Comparative Studies of Climate Effects on Polar and Sub-Polar Ecosystems:
 Progress in Observation and Prediction
May 22-26, 2011, Seattle, WA, USA
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Session 2
New observations and understanding of eastern and western Bering Sea ecosystems


Rodger Harvey (USA)
Oleg N. Katugin (Russia)
Sang Heon Lee (Korea)
Mike Sigler (USA)

Invited Speakers:

Gennady Khen (Russia) - presents on May 23, Plenary Session
Franz J. Mueter (USA)
Phyllis Stabeno (USA) - presents on May 23, Plenary Session

This session is meant to showcase the recent major efforts in the Bering Sea Ecosystem Study (BEST) and the Bering Sea Integrated Ecosystem Research Program (BSIERP), as well as the compendium of new information provided in the most recent PICES North Pacific Ecosystem Status Report and studies that have been carried out in the Bering Sea by Russia, Korea, Japan and China. These papers will provide an opportunity to gain an overall perspective of the relative importance of various forcing mechanisms in driving marine ecosystem dynamics.

Franz J. Mueter, Mikhail A. Stepanenko, Anatoly V. Smirnov and Orio Yamamura (Invited)
Comparing walleye pollock dynamics across the Bering Sea and adjacent areas (S2-7532)
(pdf, 1.5 Mb)
Jessica Cross and Jeremy Mathis
Controls on in carbonate mineral saturation states and ocean acidification on the southeastern Bering Sea shelf (S2-7366)
(pdf, 1.9 Mb)
Rolf Gradinger, Katrin Iken and Bodil A. Bluhm
Sedimentation processes under the seasonal sea ice of the Bering Sea (S2-7456)
(waiting for permission)
Raymond Sambrotto, Jinlun Zhang, Didier Burdloff, Ana Maria Aguilar-Islas and Kali McKee
Sea-ice dispersal and source influence productivity patterns in the northern Bering Sea (S2-7458)
(pdf, 2.2 Mb)
David H. Shull, Allan H. Devol and Margaret S. Esch
Bioturbation and organic carbon mineralization pathways in Bering Shelf sediments (S2-7482)
(pdf, 1 Mb)
Jeffrey M. Napp, Lisa Eisner, Edward Farley, Kathy Mier, Alexei Pinchuk and Phyllis Stabeno
North-south variation in eastern Bering Sea shelf spring and late summer zooplankton assemblages (S2-7522)
(waiting for permission)
Evelyn J. Lessard, Megan Schatz, C. Tracy Shaw and Michael Foy
Seasonal and interannual patterns in euphausiid diets and feeding rates in the eastern Bering Sea: Three years of BEST observations (S2-7384)
(waiting for permission)
Sandra Parker-Stetter, John K. Horne, Edward Farley and Lisa Eisner
(Presenter: Lisa Eisner on behalf of Sandra Parker-Stetter)
Evaluating linkages between forage fish distributions and physical oceanography in the eastern Bering Sea (S2-7459)
(permission to post denied, please contact the author)
Kanako Toge, Rei Yamashita, Kentaro Kazama, Masaaki Fukuwaka, Orio Yamamura and Yutaka Watanuki
Biennial change of the pink salmon biomass and its effects on the body condition of two species of seabirds in the central Bering Sea (S2-7386)
(waiting for photo permission)
Duane E. Stevenson and Robert R. Lauth
Latitudinal trends and temporal shifts in the seafloor ecosystem of the eastern Bering Sea shelf and southeastern Chukchi Sea (S2-7450)
(pdf, 1.8 Mb)
Tracey I. Smart, Janet T. Duffy-Anderson and John K. Horne
Alternating climate states influence walleye pollock early life stages in the southeastern Bering Sea (S2-7365)
(pdf, 1 Mb)
Ron A. Heintz, Elizabeth C. Siddon and Edward Farley
Climate related changes in the nutritional condition of young-of-the-year pollock (Theragra chalcogramma) from the eastern Bering Sea (S2-7529)
(pdf, 1 Mb)
George Noongwook and Henry P. Huntington
Ecosystem influences on hunting success in Savoonga, Alaska (S2-7464)
(waiting for permission)
Rosana Paredes, Ann M.A. Harding, Daniel D. Roby, David B. Irons, Robert M. Suryan, Rachael A. Orben, Heather Renner, Alexander Kitaysky, Kelly Benoit-Bird and Scott Heppell
Links between at-sea foraging behavior and breeding performance of black-legged kittiwakes nesting at colonies in different Bering Sea domains (S2-7527)
(pdf, 7.3 Mb)
Peter Boveng, Josh London and Michael Cameron
Movements and dive behavior of ribbon and spotted seals: Evidence for resource partitioning in the Bering Sea (S2-7531)
(pdf, 0.8 Mb)
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