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PICES 2011 Annual Meeting
Mechanisms of Marine Ecosystem Reorganization in the North Pacific Ocean

October 14-23, 2011, Khabarovsk, Russia

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SessionPaper IDPresenterRequested Type of PresentationPotential ReplacementAbstract TitleAuthorsAttendance ConfirmationWithdrawals
S1 (SB)7855Igor V. VolvenkoInvited Biological structure of the ocean and general patterns spatial-temporary distribution of the integrative characteristics of pelagic macrofauna of the North-western PacificIgor V. Volvenkoyes
S1 (SB)7791Sukgeun JungInvited Climate-driven ecosystem shifts in Korean waters during the past 40 yearsSukgeun Jung, Il Su Choi2yes
S1 (SB)7919Olga S. TemnykhInvited Current reorganizations in the North Pacific marine ecosystems in relation to climate change: are global or regional factors driving?Vjacheslav P. Shuntov and Olga S. Temnykhyes
S1 (SB)7876William J SydemanInvited Mechanisms of change in the California Current: An ecosystem case history William J. Sydeman, Isaac D. Schroeder, Jarrod A. Santora, Sarah Ann Thompson, Jeffrey G. Dorman, John C. Field, Steven J. Bograd, Baldo Marinovic, Julie A. Thayer, and Bryan A. Blackyes
S1 (SB)7776Mitsuo UematsuInvited Potential importance of volcanic emissions on marine biogeochemical cycles and clouds over the North PacificMitsuo Uematsu, Shigenobu Takeda, Hiroshi Furutani and Itsushi Unoyes
S1 (SB)7694Maurice LevasseurInvited Response of the plankton ecosystem of the Alaska Gyre to dust and ash depositions under current and future pH conditionsMaurice Levasseuryes
S1 (SB)7909David M. Checkley, Jr.Oral A Framework of Ocean ObservingDavid M. Checkley, Jr.yes
S1 (SB)7826Min Bo LuoOral Comparison between the biodiversity index, Exergy and the AMBI index of the benthos under huge estuary engineering, in Yangshan Deep-water Harbor of Yangtze Estuary, ChinaMin Bo Luo,Xin Qian Shen, Yun Long Wangyes
S1 (SB)7885Jameal SamhouriOral Ecological consequences of a precipitous decline in mean trophic level in the Northern California CurrentNick Tolimieri, Jameal Samhouri, and Phillip Levinyes
S1 (SB)7766Chan Joo JangOral Mixed layer depth variability and its associated changes in chlorophyll concentration in the North Pacific OceanChan Joo Jang, Sinjae Yoo, Taewook Park, Jisoo Park and Minho Kwonyes
S1 (SB)7707Sanae ChibaOral Phytoplankton phenology and community changes in the western subarctic North Pacific 2000-2009 based on the satellite and CPR observationSanae Chiba, Kosei Sasaoka, Hiroya Sugisaki, Tsuneo Ono, Tomoko Yoshiki and Sonia Battenyes
S1 (SB)7836Ryan R. RykaczewskiOral Projected changes in the relationship between water-column stratification and nutrient supply in the northeast PacificRyan R. Rykaczewski, John Dunne and William Petersonyes
S1 (SB)7837Bill PetersonOral Variations in source waters which feed the California Current may be the mechanism which links the PDO and climate change with ecosystem responseBill Petersonyes
S1 (SB)7586Yury I. ZuenkoOral Winter monsoon influence on reproduction of winter-spawning fish by the examples of japanese sardine and saffron cod in the Japan/East SeaYury I. Zuenkoyes
S1 (SB)7844Xinming PuPosterREP-3Changes of phytoplanton in the Yellow Sea during the past 50 yearsXinming Pu, Ruixiang Liyes
S1 (SB)7810Ji Yeon KimPosterREP-4Effects of the population and distribution of the amphipoda Haustorioides koreanus (Family Dogielinotidae) caused by Hebei Spirit oil spill in the Hakampo and Ggotji beach on the west coast of KoreaJi Yeon Kim, Kwang Bae Kim, Chae Woo Ma and Heung Sik Parkyes
S1 (SB)7765Chan Joo JangPoster Projected changes in the North Pacific Ocean mixed layer depth and their impacts on primary productionChan Joo Jang, Jisoo Park, Taewook Park and Sinjae Yooyes
S1 (SB)7815Kwang Bae KimPosterREP-1Spatio-temporal changes in distribution and density of polychaete communities in Hebei spirit oil spill impacted intertidal zones of the west coast of KoreaKwang Bae Kim, Ji Yeon Kim and Chae Woo Mayes
S1 (SB)7784Chan Joo JangPoster Variability of chlorophyll associated with ENSO and its possible biological feedback in the Equatorial PacificJong-Yeon Park, Jong-Seong Kug, Jisoo Park, Sang-Wook Yeh and Chan Joo Jangyes
S1 (SB)7740Pavel A. SavelievWithdrawalREP-2The deep-water ichthyofauna of the Sea of Japan and global climate variabilityPavel A. Savelievno, cancel poster yes
S2 (BIO/POC)7845Jürgen AlheitInvited Climate variability impact on North Sea ecosystemJürgen Alheityes
S2 (BIO/POC)7847Robert SuryanInvited Mechanisms affecting seabird-prey associations over submarine canyons in the northwestern Bering SeaRobert Suryan, Kathy Kuletz, Martin Renner, Patrick Ressler, Shannon Fitzgerald, Kiyoaki Ozaki, Fumio Sato, Tomohiro Deguchi and Elizabeth Labunskiyes
S2 (BIO/POC)7875Sei-Ichi SaitohInvited Potential Fishing Zones as “hotspots” of skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis) and albacore (Thunnus alalunga) in the western North PacificSei-Ichi Saitoh, Robinson M. Mugo, Mukti Zainuddin and Fumihiro Takahashiyes
S2 (BIO/POC)7839Igor M. BelkinInvited Satellite oceanography of fronts as biological hotspots Igor M. Belkinyes
S2 (BIO/POC)7642Shin-ichi ItoOral A quasi-steady warm water jet and an ecological hotspots in the western North Pacific.Shin-ichi Ito, Yugo Shimizu, Shigeho Kakehi, Taku Wagawa, Masatoshi Satoh, Daisuke Ambe, Takeshi Okunishi, Kazuyuki Ueharayes
S2 (BIO/POC)7829David G. FoleyOral Constructing oceanographic data sets and delivery systems to meet the needs of biologgersDavid G. Foleyyes
S2 (BIO/POC)7678Takashi YamamotoOral Foraging areas of streaked shearwaters in relation to seasonal changes in the marine environment of the Northwestern PacificTakashi Yamamoto, Akinori Takahashi, Nariko Oka, Takahiro Iida, Nobuhiro Katsumata, Katsufumi Sato and Philip N. Trathanyes
S2 (BIO/POC)7849 Rolf Ream on behalf of Mary-Anne LeaOral Habitat use of Alaskan northern fur seal pups in the western North Pacific Ocean Mary-Anne Lea1,2, Jeremy T. Sterling1, Nicholas A. Bond, Sharon Melin1, Rolf Ream1 and Tom Gelatt1'no
S2 (BIO/POC)7792Haruka NishikawaOral Impacts of climatic regime shift on Japanese sardine stock collapseHaruka Nishikawa, Ichiro Yasuda, Sachihiko Itoh, Yoshikazu Sasai and Hideharu Sasakiyes, Oral
S2 (BIO/POC)7679Elliott Lee HazenOral Oceanographic habitat segregation among postbreeding Hawaiian albatrosses and predicted changes from 2001-2100.Elliott L. Hazen, Scott A. Shaffer, Michelle A. Kappes, Ryan Rykaczewski, David G. Foley, Steven J. Bograd, and Daniel P. Costayes
S2 (BIO/POC)7576Konstantin RogachevOral Satellite and direct observations of circulations features associated with a bowhead feeding hotspots in the Sea of OkhotskKonstantin Rogachevyes
S2 (BIO/POC)7874Robinson M. MugoOral When, where and why skipjack tuna, red flying squid and pacific saury potential fishing zones are likely to overlap in the western North Pacific: a proof of concept.Robinson M. Mugo, *1,2 Sei-Ichi Saitoh,1,3 Fumihiro Takahashi,1,3 Akira Nihira,4 and Tadaaki Kuroyama,5 yes
S2 (BIO/POC)7598Kaoru HattoriOral Wintering aggregations of Steller sea lions in the Ishikari-Bay, Sea of Japan.Kaoru Hattori, Takeomi Isono and Orio Yamamurayes
S2 (BIO/POC)7634Yutaka WatanukiPoster Foraging behavior of subtropical black-footed albatross Phoebastria nigripes and the marine environment around Bonin IslandsTomoko Harada, Kentaro Kazama, Tomohiro Deguchi, Hajime Suzuki, Yutaka Watanukiyes
S2 (BIO/POC)7828Igor M. BelkinPoster Propagation of SST anomalies along the North Pacific Polar Front and their impact on the Gulf of Alaska, Aleutians, and Bering Sea ecosystemsIgor M. Belkin and S. Kalei Shotwellyes
S2 (BIO/POC)7889Zijun XuWithdrawal Enhancing the marine ecosystem protection of Bohai SeaZijun Xuyes, but cancel talk yes
S2 (BIO/POC)7800Hiroaki SaitoWithdrawal Horizontal Variability in Nitrogen Dynamics in the Kuroshio Extension RegionHiroaki Saito, Kazutaka Takahashi, Miwa Nakamachi, Mutsuo Ichinomiya, Shigeho Kakehi, Tadafumi Ichikawa, Kiyotaka Hidaka, Koji Hamasaki, Yuta Nishibe and Ken Furuyacancelled yes
S2 (BIO/POC)7864George L. ShillingerWithdrawal Vertical and horizontal habitat preferences of post-nesting leatherback turtles in the South Pacific OceanGeorge L. Shillinger, Alan M. Swithenbank, Helen Bailey, Steven J. Bograd, Michael R. Castelton, Bryan P.Wallace, James R. Spotila, Frank V. Paladino, Rotney Piedra, and Barbara A. Blockcancelled yes
S3 (FIS)7663Chingiz M. Nigmatullin Invited Structural and functional aspects of nektonic squid food and parasite relations in the World Ocean ecosystemsChingiz M. Nigmatullin yes
