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PICES 2014 Annual Meeting
Toward a better understanding of the North Pacific: Reflecting on the past and steering for the future
Oct. 16-26, Yeosu, Korea

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SessionPaper IDPresenterGranted Type of PresentationPotential ReplacementAbstract TitleAuthorsAttendance ConfirmationWithdrawals
S1 (SB)9485Akihide KasaiInvited High fishery production supported by complex coastal ecosystemsAkihide Kasaiyes
S1 (SB)9596Jacquelynne R. KingInvited Looking Back to Go ForwardJacquelynne R. Kingyes
S1 (SB)9661Iris HendriksInvited Pathways of Arctic Ocean AcidificationIris E. Hendriks, Melissa Chierici and Carlos M. Duarteyes
S1 (SB)9602Aigo TakeshigeOral Estimation of the future change of anchovy recruitment in response to global warming off western coast of Kyushu, JapanAigo Takeshige, Shingo Kimura, Yoichi Miyake, Hideaki Nakata and Takashi Kitagawayes
S1 (SB)9701Di LorenzoOral Forecasting North Pacific climate and ecosystem changes: advances and challengesEmanuele Di Lorenzo, Nathan Mantua and Mathew Newmanyes
S1 (SB)9604Shin-ichi ItoOral Formation of offshore ecological hotspots and its fluctuation in the western North PacificShin-ichi Ito, Taku Wagawa, Shigeho Kakehi, Takeshi Okunishiyes
S1 (SB)9641Robert BlasiakOral Hegemony and shared dominance in marine capture fisheriesRobert Blasiak and Nobuyuki Yagiyes
S1 (SB)9699Sinjae YooOral How much do we know about the 88-91 regime shift in the southwestern East Sea ecosystem?Sinjae Yoo, Chan Joo Jang, Joo-Eun Yoon, and Soonmi Leeyes
S1 (SB)9504Elena P. DulepovaOral Northwestern Pacific subarctic marine ecosystems structure and possible trends of it changing in nearest futureElena P. Dulepovayes
S1 (SB)9471C. Anela ChoyOral Projected responses of the central North Pacific pelagic ecosystem to climate-induced changes in micronekton communitiesC. Anela Choy, Phoebe Woodworth-Jefcoats and Jeffrey J. Polovinayes
S1 (SB)9781Jake RiceOral So now people believe that the ocean is changing – and so is the climate. NOW what?Jake Riceyes
S1 (SB)9681John A. BarthOral What goes on beneath the waves and when we’re not watchingJohn A. Barthyes
S1 (SB)9443Victor F. BugaevPoster Effects of volcanism on sockeye salmon Oncorhynchus nerka abundance in Kamchstka RiverVictor F. Bugaevyes
S1 (SB)9590Shingo KimuraPosterREP-1Impact of climate change on the egg and larval transport of Japanese anchovy Engraulis japonicus off western coast of Kyushu, JapanShingo Kimura, Aigo Takeshige, Yoichi Miyake, Hideaki Nakata and Takashi Kitagawayes
S1 (SB)9695Chan Joo JangPoster Interannual variability of chlorophyll associated with mixed layer depth changes in the East Sea (Japan Sea)Chan Joo Jang, Youngji Joh and Sinjae Yooyes
S1 (SB)9729Yi CaiWithdrawal The use of physical decomposition to analyzeinterannualclimate variability in the southern Indian OceanYi Caiyes, did not show yes
S2 (BIO)9489Hiroto MuraseInvited Application of habitat models to highly mobile marine animals – cetaceans in the North Pacific as case studies –Hiroto Murase, Toshihide Kitakado, Yu Kanaji, Hiroko Sasaki, Yoko Mitani, Koji Matsuoka, Makoto Okazaki and Naohisa Kandayes
S2 (BIO)9593Martin RennerInvited Crossvalidating approaches to modeling habitat and distribution of seabirds at-seaMartin Renneryes
S2 (BIO)9648Hiromichi IgarashiOral A multi-model ensemble prediction of habitat suitability index (HSI) models for neon flying squid in central North Pacific by using 3-D ocean data assimilation productHiromichi Igarashi, Toshiyuki Awaji, Masafumi Kamachi, Yoichi Ishikawa, Norihisa Usui, Masaaki Iiyama, Yosuke Onoue, Mitsuo Sakai, Yoshiki Kato, Irene Alabia, Sei-ichi Saitoh and Masaki Seitohyes
S2 (BIO)9682Patrick D. O'HaraOral Cassin’s Auklet at-sea distribution and exposure to stressors such as ship-source oil pollution and microplasticsPatrick D. O’Hara, Ken Morgan, Jamie McDevitt-Irwin, J.P Desforges, Peter Ross, and Sean Boydyes
S2 (BIO)9478Irene AlabiaOral Comparison of habitat suitability models for neon flying squid (Ommastrephes bartramii) in western and central North PacificIrene Alabia, Sei-Ichi Saitoh, Hiromichi Igarashi, Yoichi Ishikawa, Norihisa Usui,Masafumi Kamachi, Awaji Toshiyuki and Masaki Seito yes
S2 (BIO)9462Chris RooperOral Distribution modeling for deep-sea corals and sponges in AlaskaChris Rooper, Mark Zimmermann, Mike Sigler and Jerry Hoffyes
S2 (BIO)9746Yoon-Kyung LeeOral GIS-based potential habitat mapping for Todarodes pacificus (common squid) Yoon-Kyung Lee, Inhye Park, Sang-Woo Kim, Jong-Kuk Choi, Saro Lee, Joo-Hyung Ryuyes
S2 (BIO)9608Yukiko InoueOral Is seabird bycatch rate affected by the seabird distribution? : Estimation of seabird distribution for bycatch risk assessmentYukiko Inoue, Makoto Okazaki, Maria P. Dias, Cleo Small and Hiroshi Minamiyes
S2 (BIO)9691William J. SydemanOral Modeling temporal variation in krill “hotspots”: size, intensity, persistence and coherence with krill predators Jarrod A. Santora, Jeffrey Dorman, William J. Sydemanyes
S2 (BIO)9477Hiroko SasakiOral Prediction of zooplankton community Spatial-Temporal patterns in the Chukchi Sea – Case study using habitat modeling approach Hiroko Sasaki, Kohei Matsuno, Atsushi Yamaguchi, Yutaka Watanuki and Takashi Kikuchiyes
S2 (BIO)9499Yang LiuPoster Developing the suitable operation prediction model of neon flying squid in the central North Pacific using Satellite images and VMS Yang Liu, Sei-Ichi Saitoh, Hiroki Takegawa and Toru Hirawakeyes
S2 (BIO)9542Xun ZhangPosterREP-1Effect of 3-D physical structures on spatial distributions of Japanese common squid in the coastal waters of southwestern Hokkaido, JapanXun Zhang, Sei-Ichi Saitoh, Toru Hirawake, Satoshi Nakada, Koji Koyamada, Toshiyuki Awaji, Yoichi Ishikawa and Hiromichi Igarashiyes
S2 (BIO)9575Mariko DeharaPosterREP-2Habitat model development of Japanese common squid in Japan Sea using satellite remotely sensed dataMariko Dehara, Sei-Ichi Saitoh and Toru Hirawakeyes
S2 (BIO)9783Sylvie Saint-AlbinPoster Operational Management of tuna fisheries in IndonesiaPatrick Lehodey, Inna Senina, Philippe Gaspar and Sylvie Giraud Saint-Albinyes
S2 (BIO)9595Keun-Hyung ChoiPoster Predicting the potential invasion in Korean waters of the saltmarsh grass Spartina alterniflora from China Keun-Hyung Choi, Changyong Wangyes
S2 (BIO)9711Douglas F. BertramWithdrawal The utility of models of forage fish habitat for the identification of marine critical habitat for Marbled Murrelet in Canada. Douglas F. Bertram, Patrick O’Hara, Cliff Robinson,and Stephane Gauthierno, cancel poster yes
S3 (BIO/MEQ)9713Tetsuo YanagiInvited Eutrophication and Oligotrophication Processes in the Seto Inland Sea and their relation to the Satoumi Concept.Tetsuo Yanagiyes
S3 (BIO/MEQ)9791Phil LevinInvited Integrated science for integrated management: fairy tale or finally here?Phil Levinyes
S3 (BIO/MEQ)9480Christopher Mulanda AuraOral Assessment of the magnitude and interrelationship of seasonal phytoplankton bloom occurrence at the Japanese scallop (Mizuhopecten yessoensis) farming area of Okhotsk Sea, Hokkaido, JapanChristopher Mulanda Aura, Sei-Ichi Saitoh, Yang Liu and Toru Hirawakeyes
S3 (BIO/MEQ)9452Delvan R. NevilleOral Characterization of absorbed dose from natural and anthropogenic radionuclides for the purpose of establishing reference points within the marine environmentDelvan R. Neville, Kathryn A. Higleyyes
S3 (BIO/MEQ)9649Kazumi WakitaOral Diversity of perceptions and utility of marine ecosystem services: exploration of its causesKazumi Wakita, Zhonghua Shen, Taro Oishi, Nobuyuki Yagi, Hisashi Kurokura, and Ken Furuyayes
S3 (BIO/MEQ)9422Maciej T. TomczakOral Ecological network indicators of ecosystem status and change in the Baltic SeaMaciej T. Tomczak, Johanna J. Heymans, Johanna Yletyinen, Susa Niiranen, Saskia A. Otto, Thorsten Blenckner yes
