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Workshop 4: Review of selected harmful algae in the PICES region: II. Dinophysis and Cochlodinium
and HAB-S Meeting

MEQ Workshop

Introduction by Convenors


Kazumi Matsuoka (Invited)
Recent progress of the study on a harmful dinoflagellate - Cochlodinium polykrikoides
(pdf, 2.7 Mb)

Hak-Gyoon Kim, Chang-Kyu Lee, Kyong-Ho An, Wol-Ae Lim, Sook-Yang Kim and Young-Tae Park
The known and unknown on the initiation of Cochlodinium polykrikoides blooms in Korean waters
(pdf, 3.7 Mb)

Kazutaka Miyahara, Ryosuke Uji and Mineo Yamaguchi
Harmful blooms of Cochlodinium polykrikoides in the southwestern Sea of Japan (San-in coastal waters)
(pdf, 1.3 Mb)

Takafumi Yoshida and Takashi Ogawa
Activity of CEARAC about Harmful Algal Blooms in the NOWPAP region
(pdf, 0.7 Mb)

Cochlodinium and Dinophysis

Vera L. Trainer and Charles G. Trick
Cochlodinium and Dinophysis in western U.S. and Canada
(pdf, 0.6 Mb)


Patrick Gentien (Invited)
The rare marine protist Dinophysis acuminata
(pdf, 1.6 Mb)

Beatriz Reguera, L. Escalera, S. Gonzalez-Gil, G. Pizarro, L. Velo and J.M. Franco (Invited)
What we know and what we do not know about Dinophysis
(pdf, 1.6 Mb)

Ichiro Imai and Goh Nishitani
Are Dinophysis spp. always responsible for DSP toxicity of bivalves?
(N/A, permission denied)

Toshiyuki Suzuki, Akira Miyazono, Yutaka Okumura and Takashi Kamiyama
LC-MS/MS analysis of lipophilic toxins in Japanese Dinophysis species
(pdf, 1.2 Mb)

Jinhui Wang, Yutao Qin, Caicai Liu, Xiangshen Chen and Ren Xu
Dinophysis spp.: The abundance, distribution and the toxicity of DSP in the East China Sea
(pdf, 1.2 Mb)

HAB-S Meeting

Vera Trainer and Hak-Gyoon Kim
Welcome, goals of HAB Section meeting
(pdf, 0.04 Mb)

Hao Guo
The Monitoring System on HABs in China
(N/A, permission denied)

Vera L. Trainer, Barbara M. Hickey and Michael G. Foreman
A regional U.S. west coast observing system for toxigenic Pseudo-nitzschia
(pdf, 2 Mb)

Henrik Oksfeldt Enevoldsen and Monica Lion
Progress in the development of an international collaborative harmful algal event data base: The joint IOC-ICES-PICES HAE-DAT

Discussion and assistance in entering year 2002 data into HAE-DAT

Country Reports/HAE-DAT (year 2002) reports

Japan (Yasunori Watanabe (pdf, 2 Mb))

China (Jinhui Wang (pdf, 6.7 Mb))

Korea (Hak-Gyoon Kim (pdf, 1.9 Mb))

Russia (Tatyana Yu. Orlova (N/A))

Canada (Charles G. Trick (N/A))

U.S.A. (Vera L. Trainer (pdf, 2 Mb))


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