coastal and oceanic waters around the Pacific Rim (S2 Schedule) (S2 Abstracts)
S3: Factors affecting distribution, foraging ecology, and life histories of top predators in the northwestern Pacific Ocean and its marginal seas (S3 Schedule) (S3 Abstracts)
S4: The comparative response of differing life history strategists to climate shifts (S4 Schedule) (S4 Abstracts)
S5: Modeling climate and fishing impacts on fish recruitment (S5 Schedule) (S5 Abstracts)
S6: Evidence of distributional shifts in demersal fish in relation to short- and long-term changes in oceanographic conditions (S6 Schedule) (S6 Abstracts)
S7: Current and emerging issues of marine and estuarine aquaculture in the Pacific region: Carrying capacity, ecosystem function and socioeconomics (S7 Schedule) (S7 Abstracts)
S8: Ecosystem indicators and models (S8 Schedule) (S8 Abstracts)
S9: Ecological effects of offshore oil and gas development and oil spills (S9 Schedule) (S9 Abstracts)
S10: Data management and delivery systems to support ecosystem monitoring (S10 Schedule) (S10 Abstracts)
FIS_Paper: FIS Paper Session (FIS_Paper Schedule) (FIS_Paper Abstracts)
POC_Paper: POC Paper Session (POC Paper Schedule) (POC Paper Abstracts)
BIO_Poster: BIO Poster Session (BIO Poster Abstracts)
CCCC_Poster: CCCC Poster Session (CCCC Poster Abstracts)
MEQ_Poster: MEQ Poster Session (MEQ Poster Abstracts)
W1 and HAB Meeting: Review of selected harmful algae in the PICES region: I.Pseudo-nitzschia & Alexandrium (W1 and HAB Schedule) (W1 and HAB Abstracts)
W2: Introduced species in the North Pacific (W2 Schedule) (W2 Abstracts)
W3: Modeling and iron biogeochemistry: How far apart are we? (W3 Schedule) (W3 Abstracts)
W4: Filling the gaps in the PICES North Pacific Ecosystem Status Report (W4 Schedule) (W4 Abstracts)
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