S3 (BIO/MEQ)9557Rebecca MartoneOral Embedding the science of tipping points in ocean managementRebecca Martone, Carrie Kappel, Courtney Scarborough, Mary Hunsicker, Ben Halpern, Kimberly Selkoe, Phil Levin, Jameal Samhouri, Crow White, Ashley Erickson, Ryan Kelly, Lindley Mease, Margaret Caldwell, Larry Crowder, Rod Fujita yes
S3 (BIO/MEQ)9751SamhouriOral Ordered re-assembly of marine ecosystemsJameal F. Samhouri, Adrian C. Stier, Philip S. Levinyes
S3 (BIO/MEQ)9531Ian PerryOral Potential early warning indicators of marine ecosystem changes in coastal British Columbia, CanadaR. Ian Perryyes
S3 (BIO/MEQ)9518Vladimir V. KulikOral Potential reference points for mean trophic level of macrofauna in the Sea of OkhotskKonstantin M. Gorbatenko, Vladimir V. Kulik and Artem E. Lazshentsevyes
S3 (BIO/MEQ)9634Motomitsu TakahashiOral Regional variations in ecosystem responses to anthropogenic activities and natural stressors in the Seto Inland SeaMotomitsu Takahashi, Sachihiko Itoh, Naoki Yoshie and Kazuhiko Mochidayes
S3 (BIO/MEQ)9690William J. SydemanOral Seabird indicators and “tipping points” in North Pacific marine ecosystems William J. Sydeman, Sarah Ann Thompson, Julie A. Thayer, Marisol Garcia-Reyes, Heather Renner, John F. Piatt, Stephanie Zador, and Yutaka Watanuki yes
S3 (BIO/MEQ)9318Hyeong-gi KimOral Seasonal and spatial variations in nematode assemblages affected by thermal influence of nuclear power plant in Korea (East Sea, Pacific Ocean)Hyeong-gi Kim, Hyun soo Rho, Chul-woong Ohyes
S3 (BIO/MEQ)9687Yusheng ZHANGOral The bioconcentration of artificial radionuclides by marine animals after the Fukushima nuclear accident in the Northwest Pacific Wu MEN, Jianhua HE, Wen YU, Fenfen WANG, Wuhui LIN,Yusheng ZHANGyes
S3 (BIO/MEQ)9465Kyungsu KimOral The combined effects of elevated CO2 and temperature on the physiological condition of the olive flounder larvae Paralichthys olivaceus.Kyungsu Kim, Jeonghee Shim and Suam Kimyes
S3 (BIO/MEQ)9510Wen YuOral The effects of acute gamma irradiation on the survival and the physiological and biochemical indexes of Chinese black sleeper, Bostrichthys sinensisWen Yu, Tao Yu, Yusheng Zhang, Feng Linyes
S3 (BIO/MEQ)9750Jake RiceOral Tipping Points and Decision-Making: Why they matter, why they are hard, and practical things to doJake Riceyes
S3 (BIO/MEQ)9419Valentina V. SlobodskovaPoster DNA damage (Comet Assay) as biomarker of Cd exposure in bivalve mollusks Modiolus kurilensi and Corbicula japonica Valentina V. Slobodskova,Sergey P. Kukla,Viktor P. Chelomin,Elena V. Zhuravelyes
S3 (BIO/MEQ)9698JeongHee ShimPoster Growth rate comparison of Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas reared at in situ high-CO2 mesocosm environmentJeongHee Shim, Hakbin Hwang Jae-Hyun Lim and Jung-no Kwonyes
S3 (BIO/MEQ)9463Guangshui NaPoster Sulfonamide antibiotics in the Northern Yellow Sea are related to resistant bacteria: implications for antibiotic resistance genesGuangshui Na, Hui Gao, Ruijin Li, Jinqiu Du, Ziwei Yao and Chuanlin Huoyes
S3 (BIO/MEQ)9764Shang ChenPoster Valuation of ecosystem diversity maintenance service in marine protected areas:Shandong caseShang Chen, Shengjie Tu, Tao Xia, Zhengxiang Gao, Tao Zhangyes
S3 (BIO/MEQ)9553Avianna F. ZhukovskayaWithdrawal Environmental–specific differences in biochemical adaptation of scallop Mizuhopecten yessoensis to cadmiumAvianna F. Zzhukovskaya, Viktor P. Chelomindid not confirm, withdraw poster yes
S4 (BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)9552Martin LindegrenInvited Climate variability and Interacting Trophic Control in the Southern California CurrentMartin Lindegren, David M. Checkley, Jr, Mark D. Ohman, Anthony J. Koslow, Ralf Goerickeyes
S4 (BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)9423Abigail McQuatters-GollopInvited The role of plankton time-series in managing our seas in a climate of macroecological changeAbigail McQuatters-Gollop yes
S4 (BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)9562Sanae ChibaOral Big YES to sustainable ecosystem management and why NO to sustainable monitoring efforts? – gap between demand and supply in Japanese case - Sanae Chibayes
S4 (BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)9671J. Anthony KoslowOral Design of ocean observation systems: sampling requirements to monitor fish population and community trends as Essential Ocean VariablesJ. Anthony Koslow and Melaina Wrightyes
S4 (BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)9666Hal Batchelder for PetersonOral How the 20 year Newport Line zooplankton time series is used to inform fisheries managementWilliam Peterson, Jay Peterson, Jennifer Fisher and Cheryl Morganyes
S4 (BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)9752R. Ian PerryOral Long term zooplankton monitoring and database programs in British Columbia – understanding the dynamics of a changing oceanMoira Galbraith, David Mackas, R. Ian Perryyes
S4 (BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)9734David M. Checkley, Jr.Oral Taking stockDavid M. Checkley, Jr.yes
S4 (BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)9721S BattenOral The North Pacific Continuous Plankton Recorder surveySonia D Battenyes
S4 (BIO/MONITOR/TCODE)9577Soonmi LeeOral Understanding the mechanisms of the interannual variability of phytoplankton in the Ulleung Basin, East Sea: a modeling studySoonmi Lee, Sinjae Yoo, Chanjoo Jang, M. Butenschonyes
S5 (FIS)9714Yasunori SakuraiInvited Overview of reproductive characteristics and strategies among the Pacific gadid fishesYasunori SAKURAIyes
S5 (FIS)9580Ken DrinkwatetrInvited Population dynamics of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) and the roles of climate and fishingKenneth Drinkwateryes
S5 (FIS)9688Robyn ForrestInvited Searching for robust management procedures for Hecate Strait Pacific Cod (Gadus macrocephalus): a data-limited stock with highly uncertain dynamicsRobyn Forrest, Kendra Holt, Sean Cox, A. Rob Kronlundyes
S5 (FIS)9420Mikhail StepanenkoOral An ecosystem-based assessment of the Bering Sea pollock recruitment and spatial distributionMikhail A. Stepanenko, Elena V. Gritsayyes
S5 (FIS)9482Sukgeun JungOral Asynchronous responses of fish assemblages to climate-driven ocean regime shifts between the upper and deep layer in the Ulleung Basin of the East Sea from 1986 to 2010Sukgeun Jungyes
S5 (FIS)9626Vladimir V. KulikOral Carbon flows through Gadidae species in the ecosystem of the Northeastern part of the Sea of Okhotsk estimated in the carbon flow massbalance modelKonstantin M. Gorbatenko, Vladimir V. Kulik, Artem E. Lazshentsev, Alexander V. Zavolokin, Victor A. Nadtochyyes
S5 (FIS)9680Heeyong KimOral Comparison of the Short-term and Long-term Climate Change on the Catch Fluctuation of Pacific Cod, Gadus macrocephalus, in the Yellow Heeyong Kim, Daehyun Kimyes
S5 (FIS)9450Gordon H. KruseOral Development of multispecies models to investigate predator-prey interactions and temperature-mediated predation rates of Pacific cod and other groundfish in the eastern Bering SeaTadayasu Uchiyama, Gordon H. Kruse, and Franz J. Mueteryes
S5 (FIS)9589Zhe LiOral Effects of temperature and ontogeny on vertical movement ability of newly hatched larvae of the Pacific cod Gadus macrocephalus Zhe Li, Jun Yamamoto and Yasunori Sakuraiyes
S5 (FIS)9654Minkyoung Bang Oral Effects of water temperatures on the size and GSI variations of walleye pollock (Theragra chalcogramma) in the East Sea M. Bang, S. Kang, J-H. Park, S. Kimyes
S5 (FIS)9677Patricia A. LivingstonOral Exploration of ecosystem factors responsible for coherent recruitment patterns of Pacific cod and walleye pollock in the eastern Bering SeaPatricia A. Livingston, Kerim Aydin, James Ianelli and Grant Thompsonyes
