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W2 FIS Topic Workshop
Beyond Lagrangian: Modeling migratory fish behavior in Global Circulation Models

Co-Convenors: Enrique Curchitser (U.S.A.), Shin-Ichi Ito (Japan), Michio Kishi (Japan), Skip McKinnell (PICES)

The advent of high resolution coupled atmosphere–ocean circulation models and the creation of repositories of high resolution 4-D ocean hindcasts and future scenarios has made it possible to contemplate adding virtual fish to an increasingly virtual ocean. The ability to study virtual fish in a virtual ocean has a potential to understand past phenomena and potentially, to predict future behavior. Recent developments in satellite data availability, in data assimilating physical models, and in tagging technologies for fishes, all increase the chance to improve our understanding of fish migration mechanism. However, fish behavior is complex. It is a consequence of genes, the physical, chemical and biological environment and their interaction, and perhaps even from learned behavior. This makes the modeling of fish behaviors potentially very complex, and this complexity suggests that a team approach to model building might be desirable. The purpose of this workshop is to understand the current state of development in modeling fish behaviour. Presentations are anticipated that discuss successes (and failures) in modeling migratory fish behavior. Presentations related to data availability to evaluate fish behavior models and laboratory experimental approaches to investigate fish behavior are also welcomed. Based on the results and opinions expressed at the workshop, the convenors would like to discuss the desirability of establishing a group that will focus its attention on developing and advancing the state of fish behavioral modeling.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

James Anderson
Seeking principles for modeling fish migratory behavior - A cross discipline approach (W2-6766)


Dongwha Sohn, Lorenzo Ciannelli, Janet T. Duffy-Anderson and William T. Stockhausen
Modeling the drift pathways of Greenland halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides) from spawning to settling locations in the eastern Bering Sea using the Dispersal Model for Early Life Stages (W2-6792)
(waiting for permission)


Chloe Bracis
Successes and limitations modeling fish behavior with limited data (W2-6546)


Brian J. Burke, James J. Anderson and Edmundo Casillas
Evaluating behavioral rules potentially used by migrating salmon (W2-6432)

Steven L.H. Teo, Suzy Kohin, Heidi Dewar, David Wells and Candan Soykan
Movement patterns of pelagic sharks and tunas in the Northeast Pacific (W2-6537)
(permission to post denied, contact presenter)
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