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PICES 2009 Annual Meeting
Understanding ecosystem dynamics and pursuing ecosystem approaches to management

October 23 - November 1, 2009, Jeju, Korea

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SessionPaper IDPresenterGranted Type of PresentationPotential ReplacementAbstract TitleAuthorsWithdrawals
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)5778Michael SinclairInvited Ecosystem approach to management: The Scotian Shelf exampleMichael Sinclair
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)5975Tony SmithInvited Ecosystem approaches to managing marine systems – the human dimensionTony Smith, Beth Fulton and David Smith
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)5811Suam KimInvited Effects of atmospheric and oceanographic variability on the common squid (Todarodes pacificus) in Korean and Japanese waters during the last 30 yearsSuam Kim, Ana L. Rosa, Sang-Wook Yeh, Chung I. Lee, Sukyung Kang, Sinjae Yoo, Hyunwoo Kang and Yasunori Sakurai
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)5817John K. PinnegarInvited How does ecosystem structure and function determine the response to natural and anthropogenic forcing?John K. Pinnegar, Steven Mackinson, Kathryn Keeble and Georg H. Engelhard
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)5578Erlend MoksnessInvited Major human activities affecting Norwegian coastal marine ecosystems; present status and challengesErlend Moksness
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)5761Franz J. MueterInvited The spatial footprint of biological re-organization in a demersal communityFranz J. Mueter and Michael A. Litzow
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)5986Mitsutaku MakinoInvited Understanding the interactions between ecosystem structure and fisheries structure: case of sardine, anchovy, chub mackerel, and purse seine fishery in JapanMitsutaku Makino, Chikako Watanabe, Masahito Hirota1 and Takumi Mitani
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)5812Chang Ik ZhangKeynote Ecosystem-based Fisheries Assessment and Management: A Step towards FUTURE Implementation of Ecosystem Approaches to Management (EAM)Chang Ik Zhang
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)5887William CrawfordOral A group approach to understanding ecosystem dynamics in the northeast PacificWilliam Crawford and James Irvine
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)5830Anne B. HollowedOral An Assessment of Fisheries Management Strategies in Alaska Relative to the Goals of Ecosystem Approaches to ManagementChang Ik Zhang, Jennifer Boldt, Angie Greig, Anne B. Hollowed, and Patricia Livingston
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)5618Wei ZhengOral Impact of human activities on marine ecosystem servicesWei Zheng, Zongling Wang and Mingyuan Zhu
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)5800William J. SydemanOral Krill of the California Current: predictive habitat modeling for ecosystem protection? William J. Sydeman, Jarrod A. Santora, Stephen Ralston, Nandita Sarkar, Steven Bograd, and Robert M. Suryan
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)5855Hiroshige TanakaOral Long-term fluctuations in the biomass of sardine Sardinops melanostictus in the western Japanese waters (Sea of Japan and East China Sea) from 1953 to 2008, in relation to climate variabilityHiroshige Tanaka, Seiji Ohshimo and Yoshiaki Hiyama
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)5721Peter S. RossOral The pulse of the Pacific: can science respond effectively to a changing ocean?Peter S. Ross
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)5965Jae Bong LeePosterRep-3A comparative study on the ecosystem risk indices of Korean watersJae Bong Lee, Dong Woo Lee, Yeong Min Choi, Chang Ik Zhang, Myoung Ho Sohn, Sung Il Lee, Young Il Seo, Sang Chul Yoon, You Jung Kwon, Jong Hee Lee, Hee Won Park, Young Jae Shin, Do Hoon Kim, In-Ja Yeon, Heui Chun An and Dae Soo Chang
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)5789Ferdenant MkrtchyanPoster An Adaptive Technology for the Nature-Society System Biocomplexity AssessmentVladimir Krapivin, Ferdenant Mkrtchyan
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)5902Pavel A. SalyukPosterRep-2Atmosphere aerosol and marine ecosystems after Sarychev Peak Volcano eruption of June 2009Pavel A. Salyuk, Oleg A. Bukin, Alexander Yu. Mayor, Andrey N. Pavlov and Konstantin A. Shmirko
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)5537Mayuko TomidaPoster Biotransport of POPs by salmonids in the North PacificMayuko Tomida, Nobuyuki Miyazaki and Masahide Kaeriyama
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)5603Sanae ChibaPoster Bottom-up control of multi-decadal variation of the western North Pacific ecosystem revealed by stable isotope ratio analysisSanae Chiba, Kazuaki Tadokoro, Akira Kuwata and Hiroya Sugisaki
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)5753Hyunju SeoPosterRep-5Causal linkage among growth, survival, and intra-population interaction of Hokkaido chum salmon relating to climate changes in 1945-2005Hyunju Seo, Hideaki Kudo and Masahide Kaeriyama
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)5946Seok-Hyun YounPoster Egg production of copepod Acartia omorii in the coastal waters of KoreaSeok-Hyun Youn, Yu-Mi Jun, Jae-Dong Hwang, Yong-Hwa Lee, Hyun-Gook Jin, Jung-Min Shim, Young-Suk Kim and Ki-Young Kwon
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)5536Mikhail SimokonPoster Environmental assessment of rivers of Peter the Great bay basin (Japan/East sea)Lidia Tikhonovna Kovekovdova, Mikhail Vitalievich Simokon
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)5558Olga N. LukyanovaPoster Environmental impact assessment in the estuarine ecosystems of Peter the Great Bay (Japan/East Sea)Olga N. Lukyanova, Andrey P.Chernyaev, Nikolay V. Kolpakov and Anna S. Vazhova
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)5948Young Sang SuhPoster Mixed layer depth in the high production region off KoreaYoung Sang Suh, Ki-Tack Seong, Jae Dong Hwang, and Yeong Gong
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)5880Felipe Hurtado-FerroPoster The role of uncertainty in hypothetical top predator culling programsFelipe Hurtado-Ferro
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)5935Joong Ki ChoiWithdrawalRep-4Long term change of phytoplankton ecology in the eastern part of the Yellow Sea.Joong Ki Choi, Jae Hoon Noh, Sung Hwan Cho, Seung Yoon Park, and Youngju Lee yes
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)5633YANG Jing Withdrawal Numerical study on primary production in the Bohai Sea in summer, 2006LI Hai, YANG Jing and LIU Qin-zheng yes
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)5638Hui WangWithdrawal Response of Marine Primary Production to Monsoon Variations in the South China SeaHui Wang, Guimei Liu, Shan Gao and Hua Jiang yes
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)5627Shan GaoWithdrawalRep-1Temporal and spatial distribution of marine primary production in the South China Sea (SCS)Shan Gao, Hui Wang, Guimei Liu and Liyin Wan yes
Session 1 (Science Board Symposium)5831Kuo-Ping Chiang Withdrawal The impact of the Changjiang River plume extension on the nanoflagellate community in the East China Sea An-Yi Tsai 1, Kuo-Ping Chiang 1,2, Ciou-Jyu Wang1, Gwo-Ching Gong2 yes
Session 2 (FIS)5976Tony SmithInvited Ecological risk assessment for fisheries: applications in Australia and in the Marine Stewardship CouncilTony Smith, Alistair Hobday, Shijie Zhou, David Johnson and Keith Sainsbury
Session 2 (FIS)5990Yimin YeInvited Using ecological indicators in the context of an ecosystem approach to fisheries for data-limited fisheriesKevern Cochrane and Yimin Ye
Session 2 (FIS)6004Bernard A. MegreyOral A Length-based Stock Assessment Framework for Data Deficient SituationsChang Ik Zhang and Bernard A. Megrey
Session 2 (FIS)5974Anne HollowedOral Analyzing the vulnerability of fish stocks in the North Pacific OceanPaul Spencer, Olav Ormseth, Anne Hollowed and Pat Livingston
Session 2 (FIS)5612Sukgeun JungOral Climate-driven ecosystem shifts indicated in fishery catch statistics (1968-2008) from Korean coastal waters Sukgeun Jung, Young Shil Kang, Dong-woo Lee, Young-Sang Suh, Sukyung Kang and Yeong Gong
Session 2 (FIS)5966Jae Bong LeeOral Determining indicators and compatible reference points to assess coastal marine ecosystem risksJong Hee Lee, Jae Bong Lee, Chang Ik Zhang, Dong Woo Lee and Dae Soo Chang
Session 2 (FIS)5630Dohoon KimOral Developing socioeconomic indicators for an ecosystem-based fisheries approach Dohoon Kim and Chang Ik Zhang
Session 2 (FIS)5903Jon SchnuteOral Ecosystem models: Can we trust ourselves?Jon Schnute and other authors (TBA)
Session 2 (FIS)5993Inja YeonOral Ecosystem–based approach for blue crab stock assessment and management strategies in the West Sea of KoreaInja Yeon, C.I. Zhang, M.H. Shon, H.J. Whang, K.H. Choi, J.H. Lee and Y.J. Im
Session 2 (FIS)5696Yukimasa IshidaOral First Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Ecolabelling of Fishery Products from Marine Capture Fisheries in JapanKozo Ishii, Atsushi Yamasaki and Yukimasa Ishida
Session 2 (FIS)5624Yongjun TianOral Interannual-decadal variability of demersal fish community in the Japan Sea: Impacts of the climatic regime shifts and trawl fishing with recommendations for ecosystem-based managementYongjun Tian, Hideaki Kidokoro and Tadanori Fujino
Session 2 (FIS)5695Masahi NishimuraOral Marine Ecolabel Japan (MEL Japan): New Ecolabelling of Fishery Products from Marine Capture Fisheries in JapanMasahi Nishimura, Ken Kobayashi and Yukimasa Ishida
Session 2 (FIS)5653Chang SeungOral Multi-attribute utility function approach to developing socio-economic indicators for Alaska fisheriesChang Seung and Chang Ik Zhang
Session 2 (FIS)5791Laura RichardsOral Research requirements for ecosystem-based assessmentsLaura Richards
Session 2 (FIS)5833Jung Hyun LimOral Using size-based indicators to assess the sustainability for the IFRAMEJung Hyun Lim, Jae Bong Lee and Chang Ik Zhang
Session 2 (FIS)5804Young Jae ShinPoster A systematic approach for estimating potential fishery yields of data-deficient small-scale coastal fisheries in KoreaYoung Jae Shin, Jae Bong Lee and Chang Ik Zhang
Session 2 (FIS)5666Hyeok Chan KwonPoster An ecosystem-based fisheries resource assessment for the gill net fishery of the Uljin marine ranch ecosystem in Korean watersHyeok Chan Kwon, Sang Chul Yoon, Sung Il Lee, Young Yull Chun, Jong Bin Kim and Chang-Ik Zhang
Session 2 (FIS)5553Saang Yoon HyunPoster Integrated forecasts of fall Chinook salmon returns to the Columbia River Saang Yoon Hyun, Rishi Sharma
Session 2 (FIS)5551Chen ZuozhiWithdrawal Changes in trophic flows and ecosystem properties of the Beibu Gulf ecosystem before and after the collapse of commercial fish stocksChen Zuozhi1, Xu Shannan 2, Qiu Yongsong 1, Jia Xiaoping 1 yes
Session 2 (FIS)5818Dr. Vladimir Darnitskiy Withdrawal Seamount ecosystems – oceanographic invironment (SEOI)Dr. Vladimir Darnitskiy yes
Session 3 (FIS/BIO)5939Motomitsu TakahashiInvited Contrasting responses in growth rates between anchovy and sardine to changes in water structures in the eastern and western North PacificMotomitsu Takahashi
Session 3 (FIS/BIO)5584Mark Dickey-CollasInvited Ichthyoplankton surveys, great for assessment and day to day management but are they so relevant for understanding the future?Mark Dickey-Collas and Jonathan A. Hare
Session 3 (FIS/BIO)5712Miriam J. DoyleInvited Responding to the call for Ecosystem Based Management of marine fisheries: Perspectives from fish early life history studies in the Northeast Pacific Ocean.Miriam J. Doyle
Session 3 (FIS/BIO)5999Dave CheckleyOral Comparison of spawning habitats of anchovy and sardine in the Pacific Ocean off Japan and North AmericaDave Checkley, Yoshioki Oozeki, Sam McClatchie and Akinori Takasuka
Session 3 (FIS/BIO)5613Sukgeun JungOral Contrasting recruitment of two Gadoid species (Gadus macrocephalus vs. Thergra chalcogramma) to Korean coastal waters in relation to climate changeSukgeun Jung, Dong-woo Lee, Yeonghye Kim, Hyung-kee Cha, Hak-jin Hwang and Jeong-yong Lee