S5 (FIS)9468Maria A. RabchunOral Molecular genetic study of the population structure as a basis for Pacific cod fishery management in the Russian Far East.Maria A. Rabchun, Svetlana Y. Orlova, Alexey M. Orlov and Nikolay S. Mugueyes
S5 (FIS)9664Elizabeth LogerwellOral Observations of seasonal movement of a single tag release group of Pacific cod in the eastern Bering SeaKimberly M. Rand, Elizabeth A. Logerwell, Peter Munro, Sandra K. Neidetcher, and Daniel G. Nicholno, by Logerwell
S5 (FIS)9561Nadezhda L. AseevaOral Parasitology of pacific codNadezhda L. Aseevayes
S5 (FIS)9717О. NovikovaOral Review of saffron cod Eleginus gracilis (Til.) fishery in the seas on Russian Far East О. Novikovayes
S5 (FIS)9564Franz J. MueterOral Spatial match-mismatch between juvenile walleye pollock (Gadus chalcogrammus) and zooplankton prey in the eastern Bering Sea may contribute to recruitment variabilityElizabeth Calvert Siddon, Trond Kristiansen, Franz J. Mueter, Kirstin K. Holsman, Ron A. Heintz, and Edward V. Farley yes
S5 (FIS)9668Sandra K NeidetcherOral Spawning phenology and geography of Aleutian Islands and eastern Bering Sea Pacific cod (Gadus macrocephalus)Sandra K Neidetcher1, Thomas P. Hurst2, Lorenzo Ciannelli3 and Elizabeth A. Logerwell1no, by Libby Logerwell
S5 (FIS)9588Andrey B. SavinWithdrawal Spawning grounds of pacific cod Gadus macrocephalus, Gadidae in Russian watersAndrey B. Savindid not confirm, withdraw poster yes
S6 (FIS/FUTURE)9503Elvira PoloczanskaInvited Analyses of observed and projected shifts in marine lifeElvira Poloczanska, Jorge García Molinos , Michael Burrows and the NCEAS marine biological impacts of climate change working groupyes
S6 (FIS/FUTURE)9469James ChristianOral Expansion of albacore tuna habitat in the northeast Pacific Ocean under anthropogenic warmingJames Christian, John Holmesyes
S6 (FIS/FUTURE)9640Nadezhda L. AseevaOral Fluctuations of the greenland halibut stocks in the Okhotsk Sea under influence of circulation patterns changeNadezhda L. Aseevayes
S6 (FIS/FUTURE)9736Shin-ichi ItoOral Global Change effects on Pacific saury distribution and its effects on fisheriesShin-ichi Ito, Kosei Komatsu, Takeshi Okunishi, Akinori Takasuka, Naoki Yoshie, Takahiko Kameda, Sohsuke Ohno, Kazuyoshi Watanabe, Takashi Setou, Hiroshi Kurodayes
S6 (FIS/FUTURE)9669Romeo Saldívar-LucioOral Incorporating North Pacific climate signals in long-term fishery managementRomeo Saldívar-Lucio1*, Aida Martínez-López1, Emanuele Di Lorenzo2, Germán Ponce-Díaz1, Jacquelynne King3, Gordon McFarlane 3, Christian Salvadeo1, Daniel Lluch-Cota4 and José Alberto Zepeda-Domínguez1. yes
S6 (FIS/FUTURE)9483Sukgeun JungOral Latitudinal shifts in the distribution of commercially important fish species in Korean waters during the last 30 years: a consequence of climate changeSukgeun Jung, Ig-Chan Pang, Joon-ho Lee and Ilsu Choiyes
S6 (FIS/FUTURE)9572Xiaozhe PanOral Predicting present and future distributions of yellowtail in the Japan SeaXiaozhe Pan, Sei-Ichi Saitoh, Yongjun Tianyes
S6 (FIS/FUTURE)9723Anne HollowedOralREP-1Projected climate impacts on the distribution and volume of marine ecoregions and implications for species interactions. Anne Hollowed and Matthew Bakeryes
S6 (FIS/FUTURE)9532Gordon Kruse for Jie ZhengOral Temporal changes in spatial distribution of Bristol Bay red king crab in the eastern Bering Sea and their implications for fisheries managementJie Zheng, M.S.M. Siddeek, and Gordon H. Kruse no, by G. Kruse
S6 (FIS/FUTURE)9696Sukyung KangPosterREP-2Changes in distribution and composition of major fish species in alternating pattern of warm and cool years in Korean watersSukyung Kang1*•Kwangho Choi1•Jisuk Ahn2•Jae Dong Hwang2•Dong Woo Lee1 and Suam Kim3 yes
S6 (FIS/FUTURE)9484Sukgeun JungPosterREP-3Climate-change driven range shifts of anchovy biomass projected by bio-physical coupling individual based model in the marginal seas of East AsiaSukgeun Jung, Ig-Chan Pang and Joon-ho Leeyes
S6 (FIS/FUTURE)9693Hyunju Seo Poster Effect of global warming on the life history and population dynamics of Japanese chum salmonMasahide Kaeriyama, Hyunju Seo, Yu-xue Qin and HyeSeon Kimyes
S6 (FIS/FUTURE)9500Yang LiuPosterREP-4The impacts of marine environment change on sustainable aquaculture model for Japanese scallop in southern Hokkaido and Aomori prefecture, Japan using RS/GIS and OGCMYang Liu, Sei-Ichi Saitoh, Christopher Mulanda Aura and Toru Hirawakeyes
S6 (FIS/FUTURE)9438Anatoliy Ya. VelikanovWithdrawal Seasonal migrations of Far East sardine (Sardinops melanostictus)to the Sakhalin sea waters and its fishery: retrospectiv viewAnatoliy Ya. Velikanovno, cancel talk yes
S7 (FIS/TCODE/FUTURE)9509Hans-O. PörtnerInvited Climate change impacts on the world’s oceans: a sectoral analysis by IPCC AR5Hans-O. Pörtneryes
S7 (FIS/TCODE/FUTURE)9757Meryl J WilliamsInvited Fisheries of the North Pacific: Pathways to Food Security and NutritionMeryl Jean Williamsyes
S7 (FIS/TCODE/FUTURE)9748Richard A. FeelyInvited Ocean Acidification: Trouble for Ocean Ecosystems Richard A. Feely, Simone Alin and Nina Bednarsekyes
S7 (FIS/TCODE/FUTURE)9754James ChristianOral Assessment of climate trends and projections and their associated impacts on the Pacific coast of CanadaJames Christian, Robin Brown, Mike Foreman, Karen Hunter, Kim Hyatt yes
S7 (FIS/TCODE/FUTURE)9506Elvira PoloczanskaOral Chapter 30: The Ocean, Working Group II, IPCC Fifth Assessment ReportOve Hoegh-Guldberg, Rongshuo Cai, Elvira Poloczanska, Peter G. Brewer, Svein Sundby, Karim Hilmi , Victoria J. Fabry and Sukgeun Jung yes
S7 (FIS/TCODE/FUTURE)9573Kazuaki TadokoroOral Decadal scale variation in phosphate concentration in the Oyashio and Kuroshi-Oayashio Transition waters, western North Pacific from 1955 to 2010Kazuaki Tadokoro, Hiroshi Kuroda, and Tsuneo Onoyes
S7 (FIS/TCODE/FUTURE)9740Suam KimOral Effects of Climate Change on Marine ecosystems and fishery resources in the Northwestern PacificSuam Kimyes
S7 (FIS/TCODE/FUTURE)9722Anne B. HollowedOral Effects of climate change on marine ecosystems in Polar RegionsAnne B. Hollowed and Andrew Constable yes
S7 (FIS/TCODE/FUTURE)9767Anne HollowedOral Impacts of climate change on U.S. oceans and marine resources: technical input to the third U.S. National Climate AssessmentRoger B. Griffis, Jennifer Howard, and Anne Hollowedno, by Anne Hollowed
S7 (FIS/TCODE/FUTURE)9745Jake RiceOral IPCC 5th Assessment Report WG 3 – Drivers, Trends, and Mitigation: Where is the ocean?Jake Riceyes
S7 (FIS/TCODE/FUTURE)9470Phoebe Woodworth-JefcoatsOral North Pacific climate change impacts as projected by a suite of CMIP5 model outputPhoebe Woodworth-Jefcoats and Jeffrey J. Polovinayes
S7 (FIS/TCODE/FUTURE)9770Hongjun SongOral Plankton in a changing climate: coastal and polar cases studyHongjun Song and Rubao Jiyes
S7 (FIS/TCODE/FUTURE)9772Fangli QiaoOral The linkage between the Yellow Sea algae bloom burst in 2008 and regional climate changeFangli Qiaono, by Dr. Hongjun Song
S7 (FIS/TCODE/FUTURE)9683Elliott HazenOral Top predators as indicators of climate change: Statistical techniques, challenges and opportunitiesElliott L. Hazen1, Rob Suryan2, Steven J. Bograd1, Takashi Yamamoto3, Emanuele Di Lorenzo4, Jeff Polovina5, William Sydeman6, Kevin Weng7, Rolf Ream8, and Yutaka Watanuki4yes
S7 (FIS/TCODE/FUTURE)9678Nina BednarsekOral Vulnerability and adaptation strategies of pteropods due to ocean acidificaiton and hypoxiaN. Bednarsek, R. A. Feely, J. C. P. Reum, B. Peterson, J. Menkel, S. R. Alin and B. Hales  yes
S7 (FIS/TCODE/FUTURE)9779Baodong WangPoster Changes of distributions and composition of nutrients in the Changjiang Estuary after the normal storage of Three Gorges ReservoirBaodong Wang, Zicheng Wang, Ming Xin, Xia Sun, Qinsheng Wei and Bo Yangyes
