PICES 2009 Annual Meeting
Understanding ecosystem dynamics and pursuing ecosystem approaches to management
October 23 - November 1, 2009, Jeju, Korea
Useful Information
  The average October maximum temperature in Jeju is 21ºC, and average low is 15ºC. Mean number of precipitation days in October is 7.5 days.
  The currency used in the Republic of Korea is Won (KRW), and is valued at about 1,480 Won to US$1.00 in mid-February 2009.
Major credit cards are widely accepted in Korea. KRW cash can be purchased at the airport, banks and hotels, or obtained from ATMs.
  Voltage is 220V (60 Hz) in the Republic of Korea. See the website “www.kropla.com/electric2.htm” for common plug configurations. Participants are reminded to bring along appropriate adapters for their laptops and other electrical appliances.
Other useful websites
  Weather forecast - www.worldweather.org/095/m095.htm
Foreign exchange - www.xe.com/ucc/
Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism - www.mct.go.kr/english/index.jsp
Beautiful Jeju - http://english.tour2jeju.net/main/list.php?menu_id=15
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