Session 3 (FIS/BIO)5636Chiyuki SassaOral Distribution and growth of chub mackerel Scomber japonicus and spotted mackerel S. australasicus larvae in the southern East China Sea (ECS) in response to oceanographic conditionsChiyuki Sassa and Youichi Tsukamoto
Session 3 (FIS/BIO)5743Tadanori FujinoOral Effect of the oceanographic condition on the abundance of mesopelagic fish: Maurolicus japonicus in the Japan SeaTadanori Fujino, Hideaki Kidokoro, Tsuneo Goto and Yongjun Tian
Session 3 (FIS/BIO)5623(not Igor Zhigalov) Alexander FigurkinOral Features oceanological conditions and the distribution of the walley pollock eggs of the Southern Kuril Islands region in March – April 2006 and 2007Igor Zhigalov, Alexander Figurkin and Svetlana Ovsyannikova
Session 3 (FIS/BIO)5852Jun ShojiOral Fish production in seagrass habitat under global warming: effects of temperature on early growth and production of a dominant species, black rockfish, in temperate waters of the western North PacificJun Shoji, Yasuhiro Kamimura, Ken-ichiro Mizuno and Shun-ichi Toshito
Session 3 (FIS/BIO)5689Nam-Il WonOral Food web structures in crustose coralline algae bed during early life stages of abalone Haliotis discus hannai in relation with recruitment processNam-Il Won, Tomohiko Kawamura, Hideki Takami and Yoshiro Watanabe
Session 3 (FIS/BIO)5542Masahide KaeriyamaOral Global warming effects on the early ocean life of Hokkaido chum salmonMasahide Kaeriyama, Hideaki Kudo, and Hyunju Seo
Session 3 (FIS/BIO)5822Richard BrodeurOral Ichthyoplankton as indicators of climate change and recruitment variability of marine fishes and salmon along the Northwest Coast of the USRichard D. Brodeur, Toby Auth, Elizabeth A. Daly, and William T. Peterson
Session 3 (FIS/BIO)5684Yoshiro WatanabeOral Linear response of growth rates to ambient temperature in larval round herring Etrumeus teres in the Pacific coastal waters off southern JapanYoshiro Watanabe
Session 3 (FIS/BIO)5954Andrey Suntsov Oral Nearshore ichthyoplankton communities in the southern California – current state and future directions.Andrey Suntsov and Tony Koslow
Session 3 (FIS/BIO)5581Elizabeth A. LogerwellOral Processes affecting the productivity of capelin and pollock in the Gulf of AlaskaElizabeth A. Logerwell, Janet Duffy-Anderson, Matt Wilson, and Denise McKelvey
Session 3 (FIS/BIO)5651Lu GuanOral Quantifying long-term variability in composition of the Strait of Georgia ichthyoplankton communityLu Guan, John Dower and Skip McKinnell
Session 3 (FIS/BIO)5885John C. FieldOral Rockfish (Sebastes) recruitment and ecosystem indicators for the Southern California CurrentJohn C. Field, Stephen Ralston and Keith Sakuma
Session 3 (FIS/BIO)5806Heeyong KimPoster Effect of Siberian High on the catch fluctuation of pacific cod, Gadus macrocephalus, in the Yellow Sea Heeyong Kim, Dae Hyun Kim, Hak Jin Hwang and Young Il Seo
Session 3 (FIS/BIO)5768Y. SakuraiPoster Effects of environment variability on the Japanese common squid, Todarodes pacificus spawning areas to the catch and recruitmentA. L. Rosa, J. Yamamoto and Y. Sakurai
Session 3 (FIS/BIO)5814Yuji OkazakiPoster Feeding ecology of larval and juvenile sardine (Sardinops melanostictus) and anchovy (Engraulis japonicus) in the western North PacificYuji Okazaki, Hiroshi Kubota, Kaori Takagi, Hiroshi Itoh and Nobuhiro Saito
Session 3 (FIS/BIO)5540Chen-Yi TuPoster Use particle tracking simulation in hydrodynamic model to investigate spawning migration of Japanese anchovy Engraulis japonicus from the East China Sea to TaiwanChen-Yi Tu, Yu-heng Tseng, Tai-sheng Chiu and Chih-hao Hsieh
Session 3 (FIS/BIO)5520Mikhail A ZuevWithdrawal Juvenile long armed gonatus (Gonatus madokai) in the Northern Okhotsk Sea.Mikhail A Zuev yes
Session 3 (FIS/BIO)5774Doug HayWithdrawal Latitudinal variation of young-of-the-year Pacific herring (Clupea pallasi) survival: implications for climate changeDoug Hay, Jake Schweigert, Tom Therriault and Matt Thompson yes
Session 3 (FIS/BIO)5738Velikanov (Not Alexander А. Antonov)Withdrawal Nutrients transport, forage base and survival of juvеnilе pink salmon in Aniva Вау (south of Sakhalin Island)Alexander А. Antonov, Irina Yu. Bragina and Elena М. Latkovskaya yes
Session 3 (FIS/BIO)5983William StockhausenWithdrawal Predicting recruitment for flatfish in the eastern Bering Sea: Can we improve on OSCURSWilliam Stockhausen, Janet Duffy-Anderson, Albert Hermann and Thomas Wilderbuer yes
Session 4 (MEQ)5644J,E. Jack RenselInvited Fish Aquaculture and Harmful Algal Bloom Mitigation in Marine Waters of North AmericaJ.E. Jack Rensel and Nicola Haigh
Session 4 (MEQ)5677HakGyoon KimInvited Recent approaches on the feasible mitigation and clay dispersalHakGyoon Kim, HeonMeen Bae, ChangKyu Lee, YangSoon Kang, YoungTae Park, WolAe Lim, SookYang Kim, JeongMin Shim, ChangSu Jung , KyoungHo An
Session 4 (MEQ)5971Eunhye KimOralex-posterA feasibility study on the acoustic monitoring of Cochlodinium Polykrikoides blooms and mitigation by ship-mounted cavitation generating systemEunhye Kim, Daeuk Kim, Hyungbeen Lee, Jungyul Na, Jee Woong Choi and Donhyug Kang
Session 4 (MEQ)6016Dongyan LiuOral Coastal Porphyra aquaculture as a nursery for large scale green tide events in the Yellow SeaDongyan Liu, John K. Keesing, Zhijun Dong, Yu Zhen, Baoping Di, Yajun Shi and Ping Shi
Session 4 (MEQ)5583Takafumi YoshidaOral HAB Integrated Website demonstrationTakafumi Yoshida and Hidemasa Yamamoto
Session 4 (MEQ)5659Goh OnitsukaOral Monitoring and modeling of Cochlodinium polykrikoides bloom in the southwestern Sea of JapanGoh Onitsuka, Naoki Hirose, Kazutaka Miyahara, Shuyo Watanabe, Hitoshi Semura, Reiko Hori and Tetsuya Nishikawa
Session 4 (MEQ)5782Ichiro ImaiOral Promising prevention strategies for harmful algal blooms by utilization of seaweed- and seagrass-beds as huge sources of algicidal bacteriaIchiro Imai
Session 4 (MEQ)5895Donald M. AndersonOral Suppression and control of harmful algal blooms: the slow pace of progress in an important area of HAB science Donald M. Anderson
Session 4 (MEQ)5664Young Baek SonOral The spectral discrimination of surface harmful algal bloom in complicated coastal water conditionsYoung Baek Son, Joji Ishizaka1 and Young-Sang Suh
Session 4 (MEQ)5669Chunjiang Guan, Feng'ao Lin Poster Causes of 2008 green tide bloom in Yellow Sea and estimation for the absorption of C,N and HChunjiang Guan, Feng’ao Lin and Xiutang Yuan
Session 4 (MEQ)5573Marina S. SelinaPoster Species composition and seasonal changes in epiphytic dinoflagellates in Russian coastal waters of the Sea of JapanMarina S. Selina, Tatiana V. Morozova, Tatiana Yu. Orlova
Session 4 (MEQ)5952Bum Soo ParkWithdrawal Improvement of quantitative real-time PCR assay based on SYBR green for Raphydophytes : a field applicability testBum Soo Park, Rose Ann Cattolico, Seung-ho Baek, Jang Seu Ki, Yang-Ho Yoon and Myung-Soo Han yes
Session 5 (MEQ)5619I Nyoman RadiartaOral An impact of climate change on the development of marine aquaculture: a case study on Japanese scallop aquaculture in Funka Bay, Hokkaido, Japan I Nyoman Radiarta, Sei-Ichi Saitoh and Toru Hirawake
Session 5 (MEQ)6000Kwang-Seok ParkOral Climate change adaptation using seaweed bed of BioSlag in marine environmentKwang-Seok Park, Hyung-Suek Kim, Heon-Woo Park, Gun-Mok Sohn and Hyeon Park
Session 5 (MEQ)5589Taehee NaOral Estimation of carbon sequestration by seaweed bedsTaehee Na, Ik-Kyo Chung and Tongsup Lee
Session 5 (MEQ)5637Seokjin YoonOral Estimation of the role of eelgrass and associated epiphytic algae on the carbon cycle in Akkeshi Lake, JapanSeokjin Yoon and Michio J. Kishi
Session 5 (MEQ)5962Hack-Churl YouOral Red-algae pulp and paper, bio-ethanolHack-Churl You, Munho Sohn, Grevo Gerung
Session 5 (MEQ)5848Tatyana N. KrupnovaOral Resource management sea urchins Strongylocentrotus intermedius on the basis of biotic relations with brown alga Laminaria JaponicaTatyana N. Krupnova, Vladimir A. Pavlyuchkov, Vera V.Agarkova
Session 5 (MEQ)5700Xuelei ZhangOral Restoring Seagrass/algal Beds as A Measure to Abate Climate ChangeXuelei Zhang, X.J. Zhang, J.W. Wang
Session 5 (MEQ)6003Sang Yong LeeOral Seasonal variation in δ13C and δ15N values for the temperate seagrass Zostera marina and its relation to leaf production Sang Yong Lee and Yong-Gun Gong
Session 5 (MEQ)5742Park, Sang RulPoster Growth and photosynthetic characteristics of three Zostera spp. (Z. japonica, Z. marina and Z. caespitosa) along vertical gradient: implications for seagrass zonationSang Rul Park and Kun-Seop Lee
Session 5 (MEQ)5794Seong Cheol KimPoster Management of Artificial Coastal CO2 Removal Belt in KoreaSeong Cheol Kim, Mi Sook Hwang, Jae Min Baek, Seock Jung Han, Nack Joong Choi, Mi kyung Choe and Moon Ho Yang
Session 5 (MEQ)6001Kwang-Seok ParkPoster Research and development roadmap for climate change adaptation and CO2 mitigation in maritime & fisheries sector in KoreaIk-Kyo Chung, Kwang-Seok Park, Hyung-Suek Kim, Jin-Hwan Hwang, Jae-Young Lee and Jung Hyun Oak
Session 5 (MEQ)5732Miryang KimPoster Subtidal macroalgal species diversity during wintertime in Jeju Island, KoreaMiryang Kim, Jeong Chan Kang, Jong Chul Lee and Myung Sook Kim
Session 5 (MEQ)6002Jin Ae LeePosterRep-1The Asian Network for Using Algae as a CO2 Sink of the Asian Pacific Phycological AssociationJin Ae Lee, Jung Hyun Oak and Siew-Moi Phang
Session 5 (MEQ)5856Yoon seok ChoiPoster The effect of the geochemical characteristics and environmental factors on the growth of cultured Ark shell, Scapharca broughtonii at several shellfish-farming bays in south coast of Korea Yoon seok Choi, Choonkoo Jung and Min-woo Park
Session 5 (MEQ)5688Eduard A. Titlyanov Withdrawal Coral-algal competition on damaged reefs Eduard A.Titlyanov,Tamara Titlyanova yes
Session 6 (MEQ/FIS)5766Anatoly KachurInvited Marine spatial planning in support of integrated management in North West Pacific Region - tools, methods, and approaches Kachur Anatoly
Session 6 (MEQ/FIS)6009Erik OlsenInvited Marine spatial planning: A practical approach to ecosystem-based managementErik Olsen and Fanny Douvere
Session 6 (MEQ/FIS)5686Michio J. KishiOral Basic idea on ecosystem based management for aquaculture and artificially released chum salmonMichio J. Kishi, Ayaka Sakamoto and Kenta Awa
Session 6 (MEQ/FIS)5626Ning LinOral Evaluation of marine function zoning: research and practice in chinaNing Lin, Nanyan Huang, Wenbin Xu and Qian Wang
Session 6 (MEQ/FIS)5960David J. NicolsonOral Generating information to support integrated marine planning: advantages and challenges of a collaborative approach David Nicolson, Natalie Ban, Julie Beaumont, Karin Bodtker, Christopher Bos, Tanya Bryan, Andrew Day, Glen Jamieson, Lynn Lee, Greg MacMillan, Glen Rasmussen, Charlie Short, Bruce Turris, and Karen Topelko.
Session 6 (MEQ/FIS)5972Ian M. DuttonOral Making marine spatial planning real: bridging the gap from planning to actionIan M. Dutton, Kerrie Wilson and Hedley Grantham
Session 6 (MEQ/FIS)5824Brett R. DumbauldOral Managing Estuarine Resources at the Landscape Scale in Willapa Bay, Washington and Similar U.S. West Coast Estuaries Brett R. Dumbauld
Session 6 (MEQ/FIS)5685Jong-Hun NAOral Marine enhancement program in Korean Peninsula: Introduction of Marine ranching programsJong-Deuk BANG, Jung-Pyo HONG, Sang un Park, Jung-Yeong Lee, Jae-Yeong Lee, Im-Gi JEON and Jong-Hun NA
Session 6 (MEQ/FIS)6008Erik OlsenOral Marine spatial planning in Norway: Lessons learned from developing and implementing integrated management plans for the Norwegian and Barents seasErik Olsen
Session 6 (MEQ/FIS)5571Hidemasa YamamotoOral Procedures for assessment of eutrophication status developed by NOWPAP CEARAC Hidemasa Yamamoto
Session 6 (MEQ/FIS)5909Li-Feng LuOral Responses of surface current and temperature to the local wind and tidal forcing within Sekisei Lagoon, Japan and their application to the regional coral reef connectivityLi-Feng Lu, Yasumasa Miyazawa, Kazuo Nadaoka and Sergey M. Varlamov
Session 6 (MEQ/FIS)5764Robinson MugoOral Spatial prediction of skipjack tuna catch rates from remote sensing and geo-statistical approaches: some tools for fisheries spatial planning and management in the western North Pacific.Robinson Mugo, Sei-Ichi Saitoh, Akira Nihira and Tadaaki Kuroyama.