S3 (FIS)7746Mary E. HunsickerInvited The value of cephalopods to global marine fisheriesMary E. Hunsicker, Timothy E. Essington, Reg Watson and Ussif R. Sumailayes
S3 (FIS)7688Mitsuo SakaiInvited Utilization structure of jumbo flying squid stock in fluctuating environments: Possible impact on other squid harvests in the North PacificM Sakai, Y Hiraoka, T Ichii, H Imaizumi, S Imamura, D Inagake, T Wakabayashi, Y Kato, K Miki, H Nikaido, Y Ochi, Y Omura, H Saito, G Takayama, T Yanagimoto, T Kobayashi, N Hamaji and K Ishidayes
S3 (FIS)7774Hiromichi IgarashiOral A statistical approach to identify optimal habitat suitability of neon flying squid in northwestern North Pacific by using satellite datasets and 3-D ocean data assimilation productHiromichi Igarashi, Toshiyuki Awaji, Masafumi Kamachi, Yoichi Ishikawa, Norihisa Usui, Yosuke Fujii, Takahiro Toyoda, Shuhei Masuda, Toshimasa Doi, Shiro Nishikawa, Yoshihisa Hiyoshi, Mitsuo Sakai, Yoshiki Kato, Sei-ichi Saitoh and Shin-ichi Satoyes
S3 (FIS)7638Hideaki KidokoroOral Ecological traits and population dynamics of Japanese common squid Todarodes pacificus that concerned with the fishing grounds and fishing seasons of Japanese and Korean fisheriesHideaki Kidokoro, Norio Yamashita, Sang-Woo Kim, Young-Min Choi and Yasunori Sakuraiyes
S3 (FIS)7644Mikhail A. ZuevOral Long-term fluctuations in gonatid squid (Gonatidae) abundance in the Okhotsk SeaMikhail A. Zuev, Nikolai S. Vanin, Oleg N. Katugin, Gennadyi A. Shevtsovyes
S3 (FIS)7640Hyejin SongOral Prediction of trade-off between growth and maturation depending on the environmental conditions in common squid Todarodes pacificus Hyejin Song, Michio J. Kishi and Yasunori Sakuraiyes
S3 (FIS)7870Alexander DuleninOral Some data on biology and fishing of Pacific squid (Todarodes Pacificus) in northwestern part of the Tartar Strait and their relations with hydrological processesPolina Dulenina, Alexander Duleninyes
S3 (FIS)7636Toshie WakabayashiPoster A review of population structure of the neon flying squid, Ommastrephes bartramii and new findings based on mtDNA sequence dataToshie Wakabayashi, Takashi Yanagimoto, Shiro Wada, Yoshiki Kato and Mitsuo Sakai 
S3 (FIS)7639Gennady A. ShevtsovPoster Cephalopods from the Emperor SeamountsKonstantin A. Karyakin, Gennady A. Shevtsov and Oleg N. Katugin 
S3 (FIS)7606Osamu TamaruPoster Fishery Income fluctuation by selecting fishing ground in the Japanese coastal squid jigging fishery.Osamu Tamaru, Kazushi Miyashita, Yasuzumi Fujimori, Toshihiro Watanabe and Teisuke Miurayes
S3 (FIS)7873Oleg N. KatuginPoster Is there a relation between the abundance of Berryteuthis magietr (Teuthida: Gonatidae) off the Kuril Islands and variability in atmospheric circulation patterns?Vasilyi D. Didenko, Nikolai S. Vanin and Oleg N. Katuginyes
S3 (FIS)7713John C. FieldPosterREP-3Movement patterns and foraging ecology of the Humboldt squid in the California CurrentJulia S. Stewart, William F. Gilly and John C. Field yes
S3 (FIS)7625Konstantin A. KaryakinPoster Pelagic cephalopods of the Subarctic transition zone in spring 2010Gennady A. Shevtsov, Konstantin A. Karyakinno, by Katugin
S3 (FIS)7613Mikhail A. ZuevPoster Seasonal shifts in species composition and distribution of cephalopods in the epipelagic northwest Pacific OceanMikhail A. Zuev, Gennadyi A. Shevtsov, Oleg N. Katuginyes
S3 (FIS)7591Evgenyi V. SlobodskoyWithdrawal Cephalopods inhabiting Japan/East Sea off Korean PeninsulaGennady A. Shevtsov, Evgenyi V. Slobodskoyno, by Katugin, was not present yes
S4 (FIS/POC)7719Emanuele Di LorenzoInvited A null hypothesis linking zooplankton “regime shifts” to North Pacific climateEmanuele Di Lorenzo and Mark Ohmanyes
S4 (FIS/POC)7846Jürgen AlheitInvited Simultaneous Atlantic and Pacific regime shifts through northern hemisphere teleconnection patternJürgen Alheityes
S4 (FIS/POC)7904KingOral Abrupt changes in migatory behaviour of Pacific hake in Canadian waters: stock delineation and implications for fishery managementJacquelynne R. King, Gordon A. McFarlane, Simon R. M. Jones, Scott R.Gilmore and Cathryn L. Abbottyes
S4 (FIS/POC)7751J. Anthony KoslowOral Climate, biomass, and the trophic role of midwater fishes in the southern California CurrentJ. Anthony Koslow, A. Lara-Lopez, P. Davison, and Noelle Bowlinyes
S4 (FIS/POC)7803Tomoko M. YoshikiOral Interannual variability of zooplankton community structure based on Continuous Plankton Recorder in the western subarctic North Pacific during 2001-2009Tomoko M. Yoshiki, Sanae Chiba, Hiroya Sugisaki, Kosei Sasaoka, Tsuneo Ono and Sonia Batten 
S4 (FIS/POC)7739Lu GUAN or Skip McKinnellOral Inter-annual variation in the spring ichthyoplankton assemblage in the Strait of Georgia from 2007-2010Lu Guan, John Dower, Skip McKinnell and Pierre Pepinyes
S4 (FIS/POC)7616Andrei S. KrovninOral Multi-decadal changes in the Far East salmon stocks in relation to climate regime shifts in the Northern HemisphereAndrei S. Krovnin, Nataliya V. Klovach, Boris N. Kotenev and George P. Mouryyes
S4 (FIS/POC)7817Jin Yeong KimOral Predicting recruitment of anchovy based on oceanographic and reproductive conditions in the southern waters of Korea Jin Yeong Kim, Hee Yong Kim and Sukgeun Jungyes
S4 (FIS/POC)7607Soon-Il AnOral Recent and Future Sea Surface Temperature Trends in Tropical Pacific Soon-Il An, Ji-Won Kim, Seul-Hee Im, Beak-Min Kim, Jae-Heung Parkno, cancel talk
S4 (FIS/POC)7842Akihiko YatsuOral Recent changes in stock abundance of small pelagics in the Kuroshio/Oyashio ecosystem and associated physical conditionsAkihiko Yatsu, Kaoru Nakata, Kimio Hanawa, Tomowo Watanabe and Hiroya Sugisaki yes
S4 (FIS/POC)7850C. Tracy ShawOral Recent high variability in hydrography and lower trophic levels in the upwelling region off Newport, OR, USAC. Tracy Shaw, Leah R. Feinberg, Cheryl A. Morgan, and William T. Petersonyes
S4 (FIS/POC)7868Anne HollowedOral Regime shift effects on Bering Sea fish and fisheries.Anne B. Hollowed, Megan Stachura, Nate Mantua, Ray Hilbornyes
S4 (FIS/POC)7703Yongjun TianOral Response patterns of the fish community in the Japan Sea to the climate regime shifts and identification of ecosystem indicatorsYongjun Tian and Hideaki Kidokoroyes
S4 (FIS/POC)7585Anatoliy VelikanovOral Some features of changes in species composition and stock abundance for pelagic fishes off Sakhalin Island during the first decade of the 21 century: recurrent influence of climatic regime shiftAnotoliy Velikanovyes
S4 (FIS/POC)7682Sangdeok ChungOral The change in the environment and fish community structure in an enclosed bay of western Japan over the last five decades.Sangdeok Chung and Hideaki Nakatayes
S4 (FIS/POC)7872MackasOral Zooplankton time series from the Strait of Georgia (British Columbia, Canada): Changes in biomass and community structure 1990-2010David Mackas and Moira Galbraithno, by someone else
S4 (FIS/POC)7859Sukyung KangPoster Distribution and species composition of major fish species under varying climate scenarios in Korean watersSukyung Kang,Kwangho Choi, Jisuk Ahn, Jae Dong Hwang and Dong Woo Leeyes
S4 (FIS/POC)7589KyungSu KIMPosterREP-1Effect of ocean acidification on the early life history of coastal fishesKyung-Su KIM, JeongHee SHIM and Suam KIMyes
S4 (FIS/POC)7617Chih-hao HsiePoster Multi-scale climate effects on the recruitment of Japanese eel, Anguilla japonica, to TaiwanChih-hao Hsieh, Wann-Nian Tzeng, Yu-Heng Tseng, Yu-San Han, Chih-Chieh Hsu, Chih-Wei Chang, Sen Jan, and Emanuele Di Lorenzoyes
S4 (FIS/POC)7779Kazuaki TadokoroPoster Recent changes of Neocalanus copepods biomass in the Oyashio waters, western North PacificKazuaki Tadokoro, Yuji Okazaki, Tsuneo Ono and Hiroya Sugisakiyes
S4 (FIS/POC)7600Nadezhda AseevaPoster The long-term dynamics of biomass and species composition of flatfish in waters of Primorye Region (Sea of Japan)Dmitriy Antonenko and Nadezda Aseevano, by Aseeva
S4 (FIS/POC)7816Jun Sui WithdrawalREP-2A Three-Dimensional Numerical Ecosystem Dynamic Model of Xiamen BayJun Sui , Jun Wangwas not present yes
S4 (FIS/POC)7783Jianguo DuWithdrawal Changes on ecological characteristics and population dynamics of main fishes in Taiwan Strait and its adjacent areasJianguo Du, Zhenbin Lu, Shengyun Yang, Mingru Chen, Bin Chendid not attend the meeting yes
S4 (FIS/POC)7686Boris N. KotenevWithdrawal On the different physical-biological mechanisms of survival of Northeast Arctic cod generations during 1946-2010 Boris N. Kotenev, Andrei S. Krovnin and Mikhail V. Bondarenko was withdrawn yes
S4 (FIS/POC)7878Antonina ArtemovaWithdrawal Paleoceonography changes in the sea of Okhotsk during late Pleistocene and Holocene according to diatoms Antonina Artemovawas not present yes
