Comparative Studies of Climate Effects on Polar and Sub-Polar Ecosystems:
 Progress in Observation and Prediction
May 22-26, 2011, Seattle, WA, USA
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Session 1
Comparative studies of polar and sub-polar ecosystems


Erica Head (Canada)
Kohei Mizobata (Japan)
Koji Shimada (Japan)
Hyung-Cheol Shin (Korea)
Nils Chr. Stenseth (Norway)
Paul Wassmann (Norway)

Invited Speakers:

Jackie Grebmeier (USA) - presents on May 24, Plenary Session
Suam Kim (Korea)
Marit Reigstad (Norway) - presents on May 24, Plenary Session

Comparative studies have been one of the leading aspects of the ESSAS program. In this session results from comparative studies of entire ecosystems or of significant ecosystem components (zooplankton, fish, seabirds) will be presented. All papers should compare aspects of two or more systems. These can be among different polar or sub-polar seas or between sub-polar seas and other types of ecosystems, e.g. temperate, tropical, etc. Methods papers, as well as results from comparative studies, will be considered. Papers are sought on the similarities and differences in ecosystem structure and function and the processes that lead to these differences.

Suam Kim, Chang-Ik Zhang, Sukyung Kang and Hyunju Seo (Invited)
Comparison of ecological characteristics of fish communities and oceanographic features in coastal areas of the western and eastern North Pacific Ocean (S1-7408)
(pdf, 1.4 Mb)
Charles H. Greene, Bruce C. Monger, Louise P. McGarry, Matthew D. Connelly, Neesha R. Schnepf, Andrew J. Pershing, Igor M. Belkin, Paula S. Fratantoni, David G. Mountain, Robert S. Pickart, Andrey Proshutinsky, Rubao Ji, James J. Bisagni, Changsheng Chen,
Sirpa M.A. Hakkinen, Dale B. Haidvogel, Jia Wang, Charles Hannah, Erica Head, Peter Smith, P. Chris Reid and Alessandra Conversi
Remote climate forcing of regime shifts in Northwest Atlantic shelf ecosystems (S1-7475)
(pdf, 4.1 Mb)
Makio C. Honda, Kazuhiko Matsumoto, Kosei Sasaoka, Tetsuichi Fujiki, Hajime Kawakami, Masahide Wakita, Minoru Kitamura, Shuichi Watanabe and Toshiro Saino Effect of climate change on marine ecosystems and material cycles: Time-series observations in the sub-arctic and sub-tropical gyres (S1-7355)
(pdf, 1.8 Mb)
Zhongyong Gao, Liqi Chenand Heng Sun
Comparison of decadal changes in the carbon sink and potential responses to climate change in the western Arctic Ocean and the Southern Ocean (S1-7418))
(permission to post denied, please contact the author)
Andrei S. Krovnin, Boris Kotenev, Marat Bogdanov and Georgy Moury
Comparison of decadal and interdecadal dynamics of mass pelagic fish stocks in the North Atlantic and North Pacific in relation to climate variations in the Northern Hemisphere (S1-7388)
(pdf, 0.7 Mb)
Jürgen Alheit, Kenneth F. Drinkwater, Thomas Pohlmann and Carola Wagner
The impact of climate variability and change on the Barents Sea and the North Sea: A comparison (S1-7517)
(permission to post denied, please contact the author)
Sarah Gaichas, Jason S. Link, Thomas J. Miller, Tim Essington, Ian Perry, Alida Bundy, Jennifer Boldt, Kenneth F. Drinkwater and Erlend Moksness
Using production models as tools to examine factors that influence productivity of marine systems: Contrasts across levels of ggregation, ecosystems and drivers (S1-7448)
(pdf, 0.8 Mb)
Eugene J. Murphy, Eileen E. Hofmann, Rachel D. Cavanagh, Tosca Ballerini, Andrea Pinones, Nadine M. Johnston and Simeon Hill
Comparisons of Southern Ocean ecosystems (S1-7438)
(pdf, 1 Mb)
Jarrod A. Santora, William J. Sydeman, John C. Field and Christian S. Reiss
Comparative spatial dynamics of krill and predators at mid and high latitudes: Implications for trophic transfer and conservation (S1-7361)
(waiting for permission)
Igor M. Belkin
Polar Fronts: Major ecosystem boundaries in the North Atlantic, North Pacific, and Southern Ocean (S1-7518)
(pdf, 2.2 Mb)
Atsushi Tsuda, Shinji Shimode and Kazutaka Takahashi
Comparative study of the life histories of Eucalanidae copepods in the subtropical and subarctic Pacific (S1-7469)
(pdf, 1Mb)
Jaume Forcada, Eugene J. Murphy and Phillip N. Trathan
Multispecies data reveal how sub-Antarctic and Antarctic marine predators respond to variation and change in Southern Ocean ecosystems (S1-7491)
(permission to post denied, please contact the author)
William J. Sydeman, Sarah Ann Thompson, Jarrod A. Santora and Julie A. Thayer
A meta-analysis of seabird-climate relationships (S1-7498)
(pdf, 0.8 Mb)
Kristin L. Laidre and Mads Peter Heide-Jørgensen
Climate change and baleen whale trophic cascades in Greenland (S1-7516)
(permission to post denied, please contact the author)
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