PICES 2009 Annual Meeting
Understanding ecosystem dynamics and pursuing ecosystem approaches to management
October 23 - November 1, 2009, Jeju, Korea
Useful websites
    Incheon International Airport (http://www.airport.kr/eng/airport/)
Gimpo International Airport (http://jeju.airport.co.kr/doc/gimpo_eng/)
Jeju International Airport (http://jeju.airport.co.kr/doc/jeju_eng/)
Other major Korean airports (http://jeju.airport.co.kr/doc/www_eng/index.jsp)
Korean Airlines (http://www.koreanair.com/) (airline code: KE)
Asiana Airlines (http://flyasiana.com/gateway/gateway_en.html) (airline code: OZ)
International accessibility to Jeju
Direct   international  flights  to  Jeju Int. Airport
    As of August 2008, there are direct international flights from 11 major cities in Asia. A number of transit flights via major airports are also available. For more information, see: http://jeju.airport.co.kr/eng/flight/fly_schedule.jsp.
      Direct International Routes to Jeju from China & Japan
      China (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang)
      Japan (Nagoya, Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka)
Via  Incheon Int. Airport
    After arriving at Incheon International Airport, passengers can travel to Jeju via domestic flights from Gimpo Airport. The Airport Limousine is recommended for transfer from Incheon International Airport to Gimpo Airport. For more information, see:
How to travel from Incheon to Gimpo
KAL Limousine
Korea City Air Terminal Limousine
30 min.
KRW 6,500 (~ USD 7)
Bus Stops
4B, 11A
3B, 10A
First Bus
4:42 am
5:20 am
Last Bus
20:52 pm
21:00 pm
10~20 min.
How to get to ICC JEJU (Venue)
    The International Convention Center Jeju (ICC JEJU) is located in the Jungmun Resort, Seogwipo City. The Airport Bus [Bus No. 600] runs from the Jeju International Airport to ICC JEJU and main hotels in the Jungmun Resort Complex. The bus station is near Gate 1 of the Airport. Alternatively, participants can take a taxi at the front of the passenger terminal of the Airport. For more information, see: http://www.iccjeju.co.kr/eng/ab_icc/map_icc.php.
Limousine Bus
Departure Jeju Int’l Airport
Arrival ICC JEJU
Operating Hours 06:20-22:00
Interval 12-15 min.
Duration 40-50 min.
Fare 3,900 KRW
Taxi (Airport-ICC)
40-45 min.
30,000 KRW
70,000 KRW
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