S5 (MEQ)7661Feixue FuInvited Global change and the future of toxic algal blooms in the North Pacific OceanFeixue Fuyes, if gets VISA
S5 (MEQ)7912Charles G. Trick Oral Are fish-killing flagellates a sign of things to come?Charles G. Trick and Brian Sutton-Quaidyes
S5 (MEQ)7895Vera L. TrainerOral Future scenarios for environmental conditions favoring the accumulation of paralytic shellfish toxins in Puget Sound shellfish Stephanie K. Moore, Vera L. Trainer, Nathan J. Mantua and Eric P. Salathé, Jr.yes
S5 (MEQ)7562Mingyuan ZhuOral HAB in Coastal Water of China in 2010Mingyuan ZHU & Ruixiang LIyes, if gets VISA and approval from China
S5 (MEQ)7822Ichiro ImaiOral Long term (35 years) observations in dynamics of nutrients and phytoplankton including the harmful diatom Eucampia zodiacus in Harima-Nada, eastern Seto Inland Sea, JapanTetsuya Nishikawa, Yutaka Hori, Satoshi Nagai, Kazutaka Miyahara, Yukinobu Nakamura, Kazuhiro Harada, Minoru Tanda, Takehiko Manabe, Kuninao Tada and Ichiro Imaiyes
S5 (MEQ)7886Raphael M. KudelaOral Multiple, simultaneous harmful algal bloom organisms and toxins in the California Current: An emerging threat?Raphael M.Kudela, John P. Ryan, Jenny Q. Laneyes
S5 (MEQ)7631Tatiana V. MorozovaOral Seasonal dynamics and spatial distribution of Ostreopsis spp. in the Peter the Great Bay, the Sea of JapanMarina S. Selina, Tatiana V. Morozova, Nellya G. Litvinova, Dmitry I. Vyshkvartsev and Tatiana Yu. Orlovayes
S5 (MEQ)7648Ekaterina V. LepskayaOral Toxic micro alga in Okhotsk Sea in Kamchatka shore Ekaterina V. Lepskayayes
S5 (MEQ)7706Akira IshikawaOral Year-round occurrence of the benthic dinoflagellate Gambierdiscus sp. in temperate coastal waters of JapanAkira Ishikawa, Yumi Takeichi, Setsuko Sakamoto and Mineo Yamaguchiyes
S5 (MEQ)7672Inna V. StonikPoster Bloom of Pseudo-nitzschia species in Amurskii Bay, the northwestern East/Japan Sea: the role of environmental factors in population dynamicsInna V. Stonik, Tatiana Yu. Orlova, Luisa N. Propp, Natalia L. Demchenko and Anna V. Skriptsovayes
S5 (MEQ)7738Hao GuoPoster Study on the growth characteristics of cultured red-tide-algae Alexandrium tamarenseHao Guoyes
S5 (MEQ)7573Qiulu WangPoster The elementary study of the bacteria biomass and environmental factor in East China SeaQiulu Wang,Yanxia Zhouyes
S5 (MEQ)7896Xuelei ZhangWithdrawal The Impacts of Temperature and Salinity on Growth and Toxicity of An Emerging Harmful Alga Phaeocystis globosa in The Northern Seas of ChinaXuelei Zhang, Y Li, P Sun, LY Qu, CL Gao, LY Duan, RX Licancelled yes
S5 (MEQ)7899Qiufen LiWithdrawal The toxicity mechanism of two toxic algae Heterosigma akashiwo and Alexandrium tamarense on the fish Paralichthys olivaceusQiufen Li, Bijuan Chen and Hong Jiangno, cancel poster yes
S6 (MEQ/FIS)7567Tomoko SakamiInvited An attempt to assess the environment by using microbial communities of the bottom sediments from marine areas of fish aquacultureTomoko Sakami, Ryuji Kondo, Takanori Kobayashiyes yes
S6 (MEQ/FIS)7755Shuanglin DongInvited Integrated aquaculture in ChinaShuanglin Dongyes
S6 (MEQ/FIS)7858Tatiana KrupnovaOral Environmental influences on harvesting from hanging plantations for laminaria kelp Tatiana Krupnova, Vladimir Pavlutcykov, Nina Shepel pending
S6 (MEQ/FIS)7736Katsuyuki AboOral Environmental interactions of marine aquaculture in JapanKatsuyuki Aboyes
S6 (MEQ/FIS)7827Sei-Ichi SaitohOral GIS-Based Spatial Models for Japanese Kelp (Laminaria japonica) Aquaculture Site Selection in the Southwestern Hokkaido, Japan I Nyoman Radiarta, Sei-Ichi Saitoh, Toru Hirawake and Hajime Yasuiyes
S6 (MEQ/FIS)7861Stewart JohnsonOral Interactions between wild and farmed salmonids in Southern British Columbia: Pathogen transfer.Stewart Johnson1, Michael Foreman2, Kyle Garver1, Brent Hargreaves1, Simon Jones1 and Chrys Neville1yes
S6 (MEQ/FIS)7741Olga G. ShevchenkoPoster Monitoring of potentially toxic microalgae in Severnaya Bight (Slavyanskii Bay, the Sea of Japan) in 2008, 2009Olga G. Shevchenkoyes
S6 (MEQ/FIS)7728 Vera ValovaPoster The influence salmon hatchery conditions on the physiological status Amur sturgeon fish’s Vera Valovayes
S6 (MEQ/FIS)7627Chunjiang GuanWithdrawal Absorpation of carbon and nitrogen by culturing Sargassum thunbergii in coastal watersChunjiang Guan, Feng’ao Linposter was not present yes
S6 (MEQ/FIS)7580Wei ZhengWithdrawal Ecological–economic assessment of monoculture and integrated multi-trophic aquaculture in Sanggou bay, ChinaWei Zheng, Honghua Shi, Xuelei Zhang, Mingyuan Zhu , Zongling Wangcancelled talk, did not attend yes
S6 (MEQ/FIS)7665Brett R DumbauldWithdrawal Ecosystem services provided by oyster aquaculture in Willapa Bay, Washington compared with historical estimates for native oystersBrett R. Dumbauld, Jennifer L Ruesink, Alan C. Trimble, and Jessica Ramsaycancelled yes
S7 (MEQ/FUTURE)7705Takayuki ShiraiwaInvited "Giant fish-breeding forest”: a new environmental system linking continental watershed with open waterTakayuki Shiraiwayes
S7 (MEQ/FUTURE)7913BanasInvited Freshwater influences on productivity in the northern California Current System, present and futureN S. Banas, Barbara M. Hickey, Eric P. Salathé, and Parker MacCreadyyes
S7 (MEQ/FUTURE)7898Jing ZhangInvited Remobilization of Nutrients from Watersheds and Eutrophication in Marine RecipientsJing Zhang and NSFC Task Teamyes
S7 (MEQ/FUTURE)7595Vladimir Shulkin Invited The spatial dimension of the environmental problems existing in coastal zone due to land-sea interactionsVladimir Shulkin yes
S7 (MEQ/FUTURE)7743Pavel Ya. TishchenkoOral Assessment of eutrophication status of Amursky Bay (Japan/East Sea)Pavel Ya. Tishchenko, Vladimir I. Zvalinsky, Tatiana A. Mikhajlik and Petr P. Tishchenko yes
S7 (MEQ/FUTURE)7685Satoshi NAKADAOral Coupled Land-Ocean Model for the Coastal Fisheries in a Region of Freshwater Influence (ROFI): A Case study in Funka BaySatoshi NAKADA, Yoichi ISHIKAWA, Toshiyuki AWAJI, and Sei-ichi SAITOHyes
S7 (MEQ/FUTURE)7745Steven, RumrillOral Detection of pH shifts in the South Slough estuary (Oregon, USA): exploration of relationships between changing carbonate chemistry, eutrophication, and net estuary ecosystem metabolismSteven Rumrill, Alicia Helms and Adam DeMarzoyes
S7 (MEQ/FUTURE)7775Tatiana L. ChizhovaOral Distribution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the North-western part of the Japan SeaTatiana L. Chizhova, Hisatoshi Nakase, Pavel Ya. Tischenko, Kazuichi Hayakawayes
S7 (MEQ/FUTURE)7906Thomas TherriaultOral Does diet determine the impact of invasive tunicates in shellfish aquaculture?: application of stable isotopes.Thomas Therriault and Claudio DiBaccoyes
S7 (MEQ/FUTURE)7561Yousuke KoshinoOral Effect of salmon-derived nutrients and matters on riparian ecosystems in Shiretoko World Natural Heritage areaYousuke Koshino, Masao Minagawa, Hideaki Kudou, Yuxue Qin and Masahide Kaeriyama yes
S7 (MEQ/FUTURE)7866Vladimir OstrovskiiOral Factors controlling pink salmon (Oncorhynchus gorbusha)juvenile abundance in the Isky River Vladimir Ostrovskii 
S7 (MEQ/FUTURE)7871Pavel MikheevOral Influence of ecological factors on Pacific herring spawning efficiency.Sergey D. Ponomarevyes
S7 (MEQ/FUTURE)7590Jennifer E. PurcellOral Jellyfish and ctenophore blooms coincide with human proliferations and environmental perturbationsJennifer E. Purcellyes, if gets visa
S7 (MEQ/FUTURE)7823Ichiro ImaiOral Long-term changes in eutrophication and harmful algal blooms in the Seto Inland Sea of JapanIchiro Imai, Mineo Yamaguchi and Yutaka Horiyes
S7 (MEQ/FUTURE)7643Peter S. RossOral Marine mammals provide an integrated measure of spatial and temporal trends in coastal food web contamination by persistent environmental contaminantsPeter S. Ross and Steven Jeffriesyes
S7 (MEQ/FUTURE)7761Svetlana BelayaOral Productional characteristics of the Amur Bay waters (Japan Sea) during winter seasonSvetlana Belaya, Peter Tishchenkoyes
S7 (MEQ/FUTURE)7782Jianguo DuOral Strategies of marine biodiversity conservation based on integrated coastal zone managementJianguo Du, Bin Chen, Qiulin Zhou, Quan Wen, Honghua Shi, Weiwei Yu and Hao Huangyes
S7 (MEQ/FUTURE)7608Aleksandra S. KondakovaPoster Levels of 4-NP in coastal waters in Russian zone of Japan/East and Bering Seas. Aleksandra S. Kondakova, Andrey P. Chernyaevyes
S7 (MEQ/FUTURE)7622Alexander Moshchenko or O. LukyanovaPoster Long-Term Changes of Marine Environment and Benthic Communities in the North Part of Amursky Bay (The Sea of Japan)Alexander Moshchenko, Tatyana Belan and Yuri Korostelev pending
S7 (MEQ/FUTURE)7917I.R. Levenets Poster Macrophyte seasonality in the Sobol Bay, Peter the Great Bay, Sea of Japan I.R. Levenets and A.V. Skriptsovayes
