Report 17 (August 2001)

PICES-GLOBEC International Program On Climate Change And Carrying Capacity
Report of the 2000 BASS, MODEL, MONITOR and REX workshops, and the 2001 BASS/MODEL workshop

Full issue [pdf, 10.14 Mb]

Separate articles:

Table of Contents [pdf, 0.07 Mb]

Executive Summary [pdf, 0.05 Mb]

Report of the 2000 BASS Workshop
on The Development of a conceptual model of the Subarctic Pacific basin ecosystems [pdf, 0.71 Mb]

Report of the 2000 MODEL Workshop
on Strategies for coupling higher and lower trophic level marine ecosystem models [pdf, 3.62 Mb]

Report of the 2000 MONITOR Workshop
on Progress in monitoring the North Pacific [pdf, 1.21 Mb]

Report of the 2000 REX Workshop
on Trends in herring populations and trophodynamics [pdf, 4.22 Mb]

Report of the 2001 BASS/MODEL Workshop
on Higher trophic level modeling [pdf, 0.29 Mb]

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