Session 6 (MEQ/FIS)5521Vladimir M. ShulkinOral Spatial zoning of the sea coastal areas by the land-based influences as a part of ICARMVladimir M. Shulkin
Session 6 (MEQ/FIS)5959Blake E. FeistOral Using ROMS ocean circulation models to predict the range expansion of non-indigenous European green crab (Carcinus maenas) along the west coast of North AmericaBlake E. Feist, Carolina Parada, Kevin E. See and David A. Armstrong
Session 6 (MEQ/FIS)5527Ivan S. ArzamastsevOral Zoning of Far Eastern Seas for integrated nature managementIvan S. Arzamastsev
Session 6 (MEQ/FIS)5576Fanny DouvereWithdrawal Marine spatial planning: A step-by-step approach toward ecosystem-based managementFanny Douvere, Charles Ehler yes
Session 7 (MONITOR)5932Tomowo WatanabeInvited Ocean monitoring system operated by fisheries institutes at waters around JapanTomowo Watanabe, Manabu Shimizu, Takashi Setou, Hiroshi Kuroda, Masachika Masujima and Makoto Okazaki
Session 7 (MONITOR)5984Dong-Young LeeInvited Status of real-time data exchange and strategy for the development of regional GOOSDong-Young Lee
Session 7 (MONITOR)5645Howard J. FreelandInvited The state of the art of real-time monitoring – The Argo experienceHoward J. Freeland
Session 7 (MONITOR)5649Kelly J. Benoit-BirdInvited Trophic cascades in Hawaii’s nearshore ecosystem: Using observing technology to understand ecological interactionsKelly J. Benoit-Bird
Session 7 (MONITOR)5740Dmitry S. StrobykinOral Acoustic monitoring of hydrophysical processes in ocean shelf zonesYury N. Morgunov, Yury A. Polovinka, and Dmitry S. Strobykin
Session 7 (MONITOR)5665Young Baek SonOral Detecting of Cochlodinium polykrikoides blooms using spectral classification at the South Sea of Korea (SSK)Young Baek Son, Joji Ishizaka and Young-Sang Suh
Session 7 (MONITOR)5992Kwang-Soon ParkOral Development of real-time coastal monitoring network and operational oceanographic system in KoreaKwang-Soon Park, Dong-Young Lee, Jae-Il Kwon, Kwan Chang Lim, Sang-Ik Kim and Ki-Chun Jun
Session 7 (MONITOR)5765Tsuyoshi KitamotoOral Has pollution of the sea around Japan become better?: A discussion based on more than 10 years of monitoring at depths up to 4000m.T. Kitamoto, H. Hamanaka, A. Toyozumi, S. Tanaka, H. Arataki, Y. Ishibashi, Y. Kishimoto, H. Nakata, S. Futatsumachi, J. Ishizaka, H. Maki, S. Nishida, Y. Nojiri, H. Ogi, Y. Shirayama and S. Tanabe
Session 7 (MONITOR)5953D.G. FoleyOral Integrating Ocean Observing Data to Enhance Protected Species Spatial Decision Support SystemsDavid G. Foley, Elizabeth A. Becker, Karin Forney
Session 7 (MONITOR)5929Natheer M. AlabsiOral Measurement of swimming behavior of alfonsino Beryx splendens in experimental tank using micro-data logger Natheer M. Alabsi, Hideaki Tanoue, Kato Mitsuhiro, Mitani Isamu, Toyomitsu Horii, Aoki Ichiro, Komatsu Teruhisa and Nobuyuki Miyazaki
Session 7 (MONITOR)5894Tomoharu SenjyuOral Monitoring of the Changjiang diluted water around the Jeju and Tsushima Straits using fisheries trap-netsTomoharu Senjyu, Takeshi Matsuno, Sang-Hyun Kim, and Ig-Chang Pang
Session 7 (MONITOR)5611Hiroya SugisakiOral Real-time monitoring for mesopelagic fish abundance using J-QUEST integrated system of echosounder and stereo TV camerasHiroya Sugisaki and Kohichi Sawada
Session 7 (MONITOR)5729Yasumasa MiyazawaOral Roles of in-situ profile data obtained by Japanese fishery research agencies in quality of the eddy-resolving ocean reanalysis data: FRA-JCOPE2Yasumasa Miyazawa, RuoChao Zhang, Sergey M. Varlamov, Takashi Setou, Daisuke Ambe and Tomowo Watanabe
Session 7 (MONITOR)5593Elena A. ShtraikhertOral Some features of chlorophyll-a concentration distribution in the north-western part of Sea of Japan on the near real-time dataElena A. Shtraikhert, Sergey P. Zakharkov and Tatyana N. Gordeychuk
Session 7 (MONITOR)5808Shin-ichi ItoPoster A profiling mooring buoy to observe mixed layer formations in the western North Pacific and its combination with a deeper type underwater gliderShin-ichi Ito, Yugo Shimizu, Shigeho Kakehi, Fumitake Shido, Taku Wagawa, Kazuyuki Uehara, Toshiya Nakano, Masafumi Kamachi
Session 7 (MONITOR)5646Howard J. FreelandPoster Argo – An ocean observing system for the 21st centuryHoward J. Freeland and the Argo Steering Team
Session 7 (MONITOR)5865Koji KakinokiPoster Behavior of the cold water area off the Sado Island in the Japan Sea detected from satellite altimeter dataKoji Kakinoki, Tatsuro Watanabe, Katsumi Takayama and Osamu Katoh
Session 7 (MONITOR)5927Hisashi YamaguchiPoster Development and validation of new satellite chlorophyll a algorithm in the Yellow and East China Seas with relation to suspended sediment concentration Hisashi Yamaguchi, Young Beak Son, Eko Siswanto, Joji Ishizaka, Sinjae Yoo, Yu-Hwan Ahn, Sang-Woo Kim, Junwu Tang, Hiroshi Kawamura and Yoko Kiyomoto
Session 7 (MONITOR)5928Tetsuichi FujikiPoster Development of compact drifting buoy for sea surface pCO2 monitoringYoshiyuki Nakano, Tetsuichi Fujiki and Shuichi Watanabe
Session 7 (MONITOR)5709Jingfeng FanPoster Fecal coliform and typical enteric virus in representative bathing beaches of ChinaJingfeng Fan and Hongxia Ming
Session 7 (MONITOR)5710Zhen WangPoster Sources and deposition of heavy metals, nutrients and PAHs in the atmosphere of the North Yellow SeaZhen Wang, Dongmei Zhao, Ziwei Yao, Zhengxian Yang
Session 7 (MONITOR)5699Xiutang YuanPoster The influence of cadmium on the antioxidant enzyme activities in polychaete Perinereis aibuhitensis Grube (Annelida: Polychaeta)[Xiutang Yuan, Aihua Chen, Yibing Zhou, Haiying Liu, Dazuo Yang]
Session 7 (MONITOR)5533Sirajuddin M. HoraginamaniWithdrawal A study on impacts of anthropogenic CO2 on OceansSIRAJUDDIN.M.HORAGINAMANI,M.RAVICHANDRAN yes
Session 7 (MONITOR)5949John (Jack) A. BarthWithdrawal An expanding observatory to monitor hypoxia off the Oregon (U.S.A) coastJohn A. Barth, Justin Brodersen, Francis Chan, Anatoli Y. Erofeev, Murray D. Levine, Kim Page-Albins, Stephen D. Pierce, Craig Risien, Laura Rubiano-Gomez, R. Kipp Shearman and B. Walton Waldorf yes
Session 7 (MONITOR)5747Gennady A. KantakovWithdrawal Surface Currents New Data Collected During 2008-2009 Argos Ice/Ocean Drifters Prototype Trials in the Sea of Okhotsk Gennady A. Kantakov, Viktor S. Tambovsky, Alexey O. Bobkov and Evgeny G. Lunev yes
Session 8 (POC/BIO)5658ZeebeInvited The future ocean: more acid, less calcifying, and more transparent to sound? Richard E. Zeebe
Session 8 (POC/BIO)5883Richard A. FeelyOral A novel method for determining seasonal variations in aragonite saturation state in the eastern North Pacific continental shelf using multi-parameter analysis1Lauren W. Juranek1, Richard A. Feely1, William T. Peterson2, Simone R. Alin1, Jay Peterson2, Kitack Lee3, Christopher L. Sabine1 and Burke Hales4
Session 8 (POC/BIO)5904Keith RodgersOral Changes in North Pacific delta-pCO2 and air-sea CO2 fluxes over the 21st century in coupled modelsKeith B. Rodgers, Laurent Bopp, Olivier AUmont, Dniele Iudicone, Jorge L. Sarmiento, Anand Gnanadesikan, and John DUnne
Session 8 (POC/BIO)5841Yoshihiro ShiraiwaOral Control of seawater pH by the coccolithophorid, Emiliania huxleyi (Haptophyceae)Shinya Fukuda, Iwane Suzuki, Takeo Hama and Yoshihiro Shiraiwa
Session 8 (POC/BIO)5842Shu SaitoOral Decadal changes in CaCO3 saturation state along 179°E in the Pacific OceanShu Saito and Akihiko Murata
Session 8 (POC/BIO)5784Ryo KimuraOral Effects of elevated pCO2 on early development of the Ezo abalone Haliotis discus hannaiRyo Kimura, Hideki Takami, Tsuneo Ono, Toshihiro Onitsuka and Yukihiro Nojiri
Session 8 (POC/BIO)5693Takeo HamaOral Experimental study on the effect of ocean acidification on microbial structure and bioelemental cycleTakeo Hama, Shoko Kawashima, Yuhi Satoh, Koich Shimotori, Yuko Omori, Taiki Adachi, Shun Hasegawa, Hiroko Endoh, Takeshi Nakayama, Isao Inoue, Takashi Midorikawa, Masao Ishii, Shu Saitoh and Daisuke Sasano
Session 8 (POC/BIO)5625Tsuneo OnoOral Interannual variation of DIC in the Oyashio region along the A-line transectTsuneo Ono, A-line monitoring team
Session 8 (POC/BIO)5950Steven S. RumrillOral Long-term pH shift in a Pacific Northwest estuary: potential relationship between ocean acidification and alkalinity within the South Slough (Coos Bay, Oregon, USA)Steven S. Rumrill1,2, Alicia R. Helms2 and Adam S. DeMarzo2
Session 8 (POC/BIO)5888Christopher L. SabineOral Past and Present Trends in Ocean Carbon Uptake and Storage in the North PacificChristopher L. Sabine, Richard A. Feely, François M. M. Morel, Eric S. Egleston and Dana Greeley
Session 8 (POC/BIO)5780Tae-Wook KimOral Prediction of East/Japan Sea acidification over the past 40 years using a multiple-parameter regression model Tae-Wook Kim, Kitack Lee, Richard A. Feely, Christopher L. Sabine, Hae Jin Jeong and Kwang Young Kim
Session 8 (POC/BIO)5775James ChristianOral The future ocean carbon cycle: projections with the Canadian Earth System Model CanESM1James R. Christian
Session 8 (POC/BIO)5871JeongHee ShimPoster Distribution of surface pCO2 and its controlling factors at the eastern shelf of the Sakhalin Island in the Sea of OkhotskJeongHee Shim, Dong-Jin Kang, Chun Ok Jo, Young-Keun Jin, Pavel Ya Tishchenko, Anatoly Obzhirov and Kyung-Ryul Kim
Session 8 (POC/BIO)5770Toshiya NakanoPoster Estimation of dissolved inorganic carbon inventry in the western North PacificToshiya Nakano, Kazuhiko Hayashi, Yuichi Sasaki, Masao Ishii and Takashi Midorikawa
Session 8 (POC/BIO)5912Yukihiro NojiriPoster In door seawater pool inter-comparison of ocean surface pCO2 systems developed for underway and buoy operationYukihiro Nojiri1, Shinichiro Nakaoka1, Cihiro Miyazaki1, Andrew G. Dickson2 and Inter-comparison Particiopants
Session 8 (POC/BIO)5911Hyung Chul KimPoster Long-term variations and autumntime distribution of inorganic nutrients in the Yellow SeaHyung Chul Kim, Yiming Wang, Seong Heo and Pyoung Joong Kim
Session 8 (POC/BIO)5670Guimei LiuPoster Primary Productivity and pCO2 variations in the China Sea during 1990-2004: a Three-Dimensional Physical-Biogeochemical Modeling StudyGuimei Liu, Fei Chai, Huijie Xue and Lei Shi
Session 8 (POC/BIO)5552Liqi ChenWithdrawal A Potential Carbon Pool in the western Arctic Ocean during Seaice ShrinkingLiqi Chen, Zhongyong Gao, Wei-Jun Cai,Rik Wanninkhof and Wen Yu yes
Session 8 (POC/BIO)5826Andrey G. AndreevWithdrawal Inorganic carbon parameters change in the surface waters of the subarctic North PacificAndrey G. Andreev yes
Session 8 (POC/BIO)5620Jae Hoon NohWithdrawal Spatio-temporal variations of N2 fixation rates and abundance of N2-fixers in the north Western PacificJae Hoon Noh, Dong Han Choi, Charity Lee and Ed J. Carpenter yes
Session 8 (POC/BIO)5714Zhongyong GaoWithdrawal Transportation of Bering Slope Current and its effects on carbon cycle in the Bering Sea and the western Arctic OceanZhongyong Gao, Liqi Chen and Heng Sun yes
Session 9 (POC/FUTURE)5745Takeshi OkunishiInvited A multi-trophic level ecosystem modeling for understanding mechanism of the small pelagic fish species alternationTakeshi Okunishi, Shin-ichi Ito, Atsushi Kawabata, Hiroshi Kubota, Taketo Hashioka, Hiroshi Sumata and Yasuhiro Yamanaka
Session 9 (POC/FUTURE)5994Michael DaltonInvited Climate change and marine ecosystems: Demographic and economic implications under IPCC scenariosMichael Dalton
Session 9 (POC/FUTURE)5980Raghu MurtuguddeInvited Marine ecosystem forecasting with an Earth System Prediction modelRaghu Murtugudde
Session 9 (POC/FUTURE)5834Manuel BarangeInvited Predicting the impacts and socio-economic consequences of climate change on global marine ecosystems and fisheries: The QUEST_Fish frameworkManuel Barange, Icarus Allen, Eddie Allison, Marie-Caroline Badjeck, Julia Blanchard, James Harle, Robert Holmes, Jason Holt, Simon Jennings, Gorka Merino, Christian Mullon and Emma Tompkins
Session 9 (POC/FUTURE)5979Enrique N. CurchitserOral Development of a climate-to-fish-to-fishers model: Progress, issues, and some solutionsEnrique N. Curchitser, Kenneth A. Rose, Kate Hedstrom, Jerome Fiechter, Shin-ichi Ito, Salvador Lluch-Cota and Bernard A. Megrey
Session 9 (POC/FUTURE)5958Vjacheslav S. LabayOral Evolution of a bethos of coastal lagoons of sakhalin Island:causes and consequancesVjacheslav S. Labay