S7 (MEQ/FUTURE)7569Svetlana A. Ireykina Poster Molecular biomarkers in monitoring of the coastal and estuarine zones of Peter the Great Bay (Japan/East Sea).Svetlana A. Ireykina no, change to Poster, by Lukyanova
S7 (MEQ/FUTURE)7571Anna S. Vazhova Poster Petroleum hydrocarbons distribution in the Far Eastern seas of Russia in 2010Andrey P. Chernyaev and Anna S. Vazhova yes
S7 (MEQ/FUTURE)7667Olga N. LukyanovaPoster Pollution of river-sea interaction areas in Peter the Great Bay (Japan/East Sea)Olga N. Lukyanova and Svetlana A. Ireikinayes
S7 (MEQ/FUTURE)7851Wang yongzhiPoster Research on suspended sediment transportation mechanism along northeast Shandong Peninsula coast in summer and winterWang Yongzhi, Feng Aiping, Qiao Lulu, Yang Zuosheng, Bao Xianwenyes
S7 (MEQ/FUTURE)7572Anna S. Vazhova Poster Wastewater pollutants discharge into Peter the Great Bay (Japan/East Sea) through estuaries of the rivers.Anna S. Vazhova yes
S7 (MEQ/FUTURE)7727Vera ValovaWithdrawal Amur sturgeon fish’s fingerling organism reaction on the Amur River pollutionVera Valovacancelled, did not inform yes
S7 (MEQ/FUTURE)7559Lidiya T. KovekovdovaWithdrawal Assessment of levels of toxic elements (As, Hg, Pb, Cd) in the environment and commercial hydrobionts in coastal waters of Russian zone of Japan/East and Okhotsk SeasLidiya T. Kovekovdova and Denis P. Kikuno, by Simokon', poster was not present yes
S7 (MEQ/FUTURE)7897Hong ChenWithdrawal Perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) in wastewater treatment plants and surface water in Dalian coastal area, ChinaHong Chen, Jianbo Han, and Chuanlin Huo poster was not present yes
S7 (MEQ/FUTURE)7891Zhen WangWithdrawal Probabilistic ecological risk assessment of typical PAHs in coastal water of the Bohai SeaZhen Wang, Ying Wang, Xindong Ma, Zhongsheng Lin, Guangshui Na, Ziwei Yaoposter was not present yes
S7 (MEQ/FUTURE)7560Rouhollah ZareWithdrawal Sea Turtles In Iran, Population Assessment, Ecosystem Health And Conservation StatusRouhollah Zareno, cancel poster yes
S7 (MEQ/FUTURE)7659Galina S.BorisenkoWithdrawal The estimation of level of radioactive pollution in mollusks and bottom sediments of Posieta Bay (Japan/East Sea)Galina S.Borisenko, Galina V.Moyseychenkono, by Simokon', poster was not present yes
S8 (POC/FIS)7592Jerome FiechterInvited Behavioral cues for small coastal pelagic species in the California Current: results from a fully-coupled end-to-end ecosystem model.Jerome Fiechter, Kenneth Rose, Enrique Curchitser, Kate Hedstrom, Miguel Bernal and Alan Haynieyes
S8 (POC/FIS)7621Kenneth RoseInvited Modeling movement of fish over spatial and temporal scales: if fish were dumber and people were smarterKenneth A. Rose, Katherine Shepard, Haosheng Huang, Sean Creekmore, Paul Venturelli, Jerome Fiechter, Enrique N. Curchister, Kate Hedstrom, Matthew Campbell and Dubravko Justic1yes
S8 (POC/FIS)7893Shin-ichi ItoOral Comparison of migration algorithms for Japanese sardine (Sardinops melanostictus) in the western North PacificShin-ichi Ito and Takeshi Okunishiyes
S8 (POC/FIS)7887Shin-ichi ItoOral Euler type and Individual Based modeling approaches for fish migration: an example of Pacific sauryShin-ichi Ito, Masatoshi Sato, Takeshi Terui, Michio Kishi, Daisuke Ambe, Takahiko Kameda, Satoshi Suyama, Masayasu Nakagami, Yasuhiro Uenoyes
S8 (POC/FIS)7877Skip McKinnellOral Evolution’s challenge to modeling sockeye salmon spawning migrationSkip McKinnellyes
S8 (POC/FIS)7903Kjell Rong UtneOral Towards end-to-end modeling with a special focus on planktivorous fishKjell Rong Utne and Geir Huseyes
S8 (POC/FIS)7892Yu-Heng TsengOral Using coupled fish behavior-hydrodynamic model to investigate spawning migration of Japanese anchovy, Engraulis japonicus, from Taiwan to the East China SeaChen-Yi Tu, Yu-Heng Tseng, Tai-Sheng Chiu, Mao-Lin Shen and Chih-Hao Hsieh yes
S8 (POC/FIS)7584Yuheng WangWithdrawal Influence of physical environment to anchovy population dynamics in the Yellow Sea: a study using individual-based ecosystem modelYuheng Wang, Hao Wei and Michio Kishino, cancel oral yes
S9 (MONITOR/POC/ FUTURE)7620Kenneth RoseInvited Combining hydrodynamic, NPZ, and fish models into climate-physics-fish-fisher models: can the biology and people keep up with the computers?Kenneth Roseyes
S9 (MONITOR/POC/ FUTURE)7731Yoichi IshikawaInvited Forecasting Ocean Circulation and Fishery-resource Variabilities for Operational UseY. Ishikawa, T. Awaji, M. Kamachi, S. Masuda, H. Igarashi, Y. Hiyoshi, Y. Sasaki, S. Nishikawa, T. Doi, N. Sugiura, N. Usui, Y. Fujii, T. Toyoda, S. Saitoh, M. Sakai, Y. Kato, and S. Satoyes
S9 (MONITOR/POC/ FUTURE)7811Nikolay DianskyInvited Numerical simulation of the large-scale ocean circulation on the base of multicomponent splitting methodNikolay Diansky, Vladimir Zalesnyyes
S9 (MONITOR/POC/ FUTURE)7833KurapovInvited Oregon coastal ocean data assimilation system: model performance and assimilated data assessmentAlexander Kurapovyes
S9 (MONITOR/POC/ FUTURE)7742MinobeInvited Secular trends in a new global gridded phosphate and oxygen datasetShoshiro Minobe and Utaka Hosoya yes
S9 (MONITOR/POC/ FUTURE)7808Takashi MochizukiOral Decadal prediction using recent series of MIROC global climate modelTakashi Mochizuki, Masahide Kimoto, Masayoshi Ishii, Yoshimitsu Chikamoto, Hiroaki Tatebe, Yoshiki Komuro, Takashi T. Sakamoto, Masahiro Watanabe and Masato Moriyes
S9 (MONITOR/POC/ FUTURE)7757Xiangnan WangOral Development and application of marine ecological and environmental monitoring system in the Yellow Sea and polar regionXiangnan Wang, Changlei Ma, Songtang Liu, Jianjun Shi, Rui Zhu and Chuan Tianyes
S9 (MONITOR/POC/ FUTURE)7681Naoki YoshieOral Ecosystem and nutrient dynamics in the western Seto Inland Sea, Japan from the observation and modelingNaoki Yoshie, Xinyu Guo, Naoki Fujii and Tomohiro Komoritayes, change to oral
S9 (MONITOR/POC/ FUTURE)7778Young Jae RoOral Ecosystem Monitoring/Modeling Project in the Chunsu Bay, Yellow Sea, KoreaYoung Jae Ro, Kwang Young Jung and Baek Jin Kimyes
S9 (MONITOR/POC/ FUTURE)7748James ChristianOral Effects of natural variability on biogeochemical processes in climate modelsJames R. Christianyes
S9 (MONITOR/POC/ FUTURE)7901Xiutang YuanOral Environmental monitoring and assessment on mariculture zones in China: status and prospectXiutang Yuan, Zhifeng Zhang, Chuanlin Huo and Gengchen Han yes
S9 (MONITOR/POC/ FUTURE)7558Mohamed Rawidean Mohd KassimOral Fish Forecasting System Using Sea Surface Temperature & Chlorophyll Satellite Images: A Statistical Model ApproachMohamed Rawidean Mohd Kassimyes
S9 (MONITOR/POC/ FUTURE)7747Angelica PenaOral Modelling lower trophic level ecosystem dynamics in the Strait of GeorgiaAngelica Peña and Diane Massonyes
S9 (MONITOR/POC/ FUTURE)7594Jerome FiechterOral Parameter uncertainty in marine ecosystem models: what can we learn from ensemble calculations and Bayesian models?Jerome Fiechter, Jeremiah Brown, Williams Leeds, Radu Herbei, Ralph Milliff, Christopher Wikle, Andrew Moore, Thomas Powell and Mevin Hootenyes
S9 (MONITOR/POC/ FUTURE)7684Bunmei TaguchiOralREP-4Seasonal evolutions of atmospheric response to decadal SST anomalies in the North Pacific subarctic frontal zone: Observations and a coupled model simulationBunmei Taguchi, Hisashi Nakamura, Masami Nonaka, Nobumasa Komori, Akira Kuwano-Yoshida, Koutarou Takaya and Atsushi Gotomoved to oral + poster
S9 (MONITOR/POC/ FUTURE)7832John A. BarthOralREP-1To where the currents flow -- Larval dispersal and connectivity along the U.S. west coastJohn A. Barth, Sangil Kim, Christopher A. Edwards and Patrick T. Drakeyes
S9 (MONITOR/POC/ FUTURE)7733Michael ForemanOral Uncertainties in modeling water-borne disease transmission among salmon farms in the Discovery Islands, British ColumbiaMichael Foreman, Kyle Garver, Dario Stucchi, Ming Guo, and Darren Tueleyes
S9 (MONITOR/POC/ FUTURE)7641Shin-ichi ItoPoster Application of an automatic approach to calibrate the NEMURO nutrient–phytoplankton–zooplankton food web model in the Oyashio region/Shin-ichi Ito, Naoki Yoshie, Takeshi Okunishi, Tsuneo Ono, Yuji Okazaki, Akira Kuwata, Taketo Hashioka, Kenneth A. Rose, Bernard A. Megrey, Michio J. Kishi, Miwa Nakamachi, Yugo Shimizu, Shigeho Kakehi, A-line membersyes
S9 (MONITOR/POC/ FUTURE)7651Vladimir V. KulikPosterREP-3Database of pelagic and bottom trawl surveys, covering the north Pacific and Russian EEZ for 1977-2010Vladimir V. Kulik, Igor V. Volvenkoyes
S9 (MONITOR/POC/ FUTURE)7750Taka ItoWithdrawal Observed and Modeled Dissolved Oxygen Variability in the North PacificTaka Ito, Yohei Takano and Curtis Deutschno, cancel oral yes
S9 (MONITOR/POC/ FUTURE)7753Changshui XiaWithdrawal Simulation of the tide and tidal current in the Qinzhou BayChangshui Xia, Xingang Lv and Fangli Qiaono, cancel poster, Sept. 12 yes
