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Workshop 4 : Scale interactions of climate and marine ecosystems

Troy W. Buckley and Stanislaw Kotwicki
Consideration of spatial scale when assessing the influence of environmental variability on walleye pollock in the eastern Bering Sea
pdf (2.7 MB)

Richard A. Feely, C. L. Sabine, R. Wanninkhof, A. Murata, R. Key, C. Winn, M. F. Lamb and D. Greeley
CLIVAR/CO2 Repeat Hydrography Program in the North Pacific Ocean
pdf (14.5 MB)

Peter W. Lawson
Climate impacts on OPI coho salmon, Oncorhynchus kisutch, production: Insights from a species sensitive to habitat change at daily to centennial time scales
pdf (1.8 MB), ppt slide (4 MB)

Elizabeth A. Logerwell and Anne B. Hollowed
The impact of environmental variability on the effectiveness of fisheries management strategies
pdf (1.7 MB)

Nathan J. Mantua
To upscale or downscale? Thoughts on bridging disparate scales of space and time in linking the planetary to the plankton
pdf (1.5 MB)

S. Lyn McNutt, Two Crow (AKA, Jim Schumacher) and Phil Mundy
Integrated adaptive management applied to the Gulf Ecosystem Monitoring and Research (GEM) Program
pdf (0.3 MB)

Arthur J. Miller
Regional impacts of large-scale climate variations on the Pacific Ocean ecosystem
pdf (5.5 MB)

Franz J. Mueter and Bernard A. Megrey
Spatial scales and magnitudes of covariation among fish populations in the Northeast Pacific
pdf (0.3 MB)

Raghu Murtugudde
Tropical and extratropical modes of ecosystem variability
pdf (4.5 MB)

Vladimir I. Radchenko
Coincidence of pink salmon catch trends among the odd-years and even-years populations: Regional and basin scale views
pdf (2.9 MB)

Sei-ichi Saitoh and Takahiro Iida
Temporal and spatial variability of phytoplankton biomass and productivity in the Bering Sea in relation to climate variability
pdf (6.2 MB), ppt slides "Eddy Kinetic Energy in the Bering Sea (2000)" and "Hydrographic Stations by Oshoro-maru 1995-2002" (1.3 MB)

Paul D. Spencer and Tom W. Wilderbuer
Relationships between environmental variability and eastern Bering Sea flatfish population distributions
pdf (0.4 MB)

Cara Wilson, Steven J. Bograd and Franklin B. Schwing
Temporal variability of sea surface chlorophyll and biophysical coupling in the Pacific
pdf (7.9 MB)

Eleuterio Yáñez, Claudio Silva and María Angela Barbieri
Low frequency environmental fluctuations and main Chilean pelagic fisheries
pdf (0.4 MB)

Ichiro Yasuda and Hiroaki Tatebe
Tide-induced North Pacific Intermediate Water circulation and impact on climate
pdf (0.8 MB)

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