Session 9 (POC/FUTURE)5973Anne B. HollowedOral Future conditions in the Bering Sea: Applications to walleye pollock and flatfishAnne B. Hollowed, Nicholas Bond, James Overland and Thomas Wilderbuer
Session 9 (POC/FUTURE)5600Ahikiko YatsuOral Future of Kuroshio/Oyashio ecosystems: an outcome of the CFAME Task Team and WG20 Akihiko Yatsu, Sanae Chiba, Yasuhiro Yamanaka, Shin-ichi Ito, Yugo Shimizu, Masahide Kaeriyama and Yoshiro Watanabe
Session 9 (POC/FUTURE)5549Y.I. ZuenkoOral How trends, shifts, and interdecadal fluctuations of climate reconstruct the ecosystem of the Japan/East SeaYury I. Zuenko
Session 9 (POC/FUTURE)5692Hiroaki SaitoOral Modeling of Organic Matter Dynamics in the Mesopelagic Zone: A Perspective on Modeling and Ecosystem StudiesHiroaki Saito
Session 9 (POC/FUTURE)5969Harold P. BatchelderOral Modeling physical processes in the Northeast Pacific: model-data comparisons for assessing when model skill is sufficient as a basis for ecosystem simulationHarold P. Batchelder, Enrique Curchitser and Kate Hedstrom
Session 9 (POC/FUTURE)5787Jie ShiOral Numerical study on the aquaculture carrying capacity in a typical raft culture bay of ChinaJie Shi, Hao WEI, Liang Zhao
Session 9 (POC/FUTURE)5798Masahiko FujiiOral Projected effects of global warming on coral reefs in seas close to JapanYumiko Yara, Masahiko Fujii, Yasuhiro Yamanaka, Naosuke Okada, Hiroya Yamano and Kazuhiro Oshima
Session 9 (POC/FUTURE)5898Keiji KiyomatsuOral Reconstruction of high-resolution historical February SST in the Northwestern Pacific and its application to larval dispersionKeiji Kiyomatsu, Takuji Waseda, Yasumasa Miyazawa
Session 9 (POC/FUTURE)6005Hernan GarciaOral The World Ocean Database and Atlas 2009Hernan Garcia, Sydney Levitus, Tim Boyer, Ricardo Locarnini, John Antonov, Daphne Johnson, Olga Baranova, Alexey Mishonov, Dan Seidov, Igor Smolyar, Melisa Zweng and Evgeney Yarosh
Session 9 (POC/FUTURE)5934Fei ChaiOral Using remote sensing and modeling in operational forecasting of fisheriesFei Chai, Francisco Chavez, Yi Chao, Lei Shi, Hongchun Zhang and Richard Barber
Session 9 (POC/FUTURE)5889Steven J. BogradOral Wintertime ocean conditions synchronize rockfish growth and seabird reproduction in the California CurrentSteven J. Bograd, Bryan A. Black, William J. Sydeman, Isaac Schroeder, Peter Lawson
Session 9 (POC/FUTURE)5773Licheng FengPoster Numerical simulation of the Changjiang estuary ecosystemLicheng Feng, Baochao Liu, Yi Cai, Zhanggui Wang, Jiping Chao and Jianping Li
Session 9 (POC/FUTURE)5985William PetersonWithdrawal Forecasting returns of coho and Chinook salmon: presentation of a mechanism that links the PDO with ocean circulation, ecosystem structure and salmon returns in the coastal northern California CurrentWilliam Peterson, Edmundo Casillas, Hongsheng Bi and Cheryl Morgan yes
BIO-Paper Session5667Tabitha C.Y. HuiOral Are Steller sea lions (Eumetopias jubatus) affected by prey quality in the western Gulf of Alaska and Aleutian Islands?Tabitha C.Y. Hui, Rowenna Flinn, Edward J. Gregr and Andrew W. Trites
BIO-Paper Session5810Tatyana N. KrupnovaOral Development Laminaria japonica early stages in the coastal waters of Primorye caused by climate changeTatyana N. Krupnova, Yuri I. Zuenko
BIO-Paper Session5546Elena DulepovaOral East-west contrasts in production of zooplankton communities in the Bering SeaElena Dulepova,Anatoly Volkov
BIO-Paper Session5701Naoki TojoOral Environmentally driven seasonal distribution of zooplanktons along the Pacific coast off the eastern Hokkaido, JapanNaoki Tojo, Ryuichi Matsukura, Hiroki Yasuma, Kenji Minami, Akira Nishmura, Orio Yamamura, Tetsuichiro Funamoto, Satoshi Honda, Kazushi Miyashita
BIO-Paper Session5851Shinji Shimode Oral Geographical distribution and ontogenetic migration of Eucalanus californicus (Johnson) in the western North Pacific OceanShinji Shimode and Atsushi Tsuda
BIO-Paper Session5884Bryan A. BlackOral Growth-increment chronologies reflect ecosystem responses to climate variability in the northeast PacificBryan A. Black
BIO-Paper Session5835Evgenia E. VekhovaOral Investigation on the phytoplankton contribution to the common mussel diet (Bivalvia: Mytilidae) of the Sea of JapanEvgenia E. Vekhova, Michael I. Kusaykin and Konstantin V. Kiselev
BIO-Paper Session5565A.S. DolganovaOral Modern condition of fauna of Polychaeta in the Amur Bay (Peter the Great Bay, Sea of Japan)A.S. Dolganova
BIO-Paper Session5561Toru KobariOral Nucleic acids and protein contents in ontogenetically migrating copepods in the subarctic Pacific Ocean as influenced by development stage and depth distributionToru Kobari, Haruko Mori and Hitomi Tokushige
BIO-Paper Session5937Dave MackasOral Perspectives on a decade of change in the Alaska Gyre: a comparison of three Northeast Pacific zooplankton time seriesDavid Mackas, Sonia Batten, Ken Coyle, and Russ Hopcroft
BIO-Paper Session5641Olga Yu. TyurnevaOral Photographic identification of the Korean-Okhotsk Gray Whale (Eschrichtius Robustus) offshore northeast Sakhalin Island and southeast Kamchatka Peninsula (Russia), 2008Olga Yu. Tyurneva, Yuri M. Yakovlev and Vladimir V. Vertyankin
BIO-Paper Session5523C. Tracy ShawOral Population dynamics of the euphausiids Euphausia pacifica and Thysanoessa spinifera off Newport, OR, USA in relation to environmental conditionsC. Tracy Shaw, Leah R. Feinberg, and William T. Peterson
BIO-Paper Session5703SeungHyun SonOral Satellite-Observed Chlorophyll-a Data in the Dump Site of the Yellow SeaSeungHyun Son, Menghua Wang, and Jae-Hoon Noh
BIO-Paper Session5867Hongyan BaoOral Sources and distributions of terrigenous organic matter in a mangrove-dominant small tropical estuary, South ChinaHongyan Bao, Ying Wu ,Lixin Tian, Jing Zhang and Guiling Zhang
BIO-Paper Session5863Mi Hee ChungOral The variation of epiphytic community and biomass on Zostera marina (eelgrass) leaf related to the host plant and environmental factorsMi Hee Chung and Won Duk Yoon
BIO-Paper Session5897Young-Ok KimOral Tintinnid species as a biological sensor for monitoring Kuroshio Extension on Korean coastal watersYoung-Ok Kim, Pung-Guk Jang, Eun-Jin Yang, Seung-Won Jeong and Kyoungsoon Shin
BIO-Paper Session5577Yugo ShimizuOral Transport of subarctic large copepods from the Oyashio area to the mixed water region by the coastal Oyashio intrusionYugo Shimizu, Kazutaka Takahashi, Shin-ichi Ito, Shigeho Kakehi, Hiroaki Tatebe, Ichiro Yasuda, Akira Kusaka and Tomoharu Nakayama
BIO-Paper Session5813Yuichiro NishibeOral Vertical distribution, population dynamics and lipid storage of the cyclopoid copepod Oithona similis in the Oyashio region, western subarctic PacificYuichiro Nishibe, Shuhei Nishida and Atsushi Yamaguchi
BIO-Paper Session5850Julie E. KeisterOral Zooplankton species composition is linked to ocean transport in the Northern California CurrentJulie E. Keister, Emanuele Di Lorenzo, Cheryl A. Morgan, William T. Peterson, Vincent Combes, and Neri Mariani
BIO-Paper Session5917In Joon Hwang Poster Acute exposure of waterborne polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, benzo[a]pyrene during ovarian recrudescence in marine fish, Chasmichthys dolichognathusIn Joon Hwang and Hea Ja Baek
BIO-Paper Session5734Yutaka WatanukiPoster Biennial change of pink salmon biomass and the body condition of a pelagic shearwater : an evidence of competition between fish and bird Kanako Toge1, Masaaki Fukuwaka2, OrioYamamura2, and Yutaka Watanuki1
BIO-Paper Session5525Evgeniya A. TikhomirovaPoster Biogenic substances distribution in waters of Amursky Bay (Peter the Great Bay, Japan/East Sea)Evgeniya A. Tikhomirova
BIO-Paper Session5717Natalia P.FadeevaPoster Communities of sandy beaches: What factors influence their diversity and zonation patterns in shallow subtidal environment of northwestern part of the Sea of Japan?Natalia P.Fadeeva1, Marina S. Selina2 , Elena V. Smirnova3 and Inna L. Stonik2
BIO-Paper Session5915Hye Seon KimPoster Comparative study of the lipid dynamics of euphausiid Euphausia pacifica from Korean Seas (East/Japan Sea, South Sea, and Yellow Sea)Hye Seon Kim, Ah-Ra Ko and Se-Jong Ju
BIO-Paper Session5815Yuji Okazaki Poster Comparison of sampling gear (MOHT vs. BONGO net): implication for euphausiids abundanceYuji Okazaki and Kazuaki Tadokoro
BIO-Paper Session5510Andrey P. ChernyaevPoster Determination of n-nonylphenol in the coastal waters of VladivostokAndrey P. Chernyaev and Alexandra S. Petrova
BIO-Paper Session5519Chih-hao HsiehPoster Development and application of an automatic mesozooplankton image classification system in the East China Sea, a region of complicated hydrographyChun-Yi Chang, Pei-Chi Ho, Akash Sastri, and Chih-hao Hsieh
BIO-Paper Session5660Goh OnitsukaPoster Distributions of nutrients and planktons around the lee eddy of the Tsushima IslandsGoh Onitsuka, Masatoshi Moku, Toru Kobari, Tetsutaro Takikawa, Akihiko Morimoto, Atsushi Watanabe, Yutaka Yoshikawa and Tetsuo Yanagi
BIO-Paper Session5951Kang, Young ShilPoster Ecosystem consequence of Noctiluca scintillans bloom in the southern coast of Korean PeninsulaKang, Young Shil, WeolAe Lim, YoungSik Lee and Yang Soon Kang
BIO-Paper Session5569Guo Ying DuPoster Estimating areal production of intertidal microphytobenthos based on spatio-temporal community dynamics and laboratory measurementsGuo Ying Du and Ik Kyo Chung
BIO-Paper Session5538Youree Jun Poster Field estimates of size-based ingestion rate of zooplankton using FlowCAM in the subtropical western PacificYou-ree Jun1, Akashi Sastri1 and Chih-hao Hsieh1
BIO-Paper Session5599Masato MinowaPoster Impacts of small copepods on sinking particles in semi-enclosed and deep embaymentMasato Minowa, Toru Kobari, Hiroyasu Akamatsu and Toshihiro Ichikawa
BIO-Paper Session5616Yu-Mi HaPoster Inhibitory effects of Sargassum sagamianum extracts on the growth of several oral pathogens and collagenase activityYu-Mi Ha, Jae-Suk Choi, Kee Hun Do, Bo-Bae Lee, Su Hwa Shin and In Soon Choi
BIO-Paper Session5614Bo-Bae LeePoster Inhibitory effects of seaweed extracts on Helicobacter pylori growth and urease activityBo-Bae Lee, Jae-Suk Choi, Yu-Mi Ha, Kee Hun Do, and In Soon Choi
BIO-Paper Session5955Andrey SuntsovPoster Interannual variability and spatio-temporal characteristics in populations of three dominant myctophid species in the northern California Current System.Andrey Suntsov, Richard Brodeur and Jason Phillips
BIO-Paper Session5873Keiko YamadaPoster Interannual variability of primary production in the East/Japan Sea estimated by satellite data, in consideration of influence of atmospheric aerosolKeiko Yamada, Sang-Woo Kim and Ji-Suk Ahn
BIO-Paper Session5539Wei-hsuan TengPoster Investigation of size-trophic level relationships of zooplankton in different ocean environments - a stable isotope approachWei-hsuan Teng, Akash R. Sastri, and Chih-hao Hsieh
BIO-Paper Session5683Takeshi TeruiPosterRep-1Lagrangian ensemble model of Copepoda (Neocalanus cristatus) in the Northwestern subarctic PacificTakeshi Terui and Michio J. KISHI
BIO-Paper Session5557Atsushi YamaguchiPoster Life history and production of chaetognath Eukrohnia hamata in the Oyashio regionAtsushi Yamaguchi and Yoshimi Matsumoto
BIO-Paper Session5941Soo-Jung ChangPoster Phylogenetic study of Medusozoa (Scyphozoa, Hydrozoa) in Korean waters Soo-Jung Chang1, Donghyun Lim1, Won-Duk Yoon1 and Suam Kim2
BIO-Paper Session5790Hiroshi KoshikawaPoster Predominance of dinoflagellates Prorocentrum dentatum on the central continental shelf of East China Sea in Early Summer, 2007Hiroshi Koshikawa, Hironori Higashi, Masanobu Kawachi, Toru Hasegawa, Kazumaro Okamura, Yoko Kiyomoto, Kou Nishiuchi, Hideki Akiyama, Kunio Kohata and Shogo Murakami
BIO-Paper Session5580Hongbo LIPoster Relationship between bacterioplankton and virioplankton in coastal areas of Hebei, ChinaHongbo LI,Feng-ao Lin
BIO-Paper Session5926Joji IshizakPoster Short Term Variability of Primary Production of Changjiang River Plume in the East China Sea Observed in Summer 2008 Joji Ishizaka, Hisashi Yamaguchi, Sarat Tripathy, Takashi Makino, Takeshi Matsuno, Takahiro Endoh
