PICES 2012 Annual Meeting
Effects of natural and anthropogenic stressors in the North Pacific ecosystems: Scientific challenges and possible solutions
October 12–21, Hiroshima, Japan

Hiroshima Airport is the largest airport in the region and is located in the city of Mihara, 50 km east of Hiroshima city.  It serves direct international flights from Seoul (Asiana Airlines), Beijing, (Air China), Dalian (China Southern Airlines), and Taipei (China Airlines).  Convenient domestic flight connections are available via Tokyo, Sapporo, Sendai and other major Japanese cities.  It takes about 50 min to get from the airport to downtown (Hiroshima Bus Center) by Limousine Bus (http://www.hij.airport.jp/english/access/now/bus/b01.php).  The venue and hotels are within walking distance from the Hiroshima Bus Center (map). 

Hiroshima Station (Hiroshima-eki), a JR West railway station located in Minami-ku, is the terminal for several lines, and all Sanyo-Shinkansen trains stop here. 
An extensive streetcar system, known as the “Hiroden streetcars” (http://www.hiroden.co.jp/en/), provides very convenient transportation within the downtown area.

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