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Session 3. Species succession and long-term data set analysis pertaining to harmful algal blooms

William Sunda, D. Rance Hardison and Kyle Shertzer (Invited)
Positive feedback and the development of ecosystem disruptive algal blooms (S3-5003)
(permission to post denied)

Jinhui Wang, Yanqing Wu, Zhien Li and Lingyun Xiang
The succession of bloom caused species: A result of complexity and variability of Changjiang estuary ecosystem (S3-5274)
(pdf, 3 Mb)

Hak-Gyoon Kim, Heon-Meen Bae, Chang-Kyu Lee, Sam-Geun Lee, Yang-Soon Kang, Young-Tae Park, Wol-Ae Lim, Sook-Yang Kim, Chang-Su Jung, Jeong-Min Shim and Yoon Lee
An overview on the species succession of HABs in Korean coastal waters for the last three decades (S3-5094)
(pdf, 1.5 Mb)

Kedong Yin
Long-term trend in phytoplankton species composition in the Pearl River estuarine coastal waters during 1991-2004 (S3-5313)
(permission to post denied)

Songhui Lu (Invited)
Ecological study of a Karenia mikimotoi bloom in the East China Sea in 2005 (S3-5469)
(waiting for permission)

Tatiana Yu. Orlova, Inna V. Stonik and Olga G. Shevchenko (presented by T. Morozova)
Long-term changes in the phytoplankton of the coastal waters off Vladivostok (Amurskii Bay, the Sea of Japan), 1992-2007 (S3-5055)
(pdf, 0.6 Mb)

Raphael Kudela, Vera L. Trainer, Grant Pitcher, Teresa Moita, P. Figueiras, Trevor Probyn and Theodore J. Smayda
GEOHAB Core Research Project – Species succession of harmful algal blooms in upwelling systems (S3-5458)
(permission to post denied)

Renyan Liu and Yubo Liang
The review of study on shellfish poisoning toxins in China (S3-5438)
(permission to post denied)

Feng-ao Lin, Xing-wang Lu, Hao Luo and Ming-hui Ma
The historical and present situation of the red tide and its characteristics in the Bohai Sea of China (S3-5069)
(waiting for permission)

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