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Workshop 4
Impacts of ocean acidification


So Kawaguchi (Australian Antarctic Division, Australia)
M. Brady Olson (Western Washington University, USA)

Invited Speaker:

Brad Seibel (University of Rhode Island, USA)

Studies exploring the effects of ocean acidification on zooplankton are scarce, and with few exceptions are limited to assessing direct effects on zooplankton calcification. This focus on calcification, although vitally important, constrains our ability to predict what effects ocean acidification will have on zooplankton in a wider biological and ecological context. For example, what are other direct, but sub-acute zooplankton responses to ocean acidification? How might these responses alter zooplankton interactions with their predators and prey? What may be the effects on zooplankton-mediated nutrient cycling? Will the timing of transition between zooplankton life histories be altered by ocean acidification? How might secondary production change in response to acidification? Will the magnitude of these effects be altered by interactions with climate parameters synergistic with ocean acidification? This workshop solicits participation from plankton biologists and ecologists that wish to contribute to a dialog aimed at meeting these specific workshop goals: (1) report on current research and/or discoveries regarding zooplankton and ocean acidification, and (2) identify the critical research and information needed to provide a framework for better predicting zooplankton responses to ocean acidification.

March 16, 2011
Brad A. Seibel (Invited)
Zooplankton physiology in a changing ocean: Synergistic effects of climate-related variables on metabolism (W4-7106)
(waiting for permission)
M. Brady Olson, Brooke A. Love and Suzanne L. Strom
Microzooplankton feeding and growth in an acidified ocean (W4-6895)
(pdf, 0.9 Mb)
Barbara Niehoff, Jan Czerny, Signe Klavsen, Sebastian Krug and Kai Schulz
The response of zooplankton to elevated CO2 concentrations: Results from a mesocosm experiment in a high Arctic fjord (W4-7280)
(waiting for permission)
Jörg Dutz, Sara Ceballos, Alejandro Isla and Erik Selander
Does the allelopathic and toxic activity of Alexandrium minutum change with ocean acidification? (W4-7036)
(waiting for permission)
Maria Byrne, Steve Doo, Natalie Soars and Symon Sworjanyn
Effects of ocean warming and acidification on larval development in the diadematoid sea urchin Centrostephanus rodgersii (W4-7329)
(waiting for permission)
So Kawaguchi, Haruko Kurihara, Rob King, Akio Ishida, Masahide Wakita, Lillian Hale,
Thomas Berli, James P. Robinson, Stephen Nicol, Patti Virtue and Atsushi Ishimatsu Impacts of Ocean Acidification on early development of Antarctic krill (W4-7000)
(waiting for permission)
James P. Robinson, So Kawaguchi, Atsushi Ishimatsu, Haruko Kurihara, Rob King, Patti Virtue and Stephen Nicol
(Presenter So Kawaguchi on behalf of James P. Robinson)
The effects of CO2-induced ocean acidification on the survival and development of early larval stage Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) (W4-7187)
(pdf, 1 Mb)
Leah R. Feinberg, Melissa E. Prechtl and William T. Peterson
Impacts of ocean acidification on the hatching success and larval development of Euphausia pacifica (W4-7079)
(pdf, 1.2 Mb)
Liza M. Roger, A. David McKinnon, Anthony J. Richardson and Brenton Knott
Comparison of shell structure of two tropical species of thecosome pteropods (Creseis acria and Diacavolinia longirostris) over a 40-year period (W4-6926)
(pdf, 3 Mb)
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