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Workshop 1: Modeling iron biogeochemistry and ocean ecosystems

Welcome and introductions (pdf, 0.7 Mb)

Marie Boye, Olivier Aumont, Constant M.G. van den Berg and Hein J.W. de Baar (Invited)
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The organic complexation in modeling the iron geochemistry and bioavailability (W1-3036)

Atsushi Ooki, Jun Nishioka and Tsuneo Ono
Determination of iron solubility of Asian dust in the surface seawater (pdf, 0.2 Mb)

Daisuke Tsumune, Keith Lindsay, Gokhan Danabasoglu, Scott C. Doney, Jun Nishioka, Takeshi Yoshimura, Frank O. Bryan and Nakashiki Norikazu
Phosphate and iron concentrations in an ocean carbon cycle model (pdf, 4.3 Mb)

Fei Chai, Lei Shi, M-S Jiang, Yi Chao, Francisco Chavez and Richard T. Barber
Modeling responses of iron enrichment in the equatorial Pacific Ocean (pdf, 0.8 Mb)

Masahiko Fujii and Fei Chai
Influences of initial plankton conditions and mixed layer depth on the outcome of iron-fertilization experiments (pdf, 0.2 Mb)

Albert J. Hermann, Thomas M. Powell, Elizabeth L. Dobbins, Sarah Hinckley, Enrique N. Curchitser, Dale B. Haidvogel and Kenneth Coyle
A comparison of different NPZ models for the Northeast Pacific (pdf, 3.8 Mb)

Naoki Yoshie, Katsunari Sato, Yasuhiro Yamanaka and Jun Nishioka
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Incorporating iron cycle into a lower trophic level marine ecosystem model, NEMURO

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