S7 (FIS/TCODE/FUTURE)9447Kwang-Bae KimPoster Distribution Patterns of Polychaete Assemblage and Benthic Quality Status estimated by AMBI in Jindo-Jejudo Subtidal areasKwang-Bae Kim, Jae-Hoon Cha, Dong-Yeong Kim, Ji-Na Song, Doo-Chan Um, Chu- Hwui Kwoun 
S7 (FIS/TCODE/FUTURE)9507Elvira PoloczanskaPoster Marine Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Report Card for AustraliaElvira Poloczanska, Anthony J Richardson, Alistair J Hobdayyes
S7 (FIS/TCODE/FUTURE)9726Chan Joo JangPoster North Pacific upper-ocean changes projected by CMIP5 modelsChan Joo Jang, Dongwon Yi, Jihyeon Lee, Ho-Jeong Shin, and Yong Sun Kimyes
S7 (FIS/TCODE/FUTURE)9559Shintaro TakaoPoster Projecting impacts of rising water temperature on the distribution of seaweeds around Japan under warming scenariosShintaro Takao, Naoki Kumagai, Hiroya Yamano, Masahiko Fujii and Yasuhiro Yamanakayes
S8 (MEQ)9657Hideshige TakadaInvited Hazardous chemicals in plastics in marine environments and their potential effects on marine organismsHideshige Takada, Kosuke Tanaka, Rei Yamashita and Yutaka Watanukiyes
S8 (MEQ)9428Galgani FrancoisInvited Litter in the Mediterranean Sea within the European Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD): Indicators for descriptor 10, GES and monitoringGalgani Francoisyes
S8 (MEQ)9426Marcus EriksenInvited Patterns of Microplastic Distribution in the Global Ocean and Inland EnvironmentsMarcus Eriksenyes
S8 (MEQ)9519Sunwook HongInvited Results and lessons learned from joint beach debris surveys by Asian NGOsYong Chang Jang, Sunwook Hong, Jongmyoung Lee, Jong Su Lee, Sang Hee Hong, Won Joon Shim, Martin Thiel, Fujieda Shigeru, Tai-di Chang, Kanyarat Kosavisutte, Trieu Thuy Hayes
S8 (MEQ)9476Hirofumi HinataOral Analysis of a beach as a time-invariant linear input/output system of marine litterTomoya Kataoka, Hirofumi Hinata, Shigeru Katoyes
S8 (MEQ)9592Sang Hee HongOral Chemicals of concern in plastic marine debris: Hexabromocyclododecanes in expanded polystyrene productsSang Hee Hong, Won Joon Shim, Manviri Rani, Mi Jang, Najat Ahmed Al-Odaini, Gi Myung Han and Young Kyung Songyes
S8 (MEQ)9494Peter S. RossOral Distribution and impacts of micro- and macro-plastics in coastal British Columbia, CanadaPeter S. Ross, Jean-Pierre W. Desforges, Jean Fong, Moira Galbraith, Wendy Szanizloyes
S8 (MEQ)9493Nikolai KozlovskiiOral Distribution, sources and abundance of Marine debris in the coastal area of southern part of Primorsky Krai (Russia).Nikolai Kozlovskiiyes
S8 (MEQ)9466Shin’ichiro KakoOral Inverse estimation of marine-debris outflows using webcam observation dataShin’ichiro Kako, Atsuhiko Isobe, Tomoya Kataoka, and Hirofumi Hinatayes
S8 (MEQ)9433Manviri RaniOral Leaching characteristics of Hexabromocyclododecane from expanded polystyrene buoy fragments in marine water Manviri Rani1, Won Joon Shim1,2, Mi Jang1,2, Gi Myong Han1, Sang Hee Hong1,2yes
S8 (MEQ)9758Jesus GagoOral Microlitter: recommendations for monitoring from the MSFDJesus Gago, Richard C. Thompson, F.Galgani and T. Maes4yes
S8 (MEQ)9431Iana BlinovskaiaOral Mirine Litter problem at the Russian Far East and solution problem search Iana Blinovskaiayes
S8 (MEQ)9598Weiwei ZhangOral Persistent organic pollutants adsorbed on microplastic from two beaches, ChinaWeiwei Zhang, Zhifeng Zhang, Xindong Ma, Yan Wang and Ling Quyes
S8 (MEQ)9600Won Joon ShimOral Producing fragmented micro- and nano-plastics from expanded polystyrene with an accelerated mechanical abrasion experimentWon Joon Shim, Young Kyoung Song, Sang Hee Hong, Mi Jang, Gi Myung Han and Seung Won Jungyes
S8 (MEQ)9459Atsuhiko IsobeOral Selective transport of microplastics and mesoplastics by drifting in coastal watersAtsuhiko Isobe, Kenta Kubo, Yuka Tamura, Shin’ichio Kako, Etsuko Nakashima, and Naoki Fujiiyes
S8 (MEQ)9505Tomoya KataokaOral Sequential monitoring of beach litter at multiple sites using webcamsTomoya Kataoka, Hirofumi Hinata and Shin'ichiro Kakoyes
S8 (MEQ)9606Jan HafnerOral Transport of marine debris from the 2011 tsunami in Japan: model simulations and observational evidenceJan Hafner, Nikolai Maximenko and Gisela Speidelyes
S8 (MEQ)9569Young Kyoung SongPosterREP-3A Nile Red staining method for microplastic identification and quantification Young Kyoung Song, Sang Hee Hong, Mi Jang, Gi Myung Han and Won Joon Shimyes
S8 (MEQ)9624Yong Chang JangPosterREP-1Abundance of packaging debris on beaches increases as non-recycled amount increases: a case in KoreaYong Chang Jang, Jongmyoung Lee, Sunwook Hong, Jong Su Lee, Su Yeon Hong, Won Joon Shimyes
S8 (MEQ)9568Young kyoung SongPosterREP-6Compositions and distributions of microplastic in Korean beachesYoung kyoung Song, Mi Jang, Gi Myung Han, Sang Hee Hong and Won Joon Shimyes
S8 (MEQ)9623Yong Chang JangPoster Conceptual difference of flow and stock of marine debris and its implications to setting of policy goals and indicatorsYong Chang Jang, Sunwook Hong, Jongmyoung Lee, Hyun Woo Choi, Won Joon Shimyes
S8 (MEQ)9785PosterPoster Estimation of used buoy debris outflow from oyster aquaculture with Material Flow Analysis Su Yeon Hong, Yong Chang Jang, Jongmyoung Lee, Sunwook Hong and Chan Won Lee  yes
S8 (MEQ)9622Su Yeon HongPosterREP-5Estimation of used buoy debris outflow from oyster aquaculture with Material Flow Analysis Su Yeon Hong,Yong Chang Jang,Jongmyoung Lee, Sunwook Hong, Chan Won Leeyes
S8 (MEQ)9479Mi JangPosterREP-4Expanded polystyrene buoy as a moving source of toxic chemicals to marine life: Enrichment of hexabromocyclododecanes in mussel Mi Jang, Sang Hee Hong, Manviri Rani, Gi Myoung Han, Young Kyoung Song and Won Joon Shimyes
S8 (MEQ)9441Manviri RaniPoster Monitoring of traditional and emerging BFRs in expanded polystyrene (EPS) from various countriesManviri Rani1, Sang Hee Hong1,2, Mi Jang1,2, Gi Myung Han1, Won Joon Shim1,2yes
S8 (MEQ)9612Jung-Hoon KangPosterREP-2Potential threat of microplastics to neustonic zooplankton in surface waters of the Southern Sea of KoreaJung-Hoon Kang, Oh-Youn Kwon, Bu-Gyeong Choi, Won Joon Shimyes
S8 (MEQ)9766Peter J KershawPoster Sources, fate and effects of micro-plastics in the marine environment – a global assessmentPeter J Kershaw, A Andrady, C Arthur, J Baker, H Boumann, S Gall, V Hidalgo-Ruz, A Koehler, K L Law, H Leslie, J Potemra, P Ryan, W J Shim, H Takada, R Thompson, A Turra, D Verthaak, K Whylesyes
S8 (MEQ)9765Peter J KershawPoster The distribution of floating macro- and micro-plastics in the Open Ocean and Large Marine EcosystemsPeter J Kershaw, Courtney Arthur, Marcus Eriksen, Jésus M Gago Piñeiro, Kara Lavender Law, Laurent Lebreton.yes
S9 (POC/MONITOR)9755Georgina A. GibsonInvited The relative importance of advective vs. in-situ processes to mesozooplankton biomass on the Eastern Bering Sea shelf.Georgina A. Gibson, Albert Hermann, Kenneth Coyle, Katherine Hedstrom, Enrique Curchitseryes
S9 (POC/MONITOR)9744Ryosuke FutsukiOral A biological contribution to partial pressure of CO2 in the western Arctic Ocean and Bering SeaRyosuke Futsuki, Toru Hirawake, Amane Fujiwara, Takashi Kikuchi, Shigeto Nishino, Daisuke Sasano, Masao Ishii, Yutaka Uchida and Sei-Ichi Saitohyes
S9 (POC/MONITOR)9737Sei-Ichi SaitohOral Assessment of the relationship between timing of sea-ice retreat and phytoplankton community size structure derived from remote sensing in the Bering and Chukchi Sea shelf regionAmane Fujiwara, Toru Hirawake, Koji Suzuki, Ichiro Imai, Sei-Ichi Saitohyes
S9 (POC/MONITOR)9738Naomi HaradaOral Catastrophic reduction of sea-ice in the Arctic Ocean -its impact on the marine ecosystems in the polar region-Naomi Harada, Katsunori Kimoto, Jonaotaro Onodera, Eiji Watanabe, Makio C. Honda, Michio J. Kishi, Takashi Kikuchi and Yuichiro Tanakayes
S9 (POC/MONITOR)9567Yury ZuenkoOral Cross-shelf advection as a mechanism of regional climate change influence on plankton community in the coastal watersYury Zuenko and Victoria Nadtochyyes