S9 (MONITOR/POC/ FUTURE)7767Pavel A. FaymanWithdrawal The numerical simulation of seasonal variability of upper layer circulation in the Okhotsk Sea Pavel A. Fayman, Jong-Hwan Yoon cancelled yes
BIO Paper Session7699Elena A. ShtraikhertOral About the mechanism of phytoplankton bloom in Peter the Great Bay (Sea of Japan) in winter-spring Elena A. Shtraikhert, Sergey P. Zakharkov, Tatyana N. Gordeychuk and Julianna V. Shambarovayes
BIO Paper Session7575Kohei MatsunoOral Body chemical contents and gut pigments of copepods in the western Arctic Ocean during summers of 2008 and 2010Kohei Matsuno, Atsushi Yamaguchi and Ichiro Imaiyes
BIO Paper Session7687Changhoon HanOral Distribution and density of Aurelia aurita polyps on Saemangeum dike, KoreaChanghoon Han Wonduk Yoon 
BIO Paper Session7763Jingfeng FanOral Diversity and structure of bacterial communities in Fildes peninsula,King George IslandJingfeng Fan, Lili Li, Jiangyu Li, Hao Guo and Xinzhen Linyes
BIO Paper Session7564Vjacheslav S. LabayOral Elements of seasonal dynamics of macrobenthos on a shelf of northeast Sakhalin (sea of Okhotsk)Vjacheslav S. Labayyes
BIO Paper Session7610Natalia T. DolganovaOral Euphausiids from the Far-Eastern Russian waters: composition, distribution, seasonal dynamics Natalia T. Dolganovayes
BIO Paper Session7683Akira OkunoOral Forecast of the giant jellyfish Nemopilema nomurai appearance in the Japan SeaAkira Okuno, Tatsuro Watanabe, Naoto Honda and Katsumi Takayamayes
BIO Paper Session7704Se-Jong JuOral Importance of the bottom cold water mass as an over-summering refuge for Euphausia pacifica in the Yellow SeaSe-Jong Ju, Jinho Chae, Dong Ju Lee, Ah-Ra Ko, Hyungbeen Lee and Donhyug Kangyes
BIO Paper Session7700Elena A. ShtraikhertOralREP-1Influence of environment factors on phytoplankton bloom in Peter the Great Bay (Sea of Japan) in winter-springElena A. Shtraikhert, Sergey P. Zakharkov, Tatyana N. Gordeychuk and Julianna V. Shambarovayes
BIO Paper Session7570Atsushi YamaguchiOral Inter-annual and latitudinal changes in zooplankton abundance, biomass and size composition along 180° transect in the North Pacific during summers: analyses with an Optical Plankton CounterAtsushi Yamaguchi, Jumpei Fukuda, Kohei Matsuno, Ichiro Imaiyes
BIO Paper Session7794Ik Kyo ChungOral Metagenomic analysis reveals the cryptic plankton biodiversity in the Nakdong River Estuary in KoreaSang-Rae Lee, Jee Eun Lee, Jung Hyun Oak, Jin Ae Lee and Ik Kyo Chungyes
BIO Paper Session7708Tatyana BelonenkoOral Non-stationary cycles of primary productivity in the North - East AtlanticTatyana Belonenko, Alexey Koldunovyes
BIO Paper Session7749Harold P. BatchelderOral Potential larval connectivity among nearshore marine reserves in Oregon: the importance of temperature dependent pelagic durations and vertical distributionHarold P. Batchelder, Jennifer Fisher and Alexander Kurapovyes
BIO Paper Session7647Xiuning DuOral Seasonal cycle of phytoplankton community composition in the coastal upwelling system off central Oregon in 2009Xinning Du and William T. Petersonyes
BIO Paper Session7574Rui SaitoOral Spatial and temporal changes of zooplankton community around the Aleutian Islands during the summer of 2009Rui Saito, Atsushi Yamaguchi, Ichiro Imai, Atsushi Tsuda and Ichiro Yasudayes
BIO Paper Session7787Kyung-Il ChangOral Time-series measurements of biogeochemical and physical parameters in the southwestern East/Japan Sea during the spring transition in 2010Kyung-Il Chang, Hee-Mang Parkyes
BIO Paper Session7821Sayaka MatsumuraOral Vertical distribution of Euphausiids in Oyashio to Oyashio-Kuroshio Transition Region of western North PacificSayaka Matsumura, Hiroya Sugisaki, Hiroaki Saito, Yuji Okazaki and Tomohiko Kikuchiyes, wants Day 1
BIO Paper Session7712Kristin CiecielPoster A comparison of trawl caught jellyfish in the eastern Bering SeaKristin Cieciel, Jim Murphy, Lisa Eisner, Bruce Wingyes, change to poster
BIO Paper Session7618Yongjiu XuPosterREP-4Abundance of Giant Jellyfish (Nemopilema nomurai) and Spring Sea Surface Temperature Variability in the northern East China and Yellow SeasYongjiu Xu, Joji Ishizakayes
BIO Paper Session7602Kyoungsoon ShinPoster Annual change of mesozooplankton community in the western channel of the Korea Strait from 2006 to 2010.Kyoungsoon Shin, Min-Chul Jang, Pung-Guk Jang and Woo-Jin Lee, Bong-Gil Hyun and Seung Ho Baek. 
BIO Paper Session7717Joongki ChoiPoster Distribution and Community structure of phytoplankton in the offshore waters around Korean peninsula during Autumn seasonSeungmok Roh, Joongki Choi, Youngju Leeyes
BIO Paper Session7824Seok Gwan ChoiPoster Finless porpoise, Neophocaena phocaenoides, Distribution in the South Sea of KoreaSeok-Gwan Choi, Kyum-Joon Park, HyunWoo Kim, Young-Ran Lee, Ji-Eun Park, Dae-Yeon Moon and Yong-Rock An 
BIO Paper Session7630Alexander V. ZavolokinPoster Jellyfish blooms in the Far Eastern Seas of Russia: significance for ecosystems and social-economic consequencesAlexander V. Zavolokinyes
BIO Paper Session7624Boris Borisov or O. LukyanovaPoster Long-term dynamic of some plankton and benthic characteristics at the Piltun-Astokhskoye field (NE Sakhalin Island Shelf) Tatyana Belan, Boris Borisov, Ludmila Belan, Alexander Moshchenko and Tatyana Konovalova no, by Lukyanova
BIO Paper Session7812Kaoru AokiPosterREP-2Spatiotemporal distribution and biomass of two dominant jellyfish in Ise and Mikawa Bay, Japan Kaoru Aoki, Takuya Sirokiya, Kazuya Takeda Satoshi Yamada, Masaya Toyokawa and Tomohiko Kikuchi 
BIO Paper Session7806Jung-Hoon Kang on behalf of Oh Youn KwonPoster Temporal and spatial variation of size-fractionated phytoplankton communities in the Yellow Sea, KoreaOh Youn Kwon, Woong-Seo Kim, Jung-Hoon Kang, Kyun-Woo Lee and Jin Hwan Lee1 no
BIO Paper Session7799Yuji OkazakiPoster The biomass estimates of Euphausia pacifica using MOHT in the Oyashio regionYuji Okazaki and Kazuaki Tadokoroyes
BIO Paper Session7793Sung Eun JuPoster The distribution of Kuroshio indicator zooplankton around IEODO Ocean Research Station in the East China SeaSung Eun Ju, Ji Ho Seo, Sung Eun Ju, Joong Ki Choiyes
BIO Paper Session7715Jung-Hoon KangPosterREP-3Vertical distribution of the copepod Calanus sinicus population before and after formation of Yellow Sea Bottom Cold Water (YSBCW) in the Yellow Sea Jung-Hoon Kang, MinHo Seo, Oh Youn Kwon, and Woong-Seo Kimyes
BIO Paper Session7838Elena DulepovaPoster Zooplankton production in the western zone of Subarctic front in the winter–spring 2011 Elena Dulepova, Natalya Kuznetsovayes
BIO Paper Session7724Marina YurievaWithdrawal Ecological characteristic of sublittoral communities of the Bering and Okhotsk SeasVictor Nadtochy, Marina Yurievano, by someone else, was not present yes
BIO Paper Session7723Marina YurievaWithdrawal The biochemical composition and energy content of zooplankton of the Okhotsk SeaMarina Yurieva, Artyom Lazhentcev, Aleksey Pavlovsky and Konstantin Gorbatenkooral cancelled yes
FIS Paper Session7619Elizabeth A. LogerwellOral A conceptual model for determining oil fate and effects on habitat and wildlife in the ArcticElizabeth A. Logerwell and Mary Campbell Bakeryes
FIS Paper Session7650Soo Jeong LeeOral A population ecological study of elkhorn sculpin (Alcichthys alcicornis) along the Uljin area of KoreaSoo Jeong Lee, Jae Bong Lee, Hyeok Chan Kwon and Chang Ik Zhang yes
FIS Paper Session7869Sergey F. ZolotukhinOral Chum spawning migration in the north-western part of the continental coastline of the Okhotsk SeaSergey E. Kulbachny, Sergey F. Zolotukhinyes
FIS Paper Session7692Ming-Ming ZHANGOral Comparison of scales, whole otoliths and sectioned otoliths for estimating age and growth of largemouth bass, Micropterus salmoidesMing-Ming ZHANG, Chul-Woong OH, Wan-Ok LEE, Jae-Min BACk and Jong-Hun NAyes
FIS Paper Session7867Sergei ZolotukhinOral Contribution of Pacific salmon of Amur River to the total salmon biomass of the northern Pacific OceanSergei Zolotukhinyes
FIS Paper Session7601Nadezhda AseevaOral Dynamics of demersal fish community structure on the shelf of West Kamchatka Nadezhda L. Aseeva, Andrey B. Savin, Marina B. Shedkoyes
FIS Paper Session7711Keith R CriddleOral Dysfunction by Design: Consequences of Limitations on Transferability of Catch Shares in the Alaska Pollock FisheryKeith R Criddle and James Strongyes
FIS Paper Session7735Yoshiki KatoOralREP-1Effect of water-temperature transition on hatching in the neon flying squid and numerical simulation of larval migration Yoshiki Kato, Mitsuo Sakai, Takaya Namba, Shuhei Masuda, Hiromichi Igarashi, Yoichi Ishikawa, Masafumi Kamachi and Toshiyuki Awajiyes, move to FIS-P
