Comparative Studies of Climate Effects on Polar and Sub-Polar Ecosystems:
 Progress in Observation and Prediction
May 22-26, 2011, Seattle, WA, USA
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Session 4 (merged with Session 9)
Nutrients, biogeochemistry and acidification in a changing climate

S4 Co-Convenors:

Knut Yngve Børsheim (Norway)
Al Devol (USA)
Michiyo Yamamoto-Kawai (Japan)
Humio Mitsudera (Japan)
Jean-Eric Tremblay (Canada)

S9 Co-Convenors:

Kenneth Denman (Canada)
Christoph Heinze (Norway)
Yukihira Nojiri (Japan)
Jim Overland (USA)
Hans Pörtner (Germany)

S4 Invited Speakers:

Lou Codispoti (USA)
Eva Falck (Norway)
Shigeto Nishino (Japan)

S9 Invited Speakers:

Jim Christian (Canada)
Mishiyo Yamamoto-Kawai (Japan)

This session will focus on the sources of macro- and micro-nutrients in the sub-Arctic seas. How does the importance of the various pathways to primary production vary with season, and how do they affect the fate of the production? How do these differ between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans? How are these processes influenced by the presence of sea ice? Additionally, this session will include papers that discuss the responses of high latitude regions to either future climate or increasing acidification, or their combined response. Of particular interest are physical, chemical or biological thresholds or tipping points that will lead to large-scale changes in an ecosystem.

Eva Falck, Frede Thingstad, Paul Wassmann and Knut Yngve Børsheim (Invited)
(Presenter: Knut Yngve Børsheim on behalf of Eva Falk)
Tracing Pacific water entering the Polar Ocean through the Bering Strait using N/P ratio signatures (S4-7412)
(pdf, 1.7 Mb)
Humio Mitsudera, Keisuke Uchimoto and Tomohiro Nakamura
Cold water belt formation off the Soya Warm Current along the northeastern coast of Hokkaido (S4-7410)
(pdf, 0.8 Mb)
Tore Johannessen
The advantage of being eaten: Do zooplankton stimulate growth of their preferred algal prey? (S4-7488)
(waiting for permission)
Zhongyong Gao, Liqi Chen and Heng Sun
Developments of Arctic carbon sink from 1999 to 2010 (S4-7416)
(permission to post denied, please contact the author)
Julie Granger, Maria Prokopenko, Daniel Sigman and Calvin Mordy
The predominance of benthic processes for N cycling on the eastern Bering Sea shelf as evidenced by the N and O isotope ratios of water-column nitrate (S4-7444)
(waiting for permission)
Keisuke Uchimoto, Tomohiro Nakamura, Jun Nishioka, Humio Mitsudera, Kazuhiro Misumi and Daisuke Tsumune
Toward a simulation of iron circulation from the Okhotsk Sea to the Pacific (S4-7423)
(pdf, 1 Mb)
Kenshi Kuma, Yuta Nakayama, Satoshi Fujita and Koji Shimada
Iron and humic-type fluorescent dissolved organic matter in the western Arctic Ocean (S4-7462)
(part-1 pdf 5.7 Mb, part-2 pdf 2 Mb, part-3 pdf 0.7 Mb, part-4 pdf 7 Mb)
Margaret S. Esch, David H. Shull, Allan H. Devol and Bradley Moran
Iron and manganese oxide reduction in Bering Sea shelf sediments (S4-7514)
(pdf, 1 Mb)
John Crusius, Rob Campbell and Andrew Schroth
Abundant, seasonally variable supply of glacier flour-derived iron drives high nitrate consumption in Copper River plume and adjacent Gulf of Alaska continental shelf (S4-7540)
(permission to post denied, please contact the author)
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