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Workshop 2: Linking climate to trends in productivity of key commercial species in the subarctic Pacific

Richard J. Beamish
The impact of future climate trends on the key species and their fisheries off the Pacific coast of Canada
(N/A, permission denied)

Vladimir I. Radchenko
Trends in Russian fisheries in the North Pacific in relation to basic stock conditions and their variability under the climate change
(pdf, 0.3 Mb)

Yeong Gong, Hee-Dong Jeong, Jong-Hwa Park, Ki-Tack Seong, Sang-Woo Kim and In-Seong Han
Fluctuations of fish populations in the waters off Korea and its adjacent regions
(pdf, 0.8 Mb)

Masahide Kaeriyama
Long-term fluctuations of chum salmon and Pacific herring populations in Hokkaido during 1883-2000
(pdf, 0.4 Mb)

Anne B. Hollowed and Jennifer Boldt
An overview of evidence for climate impacts on Northeast Pacific marine fishes and recommendations for a framework for forecasting annual marine production

Theme 2: Management implications

Z.T. A’mar, A.E. Punt and M.W. Dorn
The Management Strategy Evaluation approach and the Gulf of Alaska walleye pollock fishery
(pdf, 0.5 Mb)

Michael J. Schirripa The potential effects of including/excluding environmental factors into stock assessments
(pdf, 0.5 Mb)

Jae Bong Lee, Suam Kim, Chang-Ik Zhang, Jin-Yeong Kim and Sukyung Kang
Evidences of climate-induced impacts on key commercial species around Korean waters

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