FIS Paper Session7801Motomitsu TakahashiOral Growth-selective recruitment from pelagic to demersal habitats for juvenile jack mackerel in the East China Sea: Implications for year-class strengthMotomitsu Takahashi, Chiyuki Sassa and Youichi Tsukamotoyes
FIS Paper Session7656Heewon Park (submitted by Jae-Bong Lee)Oral Management strategies in a marine ranching ecosystem based on integrated fisheries risk analysis method for ecosystems (IFRAME) frameworkHeewon Park, Jae Bong Lee, Young Il Seo and Chang Ik Zhangyes
FIS Paper Session7830Jennifer L. BoldtOral Nearshore fish community dynamics in the Strait of Georgia: information from juvenile herring surveysJennifer L. Boldt, Thomas W. Therriault, Douglas E. Hay, Jacob Schweigert and Matthew Thompson yes
FIS Paper Session7557Gordon H. KruseOral Reduced minimum size limits improve Tanner crab fishery management in the eastern Bering Sea William R. Bechtol, Gordon H. Kruse, Joshua Greenberg, and Hans Geieryes
FIS Paper Session7604Hye-Min PARKOral Reproductive biology of Argis lar from the East Sea of KoreaHye-Min PARK, Young-Seok SEO and Chul-Woong OHyes
FIS Paper Session7563Alexey A. Khoruzhiy Oral Species composition and abundance of nekton community in the upper epipelagic layer of the Northwest Pacific Ocean during summer 2004-2010Alexey A. Khoruzhiy yes
FIS Paper Session7752Mary E. HunsickerOral The influence of climate and demography on predator-prey interactions between walleye pollock and arrowtooth flounder in the eastern Bering Sea Mary E. Hunsicker, Lorenzo Ciannelli, Kevin M. Bailey and Stephani Zadoryes
FIS Paper Session7568Oleg A. Bulatov Oral Walleye Pollock: fishery and stock dynamics Oleg A. Bulatov yes
FIS Paper Session7702Masayuki ChimuraOral Why northern Japan Sea walleye pollock stock produced high survival in 2006?Masayuki Chimura, Yuuho Yamashita and Satoshi Hondayes
FIS Paper Session7555Victor F. BugaevPoster About correlation between the plerocercoid Diphyllobothrium sp. distribution among Kamchatka River sockeye salmon Oncorhynchus nerka smolts and mature fishes and abundance in the year of their mass anadromous migration Victor F. Bugaev yes
FIS Paper Session7805Jin-Ho BAEPoster Age and growth of Conger eel Conger myriaster(Brevoort) using UV light from Korean waters.Jin-Ho Bae, Hye-Min Park, Hyeong-Gi Kim and Chul-Woong Oh yes
FIS Paper Session7691Ming-Ming ZHANGPoster Aging method comparison and growth of Amur barbell, Hemibarbus labeo from Goe-san Lake in south KoreaMing-Ming ZHANG, Chul-Woong OH, Wan-Ok LEE, Jong-Hun NA and Jae-Min BACkyes
FIS Paper Session7680Shatilina T.A.Poster Climatic changes above the Far East and returning of chum salmon into the South Primorye riversShatilina T.A., Goryainov A.A.yes
FIS Paper Session7718Minkyeong ShinPoster Distribution and timing of larval Tanner crab Chionoecetes bairdi in Glacier Bay and neighboring strait in southeastern Alaska, USAMinkyeong Shin, Wongyu Park, Changuk Park and Thomas Shirleyyes
FIS Paper Session7578Ekaterina V. GolovashchenkoPoster Economic value of ecosystem services of Eastern and Western Sakhalin fishery zones´ shelfEkaterina V. Golovashchenkono, by Khoruzhij Aleksey
FIS Paper Session7577Ekaterina V. GolovashchenkoPoster Efficiency increase of marine bioresources usage based on the example of some trades Ekaterina V. Golovashchenko, Oleg Z. Badaevno, by Khoruzhij Aleksey
FIS Paper Session7795Sachihiko ItohPoster Exploring impacts of environmental history on larval growth: combination of otolith microstructure analyses and particle-tracking experiments Sachihiko Itoh, Toshiro Saruwatari, Haruka Nishikawa, Ichiro Yasuda, Kosei Komatsu, Atsushi Tsuda, Takeshi Setou and Manabu Shimizuyes
FIS Paper Session7657Chang Ik Zhang (submitted by Jae-Bong Lee)Poster Fisheries risk assessment in marine ranching ecosystem based on integrated fisheries risk analysis method for ecosystems (IFRAME) frameworkChang Ik Zhang, Heewon Park, Youjung Kwon, Jae Bong Lee, Young Il Seo, Heeyong Kim, Inja Yeon and Dong-Woo Leeyes
FIS Paper Session7883Rosa RunciePoster Movements of albacore, swordfish and shortfin mako sharks in pelagic environments: electronic tagging reveals the influence of oceanography on verticle and horizontal behaviorSuzanne Kohin, Heidi Dewar, John Childers, Karen Nieto, Eric Prince, Barbara Block and Rosa Runcieyes
FIS Paper Session7710Alexei M. OrlovPoster Northwestern Pacific and southeastern Asia chondrichthyan fishes: major threats and conservation statusAlexei M. Orlovyes
FIS Paper Session7695Andrew N. DeminovPoster On the occurrence of deep snow crab Chionoecetes japonicus on the shelf of the northwestern Sea of Japan Andrew N. Deminovno, by Aseeva
FIS Paper Session7882Graham E. GillespiePoster Program to assess the conservation status of the Olympia oyster, Ostrea lurida, in CanadaGraham E. Gillespie, Tammy Norgard, Sean MacConnachie, Lily Stanton and Jessica Finneyyes
FIS Paper Session7655Jae-Bong LeePoster Recent distribution and migration patterns of Pacific cod (Gadus macrocephalus) in Korean watersJae-Bong Lee*, Jong-Hee Lee, Kwang-Ho Choi, Inja Yeon and Dong-Woo Leeyes
FIS Paper Session7628Chiyuki SassaPoster Reproductive biology of Benthosema pterotum (Pisces: Myctophidae) in the shelf region of the East China SeaChiyuki Sassa, Seiji Ohshimo, Hiroshige Tanaka and Youichi Tsukamotoyes
FIS Paper Session7670Jung Nyun KimPoster Seasonal variations of species composition and abundance in decapod crustacean assemblage in the coastal waters of Geoje Island and Namhae Island, KoreaJung Nyun Kim, Jung Hwa Choi, Kang Seok Hwang, Taeg Yun Oh, Kwang Ho Choi and Dong Woo Lee yes
FIS Paper Session7675Alexander V. LysenkoPoster Snow crab (Chionoecetes opilio) in the western Kamchatka - a new object of fishery?Alexander V. Lysenkono, by Aseeva
FIS Paper Session7666Wongyu ParkPoster Spatial and temporal variations of sea surface temperature, zooplankton abundances and anchovy in western waters of Korean peninsula during the last three decadesWongyu Park, Yu Jin Jeon, Junghwa Choi and Dong Woo Leeyes
FIS Paper Session7662Soo Jeong LeePoster Stock assessment of elkhorn sculpin (Alcichthys alcicornis) along the Uljin area of KoreaChang Ik Zhang, Jae Bong Lee and Soo Jeong Leeyes
FIS Paper Session7582Peng SunPoster The effect of the selectivity of fishing nets on the biological traits of fish stocksPeng Sun,Zhenlin Liangyes
FIS Paper Session7609Anna V. DakusPoster The use of molecular techniques for population genetic analysis of the Pacific herring (Clupea pallasii) in the Okhotsk Sea.Anna V. Dakus, Helen V. Kashchenko, Sergey Ponomarev, Evgeny Denisenkoyes
FIS Paper Session7831Chingiz NigmatullinWithdrawalREP-2Jumbo squid population structure and ecosystem role in variable environment of the Eastern PacificChingiz Nigmatullin, Alexander Arkhipkin, John Field and Unai Markaidayes, move to FIP-P, did not arrive on time yes
FIS Paper Session7848Young Il SeoWithdrawal Stock assessment by risk analysis of ecosystem indicators in the southern sea of Korea Young Il Seo, Hyung Ki Cha, Sun Kil Lee, Hee Yong Kim, Jin Yeong Kim and Chang Ik Zhangchange to poster, was not present yes
POC Paper Session7734Michael ForemanOral A regional climate model for the British Columbia continental shelfMichael Foreman, Wendy Callendar, Diane Masson, John Morrison, Badal Pal, and William Merryfieldyes
POC Paper Session7879Howard J. FreelandOral An analysis of the time-varying heat, salt and volume budget in an oceanic control volumeHoward J. Freelandyes
POC Paper Session7900Xiaomeng WangOral An overview of development of technical and legal issues of carbon dioxide ocean storage and the progress in ChinaXiaomeng Wang, Jianbo Han pending
POC Paper Session7807Wang RongOral Analysis and forecasting of wind field character on the north of South China Sea borders near-ocean areaWang Rong,Xiao Yuzhang,Yu Shengbin,Song Pingping and Yang Fan  
POC Paper Session7852Hanna NaOral Decadal variability of the upper-ocean heat content in the Northwestern PacificHanna Na and Kwang-Yul Kimyes
POC Paper Session7772Anastasiya AbrosimovaOral Distribution of the Amur River discharge in the Okhotsk and Japan Seas Anastasiya Abrosimova, Igor Zhabin and Igor Belkinyes
POC Paper Session7693Fangli QiaoOral Drift characteristics of green macroalgae in the Yellow Sea in 2008 and 2010 Fangli Qiao, GuanSuo Wang, XinGang Lv and DeJun Daiyes
POC Paper Session7860Alexander LazaryukOral Evolution of the thermohaline structure of water under ice of Amurskii BayAlexander Lazaryuk, Boris Burov and Vladimir Ponomarev 
POC Paper Session7645Oleg ZaitsevOral Intense sea-breeze currents in the coastal zone of the southern Baja California peninsula, Mexico. Oleg Zaitsev, Cuauhtemoc Turrent-Thomson and Jean Linero Cuetoyes