BIO-Paper Session5825Evgeniya A. TikhomirovaPoster Spatial and temporal variability of primary production in Amursky and Ussuriysky Bays (Japan/East Sea) by modelling resultsEvgeniya A. Tikhomirova
BIO-Paper Session5906Toshikazu SuzukiPoster Spatial distribution of filamentous cyanobacteria, Trichodesmium spp., in spring in the East China SeaToshikazu Suzuki, Hisako Mori and Daisuke Nakatsugawa
BIO-Paper Session5900Jiyeon KimPoster Spatio-temporal variability of epifaunal distributions by the Hebei Spirit oil spill in the surf zone on the Hakampo beach on the west coast of KoreaJiyeon Kim, Chaewoo Ma and Wongyu Park
BIO-Paper Session5878Hirotada MokiPoster The model study to predict zooplankton biomass in intermediate and deep waterYuya Yamamoto, Yasuyuki Kishi, Hirotada Moki and Kisaburo Nakata
BIO-Paper Session5869Tetsuichi FujikiPosterRep-2Time-series observation of phytoplankton productivity in the western subarctic gyre of the North PacificTetsuichi Fujiki, Kazuhiko Matsumoto, Shuichi Watanabe, Takuji Hosaka and Toshiro Saino
BIO-Paper Session5556Atsushi TsudaPoster Vertical distribution of large suspension feeding copepods in the Oyashio region during the growing periodAtsushi Tsuda, Hiroaki Saito and Hiromi Kasai
BIO-Paper Session5650Zhisong CuiWithdrawal Characterization of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons-degrading Cycloclasticus Strains Isolated from Yellow Sea Sediment of China and their Syntrophic Effects with Crude Oil degraders Alcanivorax StrainsZhisong Cui, Li Zheng, Li Tian, Ping Han, Xiaoying Zhang, Qian Liu, Xiaoru Wang, Frank S. C. Lee yes
BIO-Paper Session5981Ji-Woong KoWithdrawal Climate change triggered fecundity of the solitary ascidian, Herdmania momus in the Jeju coast, Korea: Implications for benthic community structure and artificial reef functionJi-Woong Ko, M. Sidharthan, Sung Hwan Cho, Seock Jung Han and Hyun Woung Shin yes
BIO-Paper Session5925Oh Youn KwonWithdrawal Environmental factors affecting dynamics of phytoplankton community in port baseline surveys in KoreaOh Youn Kwon, Jung-Hoon Kang, Yong Hwan Cha and Man Chang yes
BIO-Paper Session5592Min-Chul JangWithdrawal Grazing Impact of Calanoid Copepods on Phytoplankton Size-fractions in Jangmok Bay, South Coast KoreaMin-Chul Jang, Kyoungsoon Shin, Woo-Jin Lee,Ok-Myung Hwang yes
BIO-Paper Session5704SeungHyun SonWithdrawal Marine Environmental Responses to Saemangeum Reclamation Project in South Korea SeungHyun Son and Menghua Wang yes
BIO-Paper Session5663Li ZhengWithdrawal Primary source identification of the invasive Enteromorpha Prolifera in Qingdao based on hierarchical cluster analysis of fatty acidsLi Zheng, Baijuan Yang, Junhui Chen, Jiaye Zang, Xiaoru Wang yes
BIO-Paper Session5601Evgeniy A. SigidaWithdrawal Sakhalin’s shelf seawater marine bacteria Pseudoalteromonas sp. and Pseudomonas sp. as prospective destructors of ocean oil pollutions.Evgeniy A. Sigida, Svetlana S. Musko, Lidia I. Titova and Alexandra A. Dvornik yes
BIO-Paper Session5609Yulia V. ZavertanovaWithdrawal Species composition of ichthyoplankton of Alekseeva Bay (Peter the Great bay, Japanese Sea) in 2006 – 2009Yulia V. Zavertanova, Larisa E.Vasilyeva, Olesya A.Sharova, Vladimir A. Rakov yes
BIO-Paper Session5705SeungHyun SonWithdrawal Temporal and Spatial Variability of the Water Turbidity Derived from the Ocean Color Satellite in the Yellow Sea and East China SeSeungHyun Son and Menghua Wan yes
BIO-Paper Session5579Seung Ho BaekWithdrawal The role of vertical migration and cell division on dinoflagellates Ceratium furca and C. fususSeung Ho Baek, Kyoungsoon Shin, Shinji Shimode, Myung-Soo Han, Tomohiko Kikuchi yes
BIO-Paper Session5594Pung-Guk JangWithdrawal The succession of phytoplankton assemblage by nutrient property on summer in the costal areaPung-Guk Jang, Kyoungsoon Shin, Min-Chul, Jang, Woo-Jin Lee, and Hyun-Su Kim yes
BIO-Paper Session5607Bonggil HyunWithdrawal The survival possibility of introducing phytoplankton via ships ballast waterBonggil Hyun, Kyoungsoon Shin, Min-Chul Jang, Woo-Jin Lee, Jeongmi Song, Seung Ho Baek yes
FIS-Paper Session5722Eugene V. SamkoOral  Using the satellite altimetry data to reveal perspective areas of the Japanese flying squid fishery in the Japan Sea.Eugene V. Samko, Alexander V. Kapshiter
FIS-Paper Session5587Elizabeth A. LogerwellOral Beaufort Sea survey: oceanographic linkages and climate change impactsElizabeth A. Logerwell1, Kimberly Rand1, Sandra Parker-Stetter2, John Horne1,2 and Tom Weingartner3
FIS-Paper Session5832Hee won ParkOral Developing indicators and reference points for assessing fisheries in marine ranching ecosystemsHee Won Park, Young Il Seo, Jae Bong Lee and Chang Ik Zhang
FIS-Paper Session5797You Jung KwonOral Ecosystem-based risk assessment and forecasting for the Korean large purse seine fisheryYou Jung Kwon, Jae Bong Lee, Do Hoon Kim, Hyeok Chan Kwon and Chang Ik Zhang
FIS-Paper Session5956Sukyung KangOral Effects of biological and oceanographic variability on migration timing of Korean chum salmonSukyung Kang, Suam Kim, Ki Baik Seong and Hyung Kee Cha1
FIS-Paper Session5854Yasuhiro KamimuraOral Estimation of cohort-specific mortality of larval and juvenile black rockfish in a macro-algae habitat in the central Seto Inland SeaYasuhiro Kamimura and Jun Shoji
FIS-Paper Session5530Gordon H. Kruse Oral Factors leading to stock collapse of Kodiak red king crabs and their failure to recoverWilliam R. Bechtol and Gordon H. Kruse
FIS-Paper Session5615Sukgeun JungOral Generalized size-dependent formulation for natural mortality of fish based on their fecunditySukgeun Jung
FIS-Paper Session5514Yurii P. DiakovOral Generation stock abundance dynamics of flounders in the Eastern Okhotsk Sea in view of inner and outer population factorsYurii P. Diakov
FIS-Paper Session5809Shin-ichi ItoOral Influence of temperature on cruising speed of Pacific saury: laboratory experiments with simple video techniquesFumitake Shido, Shin-ichi Ito, Taizo Morioka, Naoto Murakami, Takashi Ichikawa, Norio Shirafuji, Tadashi Andoh, Yasuhiro Ueno and Yasuhiro Yamanaka
FIS-Paper Session5754Hyunju SeoOral Long-term variations in body size and relative abundance of Pacific salmon in 1943-2007 Hyunju Seo, Kohei Matsuda and Masahide Kaeriyama
FIS-Paper Session5859Hyunjung KangOral Maturity and spawning of small yellow croaker, Larimichthys polyactis Hyunjung Kang, Yeonghye Kim, Jinkoo Kim, Sungyeon Kim, Sukgeun Jung, Dongwoo Lee and Daesoo Chang
FIS-Paper Session5524Oleg N. KatuginOral Patterns of spatial, bathymetric and seasonal distribution of the schoolmaster gonate squid Berryteuthis magister (Berry, 1913) in the Sea of Okhotsk and adjacent waters of the northwestern Pacific OceanOleg N. Katugin, Gennady A. Shevtsov and Mikhail A. Zuev
FIS-Paper Session5548Anatoliy Ya. VelikanovOral Peculiarities of climatic and oceanological influence on the long-term changes in species composition and abundance of pelagic and bottom fishes in Tatar StraitAnatoliy Ya. Velikanov, Kim Sen Tok
FIS-Paper Session5861Eunhui LeeOral Reproduction and growth of shotted halibut, Eopsetta grigorjewi, in southern coastal areas of KoreaEunhui Lee, Yeonghye Kim, Hyunjung Kang, Haekyoung Kim, Sukgeun Jung, Dongwoo Lee, Daesoo Chang
FIS-Paper Session5676Hye-Min PARK Oral Reproductive biology of Exopalaemon carinicauda (Decapoda, Palaemonidae) in the Hampyong Bay of KoreaChul-Woong OH, Jong-Hun NA and Hye-Min PARK
FIS-Paper Session5919PestalOral Statistical and practical performance of Bayesian decision-support tools for terminal fisheries targeting Atnarko River, British Columbia, chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) Gottfried Pestal and Tatiana Tunon
FIS-Paper Session5890Minling PanOral Structural Breaks and Price Linkage between Hawaii and Japanese Tuna Sashimi Markets Minling Pan and Chin-Hwa (Jenny) Sun
FIS-Paper Session5534Oleg BulatovOral The experience of using GIS technology for stock assessments of marine fishesOleg Bulatov, Georgiy Moiseenko
FIS-Paper Session5606Aymen CHAREFOral Vertical distribution patterns of acoustically classified fish schooling aggregationsAymen CHAREF, Seiji OHSHIMO and Ichiro AOKI
FIS-Paper Session5515V.F. BugaevPoster Biological characteristics of sockeye salmon Oncorhynchus Nerka commercial stocks on the East Kamchatka, Koryak Plateau and some adjacent areasV.F. Bugaev, A.V. Bugaev and V.A. Dubynin
FIS-Paper Session5988Wen-Bin HuangPoster Comparisons of spatiotemporal variations in abundance and size composition of Pacific saury between the high-seas and coastal fishing grounds in the Northwestern PacificWen-Bin Huang
FIS-Paper Session5807Seong-Gil KimPoster Concentration of trace metals in the tissues of common dolphins (Delphinus delphis) on the east coast of KoreaSeock-Woo Jang, Seong-Gil Kim, Ok-In Choi, Seong-Soo Kim, Zang-Geun Kim
FIS-Paper Session5916Hyoungsum HanPoster Differences of growth and density in Ruditapes philippinarum in the intertidal area in Tae-an on the west coast of South KoreaHyoungsum Han, Chaewoo Ma and Wongyu Park
FIS-Paper Session5687Alexei M. OrlovPoster Distribution and size composition of spiny dogfish in the North PacificAlexei M. Orlov, Vadim F. Savinykh, Dmitry V. Pelenev, Eugeny F. Kulish
FIS-Paper Session5702Naoki TojoPoster Ecologically driven spatial dynamics in pre-wintering juvenile walleye pollock (Theragra charcogramma) in the coastal sea off northeastern Hokkaido, JapanNaoki Tojo, Akira Nishmura, Tetsuichiro Funamoto, Orio Yamamura, Hiroki Yasuma, Kazushi Miyashita
FIS-Paper Session5528Tetsuichiro FunamotoPoster Effects of spawning stock biomass and environmental conditions on walleye pollock (Theragra chalcogramma) recruitment in the northern Japan SeaTetsuichiro Funamoto
FIS-Paper Session5957Jung Hwa ChoiPoster Feeding Habits of Yellow Goosefish, Lophius litulon, and John Dory, Zeus faber in northern part of the East China SeaJung Hwa Choi, Bong Jun Sung, Jung Nyun Kim, Taek Yun Oh, Dae Soo Chang and Hyung Kee Cha
FIS-Paper Session5918Haewon LeePoster Gonadal maturation and spawning in the Pacific herring, Clupea Pallasii, in the East/Japan Sea of KoreaHaeWon Lee, ByungKyu Hong, Young Min Choi and DongWoo Lee
FIS-Paper Session5858Wongyu ParkPoster Larval occurrence and distribution of swimming crab, Charybdis japonica Milne Edwards, 1860 off Yeonpyeong-do near Korean coast in the Yellow SeaMyoung-Ho Sohn1, Miyoung Song1, Hakjin Hwang1, Yang-Jae Im1, In-Ja Yeon1, Wongyu Park2*, Chae Woo Ma2, Jae-Won Kim3
FIS-Paper Session5597Alexei M. OrlovPoster New data on age and growth of spiny dogfish Squalus acanthias in the northwestern Pacific OceanAlexei M. Orlov, Eugeny F. Kulish, Alexander O. Shubin, Ilyas N. Mukhametov
FIS-Paper Session5545Margarita D. BoyarovaPoster Organochlorine pesticides in marine and freshwater organisms from the Russian Far EastMargarita D. Boyarova and Olga N.Lukyanova
FIS-Paper Session5678Jong-Hun NAPoster Population Biology of Korean Pomfret Pampus echinogaster (Basilewsky, 1855) (Perciformes: Stromateidae) on the Western Coast of Korea, Yellow Sea Chul-Woong OH, Jong-Hun NA
FIS-Paper Session5572Kevin Allen ThompsonPoster Precautionary management may destabilize a fishery: examples using loop analysisKevin Thompson, Grant Thompson, OSU Qualitative Analysis Group
FIS-Paper Session5590Yugo ShimizuPoster Relationship in temporal variability between temperature and recruitment of Pacific cod (Gadus macrocephalus) off the northeast coast of JapanYugo Shimizu and Yoji Narimatsu
FIS-Paper Session5517Elena V. GritsayPoster Seasonal and interannual variations of walleye pollock age structure in commercial catches in the Navarin area Elena V. Gritsay
FIS-Paper Session5857In-Ja YeonPoster Seasonal occurrence and distribution of Japanese mantis shrimp larvae, Oratosquilla oratoria off Yeonpyeong-do near the Korean coast in the Yellow SeaWongyu Park1, Chae Woo Ma1, Miyoung Song2, Myoung-Ho Sohn2, Hakjin Hwang2, Jong-Bin Kim2, Kwangho Choi2, In-Ja Yeon2*
FIS-Paper Session5872Jong Hee LeePoster Seasonal Species Composition of Marine Organism Collected by a Shrimp Beam Trawl in Nakdong River Estuary, KoreaJong Hee Lee, Jae Bong Lee, Jung Nyun Kim, Dong Woo Lee, and Dae Soo Chang
FIS-Paper Session5920TunonPoster Using classification trees to capture a manager’s interpretation of Bayesian projectionsTatiana Tunon and Gottfried Pestal
