PICES 2009 Annual Meeting
Understanding ecosystem dynamics and pursuing ecosystem approaches to management
October 23 - November 1, 2009, Jeju, Korea

Registration & Registration Fees

Early Registration Fee Deadline: July 3, 2009 (extended)

We urge interested participants to pre-register with us via our On-line Pre/Registration and On-line Payment Form as early as possible, even if you have not made firm travel arrangements, so we can plan our events more efficiently. The Registration Fee applies to the Annual Meeting and workshops. Registration is not considered complete until the Registration Fee is received.

Please note: Pre-registration does not require an immediate payment. It will add your record to our database (for Book of Abstracts, Name Tags, etc.).

Your Registration Fee covers:

Welcome Reception
Poster Session Reception
Coffee/Tea Breaks
Book of Abstracts

Payment methods:

On-line Payment by major credit cards through PayPal
    Accessed through on-line pre/registration area
    Automatic payment processing. Receipt will be e-mailed to you instantly.
Visa and MasterCard through PICES
    Fax Payment Form to PICES Secretariat (pdf form can be downloaded from on-line pre/registration area)
    Manual payment processing. Receipt will be given to you at the Meeting.
US and Canadian dollar cheques and bank drafts
US and Canadian dollar cash on-site
  Note: The USD amounts are for USD cash, cheques and bank draft payments only; all credit card transactions are done in Canadian dollars.
Credit card payments of the Registration Fee are processed in Canadian dollars.  Payment by bank draft (by mail), or cash (on-site) can be accepted in CAD$ and USA$.

Registration Fee

Registration Fee
(CAD $ or equivalent in US $)
Primary CAD $ 150
CAD $ 225
CAD $ 150
Student *
CAD $ 50
CAD $ 50

* photocopy of a valid student ID card is required.
Please FAX the copy to 1 (250) 363-6827 or e-mail it to Christina Chiu when you pay.

** enables accompanying persons of participants to attend all public social events

PLEASE NOTE: Some payments do not go through; therefore, if you see "Payment Problem", please contact the Secretariat immediately.

On-line Pre- and Registration
Follow steps 1-5 to
Pre- and Register for the meeting
Follow steps 1-2 to
Check the Status of your payments
1. Login
2. Update your "Contact Information"and click "Update" button to open "Meetings" page
3. In Section 1 tick the box(es) for the meeting(s) you want to pre-register, then click "Submit" button to open Section 2
4. Information about your pre-registration will appear in Section 2
5. Link to On-line Payment Form is available in Section 2

Receipt will be e-mailed to you instantly, after on-line payment is complete.
Sometimes emails can be rejected by the registrants' servers. In this case you can print your receipt from on-line payment area. Please repeat steps 1-5, and you will find a link to the receipt at the top of your On-line Payment Form.

Requests for refund in the case of a cancellation must be made in writing to the PICES Secretariat no later than 30 days after the Meeting. A non-refundable CDN$15 processing fee will be retained by PICES.

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