POC Paper Session7768Pavel A. FaymanOral Mesoscale variability over continental slope and shelf in the Northwest Japan/East SeaPavel A. Fayman and Vladimir I. Ponomarevyes
POC Paper Session7756Takao KawasakiOral Modeling study of the North Pacific shallow overturning circulationTakao Kawasaki, Hiroyasu Hasumi, Masao Kurogiyes
POC Paper Session7902Enrique CurchitserOral Regional and global ramifications of eastern boundary upwelling.Enrique Curchitser, Justin Small, Mike Alexander, Kate Hedstrom and Brian Kafumanyes
POC Paper Session7862Elena I. UstinovaOral Regional and seasonal inhomogeneity of climatic variability in the Far-Eastern SeasElena I. Ustinova, Yury D. Sorokin and Svetlana Yu. Glebovayes
POC Paper Session7834Taewook ParkOral Sea surface salinity variability in the Yellow and East China Seas and its relation to ENSOTaewook Park, Chan Joo Jang, Minho Kwon, Hanna Na and Kwang-Yul Kimyes
POC Paper Session7890Daji HuangOral Temporal and spatial variability of the Kuroshio at PN/TK sections during 1955-2010Yanzhou Wei1, Daji Huang1, 2*, Xiaohua Zhu1, 2yes
POC Paper Session7583Rong-shuo CAIOral The impacts of thermal anomalies in East China Sea and its adjacent seas on East Asian atmospheric circulation and climate change in East ChinaRong-shuo CAI, Hongjian TAN and Rong-hui Huangyes
POC Paper Session7709Tatyana BelonenkoOral The sea-surface level in the Northwestern Pacific as an indicator of local and global tendencies in the climate changeTatyana Belonenko, Victor Foux, Victor Koldunov, Alexey Koldunov, Dmitry Staritzyn yes
POC Paper Session7565Igor A. ZhabinOral Tidally driven system around the Shantar Islands (the Sea of Okhotsk).Igor A. Zhabin yes
POC Paper Session7629Galina PavlovaPoster Alkalinity of the Japan sea. A new lookGalina Pavlova, Pavel Tishchenko 
POC Paper Session7835Taewook ParkPoster Changjiang freshwater effects on summer sea surface warming in the Yellow and East China SeasTaewook Park, Chan Joo Jang, Johann H. Jungclaus, Helmuth Haak, Wonsun Park and Im Sang Ohyes
POC Paper Session7722Abrosimova on behalf of Irina MashkinaPoster Different-scale variability of the water structure in northwestern Sea of Japan according to ARGO drifters[Irina Mashkina]no
POC Paper Session7789Kwang Young JungPoster Impact of the Fresh Water Release on the Tidal Circulation based on Numerical Modeling in the Chunsu Bay, Yellow Sea, KoreaKwang Young Jung, Young Jae Ro and Baek Jin Kimyes
POC Paper Session7818Kirill KivvaPoster Influence of eddy structures on nutrients distribution in the western Bering Sea in September-October 2010Kirill Kivva1, Anna Vazhova2 and Sergey Dudkov2yes
POC Paper Session7615Shatilina T.A.PosterREP-4Intrinsic features of regional circulation and climate above the Far East in summer period of 1980-2009 years.Shatilina T.A.1, Tsitsiashvili G.Sh.2, Radchenkova T.V2yes
POC Paper Session7697Svetlana ShkorbaPosterREP-6Linkages between anomalies of ice extent in the Japan / East Sea, Pacific SST and atmospheric indices Svetlana Shkorba and Elena Dmitrievayes
POC Paper Session7649Vadim V. NovotryasovPoster Observations of Highly Nonlinear Internal Tidal Waves in the Northern Gulf of California Vadim V. Novotryasov1, Anatoliy E. Filonov2 yes
POC Paper Session7814Yongchao PangPosterREP-5On Research Status and Application of China Standard SeawaterYongchao Pang, Zhuoying Zhaoyes
POC Paper Session7894Rosa RunciePoster Pacific Coast Ocean Observing System (PaCOOS) scientific objectives and recent activitiesRosa Runcie, Jonathan Phinney and Harold P. Batchelderyes
POC Paper Session7596Rong-shuo CAIPoster Possible impact of tropical El Niño Modoki on SST of China Offshore and its adjacent watersHong-jian TAN, Rong-shuo CAIyes
POC Paper Session7780Svetlana N. TaranovaPoster Seasonal and interannual sea surface temperature variability in the Japan/East SeaSvetlana N. Taranova and Igor A. Zhabinyes
POC Paper Session7771Pung-Guk JangPoster Seasonal effect of Tsushima Current Warm Water in the South Sea of KoreaPung-Guk Jang, Kyoungsoon Shin, OkMyung Hwang, Min-Chel Jang, Woo-Jin Lee, Bong-kil Hyen, and Dongchll Jeonyes
POC Paper Session7626Nadezda M. DulovaPoster Short-term variability of currents and sea level fluctuations in the coastal zone of the Posyet Bay (the Sea of Japan/ East Sea)Nadezda M. Dulova, Fedor F. Khrapchenkovpending
POC Paper Session7820Vladimir PonomarevPosterREP-3Simulation of mesoscale circulation over the continental slope of the Northwest Japan / East SeaVladimir Ponomarev, Pavel Fyman and Vyacheslav Dubinayes, ready for oral
POC Paper Session7612Ustinova on behalf Larisa S. MuktepavelPoster Special features of spatial-temporary distribution of ice in the basic commercial zone and spawning areas of the Okhotsk Sea in 2006-2010Larisa S. Muktepavel no
POC Paper Session7916Dongfeng XuPoster The improvement of Kuroshio path in Luzon Strait by assimilation of Argo data into numerical modellingDongfeng Xu and Mingquan Xuyes
POC Paper Session7674Valentina V. MorozPoster The intermediate water hydrology-acoustical characteristics forming peculiarity in the Kuril-Kamchatka areaValentina V. Morozyes
POC Paper Session7623Elena I. YaroshchukPoster The study of patterns of energy transformation of the surface wind sea waves into energy microstrains crust Elena I.Yaroshchukyes
POC Paper Session7790Eduard A. SpivakPosterREP-2The winter hydrography and periodic shallow water dynamics of the south-eastern part of Laptev Sea – results expedition POI FEB RAS in April 2011Eduard A. Spivak, Anatoly N. Salyukyes
POC Paper Session7664Anastasia Abrosimova on behalf of Evgeniya TikhomirovaPoster Typical distributions of oceanographic parameters in Peter the Great Bay (Japan Sea)Evgeniya Tikhomirova and Vladimir Luchinno
POC Paper Session7696E. Ustinova on behalf of Alexandr FigurkinPoster Variability of thermohaline characteristics in the 0-1000 m water layer of deep part of the Okhotsk SeaAlexandr Figurkinno, by Zuenko
POC Paper Session7690Viktoria PlatonovaWithdrawal Climatic trends in the characteristics of the cold half-year on the coast of the Russian Far EastViktoria Platonova, Larisa Chernushova was not present yes
POC Paper Session7888Feng ZhouWithdrawal Hydrodynamic factors associated with the interannual variability of hypoxia off the Changjiang (Yangtze River) Estuary Feng Zhou, Ji-Liang Xuan, Da-Ji Huang and Xiao-Bo Nino, cancel abstract yes
POC Paper Session7653Talgat R. KilmatovWithdrawal Modeling of the subarctic - subtropical boundary and possible climatic changesTalgat R. Kilmatov, Olga I. Trinko did not aattend yes
POC Paper Session7588Dmitrii S. StrobykinWithdrawalREP-1Shallow water acoustic tomography of hydrophysical processes in the Korea StraitDmitrii S. Strobykin, Yury N. Morgunov, Yury A. Polovinka, Vladimir V. Bezotvetnykh, Evgeny A. Voytenkowas not present yes
POC Paper Session7701colleague on behalf of Nadezda M. VakulskayaWithdrawal Studying of time changes of ice regime characteristics in the Bering Sea.Nadezda M. Vakulskayawas not present yes
POC Paper Session7671Natalia B. Luk’yanovaWithdrawal The mesoscale dynamics and structure of water at the east Japan coast in spring 2011.Natalia B. Luk’yanova, Igor A. Zhabinno, cancel poster yes
POC Paper Session7843Anatoli ErofeevWithdrawal Thermal Mass Correction Method for Conductivity-Temperature-Depth measurements on glidersAnatoli Erofeev, John A. Barth, R. Kipp Shearman and Zen Kurokawawas not present yes
POC Paper Session7762Jae-Hun ParkWithdrawal Tidal impacts on spatio-temporal variabilities of intermediate and deep waters in the East/Japan SeaJae-Hun Park, Ho Jin Lee, Young-Gyu Park, Hong Sik Min, Chan Joo Jang and Kyung Tae Jungno, cancelled at the meeting yes
POC Paper Session7611Ustinova on behalf of Alexander A. NikitinWithdrawal Upwellings in the coastal areas of the Primorye according to the satellite observations dataAlexander A. Nikitin and Irina L. Tsypyshevano, cancel poster yes
GP (General Poster)7658Zhongyong GaoPoster Air-sea CO2 flux and its related parameters over the Bering Slope CurrentZhongyong Gao, Liqi Chen, Heng Sunyes
GP (General Poster)7922Cynthia SuchmanPoster Communicating Ocean Science–The North Pacific Research Board’s Education and Outreach ProgramNora L. Deans, Francis Wiese and Cynthia Suchmanyes
GP (General Poster)7857V.F.MISHUKOVPoster Distribution of methane contents in sea waters and it’s fluxes on border of water-atmosphere at some regions of the Sea of Okhotsk.G.I.MISHUKOVA, V.F.MISHUKOV, A.I.OBZHIROV yes
GP (General Poster)7930Artur Maiss (no abstract, just poster)Poster Effect of the West Kamchatka Shelf oil exploration on the Okhotsk Sea ecosystem.  