FIS-Paper Session5726Svetlana A. Ireykina WithdrawalRep-2Biotransformation and oxidative stress biomarkers as useful tools in assessment of pollution effects in estuaries of Peter the Great Bay (Japan/East Sea)Svetlana A. Ireykina yes
FIS-Paper Session5847Nadezhda L. AseevaWithdrawal Myxozoa parasites in the fishes of the north-west the Japan SeaNadezhda L. Aseeva yes
FIS-Paper Session5575Liudmila S. DolmatovaWithdrawal Seasonal- and age-dependent activities of antioxidant enzymes in holothurian Eupentacta fraudatrix Liudmila S. Dolmatova and Olga A. Zaika yes
FIS-Paper Session5933Hao-Hsien ChangWithdrawal Spatiotemporal distribution in relation to reproduction and thermal migration of splendid ponyfish (Leiognathus splendens) in western waters off TaiwanMeng-Hsien Chen, Pin-Hsuan Chen, Hao-Hsien Chang, Yi-Ting Pan, Chiee-Young Chen, and Ruo-Shan Tseng yes
FIS-Paper Session5876Yuji IwamotoWithdrawal Survival of Japanese sea bass larvae and juveniles in the Ohta River estuary, Hiroshima, Japan: a comparison between artificial and natural habitatsYuji Iwamoto and Jun Shoji yes
FIS-Paper Session5675Galina S.BorisenkoWithdrawal The artificial radionuclides Sr-90 and Cs-137 in commercial fishes and sea water of Japan Sea.Galina S.Borisenko yes
POC-Paper Session5647Howard J. FreelandOral A New Estimate of the Steric Contribution to Global Sea-Level RiseHoward J. Freeland and denis Gilbert
POC-Paper Session5758Dake ChenOral A theoretical framework for tropical Indo-Pacific climate variabilityDake Chen and Tao Lian
POC-Paper Session5924Hitoshi KanekoOral Direct measurement of turbulent mixing along a meridional transect in the Western North PacificHitoshi Kaneko, Ichiro Yasuda and Sachihiko Itoh
POC-Paper Session5816Victor I.KuzinOral Dissolved methane transport in the Arctic water: observed data and simulationVictor I.Kuzin, Valentina V.Malakhova and Elena N.Golubeva
POC-Paper Session5978Enrique CurchitserOral Downscaling Climate Simulations in the North Pacific Ocean Using a fully coupled multi-scale modelEnrique Curchitser, Bill Large, Kate Hedstrom and Jon Wolf
POC-Paper Session5795Dmitry D. KaplunenkoOral Effects of variability ‘separation’ for the northern Japan/East Sea obtained from satellite dataDmitry D. Kaplunenko, Vyacheslav B. Lobanov and Olga O. Trusenkova
POC-Paper Session5923Alexey V. BulanovOral Femtosecond laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for detection marine water and phytoplankton cells elemental compositionOleg A. Bukin, Alexey V. Bulanov, Alexey A. Ilin, Sergey S. Golik and Ekaterina B. Sokolova
POC-Paper Session5760Jürgen AlheitOral Impact of climate variability on northern hemisphere marine ecosystems: regime shifts and teleconnection patterns Jürgen Alheit
POC-Paper Session5674RoOral Impact of the ITF on the Water Characteristics in the Western Pacific Marginal SeasYoung Jae Ro
POC-Paper Session5749Anastasiya AbrosimovaOral Interaction of sea and river waters in the estuary of the Amur RiverAnastasiya Abrosimova and Igor Zhabin
POC-Paper Session5547Olga TrusenkovaOral Large-scale patterns of the Japan/East Sea level and their dynamic forcingsOlga Trusenkova, Timofei Gulenko, Dmitry Kaplunenko, and Vyacheslav Lobanov
POC-Paper Session5840Humio MitsuderaOral Mechanisms of the cold water belt formation off the Soya Warm CurrentHumio Mitsudera, Keisuke Uchimoto and Tomohiro Nakamura
POC-Paper Session5991Chan Joo JangOral North Pacific Mixed Layer Depth Projections from IPCC AR4 ModelsChan Joo Jang
POC-Paper Session5785Hanna NaOral Relationship between the interannual variability of the Korea Strait Bottom Cold Water, upper water temperatures and surface heat fluxes in the East SeaHanna Na, Kwang-Yul Kim, Kyung-Il Chang and Kuh Kim
POC-Paper Session5713Michael ForemanOral Simulating spring-neap salinity variations in Knight Inlet, CanadaMichael Foreman, Piotr Czajko and Dario Stucchi
POC-Paper Session5967John CalderOral Synthesis of recent ocean data from the Pacific sector of the Arctic by the Pacific Arctic GroupJohn Calder and Jackie Grebmeier
POC-Paper Session5668Eduard A. SpivakOral The summer hydrography of the south-eastern part of Laptev Sea – results arctic expedition POI FEB RAS in september 2006Eduard A. Spivak, Nina I. Savelieva and Anatoly N. Salyuk
POC-Paper Session5543Fan WangOral The warm tongue invading into the Yellow Sea in winter and its inter-annual variabilityFan Wang and Chuanyu Liu
POC-Paper Session5544Vilyanskaya E.A.Oral Water temperature changes in the nearshore zone of Aniva Bay from mooring observationsVilyanskaya E.A., Shevchenko G.V., Kusaylo O., Kato A.
POC-Paper Session5513Nadezda M. VakulskayaPoster Analysis of tipizations of spatio-temporal distributions of ice areas and ice volumes, according to ice thicknesses in Bering Sea.Nadezda M. Vakulskaya
POC-Paper Session5944Joon-Soo LeePoster Analysis on the long-term temporal variation of in the Yellow Sea using cluster methodJoon-Soo Lee, Hye-Hyun Lee, Won Duk Yoon, Joon-Yong Yang, and Sang Ok Chung
POC-Paper Session5568Antonina PolyakovaPoster Atmospheric circulation over the South China SeaAntonina Polyakova
POC-Paper Session5752Vladimir PonomarevPosterRep-2Changing climate and linkages of surface heat fluxes in the North Pacific Vladimir Ponomarev, Vera Petrova and Elena Dmitrieva
POC-Paper Session5970Gu MingPoster Characteristics of Atmospheric Turbulence of marine atmospheric boundary layer over the north Yellow SeaHui-wang Gao, Gu Ming, Ren-lei Wang, and Yu-huan Xue
POC-Paper Session5562Elena DmitrievaPoster Classification of the meteorological, hydrological time series of Asian-Pacific region using cluster analysisElena Dmitrieva, Vladimir Ponomarev and Nina Savelieva
POC-Paper Session5567Antonina PolyakovaPoster Destructive tsunami near the coast of PrimoryeAntonina Polyakova
POC-Paper Session5672Fedor KhrapchenkovPoster Dynamics at the runoff lenses of the Amur River in summer of 2005-2008.Fedor Khrapchenkov
POC-Paper Session5522Ekaterina PotalovaPosterRep-1Estimation of wind stress curl on the Far-Eastern seas under tropical cyclones movementEkaterina Potalova
POC-Paper Session5671Nadezda DulovaPoster Influence of eddies and tides on the vertical structure of sound speed field at the east coast of Kamchatka and Kuriles.Fedor Khrapchenkov, Nadezda Dulova
POC-Paper Session5788Maxim A. IshchenkoPoster Long-term thermohaline dynamics in the region of the north-western Hawaiian Ridge SeamountsVladimir B. Darnitskiy and Maxim A. Ishchenko
POC-Paper Session5870Satoshi OsafunePoster Numerical study on bidecadal water mass variations in the subarctic North Pacific related to the 18.6-year tidal cycleSatoshi Osafune and Ichiro Yasuda
POC-Paper Session5621Maxim A. Ishchenko (by Zuenko)Poster On the differentiation of the thermohaline processes in the Sea of Japan to the south of the Subarctic front Part I Vladimir B. Darnitskiy and Maxim A. Ishchenko
POC-Paper Session5622Maxim A. Ishchenko (by Zuenko)Poster On the differentiation of the thermohaline processes in the Sea of Japan to the south of the Subarctic front Part II Vladimir B. Darnitskiy and Maxim A. Ishchenko
POC-Paper Session5550Y.I. ZuenkoPoster One-dimensional model of water productivity changes because of convective regime reconstruction Yury I. Zuenko
POC-Paper Session5564Galina VlasovaPoster Preliminary results of the seasonal variability of the water circulation in the South Chine Sea under influence of the synoptic processes Galina Vlasova, Bui Hong Long, Antonina Polyakova, Nguyen Ba Xuan, Gennadiy Yurasov, Le Dinh Mau
POC-Paper Session5893Hironori HigashiPoster Relationship between water quality trend and climate change in Ise Bay, JapanHironori Higashi, Hiroshi Koshikawa, Kunio Kohata, Shogo Murakami and Motoyuki Mizuochi
POC-Paper Session5563Galina VlasovaPosterRep-5Seasonal variability of the water circulation in the Sea of Okhotsk under influence of the synoptic processes in 2003-2004 Galina Vlasova,Svetlana Glebova,Gleb Vlasov
POC-Paper Session5698Kwang Young JungPoster Stratification Induced by the Nam-Gang Dam Water Release Based on Numerical Model in the Kangjin Bay, South Sea, KoreaKwang Young Jung, Young Jae Ro
POC-Paper Session5864Tatsuro WatanabePoster Surface current structure and its variability in the southwestern Japan Sea derived by satellite-tracked surface driftersTatsuro Watanabe, Daisuke Simizu, Kou Nishiuchi, Toru Hasegawa and Osamu Katoh
POC-Paper Session5529Talgat R. KilmatovPosterRep-4The climatic trend of the SST non-homogeneous in the northern Pacific Ocean and stability of the Kuroshio Extension jetTalgat R. Kilmatov, Elena V. Dmitrieva
POC-Paper Session5526Valentina V. MorozPoster The thermohaline structure and temperature anomalies dynamics in the Kuril Island area Valentina V. Moroz
POC-Paper Session5735Valentina V. MorozPoster The thermohaline structure forming peculiarity in the South Kuril Straits zoneValentina V. Moroz
POC-Paper Session5574Gennady I. YurasovPosterRep-6Upwelling and its influence on ice conditions in the Peter the Great BayGennady I. Yurasov
POC-Paper Session5728Larissa A. GaykoPosterRep-3Variability of the water and air temperature in the coastal zone of the northwestern Sea of JapanLarissa A. Gayko
POC-Paper Session5910Takeshi MatsunoPoster Vertical transport of subsurface nutrients in the East China Sea shelf for the primary production Takeshi Matsuno, Takahiro Endoh, Eisuke Tsutsumi, Ken-ichi Fukudome, Joji Ishizaka, Hisashi Yamaguchi, Sarat Tripathy, In-Seong Han, Jae-Hak Lee, Sang-Tae Jang and Sang-Hyun Kim
POC-Paper Session5682Liying WanWithdrawal A “Dressed” Ensemble Kalman Filter method using different seasonal ensemble in the PacificLiying Wan, Hui Wang, Jiang Zhu yes
POC-Paper Session5596Natalia RudykhWithdrawal Comparison of hydrology variability in the Korean and Tatar StraitsNatalia Rudykh yes
POC-Paper Session5945Vladimir V. PlotnikovWithdrawal Estimation of ice cover conditions of Japan Sea.Vladimir V. Plotnikov yes
POC-Paper Session5662Boris DyakovWithdrawal Large-scale fluctuations of salinity Tsusima Current in second half 20-th centuriesBoris Dyakov yes
POC-Paper Session5512Svetlana P. ShkorbaWithdrawal Research of influence of water thermal regime on the ice cover in the Japan Sea Svetlana P. Shkorba yes
POC-Paper Session5707Maxim A. IshchenkoWithdrawal Synoptic and long-term dynamics of water in the vicinity of the junction of Hawaii and the Imperial submarine ridgesVladimir B. Darnitskiy and Maxim A. Ishchenko yes
POC-Paper Session5896Jinhee YoonWithdrawal The characteristic response of Kuroshio Extension Region to Warm Pool El Niño Jinhee Yoon, Sang-Wook Yeh, Young Ho Kim, and Jong-Seoung Kug yes
POC-Paper Session5634Cai YiWithdrawal The Numerical Simulation of the effects of global warming on ocean ecosystems in Bohai SeaCai Yi, Wang Zhanggui, Feng Licheng yes
Workshop1 (BIO)5759Stephanie DutkiewiczInvited Interplay between ecosystem structure and iron availability in a global marine ecosystem modelStephanie Dutkiewicz, Fanny Monteiro, and Mick Follows
Workshop1 (BIO)5836Yasuhiro YamanakaInvited New NEMURO-based model incorporating the iron cycleYasuhiro Yamanaka, S. Lan Smith, Hiroshi Sumata, Naoki Yoshie, Taketo Hashiok, Takeshi Okunishi, Masahiko Shigemitsu, Maki N. Noguchi and Naosuke Okada
Workshop1 (BIO)5643Kenneth W. Bruland Invited Reactive iron in the subarctic North Pacific; natural iron enrichments Kenneth W. Bruland
Workshop1 (BIO)5751Keisuke UchimotoOral A simulation of chlorofluorocarbons in the Sea of OkhotskKeisuke Uchimoto, Tomohiro Nakamura, Jun Nishioka, Humio Mitsudera, Michiyo Yamamoto-Kawai, Kazuhiro Misumi and Daisuke Tsumune
Workshop1 (BIO)5750Jun NishiokaOral Comparison of iron distribution between the western and the eastern subarctic PacificJun Nishioka, Tsuneo Ono, Hiroaki Saito, Takeshi Nakatsuka, Shigenobu Takeda, Wm. K. Johnson, C. S. Wong
Workshop1 (BIO)5691Hiroaki SaitoOral Factors Controlling the Spatial Variability of Spring Bloom Dynamics in the Oyashio RegionHiroaki Saito, Kazutaka Takahashi, Yoshiko Kondo, Jun Nishioka,Tomonori Isada, Akira Kuwata, Miwa Nakamachi, Yuji Okazaki, Yugo Shimizu, Koji Suzuki
