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Session 8: Ecosystem indicators and models

Elizabeth A. Fulton, Michael Fuller and Anthony D.M. Smith
Management strategy evaluation and indicators for ecosystem-based fisheries management
(pdf, 6.2 Mb)

Gordon H. Kruse, Patricia A. Livingston and Glen S. Jamieson
Evolution of ecosystem-based fishery management (pdf, 0.7 Mb)

Sang Cheol Yoon and Chang Ik Zhang
A comprehensive ecosystem-based approach to management of fisheries resources in Korea
(pdf, 1.1 Mb)

James E. Overland, J. Boldt, J. Grebmeier, J. Helle, P.J. Stabeno, M. Wang and Patricia Livingston
Multiple indicators track major ecosystem shifts in the Bering Sea (pdf, 3.4 Mb)

Michio J. Kishi, Ippo Nakajima and Yasuko Kamezawa
Fish growth comparisons around Japan using NEMURO.FISH (pdf, 1.3 Mb)

Vladimir I. Zvalinsky
Ecosystem parameters and stability: Theoretical considerations (pdf, 5.4 Mb)

Glen Jamieson and Cathryn Clarke
Identification of ecologically and biologically significant areas in Pacific Canada (pdf, 1.7 Mb)

Chuan-Lin Huo, Geng-Chen Han, Ju-Ying Wang and Dao-Ming Guan
EROD as bioindicator for monitoring of marine contaminants along the Dalian coast (pdf, 3.4 Mb)

Sun-Kil Lee, Jae Bong Lee, Chang-Ik Zhang and Dong Woo Lee
Comparisons in ecosystem effects of fishing in Korean waters

Zhenyong Wang, Hao Wei and Zuowei Zhang
Application of modified NEMURO Model to Jiaozhou Bay (pdf, 3.4 Mb)

Thomas C. Wainwright, James J. Ruzicka and William T. Peterson
A biological production index for the northern California Current (pdf, 0.9 Mb)

Jie Li, Zengmao Wu and Xiaofang Wan
Modelling study of the new production and the microbial food loop impact in the Yellow Sea Cold Water Mass (pdf, 0.4 Mb)

Chris J. Harvey, Isaac C. Kaplan, Emily J. Brand, Elizabeth A. Fulton, Anthony D.M. Smith, Albert J. Hermann, M. Elizabeth Clarke and Phillip S. Levin
A spatially-explicit ecosystem model to examine the effects of fisheries management alternatives in the California Current (pdf, 0.8 Mb)

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