GP (General Poster)7614Toshihiro OnitsukaPoster Effects of elevated pCO2 on early development and settlement of turban snail Turbo cornutus and abalone Haliotis diversicolorToshihiro Onitsuka1, Ryo Kimura, Hideki Takami, Tsuneo Ono, and Yukihiro Nojiriyes
GP (General Poster)7599Natsuki HasegawaPoster Indicator of productive estuarine ecosystems and fisheries using macrophytesNatsuki Hasegawa, Toshihiro Onitsuka, Hiroya Abe, Michio Kishi, Masahiro Nakaoka, Toyomitsu Horiiyes
GP (General Poster)7907Yeon-Kye KimPoster Isolation and potential applicability of UV-absorbing materials from marine organisms Yeon-Kye Kim, Ho-Dong Yoon, Irina A. Kadnikova and Natalia Aminina yes
GP (General Poster)7921Francis K. WiesePoster Maps, milestones, and destinations: managing outcomes in the ecosystem-scale ‘Bering Sea Project’ marine research programMichael F. Sigler, Thomas I. Van Pelt and Francis K. Wieseyes
GP (General Poster)7914Sangjin LeePoster NOWPAP activities related to the marine and coastal environment of the Northwest Pacific OceanSangjin Leeyes
GP (General Poster)7676Natalia RudykhPoster Oceanographic Information System “Natural ecosystems exploitation, state and tendencies of marine environment changing in coastal areas of Russia in the Japan/East Sea”Vladimir Rostov, Natalia Rudykh, Igor Rostov, Elena Dmitrievayes
GP (General Poster)7905Aleksey G. SlizkinPoster On the dynamics of the fishing grounds Chionoecetes opilio in the southern Primorye (Sea of Japan)Valery N. Koblikov and Aleksey G. Slizkinno, by Aseeva
GP (General Poster)7880Howard J. FreelandPoster The current status of the international Argo projectHoward J. Freelandyes
GP (General Poster)7646Cuauhtemoc Turrent-ThompsonWithdrawal Land-sea breeze in the Bay of La Paz, Mexico: numerical modeling.Cuauhtemoc Turrent-Thompson and Oleg Zaitsevwas not present yes
GP (General Poster)7758Baonan SunWithdrawal Study on the vertical mixing of oil droplets by breaking wavesBaonan Sun, Yongzeng Yang ,Yeli Yuan and Lei Hanwas not present yes
GP (General Poster)7915Sangdeuk LeeWithdrawal The setae structures of the gill-clogging diatom genus ChaetocerosSangdeuk Lee, Joonsang Park, Junmo Lee and Jinhwan Leewas not present yes
W1 (BIO)7593Jerome FiechterInvited How accurately can we predict chlorophyll concentrations in the Northeast Pacific: the role of ecosystem model complexity and data assimilation?Jerome Fiechter, Christopher Edwards, Andrew Moore, Nicole Goebel, Kaustubha Raghukumaryes
W1 (BIO)7716Yvette H. SpitzInvited Intercomparison of pelagic ecosystem models for the Oregon Shelf: “The devil is in the details”.Yvette H. Spitzyes
W1 (BIO)7721Guimei LIUOral Comparison of Air-Sea CO2 Flux and Biological Productivity in the South China Sea, East China Sea, and Yellow Sea: a Three-Dimensional Physical-Biogeochemical Modeling StudyGuimei Liu, Fei Chai, Hui Wangyes
W2 (MEQ)7654Raphael KudelaInvited Linking changes in dinoflagellate blooms along the US west coast to short­ and long­term restructuring of the California Current SystemRaphael M. Kudela, Mati Kahru, John P. Ryan, Dave Foleyyes
W2 (MEQ)7637Joji IshizakaInvited Status and Perspective of Use of Remote Sensing Data to Reduce Damage Caused by Red Tide (Harmful Algal Bloom) in JapanJoji Ishizaka, Kazuyoshi Miyamura, Ken Furuya, and Shigeru Itakurayes
W2 (MEQ)7813Chao Liang / ZhouOral A Preliminary Study on the Application of the Wave Degree of Polarization in the Marine Oil Spill MonitoringChao Liangyes
W2 (MEQ)7802Lijian ShiOral The Application of HJ-1A/1B’s CCD Data to Entermorpha Prolifera Monitoring over the Yellow Sea and East SeaLijian Shi, Bin Zou, Yingni Shi, Maohua Guoyes
W2 (MEQ)7632Sergey P. Zakharkov Oral The investigation of succession diatoms algae in the Sea of Japan (on satellite and ship data)Sergey P. Zakharkov , Tatyana N. Gordeychuk , Elena A. Shtrajhert and Julianna V. Shambarova yes
W3 (MEQ)7863Joel BakerInvited Abundance, distribution, sources and potential implication of microplastic particles in coastal waters of the North Pacific regionJoel E. Baker, Julie Masura, Gregory Foster, and Courtney Arthuryes
W3 (MEQ)7926Kris CooremanInvited Building expert knowledge to reach integrated scientific advice for marine managementKris Cooreman, Roel Smolders, Yves Verhaegen, Koen Parmentier, Patrick Roose and Guy Smaggheyes
W3 (MEQ)7884Annamalai SubramanianInvited Contamination by Persistent Organic Pollutants in the Asia-Pacific RegionAnnamalai Subramanian and Shinsuke Tanabeyes
W3 (MEQ)7908Peter J. KershawInvited Pollution indicators in the marine environment – a GESAMP perspective.Peter J. Kershawno, someone else will present
W3 (MEQ)7797Zou Ya-RongPoster Based on the SAR to analysis Marine oil spill polarization characteristicZou Ya-Rong, Zou Bin, Liang Chaoyes
W3 (MEQ)7730Mikhail V. SimokonPoster Environmental pollution monitoring of Far Eastern SeasYury G. Blinov, Mikhail V. Simokonyes
W3 (MEQ)7729Mikhail V. SimokonPoster Mercury in the bottom sediments of Peter the Great Bay (Japan/East Sea)Mikhail V. Simokoin, Lidia T. Kovekovdovayes
W3 (MEQ)7796Zou Ya-RongPoster Multiple Index Marine Oil Spill Information Extraction Research Zou Yarong, Zou Bin, Liang Chaoyes
W3 (MEQ)7677Vasiliy Yu. TsygankovPoster Persistent organic pollutants and Hg in organs of the grey whale (Eschrichtius robustus) from the Bering SeaVasiliy Yu. Tsygankov, Margarita D. Boyarova, Peter A. Tyupeleev and Olga N. Lukyanovayes
W3 (MEQ)7660Natalia PichuginaPoster The Radioactive Pollution of Hydrobiontes at the Place of Nuclear Accident in Chazhma The Bay, The sea of JapanNatalia Pichugina, Vladinir Goryachevyes
W3 (MEQ)7732Yasumasa MiyazawaWithdrawal Physical factors affecting radionuclide dispersion simulation in the ocean around FukushimaYasumasa Miyazawa, Yukio Masumoto, Sergey M. Varlamo and Ruochao Zhangno,cancel poster yes
W4 (POC/MONITOR/TCODE)7798Sukgeun JungInvited Alternations of dominant fisheries species in the southwestern Japan/East Sea in relation to climate change since 1968Sukgeun Jung, Il Su Choiyes
W4 (POC/MONITOR/TCODE)7769Tomoharu SenjyuInvited The East Asian Marginal Seas System; Connectivity between the Japan Sea and the East China SeaTomoharu Senjyuyes
W4 (POC/MONITOR/TCODE)7777Kyung-Ryul KimOral A Report on Korea EAST-I (East Asian Seas Time-series I) programKyung-Ryul Kim, Kyung-Il Chang, Tong-Sup Lee, Chang-Keun Kang and Dong-Jin Kang 
W4 (POC/MONITOR/TCODE)7841Vyacheslav LobanovOral An overview of POI activities under the CREAMS/PICES program Vyacheslav Lobanov, Pavel Tishchenko, Aleksandr Sergeev, Dmitry Kaplunenko, Vladimir Ponomarev, and Svetlana Ladychenkoyes
W4 (POC/MONITOR/TCODE)7785Kyung-Il ChangOral Long-term Variation of Subsurface Temperature in the Ulleung Basin of the East/Japan SeaJun-Heon Jang, Kyung-Il Chang, Seung-Tae Yoon and Hanna Nayes
W4 (POC/MONITOR/TCODE)7587Olga TrusenkovaOral Non-linear patterns of eddy kinetic energy in the Japan/East SeaOlga Trusenkova, Dmitry Kaplunenko, Svetlana Ladychenko, and Vyacheslav Lobanovyes
W4 (POC/MONITOR/TCODE)7773Dong-Jin KangOral Preliminary results of E-RAP (EAST-I Real-time Automatic Profiler) in the Ulleung Basin, the East/Japan Sea Dong-Jin Kang, Hee-Mang Park, Cho-Rong Moon, Kyung-Il Chang and Kyung-Ryul Kim yes
W4 (POC/MONITOR/TCODE)7770Kuh KimOral Progress Report of CREAMS-AP ad hoc committee to complete 2010 North Pacific Ecosystem Status Report Toshitaka Gamo1, Joji Ishizaka2, Chang-Keun Kang3, Kuh Kim3, Vyacheslav Lobanov4, Yuri Zuenko5 yes
W4 (POC/MONITOR/TCODE)7726Yury ZuenkoOral Recent climatic changes in the Japan/East Sea ecosystem on the tri-national data setYury Zuenko, Yongjun Tian, Sukgeun Jung and Rabea Diekmannyes
W4 (POC/MONITOR/TCODE)7854Jung-Hyun KwakOral Summer primary productivity and phytoplankton community structure in the East/Japan SeaJunng-Hyun Kwak, Yun Sook Kim, Dae-Sung Lee, Jeomshik Hwang, Kyung-Ryul Kim and Chang-Keun Kangyes
W4 (POC/MONITOR/TCODE)7759TaeKeun RhoOral Vertical and Spatial distribution patterns of Transparent Exopolymer Particles (TEP) in the East Sea during summer 2009TaeKeun Rho, Tongsup Lee, Hyun Duck Jeon, Dong-Jin Kang, and Kyung-Ryul Kim yes
W4 (POC/MONITOR/TCODE)7714Dmitry D. KaplunenkoOral Vertical in situ profiles of nitrates and oxygen in the northern Japan SeaDmitry D. Kaplunenko, Vyacheslav B. Lobanov, Pavel Ya. Tishchenko and Maria A. Shvetsovayes
W4 (POC/MONITOR/TCODE)7725Andrey G. AndreevOral Year-to-year changes of pre-winter environmental conditions and chlorophyll-a concentration in the central and southern Japan SeaAndrey G. Andreevyes
W4 (POC/MONITOR/TCODE)7786Kyung-Il ChangPosterREP-3Characteristics of anomalous summertime coastal upwelling events off the east coast of Korea during 2003-2009Jae-Hyung Park and Kyung-Il Changyes
W4 (POC/MONITOR/TCODE)7635Dmitry V. StepanovPosterREP-4Low-frequency variability of the circulation of the Japan/East Sea based on numerical simulationsDmitry V. Stepanov, Nikolay A. Dianskyyes
W4 (POC/MONITOR/TCODE)7754Pavel SemkinPosterREP-2Seasonal and spatial variability of hydrochemical parameters of the Ussuriyskiy Bay (Japan Sea) Pavel Semkin, Pavel Tishchenko, Vyacheslav Lobanov, Alexander Sergeev, Ruslan Chichkin, Galina Pavlova, Sergey Sagalaev, Elena Shkirnikova, Mariya Shvetsova, Peter Tishchenko, Tatyana Volkova, Vladimir Zvalinsky yes
W4 (POC/MONITOR/TCODE)7819Georgiy MoiseenkoWithdrawal On the possible estimation of the Okhotsk Sea water upper layer properties using remote-sensing reflectancesGeorgiy Moiseenko, Igor Shevchenko, Vadim Burago and Sergey Levashovcancel yes
W4 (POC/MONITOR/TCODE)7764Keiko YamadaWithdrawal Outbreaks of spring bloom in the Japan/East Sea since 1998 derived from ocean color sensor, SeaWiFSKeiko Yamada, Sang-Woo Kim and Joji Ishizakano cannot attend, wants poster and move to W4 yes
W4 (POC/MONITOR/TCODE)7865Zheng AirongWithdrawalREP-5Preliminary study on biological nitrogen fixation of Tokin Gulf in winterLian Zhonglian, Zheng Airong,Fang Hongda and Qian Honglinwas not present yes

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