Workshop1 (BIO)5748Ai Hattori-SaitoOral Fe nutrition in micro-sized diatoms in the Oyashio region of the NW subarctic Pacific during spring 2007Ai Hattori-Saito, Tomonori Isada, Natsuko Komazaki, Hiroshi Hattori, Kenshi Kuma, R. Michael L. McKay, Tsutomu Ikeda, and Koji Suzuki
Workshop1 (BIO)5905(not Roberta C. Hamme) Bill CrawfordOral Natural volcanic iron fertilization of the Subarctic North PacificRoberta C. Hamme, Sonia Batten, William Crawford, Kathleen Dohan, Steven Emerson, Karina Giesbrecht, Jim Gower, Maria Kavanaugh, Deirdre Lockwood, Christopher Sabine and Frank Whitney
Workshop1 (BIO)5681Mark L. WellsOral The role of Haida eddies in iron transport to the eastern subarctic Pacific OceanEric Roy Mark L. Wells Fei Chai
Workshop1 (BIO)5936Youngju LeeWithdrawal Effect of asian dust on the picophytoplankton growth rate and cell cycle.Youngju Lee and Joong Ki Choi yes
Workshop1 (BIO)5845Maurice LevasseurWithdrawal Impact of Asian dust on plankton and DMS production in the Northeast Subarctic PacificJosiane Mélançon1, Maurice Levasseur1, Martine Lizotte1, Jean-Éric Tremblay1, Gui-Peng Yang2, Marjolaine Blais1, Guangyu Shi3, Hui-Wang Gao2, Michael Arychuk4, Keith Johnson4, Nes Sutherland4, Marie Robert4, Wendy Richardson4 yes
Workshop1 (BIO)5907Daisuke TsumuneWithdrawal Numerical simulation of iron export from the Sea of Okhotsk to the North PacificKazuhiro Misumi, Daisuke Tsumune, Yoshikatsu Yoshida, Takeshi Yoshimura, Keisuke Uchimoto, Tomohiro Nakamura, Jun Nishioka, Humio Mitsudera, Frank O. Bryan, Keith Lindsay, J. Keith Moore, Scott C. Doney yes
Workshop 2 (BIO)5604Jennifer E. PurcellInvited Broad-scale research on jellyfishJennifer E. Purcell
Workshop 2 (BIO)5868Hao-Hsien ChangOral A study on the ecological significance of the box jellyfish, Carybdea rastonii Haacke (Cnidaria: Cubozoa), from the east coast of TaiwanHao-Hsien Chang, Chang-Yu Lai, and Wen-Tseng Lo
Workshop 2 (BIO)5874Kyoung-Hoon LeeOral Density Estimates of Nemopilema nomurai Jellyfish in Yellow Sea during 2006-2009Kyoung-Hoon LEE, Soo-Jeong JANG, Won-Deuk YOON, Chang-Doo PARK and Seong-Wook PARK
Workshop 2 (BIO)5877Kazuhiro SadayasuOral Echo trace counting method for estimating the giant jellyfish Nemopilema nomurai density and distribution using a quantitative echosounderKazuhiro Sadayasu, Yoshimi Takao, Ryuichi Matsukura
Workshop 2 (BIO)5821Richard BrodeurOral Habitat and Ecology of Large Medusa in the Northern California Current: An Overview of Recent Studies Richard D. Brodeur, Cynthia L. Suchman, Elizabeth A. Daly and Lanaya N. Fitzgerald
Workshop 2 (BIO)5711Haruto IshiiOral Horizontal and vertical distribution of jellyfish, Aurelia aurita medusae, and estimation of its abundance with underwater video system in Tokyo BayHaruto Ishii, Yasuyuki Nogata and Noriaki Endo
Workshop 2 (BIO)5661Akira OkunoOral Jellyfish transport simulation taking the diurnal vertical migration into accountAkira Okuno, Tatsuro Watanabe, Naoto Honda and Katsumi Takayama
Workshop 2 (BIO)5849Naoki FujiiOral Monitoring method for moon jellyfish abundance in the Western Seto Inland Sea, JapanNaoki Fujii, Shinya Magome, Atsushi Kaneda and Hidetaka Takeoka
Workshop 2 (BIO)5680Chang-Hoon HanOral Quantification of the abundance and distribution of the common jellyfish Aurelia aurita s.l. with a Dual-frequency IDentification SONar (DIDSON)Chang-Hoon Han and Shin-Ichi Uye
Workshop 2 (BIO)5535Hideki IkedaOral Spatio-temporal distribution of the giant jellyfish Nemopilema nomurai in East Asian waters by sighting survey from ferryHideki Ikeda, Hiroko Okawachi, Atsushi Yoshida, Miwa Hayashi and Shin-ichi Uye
Workshop 3 (BIO)5779Begoña SantosInvited Integrating marine mammal populations and rates of prey consumption in models and forecasts of climate change-ecosystem change in the North Atlantic OceanM. Begoña Santos and Graham J. Pierce
Workshop 3 (BIO)5652Andrew W. TritesInvited Marine mammals in multi-species models: assumptions, limitations & theoretical considerationsAndrew W. Trites
Workshop 3 (BIO)5771Hiroshi OkamuraInvited Quantitative assessment of impacts on the sandlance population by consumption of minke whalesHiroshi Okamura, Hiroshi Nagashima and Shiroh Yonezaki
Workshop 3 (BIO)5718Valeriy I. FadeevOral Benthos and food supply studies in feeding grounds of the Okhotsk-Korean gray whale population off the northeast coast of Sakhalin Island (Russia), 2004-2008Valeriy I. Fadeev
Workshop 3 (BIO)5725Jarrod A. SantoraOral Of whales and krill: investigating the patch dynamics between foraging whales and krillJarrod A. Santora, William J. Sydeman, and Christian S. Reiss
Workshop 3 (BIO)5964Rolf ReamOral Pinniped population changes in the North Pacific: recent trends in northern fur seal and Steller sea lion abundanceRolf Ream and Lowell Fritz
Workshop 3 (BIO)5724Murase, H.Oral Prey preferences of common minke (Balaenoptera acutorostrata), Bryde’s (B. edeni) and sei (B. borealis) whales in the western North PacificMurase, H., Tamura, T., Isoda, T., Okamoto, R., Kato, H., Yonezaki, S., Watanabe, H., Tojo, N., Matsukura, R., Miyashita, K., Kiwada, H., Matsuoka, K., Nishiwaki, S., Inagake, D., Okazaki, M., Okamura, H., Fujise, Y. and Kawahara, S.
Workshop 3 (BIO)5853Kyung-Jun SongOral Stomach contents of bycaught minke whales (Balaenoptera acutorostrata) in Korean watersKyung-Jun Song, Zang Geun Kim, Seok-Gwan Choi, Yong-Rock An and Chang Ik Zhang
Workshop 3 (BIO)5511Frank A. ParrishOral Top-down pressure of foraging monk seals on subphotic fish communities; a possible symptom of a marine mammal population at carrying capacity.Frank A. Parrish
Workshop 3 (BIO)5943Kyum Joon ParkPoster Abundance estimation of minke whales (Balanoptera acutorostrata) in the East Sea, Using the sighting survey in 2009Kyum Joon Park, Seok Gwan Choi, Yong Rock An, Zang Geun Kim, Ji Eun Park, Hyun Woo Kim, Tae-Geon Park, Young Ran Lee and Dae-Yeon Moon
Workshop 3 (BIO)5987Valeriy A. VladimirovPoster Distribution and abundance of western gray whales off the northeast coast of Sakhalin Island, Russia, 2008Valeriy A. Vladimirov, Sergey P. Starodymov, Alexey G. Afanasyev-Grigoryev and Vladimir V. Vertyankin
Workshop 3 (BIO)5843Hyun Woo KimPosterRep-1Estimating the population size of Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins, Tursiops aduncus, in coastal waters off Jeju IslandHyun Woo Kim, Zang Geun Kim, Seok-Gwan Choi, and Yong-Rock An
Workshop 3 (BIO)5921Hyun Woo KimPoster First record of the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins, Tursiops aduncus, in Korean waters, by means of skull morphometry and external morphologyHyun Woo Kim, Zang Geun Kim, Seok-Gwan Choi, and Yong-Rock An
Workshop 3 (BIO)5777Graham J. PiercePoster Long-term variation in seal diet and relationships with fish abundanceElena Ieno, M. Begoña Santos, Alex Edridge, Paul M. Thompson and Graham J. Pierce
Workshop 3 (BIO)5719Valeriy I. FadeevPoster Macrobenthos trophic relationships in Western Grey Whale feeding areas (Northeast coast of Sakhalin Island, Okhotsk Sea)Sergey I. Kiyashko, Svetlana A. Rodkina, Vladimir I. Kharlamenko, Valeriy I. Fadeev
Workshop 3 (BIO)5739Hiroto Murase (for Kenji Konishi)Poster Modeling prediction of temporal and spatial distribution of Bryde’s whales in the western North PacificKenji Konishi, Hiroshi Kiwada, Koji Matsuoka, Toshihide Kitakado, Takashi Hakamada and Tsutomu Tamura
Workshop 3 (BIO)5720Valeriy I. FadeevPoster Quantitative distribution and species composition of amphipods from the feeding ground of Western Gray Whales on the seashore near the Chayvo Bay (Northeastern coast of Sakhalin Island, Okhotsk Sea)Natalia L. Demchenko, Valeriy I. Fadeev
Workshop 3 (BIO)5862Ah-Ra KoPosterRep-2Understanding the feeding ecology of Minke Whales, Balaenoptera acutorostrata, in Korean Seas using trophic lipid markersAh-Ra Ko, Zang-Geun Kim, Seok-Gwan Choi, Kyung-Hoon Shin and Se-Jong Ju
Workshop 3 (BIO)5947A. V.SmirnovWithdrawal On influence of Pollock fishery over animals of upper trophic level in the Sea of OkhotskA. V.Smirnov1, A. M.Trukhin2 yes
Workshop 3 (BIO)5886Kristen AmpelaWithdrawal The diet of gray seals (Halichoerus grypus) in United States waters, estimated from hard remains and blubber fatty acidsKristen Ampela yes
Workshop 4 (BIO)5968Angelica PenaInvited Comparing the responses of simple plankton ecosystem models to alternate formulations and increasing complexityAngelica Peña
Workshop 4 (BIO)5908Naoki YoshieInvited Comparison of two marine ecosystem models NEMRUO and eNEMURO in the western North PacificNaoki Yoshie, Shin-ichi Ito, Kosei Komatsu, Takuhiko Kameda, Tsuneo Ono, Kiyotaka Hidaka, Toru Hasegawa, Akira Kuwata, Miwa Nakamachi, Yuji Okazaki, Takeshi Okunishi, Kazuaki Tadokoro, Hiroaki Saito and Yasuhiro Yamanaka
Workshop 4 (BIO)5715Yvette H. SpitzInvited Considerations and challenges inherent to the inter-comparison of pelagic ecosystem models.Yvette H. Spitz
Workshop 5 (FIS)5995Tatsuro MatsuokaInvited Negative impacts in capture fisheries: Bycatch and discards and derelict fishing gear and ghost fishingTatsuro Matsuoka
Workshop 5 (FIS)5875Kaoru FujitaOral Development of bycatch reduction trawl nets to have benefits for fishermenKaoru Fujita, Yoshiki Matsushita and Seizo Hasegawa
Workshop 5 (FIS)5570Reka DomokosOral Environmental effects on forage and longline fishery performance for Albacore (Thunnus Alalunga) in the American Samoa exclusive economic zoneReka Domokos
Workshop 5 (FIS)5763Craig S. RoseOral Fishing gear technology to reduce bycatch and other ecosystem effects of Alaska trawl fisheries: Cooperative research with the fishing industryCraig S. Rose
Workshop 5 (FIS)5610Seong Hun KimOral Modification of white-spotted conger eel Conger myriaster net trap for reducing bycatch of non-target species Heui Chun AN, Bong Jin CHA, Seong Hun KIM, Chang Doo PARK, Kyoung Hoon LEE, Seong Wook PARK, Jong Keun SHIN
Workshop 5 (FIS)5930Yonghae T. Kim Oral The effect of contrast of netting twine on escape of juvenile sea bream in the model cod-end of a trawl Yonghae T. Kim and Daesung Whang
Workshop 5 (FIS)5679Jong-Hun NaOral Variations in species composition, biomass, and density in shrimp trawl bycatch across seasons and tidal phases in southern Korean waters: developing a fisheries risk management approach Jong-Hun NA, Chul-Woong OH, Sung-Tae KIM
Workshop 5 (FIS)5982Ji Hyun LeeWithdrawal Comparison of benthic assemblages and associated fish communities on two artificial reef types deployed along the Pohang coast, South KoreaJi Hyun Lee, Wan Ki Kim, M. Sidharthan, Sang Mok Jung, Hyun Woung Shin and Chae Sung Lee yes
Workshop 5 (FIS)5508Maria Rebecca Alviar CamposWithdrawal Linking fishing technology, bycatch, and marine ecosystems in Philippine fisheries policiesMaria Rebecca Alviar Campos yes
Workshop 6 (MEQ)5776Kazumi MatsuokaInvited Modern dinoflagellate cyst studyKazumi Matsuoka
Workshop 6 (MEQ)5781Ichiro ImaiOral Cyst dynamics and occurrences of red tides of Heterosigma akashiwo and Chattonella spp. in temperate coastal watersIchiro Imai, Shigeru Itakura and Mineo Yamaguchi
Workshop 6 (MEQ)5737Hyeon Ho ShinOral Dinoflagellate cyst assemblages as indicator of changed nutrient levels in Korean and Japanese coastal areasHyeon Ho Shin, Yang Ho Yoon and Kazumi Matsuoka
Workshop 6 (MEQ)5694Ruixiang LIOral Distribution of dinoflagellate cysts in surface sediments in the Yellow Sea in autumnRuixiang LI ,Jun PAN , Yan LI, Ping SUN
Workshop 6 (MEQ)5531Tatiana V. MorozovaOral Resting stages of HAB species in recent marine sediments from Peter the Great Bay, Sea of Japan (East Sea)Tatiana V. Morozova, Tatiana Yu. Orlova
Workshop 6 (MEQ)5786Ken-ichiro IshiiOral Species identification of resting spores of Chaetoceros (Bacillariophyceae)Ken-ichiro Ishii, Mitsunori Iwataki, Kazumi Matsuoka and Ichiro Imai
Workshop 6 (MEQ)5892Donald M. AndersonOral Toxic blooms of Alexandrium fundyense in the Gulf of Maine: the role of cysts in population dynamics and long-term patterns of shellfish toxicityDonald M. Anderson, Bruce A. Keafer, Kerry Norton, Dennis J. McGillicuddy, Ruoying He, Cindy H. Pilskaln, Darcie Couture,and Jennifer Martin
HAB Meeting5532Tatiana Yu. OrlovaOral Current situation and perspective for HABs Monitoring on the Russian Pacific coastTatiana Yu. Orlova