S9 (POC/MONITOR)9728Mi Sun YunOral Current status of primary production in the western Arctic OceanMi Sun Yun, Bo Kyung Kim, Eun Jin Yang, Sung-Ho Kang, Terry E. Whitledge, Mike Gong and Sang H. Leeyes
S9 (POC/MONITOR)9743Ichiro ImaiOral Distribution of viable diatom resting stage cells in bottom sediments and water columns in the Chukchi Sea: Importance as seed populations of spring bloomChiko Tsukazaki, Ken-Ichiro Ishii, Kohei Matsuno, Atsushi Yamaguchi and Ichiro Imaiyes
S9 (POC/MONITOR)9735Hiroshi KurodaOral Distribution, transport pathway and modification of the Coastal Oyashio water, off the Hokkaido coast, in the Northwestern PacificHiroshi Kuroda, Yuko Toya, Taku Wagawa, Akira Kuwata, Shin-ichi Ito, Shigeho Kakehiyes
S9 (POC/MONITOR)9574Rui SaitoOral Hydrography of an Aleutian eddy in the developing phase and the potential influence to lower trophic level ecosystemsRui Saito, Ichiro Yasuda, Kosei Komatsu, Hiromu Ishiyama, Hiromichi Ueno, Hiroji Onishi, Atsushi Yamaguchi, Takeshi Setou and Manabu Shimizuyes
S9 (POC/MONITOR)9563Franz J. MueterOral Pacific and Atlantic gateways to the Arctic for plankton and fishFranz J. Mueter, Seth Danielson, Harald Gjøsæter and Ken Drinkwateryes
S9 (POC/MONITOR)9585S.T.KimOral Reproduction of walleye pollock (Theragra chalcogramma) and some oceanographic parameters of their habitat off eastern Sakhalin Island, Sea of OkhotskS.T. Kim, I.N. Mukhametov, G.V. Shevchenko, V.N. Chastikov yes
S9 (POC/MONITOR)9739Tetsuichi FujikiOral Seasonal cycle of phytoplankton community structure and photophysiological state in the western subarctic gyre of the North PacificTetsuichi Fujiki, Kazuhiko Matsumoto, Yoshihisa Mino, Kosei Sasaoka, Masahide Wakita, Hajime Kawakami, Makio C. Honda, Shuichi Watanabe and Toshiro Sainoyes
S9 (POC/MONITOR)9741Jonaotaro OnoderaOral Siliceous phytoplankton flux reflecting oceanographic variation in the southern Northwind Abyssal PlainJonaotaro Onodera, Eiji Watanabe and Naomi Haradayes
S9 (POC/MONITOR)9581Ken DrinkwaterOral Some effects of advection between the Arctic and Subarctic Kenneth Drinkwateryes
S9 (POC/MONITOR)9742Hiroko SasakiOral Spatial and temporal changes of zooplankton community in the Chukchi SeaHiroko Sasaki, Kohei Matsuno, Atsushi Yamaguchi, Yutaka Watanuki and Takashi Kikuchiyes
S9 (POC/MONITOR)9630Jung Jin KimWithdrawal Understanding annual variability in distribution and transport processes for the early life stages of Todarodes pacificus using behavioral-hydrodynamic modeling approachesJung Jin Kim, William Stockhausen, Suam Kim, Yang-Ki Cho, Gwang-Ho Seo, Joon-Soo Lee no, cancel talk yes
S10 (POC/TCODE/FUTURE)9730Hyoun-Woo KangInvited Application of a regional marine system model on the northwestern Pacific and the variability of the Yellow and the East China SeasHyoun-Woo Kang, Hanna Kim, Jae Kwi So, Momme Butenschon, and Icarus Allenyes
S10 (POC/TCODE/FUTURE)9747Enrique CurchitserInvited Climate-Boundary Current Interactions: Stories from East and WestEnrique Curchitser,Justin Small, William Large, Raphael Dussin, Kate Hedstrom and Brian Kaufman yes
S10 (POC/TCODE/FUTURE)9650Hyun-Suk KangInvited CORDEX and its recent progresses for East AsiaHyun-Suk Kang, S. Hong, J.-Y. Jung, M.-S. Suh, S.-K. Oh, D.-H. Cha, S.-K. Minyes
S10 (POC/TCODE/FUTURE)9486Kei SakamotoInvited Development of a Seto-Inland-Sea model toward operational monitoring and forecastingKei Sakamoto, Goro Yamanaka, Hiroyuki Tsujino, Hideyuki Nakano, Norihisa Usui and Shogo Urakawayes
S10 (POC/TCODE/FUTURE)9528Eun-Soon ImInvited Introducing the MIT Regional Climate Model (MRCM) and its application to climate studies worldwideEun-Soon Im and Elfatih A. B. Eltahiryes
S10 (POC/TCODE/FUTURE)9491Hyodae SeoInvited Regional coupled modeling of the eddy-wind interactions in the California Current SystemHyodae Seoyes
S10 (POC/TCODE/FUTURE)9715Angelica PeñaOral A biogeochemical model for the British Columbia continental shelfAngelica Peña, Diane Masson and Mike Foremanyes
S10 (POC/TCODE/FUTURE)9625Young Ho KimOral An assessment of ocean climate reanalysis by the Data Assimilation System of KIOSTYoung Ho Kim, Chorong Hwang, Byoung-Ju Choiyes
S10 (POC/TCODE/FUTURE)9685Chan Joo JangOral Climate Change Projection for the western North Pacific Ocean by Dynamical DownscalingChul Min Ko, Chan Joo Jang, Ho-Jeong Shin, and Yong Sun Kimyes
S10 (POC/TCODE/FUTURE)9763Enrique CurchitserOral Impact of horizontal model resolution on air-sea CO2 exchange in the California CurrentJerome Fiechter, Enrique Curchitser, Christopher Edwards, Fei Chai, Nicole Goebel and Francisco Chavezno, by Enrique Curchitser
S10 (POC/TCODE/FUTURE)9646Ho-Jeong ShinOral Projected change in East Asian summer monsoon from dynamical downscaling : Moisture budget analysisChun-Yong Jung, Chan Joo Jang, Hyung-Jin Kim and Ho-Jeong Shinyes
S10 (POC/TCODE/FUTURE)9731Gyundo PakOral Regime-dependent nonstationary relationship between the East Asian winter monsoon and North Pacific OscillationGyundo Pak, Young-Hyang Park, Frederic Vivier, Young-Oh Kwon, and Kyung-Il Changyes
S10 (POC/TCODE/FUTURE)9511Kwang-Ho SeoOral Regional climate change projection for the northwest Pacific marginal seasGwang-Ho Seo, Yang-Ki Cho, Byoung-Ju Choi and Kwang-Yul Kimyes
S10 (POC/TCODE/FUTURE)9456Sung Yong KimOral Seasonality and linear trend of circulation around Korea derived from multi-platform observationsSung Yong Kimyes
S10 (POC/TCODE/FUTURE)9655Yi Young SongOral Transport of Todarodes pacificus winter cohort into the yellow sea in the early life statesSong Ji Young1, Joon Soo Lee1, Jung Jin Kim1, Ho Jin Lee2yes
S10 (POC/TCODE/FUTURE)9651Haejin KimPoster Analysis of HadGEM2-AO historical and climate forecasting experiments.Haejin Kim, Cheol-Ho Kim and Hong-Ryeol Shinyes
S10 (POC/TCODE/FUTURE)9558Xu ShanshanPoster Characteristics of physical elements during the typical algae bloom in Yellow SeaXu Shanshan, Dong Mingmei, Yu Ting, Miao Qingshengyes
S10 (POC/TCODE/FUTURE)9647Ho-Jeong ShinPoster Regional efficacy of ocean heat uptake under a CO2 quadruplingHo-Jeong Shin, Ken Caldeira, Chan Joo Jang, Yong Sun Kimyes
S10 (POC/TCODE/FUTURE)9773Paulo Henrique CirinoWithdrawal ENSO-Related Weather Impacts on the Brazilian AgriculturePaulo H. Cirino José G. Féres Marcelo J. Braga Eustáquio J. Reisdid not confirm, withdraw poster yes
S10 (POC/TCODE/FUTURE)9609Dmitry V. StepanovWithdrawal Features of the low-frequency variability of circulation in the northern Japan/East Sea based on numerical simulationsDmitry V. Stepanov, Victoriia I. Stepanova and Nikolay A. Dianskyno, cancel oral yes
S10 (POC/TCODE/FUTURE)9709Pavel A. FaymanWithdrawal Numerical simulation of the Okhotsk Sea water circulation: seasonal and annual variabilityPavel A. Fayman, Vladimir I. Ponomarev, Vyacheslav Dubina, Jong-Hwan Yoondid not confirm, withdraw oral yes
S10 (POC/TCODE/FUTURE)9719Hong-jian TanWithdrawal Oceanic influence on severe drought of Southwest China in winter 2009/2010:an AGCM study Hong-jian Tan, Rong-shuo Caino, cancel poster yes
S10 (POC/TCODE/FUTURE)9733PanJun DuWithdrawal The three-dimensional dynamic characteristics on the south of Subei Radiation shoal watersPanJun Du,Bei Zhangno, cancel oral yes
S11 (MarWeb)9435Suhendar I. Sachoemar1Invited Dissemination of SATO UMI for sustainable aquaculture development in IndonesiaSuhendar I. Sachoemar1, Tetsuo Yanagi2, Mitsutaku Makino3, Mark L. Wells4, Masahito Hirota3 and Ratu Siti Aliah1 yes
S11 (MarWeb)9515NurdjamanInvited Implementation of SATO UMI concept at Pond Aquaculture in Karawang, IndonesiaSusanna Nurdjaman, Tetsuo Yanagi and Suhendar I Sachoemaryes
S11 (MarWeb)9571Thierry ChopinInvited Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA): an environmentally, economically and societally responsible aquanomic approach to farming the sea with many variationsThierry Chopinyes
