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HAB Meeting

Ichiro Imai, Tomotaka Shiraishi, Kiyohito Nagai, Shingo Hiroishi, Shigeru Itakura, Yasunori Watanabe, Akira Ishikawa and Yasuwo Fukuyo
Monitoring of the shellfish-killing dinoflagellate Heterocapsa circularisquama in Japanese coastal sea by indirect fluorescent antibody technique
pdf (0.6 MB)

Hak Gyoon Kim, Young Shil Kang, Chang Kyu Lee, Gui Young Kim, Wol Ae Lim, Sook Yang Kim, Young Tae Park, Soo Jung Chang, Young Sang Suh and Hee Dong Jeong
Recent approaches for the prediction and mitigation of Cochlodinium polykrikoides blooms in Korean waters
pdf (10 MB)

Tatiana Yu. Orlova
Harmful algal bloom data for the Russian east coast
pdf (7.4 MB)

Angelica Peña
Preliminary proposal of a Canadian Program on the Ecology and Oceanography of Harmful Algal Blooms

Michelle C. Tomlinson, Richard P. Stumpf, Dana L. Woodruff, Nathan R. Evans and Susan Dunham
The use of remote sensing and meteorological data for monitoring HABs through ecological associations
pdf (4.8 MB)

Vera L. Trainer, Barbara M. Hickey, Mark Wells and William P. Cochlan
Ecological linkages between physical and oceanographic conditions and the seasonal growth and distribution of Pseudo-nitzschia blooms on the U.S. west coast
pdf (1.2 MB)

Mingyuan Zhu, Ruixiang Li and Zongling Wang
The occurrences of HAB in Chinese coastal waters in recent three years
pdf (4.0 MB)

Yinglin Zou, Mingyuan Zhu, Ruixiang Li and Zhenxing Wu
Monitoring toxic HAB in the Chinese waters during the recent three years
pdf (6.5 MB)

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