HAB Meeting6015John K. KeesingOral Recurrent large scale macroalgal blooms in the Yellow SeaJohn K. Keesing, Dongyan Liu, Qianguo Xing, Ping Shi and Peter Fearns
HAB Meeting5708Mingyuan ZhuOral The Study on the Occurrence of Green Tide in Yellow Sea in 2009Mingyuan ZHU and Zongling WANG
Workshop 7 (MEQ/FIS)5582Dario StucchiInvited A coupled biophysical sea lice model for the Broughton ArchipelagoDario Stucchi, Mike Foreman, Ming Guo and Piotr Czajko
Workshop 7 (MEQ/FIS)5716J.E. Jack RenselInvited Aquaculture Modeling Using a GIS-Integrated Simulation ModelJ.E. Jack Rensel, Dale A. Kiefer and Frank O’Brien
Workshop 7 (MEQ/FIS)5595Tamiji YamamotoInvited Effects of culture density on the growth and fecal production of oyster Crassostrea gigasTamiji Yamamoto, Hajime Maeda, Osamu Matsuda and Toshiya Hashimoto
Workshop 7 (MEQ/FIS)5881Jill RollandOral A model to exclude endemic pathogens from semi-open or open aquaculture facilities: Utilizing compartmentalization to promote epidemiologic separation in shellfish hatcheries.Jill Rolland and Lori Gustafson
Workshop 7 (MEQ/FIS)5801Kevin H. AmosOral A review of infective doses of viral and bacterial pathogens for modeling interactions between marine pen-reared salmon and wild cohorts. Kevin H. Amos
Workshop 7 (MEQ/FIS)5989Edward A. BlackOral Aquaculture Risk Assessments and Ecosystem-Based ManagementEdward A. Black
Workshop 7 (MEQ/FIS)5628Katsuyuki AboOral Assessing nutrient environments of Nori (Porphyra) aquaculture area by using numerical modelKatsuyuki Abo and Toshinori Takashi
Workshop 7 (MEQ/FIS)5891Xuelei ZhangOral Chanllenges and Opportunities of Envrionmental Issues Faced by Coastal Aquaculture in ChinaXuelei Zhang
Workshop 7 (MEQ/FIS)5823Brett R. DumbauldOral Evaluating the Effects of Bivalve Shellfish Aquaculture and its Ecological Role in the Estuarine Environment in the United StatesBrett R. Dumbauld, Jennifer L. Ruesink
Workshop 7 (MEQ/FIS)5940Toyomitsu HoriiOral Evaluation of the Impacts of Seedlings on Abalone Reproduction by Genetic ApproachMotoyuki Hara and Toyomitsu Horii
Workshop 7 (MEQ/FIS)5879Lori GustafsonOral Marine reservoirs for infectious salmon anemia virus in pen-reared Atlantic salmon: Do they play a role in the U.S.? Lori L. Gustafson and Jill B. Rolland
Workshop 7 (MEQ/FIS)5827Qtae JoOral Production of healthier Patinopecten yessoensis seeds for aquaculture on the Korean and Russian coasts of the East SeaQtae Jo, Su-Kyoung Kim, Chae Sung Lee, Jin Yeong Kim, and Victor D. Dzizyurov
Workshop 7 (MEQ/FIS)5654Galina GavrilovaOral Some ecological aspects of invertebrate mariculture in semi-closed bightsGalina Gavrilova
Workshop 7 (MEQ/FIS)6014April N. CroxtonPosterRep-1An evaluation of hemocyte profiles from oyster populations located in two Florida baysApril N. Croxton, Gary H. Wikfors and Richard D. Gragg, III
Workshop 7 (MEQ/FIS)6013Gary H. WikforsPoster Flow-cytometric applications for bivalve hemocytes: Tools for assessing mollusc/ecosystem interactionsGary H. Wikfors
Workshop 7 (MEQ/FIS)5731Larissa A. GaykoPoster Interrelation between hydrometeorological and biological parameters of marine farms in Primorye (Sea of Japan)Larissa A. Gayko
Workshop 7 (MEQ/FIS)5744Liping JiaoPoster Persistent toxic substances in remote lake and coastal sediments from Svalbard, Norwegian Arctic: Levels, sources and fluxesLiping Jiao, Gene J. Zheng, Tu Binh Minh, Liqi Chen, Paul K.S. Lam
Workshop 7 (MEQ/FIS)5730Larissa A. GaykoPoster The long-term physical-statistical method for the forecast of mollusks’ yield at marine farms in Primorye (Sea of Japan)Larissa A. Gayko
Workshop 7 (MEQ/FIS)5899Valeria E. TerekhovaWithdrawal Effect of the prophylactic antibacterial treatment on the bowels microflora Apostichopus japonicusValeria E. Terekhova yes
Workshop 7 (MEQ/FIS)5516Kourosh Haddadi MoghaddamWithdrawal Role of marine benthos in feeding dynamics in sturgeonKourosh Haddadi Moghaddam yes
Workshop 7 (MEQ/FIS)5736Arthur A. Kos’yanenkoWithdrawal The distribution of commercially species of sea squirts (Ascidians) In Alekseeva bay of Peter the Great bay. Arthur A. Kos’yanenko yes
Workshop 8 (POC)5796Masami NonakaInvited Decadal variability in the oceanic frontal zones in the western North Pacific OceanMasami Nonaka, Hisashi Nakamura, Bunmei Taguchi, Youichi Tanimoto, and Hideharu Sasaki
Workshop 8 (POC)5755Bunmei TaguchiInvited Decadal variability of the Kuroshio/Oyashio Extension fronts and their atmospheric influencesBunmei Taguchi, Hisashi Nakamura, Masami Nonaka, Nobumasa Komori, Akira Kuwano-Yoshida, Hideharu Sasaki, Koutarou Takaya and Shang-Ping Xie
Workshop 8 (POC)5657Bo QiuInvited Forced versus Intrinsic Variability of the Kuroshio Extension System on the Decadal Timescales Bo Qiu, Shuiming Chen and Niklas Schneider
Workshop 8 (POC)5931Sumant NigamInvited Ocean-atmosphere structure of Pacific decadal variabilitySumant Nigam, Bin Guan
Workshop 8 (POC)5799Curtis DeutschInvited Oxygen variability in the North PacificCurtis Deutsch, Taka Ito
Workshop 8 (POC)5648Michael AlexanderInvited The impact of extratropical atmospheric variability on the tropical Pacific: testing the seasonal footprinting mechanism Michael Alexander, Daniel Vimont, Ping Chang and James Scott
Workshop 8 (POC)5762Dan VimontInvited The role of thermodynamic coupling in connecting subtropical and tropical Pacific climate variationsDaniel J. Vimont
Workshop 8 (POC)5846Muyin WangOral A means for reducing projection uncertainty of climate models on regional scaleMuyin Wang, James E. Overland and Nicholas A. Bond
Workshop 8 (POC)5901Sang-Wook YehOral Characteristics in the North Pacific mean SST and its variability in climate transition periods. Sang-Wook Yeh, Yune-Jung Kang, Yign Noh and A. J. Miller
Workshop 8 (POC)5586Emanuele Di LorenzoOral ENSO and the North Pacific Gyre Oscillation: an integrated view of Pacific decadal dynamicsEmanuele Di Lorenzo, Niklas Schneider , Kim M. Cobb , Jason Furtado , Michael Alexander
Workshop 8 (POC)5938Niklas SchneiderOral Extratropical ocean to atmosphere coupling via atmospheric Ekman Pumping Niklas Schneider, Yoshinori Sasaki, Axel Lauer, Bo Qiu, Arthur Miller, Detlef Stammer
Workshop 8 (POC)5741Xiaohui TangOral Influence of reducing weather noise on ENSO predictionXiaohui Tang, Ping Chang and Fan Wang
Workshop 8 (POC)5829Shoshiro MinobeOral Kuroshio Extension variability during the last 50-years and its predictabilityShoshiro Minobe, Jiaxu Zhang and Miho Urasawa
Workshop 8 (POC)5767Elena I. UstinovaOral Low-frequency fluctuations of thermal conditions in the Far-Eastern Seas and large-scale climate processes Elena I. Ustinova and Yury D. Sorokin
Workshop 8 (POC)5820Arthur J. MillerOral North Pacific Decadal Variability: Current Understanding and Unresolved Issues Arthur J. Miller, Emanuele Di Lorenzo, Shoshiro Minobe and Niklas Schneider
Workshop 8 (POC)5882Skip McKinnellOral Regimelettes – PDO variability in the 21st centurySkip McKinnell and Nate Mantua
Workshop 8 (POC)5518Natalia V. ShlykOral Surface freshening and mid-depth warming in the Pacific Western Subarctic since 1950sKonstantin A. Rogachev and Natalia V. Shlyk
Workshop 8 (POC)5554Rong-shuo CaiOral The long-term transport variation of Kuroshio and its adjacent currents in the western North Pacific OceanRong-shuo CAI, Qi-long ZHANG, Qing-hua QI and Hong-jian TAN
Workshop 8 (POC)5839In-Seong HanPoster Behavior of low salinity water mass from Northern East China Sea to Korea StraitIn-Seong Han, Takeshi Matsuno, Tomoharu Senjyu, Young-Sang Suh and Joon-Soo Lee
Workshop 8 (POC)5837In-Seong HanPoster Long-term change of thermal structure in the surface layer due to wind-induced conditions around the Korean PeninsulaIn-Seong Han, Young-Sang Suh, Jae-Dong Hwang and Joon-Soo Lee
Workshop 8 (POC)5555Rong-shuo CaiPoster Spatial and temporal oscillation and long-term variation in sea surface temperature field of the South China SeaRong-shuo CAI, Qi-long ZHANG, Qing-hua QI
Workshop 8 (POC)5690Lingling liuPoster The role of diurnal cycle and mixed layer depth perturbations in ventilation: subduction and obductionLingling Liu, Ruixin Huang and Fan Wang
Workshop 8 (POC)5803Gennady V. KhenPoster Variability of the Kamchatka Current transport in the Kamchatka StraitGennady V. Khen
Workshop 8 (POC)5605Lixin WuWithdrawal A unified teleconnection mechanism between extratropical and tropical oceans Lixin Wu yes
Workshop 8 (POC)5559Nikonov YuriWithdrawal Description of seasonal water circulation variability in Tatar Strait (Japan Sea) by numerical methodNikonov Yuri yes
Workshop 9 (POC/BIO)5588Carol LaddInvited Eddies in the Gulf of AlaskaCarol Ladd, Elizabeth Atwood, William Crawford, Phyllis Stabeno and Frank Whitney
Workshop 9 (POC/BIO)5828Shoshiro MinobeInvited Meridional eddy heat transport estimations using satellite data and eddy resolving OGCMShoshiro Minobe, Kunihiko Aoki, Youichi Tanimoto2, Yoshi N. Sasaki and Yoshikazu Sasai
Workshop 9 (POC/BIO)5802Vyacheslav Lobanov Oral A census of anticyclonic eddies in the northern Japan SeaVyacheslav Lobanov
Workshop 9 (POC/BIO)5866Sachihiko ItohOral Characteristics of Mesoscale Eddies in the Kuroshio–Oyashio Extension Region Detected in the distribution of the sea surface height anomalySachihiko Itoh and Ichiro Yasuda
Workshop 9 (POC/BIO)5656Bill CrawfordOral Cross-shelf exchange by mesoscale eddies in the northeast Pacific OceanBill Crawford and Nick Bolingbroke
Workshop 9 (POC/BIO)5727Hiroshi SumataOral Effects of eddy transport on the nutrient supply into the euphotic zone simulated in an ocean ecosystem modelHiroshi Sumata, Taketo Hashioka, Maki N. Aita, Naoki Yoshie, Tatsuo Suzuki, Takashi T. Sakamoto, Naosuke Okada and Yasuhiro Yamanaka
Workshop 9 (POC/BIO)5792Hiromichi UenoOral Impact of Alaskan Stream eddies on chlorophyll distribution in the central subarctic North PacificHiromichi Ueno, William R. Crawford, Hiroji Onishi
Workshop 9 (POC/BIO)5598Vincent CombesOral Interannual and decadal variations in eddy-induced cross-shelf transport in the Gulf of AlaskaVincent Combes, Emanuele Di Lorenzo and Enrique Curchister
Workshop 9 (POC/BIO)5756Svetlana Y. LadychenkoOral Mesoscale eddies near the Primorye coast in the northwestern Japan/East SeaSvetlana Y. Ladychenko and Vyacheslav B. Lobanov
Workshop 9 (POC/BIO)5617Prescilla KurienOral Mesoscale variability along the east coast of India in spring and fall revealed in satellite data and OGCMPrescilla Kurien, Motoyoshi Ikeda and Vinu K. Valsala
Workshop 9 (POC/BIO)5805Xiao-Hua ZhuOral Observation and dynamics of baroclinic eddies southeast of Okinawa IslandXiao-Hua Zhu, Jea-Hun Park and Daji Huang
Workshop 9 (POC/BIO)5585Sang-Shin ByunOral Observation of Near-Inertial Waves in an Anticyclonic Mesoscale Eddy in the Southwestern East/Japan SeaSang-Shin Byun, Jong Jin Park, Jae-Hun Park and Kyung-Il Chang
Workshop 9 (POC/BIO)5819Sonia BattenOral Ship of opportunity observations of mesoscale eddies in the Gulf of Alaska Sonia Batten, Bill Sydeman, Mike Henry, David Hyrenbach, Ken Morgan
Workshop 9 (POC/BIO)5541Natalya Luk'yanovaOral The interaction of Soya Warm Current waters with the anticyclonic eddies in the southern Sea of OkhotskNatalya Luk'yanova, Igor Zhabin
Workshop 9 (POC/BIO)5655Sergey P. ZakharkovOral Variations of the production phytoplankton parameters of mesoscale anticyclonic eddy in the northwestern part of Sea of Japan Sergey P. Zakharkov, Tatyana N. Gordeychuk and Elena A. Shtraikhert
Workshop 9 (POC/BIO)5697Hajoon SongWithdrawal Changes in California Current upwelling water sources with different resolution wind forcingHajoon Song, Art J. Miller and Bruce D. Cornuelle yes
Workshop 9 (POC/BIO)5913Bo QiuWithdrawal Interannual Variability of the North Pacific Subtropical Countercurrent and its Associated Mesoscale Eddy Field Bo Qiu and Shuiming Chen yes
Workshop 9 (POC/BIO)5963Jianping GanWithdrawal Vertically varying cyclonic eddy in the Southwestern South China SeaJianping Gan and Anson Cheung yes
Workshop 10 (POC/BIO)5844R.M. KeyInvited The CARINA Data ProductR.M. Key, S. Jutterström, M. Hoppema, A. Olsen, T. Tanhua and D.W.R. Wallace
Workshop 10 (POC/BIO)5733Chihiro MiyazakiPoster NIES ocean pCO2 measurement of VOS over the Western PacificChihiro Miyazaki, Shin-ichiro Nakaoka and Yukihiro Nojiri

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