S11 (MarWeb)9517Mark FlahertyInvited Obtaining a social license for IMTA: Challenges and opportunities in British Columbia, CanadaMark S. Flahertyyes
S11 (MarWeb)9490Emmanuel A.SwekeOral Social-ecological studies towards integrated management of local fisheries in the North-Eastern Hokkaido, JapanEmmanuel A. Sweke, Rotaro Okazaki, Yumi Kobayashi, Mitsutaku Makino and Yasunori Sakuraiyes
S11 (MarWeb)9670Mark L. WellsOral The effect of multi-trophic aquaculture on nutrient loading in fish and shrimp ponds, Karawang IndonesiaMark L. Wells Mitsutaku Makino Suhendar Sachoemar Masahito Hirotayes
S11 (MarWeb)9725Konstantin A. DrozdovPosterREP-1Accumulation of lactate in the coelomic fluid of sea urchins under stress suggests the switching-on of anaerobic glycolysis Konstantin A. Drozdov, Anatoliy L. Drozdov, Lidia T. Kovekovdova yes
S11 (MarWeb)9620B. A. Venmathi Maran Withdrawalposter onlParasites of marine fishes and climate change: implications for Korean aquacultureB. A. Venmathi Maran and Jung-Goo Myoung yes, did not show yes
S11 (MarWeb)9454Ratu Siti AliahWithdrawal SATO UMI and salin tilapia development in IndonesiaRatu Siti Aliah1, Nenie Yustinigsih1, Suhendar I Sachoemar1, Tetsuo Yanagi2 and Sehat Sujarwo3no, cancel talk yes
BIO-Paper9636Jung Yeon KimOral Age determination and growth rate of Mactra chinensis (Bivalvia, Mactridae) by external rings and chondrophore growth bands Jung-Yeon Kim*, Ho Jin Bae, Chul-Woong Ohyes
BIO-Paper9487Hongjun LiOral Comprehensive transcriptome study to develop the molecular resources of the copepod (Calanus sinicus) for their potential ecological applicationsHongjun Li, Qing Yangyes
BIO-Paper9586Eun-Ju ParkOralREP-4Determination of nanomolar concentration phosphate in seawater using a long-path liquid waveguide capillary cell (LWCC)Eun-Ju Park, Dong-Jin Kang, Sung-Rok Cho, Tae-Keun Rho and Eun-Soo Kimyes, change to oral
BIO-Paper9444Oksana G. MikhailovaOral Effects of water temperature on distribution and life cycle of northern shrimp at the southwest coast of Kamchatka.Oksana G. Mikhailovayes
BIO-Paper9560Tsutomu TamuraOral Estimation of prey consumption by sei, Bryde’s, common minke and sperm whales in the western North Pacific taking into account uncertaintiesTsutomu Tamura, Kenji Konishi, Koji Matsuoka and Takashi Hakamadayes
BIO-Paper9663Kirill KivvaOral New approach for primary productivity assessment in the Bering SeaKirill Kivvayes
BIO-Paper9639Jaeyong BaeOral Population structure and life history of Neomysis awatschensis (Crustacea:Mysidae) in Jeju Island, KoreaJaeyong Bae, Wongyu Parkyes
BIO-Paper9449Sonia BattenOral Pseudo-nitzschia diversity in the North Pacific from Continuous Plankton Recorder surveysRowena Stern1, Vera Trainer2, Stephanie Moore2 and Sonia Batten3, yes
BIO-Paper9545Yoshiyuki AbeOral Responses in macrozooplankton population to water mass exchange and the spring phytoplankton bloom in the Oyashio regionYoshiyuki Abe, Atsushi Yamaguchi, Yuichiro Yamada, Kohei Matsuno, Rui Saito, Hiromichi Ueno, Kosei Komatsu, Takashi Setou, Manabu Shimizu and Ichiro Imaiyes
BIO-Paper9539Cho-Rong MoonPoster A method for simultaneous determination of chlorophylls and pheopigments using spectrofluorometerCho-Rong Moon, Dong-Jin Kang, Sung-Hyun Kahng, Eun-Soo Kimyes, change to poster
BIO-Paper9775Naoki YoshiePoster Abrupt change in phytoplankton community in the Kuroshio region of the East China Sea associated with the Kuroshio frontal eddyNaoki Yoshie, Kohei Sakamoto, Miwa Nakagawa, Eisuke Tsutsumi and Xinyu Guoyes
BIO-Paper9526Ji-Hyun LeePoster Comparison of benthic community structure and installed area on two artificial reef typesJi-Hyun Lee, Wan Ki Kim, Yong Soo Son and Chae-Sung Lee 
BIO-Paper9579Kaoru HattoriPosterREP-1Decadal change of spatial distribution of Steller sea lions around Ishikari-Bay, Sea of JapanKaoru Hattori, Akihiko Wada and Orio Yamamurayes
BIO-Paper9619Haurka NishikawaPoster Detecting the phytoplankton non-uniform distribution around the warm core ringsHaruka Nishikawa, Yumi Yamashita, Yoshikazu Sasai and Hideharu Sasakiyes
BIO-Paper9633Hyun Jin YoonPoster Diet of chaetognaths Sagitta nagae, S. crassa in Yellow sea inferred from gut content and signature fatty acid analysesHyun Jin Yoon1,2, Ah-Ra Ko2, Joong Ki Choi1 and Se-Jong Ju2*yes
BIO-Paper9628Ah-Ra KoPoster Evaluation of incubation volume effect on in-situ Euphausia pacifica grazing rates on natural food assemblagesAh-Ra Ko1, Se-Jong Ju1,2*, Eun-Jin Yang3, and Tracy Shaw Caroline4yes
BIO-Paper9653Sanae ChibaPoster Exploring the variability and role of functional diversity on copepod communities of the western subarctic North PacificCarmen García-Comas, Sanae Chiba, Hiroya Sugisaki, Taketo Hashioka and S. Lan Smith no, by Sanae Chiba
BIO-Paper9801Bome SongPoster Grazing pressure of the size-fractionated copepod community on phytoplankton and protozoan preys at a fixed station, southeastern coast of KoreaBome Song, Hyung-Ku Kang, Woo Yul Yi and Joong Ki Choi 
BIO-Paper9659Nam-Il, WonPosterREP-3How water resources management can impact on coastal ecosystem : implications from watersheds connected to coastal baysNam-Il Wonyes
BIO-Paper9635Wen-tseng LoPoster Monsoon-driven hydrographic features affect thaliacean distribution in the Taiwanese waters, western North Pacific OceanWen-tseng Lo, Zhen-heng Liao, Hung-yen Hsiehyes
BIO-Paper9603Lukyanova on behalf of Vasiliy Yu. TsygankovPoster Persistent organic contaminants in tissue and organs of fulmar Fulmarus Glacialis from the coast of Eastern Kamchatka and the Kuril IslandsVasiliy Yu. Tsygankov, Margarita D. Boyarova and Olga N. Lukyanovano, by Lukyanova
BIO-Paper9684Tomoko M. YoshikiPoster Phenology of calanoid copepod: Calanus pacificus associated with sea surface temperature in the western subarctic North PacificTomoko M. Yoshiki, Sanae Chiba, Tadafumi Ichikawa, Hiroya Sugisaki and Sonia Battenyes
BIO-Paper9792Andrew TritesPoster Top predators partition the Bering Sea Trites, A.W. , B. Battaile, K.J. Benoit-Bird, A. Harding, S. Heppell, B. Hoover, D. Irons, N. Jones, K. Kuletz, C. Nordstrom, R. Paredes, and D. Roby 
BIO-Paper9629Ah-Ra KoPoster Tracking seasonal dietary shift of Euphausia pacifica in the Yellow Sea using stomach contents and lipid biomarkersAh-Ra Ko1, Se-Jong Ju1,2* and Hye Seon Kim3yes
BIO-Paper9607Natalia ShlykWithdrawalREP-2Freshening affects aggregations of zooplankton in the Sea of OkhotskNatalia Shlyk and Konstantin Rogachev no, cancel poster yes
FIS-Paper9674John C. FieldOral A spatially explicit account of California fisheries as ecosystem services. John C. Field, Rebecca R. Miller, Jarrod Santora, Rosemary Kosaka and Cindy Thomsonyes
FIS-Paper9481Sukgeun JungOral Comparison of anchovy biomass estimates measured by trawls, egg production methods and hydro-acoustics in the Chesapeake Bay and the Korea Strait Sukgeun Jung and Edward D. Houdeyes
FIS-Paper9508Chiyuki SassaOral Interannual variations in abundance and distribution of Japanese jack mackerel Trachurus japonicus larvae in the shelf-break region of the East China Sea during late winter and springChiyuki Sassa, Motomitsu Takahashi, Yoshinobu Konishi and Youichi Tsukamotoyes
FIS-Paper9513Oleg BulatovOral Pollock fishery and stock assessment Oleg Bulatovyes
FIS-Paper9584Elizabeth LogerwellOral Shelf Habitat and EcoLogy of Fish and Zoolplankton (SHELFZ) of the Chukchi Sea 2013Elizabeth Logerwell, Kimberly Rand, Leandra de Sousa, Alexi Pinchuk, Sandra Parker-Stetter, John Horne, Johanna Vollenweider and Ron Heinzyes
FIS-Paper9534Masahide KaeriyamaOral Spatial-temporal variation in feeding pattern and trophic position of Pacific salmon in the North Pacific OceanYuxue Qin and Masahide Kaeriyamayes
