PICES 2011 Annual Meeting
Mechanisms of Marine Ecosystem Reorganization in the North Pacific Ocean
October 14-23, 2011, Khabarovsk, Russia
Best Presentation Award
Who is eligible?
For Best Oral Presentation, a scientist is eligible if

he/she is less than 36 years old, or defended his/her PhD thesis within the last 5 years;
  presented paper is primarily his/her research;
  he/she will present the paper
For Best Poster Presentation, a scientist is eligible

regardless of the stage of his/her career;
  if he/she is the senior author (i.e. the presented paper is primarily his/her research);
  if he/she has attended the Meeting
How to apply?
On-line abstract submission page, "Young Scientist" section, click "Yes" radio button, and your paper will be considered.
Who will decide?
The Best Presentation Award decisions will be made by the Standing Committee Chairmen who will select one Oral and one Poster Award recipient from among the sessions and workshops sponsored by a particular Committee.
When the Award is announced?
The announcements about the Best Presentation Award are made during the Meeting's Closing Ceremony.
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Award-winning scientists page
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