FIS-Paper9451Gordon H. KruseOral Spatiotemporal variation of benthic communities associated with weathervane scallop (Patinopecten caurinus) beds off AlaskaJessica R. Glass and Gordon H. Kruseyes
FIS-Paper9565Franz J. MueterOral Toothed whale interactions with longline fisheries in Alaska and economic implicationsMegan J. Peterson, Franz J. Mueter, Courtney Carothers, Keith R. Criddle, Alan C. Haynieyes
FIS-Paper9652Hwa Hyun LeeOral Vertical distribution of Common squid (Todarodes pacificus) paralarvae in the northern East China SeaHwa Hyun Lee, Suam Kim, and Chul Parkyes
FIS-Paper9594Jennifer BoldtPoster Pelagic ecosystem monitoring in British Columbia, CanadaJ.L. Boldt, S. Gauthier, H. Kreiberg, et al. – please see abstract for complete listyes
FIS-Paper9720Sang-Seon YunPosterREP-1Short term exposure of migratory coho salmon Oncorhynchus kisutch to increased CO2 concentrations impairs olfactory sensitivity to homing cues Junho Eom, Nolan Bett, Wes Didier, David Close, and Sang-Seon Yunyes, presented poster
FIS-Paper9522Ruizhang GuanWithdrawal How to protect and reasonably exploit the resource of elvers of Anguilla Spp. for AquacultureRuizhang Guanno, cancel talk yes
MEQ-Paper9530John N. SmithOral Arrival of Fukushima radioactivity in North American continental watersJohn N. Smith, Robin M. Brown, Marie Robert, William J. Williams, and Richard Nelsonyes
MEQ-Paper9544Andrew Jin Yi LohOral Comparison of oil exposure methods to filter feeding bivalve.Andrew Jin Yi Loh, Un Hyuk Yim, Sung Yong Ha, Joon Geon An, and Won Joon Shimyes
MEQ-Paper9694John ElliottOral Legacy POPs: are they finally fading from marine foodchains?John E. Elliott1, Aroha Miller, Kyle H. Elliott, Melanie F. Guigueno, Sandi Lee yes
MEQ-Paper9492Olga LukyanovaOral POPs biotransport by Pacific salmon to the Russian coast of the Northwestern PacificOlga Lukyanova1,2, Vasiliy Tsygankov2, Margarita Boyarova2 and Nadezhda Khrisoforova2yes
MEQ-Paper9437Tatyana BelanPoster Assessment of Marine Environment Quality of the Areas of the Peter the Great Bay (the Sea of Japan)Tatyana A. Belan, Alexander V. Moshchenko, Boris M. Borisov, Tatyana S. Lishavskaya and Alexander V. Sevastianov yes
MEQ-Paper9611Ravi ShankarPoster Effects of solvents on the photooxidation of phenanthrene and identification of its photoproductsRavi Shankar, Un Hyuk Yim, Song Yong Ha, Joon Geon An and Won Joon Shimyes
MEQ-Paper9440Eugene KarasevPoster Impact of the Japanese nuclear power plant "Fukushima- 1" accident to the marine environment of the Far Eastern seas.Eugene V. Karasev, Emiliya L. Chaikovskaya and Tatiana S. Lishavskayano, by Karasev
MEQ-Paper9570Gi Myung HanPoster Integrative assessment of sediment contamination by toxic organic contaminants in an enclosed bay in South KoreaGi Myung Han, Sang Hee Hong*, Won Joon Shim, Sung Yong Ha, Nam Sook Kim, Joon Geon An, Un Hyuk Yimyes
MEQ-Paper9555Galina S. BorisenkoPoster Investigation of content of artificial radionuclides in the commercial crustacea in the North West part of the Japan Sea Galina S. Borisenko, Yuriy G. Blinov no, by Lukyanova
MEQ-Paper9566Mikhail SimokonPoster Monitoring of mercury in the Russian Far Eastern SeasMikhail V. Simokon, Irina S. Kasyanenkono, by Lukyanova
MEQ-Paper9458Lidia KovekovdovaPoster Study of toxic elements in seaweed Undaria pinnatifida, Laminaria saccharina, Cystoseira barbata, Costaria costata from the Peter Great Bay (Japan Sea)Lidia T. Kovekovdova, Denis P. Kiku and Irina S. Kasyanenkono, by?
MEQ-Paper9615Suk Hyun KimWithdrawal Accumulation of 239+240Pu and 210Po in the marine biota around Korean PeninsulaSuk Hyun Kim, Gi Hoon Hong, Hyun Mi Lee, Young Il Kim, Hee Young Park and Bo Eun Choyes, did not show yes
MEQ-Paper9556Jinqiu DuWithdrawal Assessment on marine environmental impact from artificial radionuclides in the coastal waters of Liaodong BayJinqiu Du, Hui Gao, Guangshui Na, Ziwei Yao and Chuanlin Huono, cancel oral yes
MEQ-Paper9288Md. Nazrul IslamWithdrawal Numerical modeling on the effects of pollutants on ecosystem of Kamaishi Bay (Japan) by using MEC modelMd. Nazrul Islam and Daisuke Kitazawayes, did not show yes
MEQ-Paper9520He WuWithdrawal Preliminary analysis of measured dose rate in the North Pacific OceanHe Wu, Hongzhi Li, Min Du, Song Zhang and Jie Dingno, cancel oral yes
MEQ-Paper9610Natalia ShlykWithdrawal The Accident Fukushima’s radionuclides in the Japan Sea, Okhotsk Sea and the Western North Pacific in June and July 2012Vladimir Goryachev, Vycheslav Lobanov, Alexander Sergeev, Natalia Shlyk, Sergey Prants, Maxim Budyansky and Mikhail Uleysky no, cancel oral yes
MEQ-Paper9464Andrey ChernyaevWithdrawal The pollution of coastal waters of the Possyet bay (the Peter the Great bay, Japan/East sea)Ludmila Nigmatulina, Andrey Chernyaev did not show yes
MEQ-Paper9540Wu MENWithdrawal The variation of the radioactive pollution from the Fukushima nuclear accident in the Northwest Pacific during 2011-2013Wu MEN, Yusheng ZHANG, Jianhua HE, Wen YU, Fenfen WANG, Wuhui LINno, cancel talk yes
POC-Paper9516Charles HannahOral An Overview of the Oceanographic Component of the World Class Tanker Safety Initiative Charles Hannah, Patrick Cummins, Mike Foreman, Diane Masson, Pramod Thupaki, Svein Vagle, Di Wanyes
POC-Paper9675Vyacheslav LobanovOral Cascading of Dense Water along Peter the Great Bay Slope in the northwestern Japan SeaVyacheslav Lobanov, Aleksandr Sergeev, Igor Gorin, Pavel Scherbinin, Aleksandr Voronin, Dmitry Kaplunenko, Oleg Popov, Timofei Gulenko and Svetlana Ladychenkoyes
POC-Paper9448Michael JacoxOral Climate variability and the 3-dimensional structure of coastal upwellingMichael G. Jacox, Andrew M. Moore, Christopher A. Edwards and Jerome Fiechteryes
POC-Paper9656Zhongyong GaoOral Decadal changes of pCO2 and ocean acidification in the Western Arctic OceanZhongyong Gao, Liqi Chen, Heng Sun, Zhenglin Xiao, Di Qiyes
POC-Paper9707Elena I. UstinovaOral Features of climatic variability in the Tatar Strait (Japan/East Sea) Elena I. Ustinova and Yury D. Sorokin yes
POC-Paper9703Jin-Wook LimOral Improving Algorithm of Aquarius/SAC-D SSS using in-situ salinity in the East SeaJin-Wook Lim, Sang-Woo Kim , Chung-Il Leeyes
POC-Paper9427Evgeniya MaryinaOral Investigation of wave processes on the eastern shelf of Sakhalin Island under the influence of tidal waves (Sea of Okhotsk)Evgeniya Maryina and Margarita Grishinayes
POC-Paper9658Young-Gyu ParkOral Long term warming trend of sea surface temperature in the South China SeaA-Ra Choi, Young-Gyu Park and Jae-Hun Park yes
POC-Paper9521Olga TrusenkovaOral Modeling of deep currents in the Japan/East SeaOlga Trusenkovayes
POC-Paper9501Naoki FuruichiOral Observations of turbulence in the summer East China SeaNaoki Furuichi, Hironori Higashi, Hiroshi Koshikawa, Toru Hasegawa, Kou Nishiuchi and Haruya Yamadayes
POC-Paper9457Vadim V. NavrotskyOral On physical and biological conjunction and disjunction between coastal and open sea watersVadim Navrotsky, Valeriy Liapidevskii, Vyacheslav Lobaanov, Elena Pavlova and Fedor Khrapchenkov yes
POC-Paper9554Seongbong SeoOral Properties of internal tides and vertical mixing observed on the continental slope of the southwestern East SeaSeongbong Seo, Young-Gyu Park, Jae-Hun Park, Chang-Soo Hong, Dong Guk Kim and Jae-Hak Leeyes
POC-Paper9524Chanhyung JeonOral Sea surface height variability from satellite altimetry and pressure-recording inverted echo sounders in the North Equatorial Current regionChanhyung Jeon, Jae-Hun Park, Dong Guk Kim, Eung Kim, Dongchull Jeon, and D. Randolph Wattsyes
POC-Paper9618Hee-Yeol LeeOral Second-mode semi-diurnal internal tides on the continental slope of the southwestern East/Japan SeaHee-Yeol Lee, Jae-Hun Park, Chanhyung Jeon, Seongbong Seo, Young-Gyu Park, and Sung-Dae Kim yes
POC-Paper9442Michael ForemanOral Simulating water-borne disease transmission among salmon farms in the Discovery Islands, CanadaMichael Foreman, Kyle Garver, Dario Stucchi, Ming Guo, Peter Chandler, John Morrison, and Darren Tueleyes
POC-Paper9578Viktor KuzinOral Simulation of river runoff in Eastern Siberia and the propagation of this river water in the ArcticViktor Kuzin, Gennady Platov, Elena Golubeva and Natalya Laptevayes
POC-Paper9673Jae-Hun ParkOral Variability of the flow through the Kerama Gap between the East China Sea and the Northwestern Pacific induced by mesoscale eddy activitiesHanna Na, Jae-Hun Park, Mark Wimbush, Hirohiko Nakamura, Ayako Nishina, and Xiao-Hua Zhuyes
POC-Paper9460Yeon S. ChangOral Vertical motions of fluid particles near mesoscale ocean eddies and the effect of submesoscales Yeon S. Chang, Young-Gyu Parkyes
POC-Paper9795Toshio SugaOral Western North Pacific Integrated Physical-Biogeochemical Ocean Observation Experiment: Summary of the intensive observation around the biogeochemical mooring S1 (S1-INBOX)Toshio Suga, Ryuichiro Inoue, Shinya Kouketsu, Shigeki Hosoda, Taiyo Kobayashi, Kanako Sato, Hiroyuki Nakajima, Makio Honda, Tetsuichi Fujiki, Kazuhiko Matsumoto, Takeshi Kawano and Toshiro Sainoyes
POC-Paper9706Elena I. UstinovaPoster Changes of seasonal air temperatures and precipitation in the Far North-East of Russia. J. V. Stochkute, Vasilevskaya, by Ustinova
POC-Paper9788Nico CaltabianoPoster Coordinated international activities on the climate study of ocean-atmosphere interactionsNico Caltabiano and Valery Detemmermanyes
POC-Paper9794Lixin, WeiPoster Cyclone statistics in northwest Pacific and relationships with climate factors Lixin, Wei, Ting Qin, Bin Cheng and Timo Vihmayes
POC-Paper9601Hiromichi UenoPoster Distribution and seasonal variation of halocline in the world oceanHiromichi Ueno, Katsura Yasuiyes
POC-Paper9662Kirill KivvaPoster Hydrological factors in Prostor Bay (Iturup Island, the Sea of Okhotsk) influencing Pacific Salmons at early marine life stageKirill Kivva and Sergey Lapin?fin sup
POC-Paper9638Vincent FaurePoster Observation of an anticyclonic warm core eddy east of JapanVincent Faure, Ryuichiro Inoue, Shinya Kouketsu, Toshio Suga, Shigeki Hosoda and Kanako Satoyes
POC-Paper9724Licheng FengPoster Processes leading to the second-year cooling of the 2010-12 La Niña event, diagnosed from GODASLicheng Feng, Rong-Hua Zhang, Zhanggui Wang and Xingrong Chenyes, keep poster
POC-Paper9591Hiroshi KurodaPoster Properties of altimetry-derived transport of the Oyashio on A-line, off the southeastern coast of Hokkaido, JapanHiroshi Kuroda, Taku Wagawa, Yugo Shimizu, Shin-ichi Ito, Shigeho Kakehi, Takeshi Okunishi, Sosuke Ohno, Akira Kusakayes
POC-Paper9697Elena I. Ustinova Poster Recent climatic tendencies over the Kamchatka Peninsula and adjacent waters Lubov N. Vasilevskaya, Olga A.Shkaberda and Elena I. Ustinova yes
POC-Paper9582Sachihiko ItohPoster Regeneration of a warm anticyclonic ring by cold water masses within the western subarctic gyre of the North PacificSachihiko Itoh, Ichiro Yasuda, Hiromichi Ueno, Toshio Suga, and Shigeho Kakehiyes
POC-Paper9702Chan Joo JangPoster Summer surface salinity variability in the Yellow and East China Seas: ENSO effectsChan Joo Jang, and Taewook Parkyes
POC-Paper9643Hee Dong JeongPoster Variation of Sea Surface Salinity in the Southwestern coast of the East Sea since the 1st half of 20CHee Dong Jeong, Sang Woo Kim, Jin Wook Lim, Yong Kyu Choi, Jeong Min Shim, Kee Young Kwon and Yong Hwa Leeyes
POC-Paper9627Chang-Woong ShinPoster Vertical structure of current velocity measured by a lowered acoustic Doppler current profiler in the southwestern part of the East Sea in July 2005Chang-Woong Shin and Dong Guk Kimyes
POC-Paper9455Sang-Wook YehWithdrawal Modulation of Aleutian low pressure system due to aerosol-climate interactions during the boreal winter Sang-Wook Yeh and Ji-Hyeon Sono, cancel yes
POC-Paper9537Rong-shuo CAIWithdrawal Variation of land-sea thermal difference in eastern China and its climate effectsRong-shuo CAI, Hong-guang WANG, Qing-hua QI, Hong-jian TANno, cancel talk yes
W1 (FIS)9753Patrick LehodeyInvited An ecosystem and optimisation framework for fish population dynamics assessment under the influence of fishing and climatePatrick Lehodey, Inna Senina, Anne-Cecile Dragon, Anna Conchon, Olivier Titaud, John Hampton, Simon Nicol, Teja Arief Wibawa, Beatriz Calmettes, John Sibert, Hidetada Kyiofuji, Mélanie Abécassis, Olga Hernandez and Philippe Gasparyes
W1 (FIS)9782Francisco E. WernerOral A review of CLIOTOP and related research programs in the North PacificFrancisco E. Werneryes
W1 (FIS)9705Joon Taek YooOral Abundance and growth of larval Pacific anchovy in different water masses and relationship between its growth and sea temperature in the southern waters of KoreaJoon-Taek Yoo and Su-Kyung Kimyes
W1 (FIS)9793Enrique CurchitserOral Modeling the Pacific Ocean: present capabilities and challenges for the next decade in relation to pelagic ecosystemsEnrique Curchitseryes
W1 (FIS)9762Steven L. H. TeoOral Oceanographic influences on albacore distribution in the Northeast Pacific: importance of open ocean and coastal frontal zonesSteven L. H. Teo, Yi Xu, Karen Nieto, Sam McClatchie, and John Holmesyes
W1 (FIS)9472C. Anela ChoyOral Projected responses of the central North Pacific pelagic ecosystem to climate-induced changes in micronekton communitiesC. Anela Choy, Phoebe Woodworth-Jefcoats and Jeffrey J. Polovinano, cancel oral
W1 (FIS)9467Daisuke HasegawaOral Prominent Meanders of the Subtropical Counter Current and Pelagic Fish CatchDaisuke Hasegawa, Satoshi Mitarai and Koichi Hirateyes
W1 (FIS)9784Suam KimOral Review of PICES/FUTURE and relation to ISCSuam Kimyes
W1 (FIS)9700Eunjung KimOral Simulation study on the distribution of skipjack tuna in relation to Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) during ENSOEunjung Kim and John R. Sibertyes
W1 (FIS)9786Gerard T. DiNardoOral The International Scientific Committee for Tuna and Tuna-like Species in the North Pacific OceanGerard T. DiNardoyes
W1 (FIS)9686Ari ShinOral The relationship between ecological characteristics of Pacific bluefin tuna (Thunnus orientalis) fisheries and environmental factors around Jeju Island A. Shin, S.-C. Yoon, S. Kimyes
W2 (FIS)9710Katherine W. MyersInvited Pacific salmon and steelhead: life in a changing winter oceanKatherine W. Myers, James R. Irvine, Elizabeth A. Logerwell, Shigehiko Urawa, Svetlana V. Naydenko, Alexander V. Zavolokin, and Nancy D. Davisyes
W2 (FIS)9495Hiromichi UenoInvited Temporal and spatial variation in the growth factors of the Pacific SalmonHiromichi Ueno, Moeko Otani, Maki Noguchi Aita, Michio J. Kishi, and Masahide Kaeriyamayes
W2 (FIS)9599Shigehiko UrawaOral Distribution and trophic conditions of chum and pink salmon in the North Pacific Ocean during winter under climate changeShigehiko Urawa, Toshiki Kaga, Tomonori Azumaya, Shunpei Sato, Masa-aki Fukuwaka and Terry Beachamyes
W2 (FIS)9529Sonia BattenOral Distribution of Pacific salmon in the North Pacific Ocean & adjacent aeas, with particular emphasis on winterDavid W. Welch, Yukimasa Ishida, Kazuya Nagasawa, and Sonia D. Battenno, by Sonia Batten
W2 (FIS)9616Shoshiro MinobeOral Do physical environmental variations influence on winter salmon habitat?Shoshiro Minobeyes
W2 (FIS)9583Edward FarleyOral Impact of climate variability and change on winter survival of Bristol Bay sockeye salmonEdward Farley, Greg Ruggerone, Ellen Yasumiishi, and Beverly Aglerno, by Ph. Mundy
W2 (FIS)9439Marc TrudelOral Is winter a critical period for Pacific salmon? A critical review of the “critical-period” hypothesis.Marc Trudel and Jim Irvine?approval
W2 (FIS)9496Svetlana Naydenko Oral Russian researches of winter dwelling of the pacific salmon in the central and western parts of the Subarctic Front zoneNaydenko, by Zavolokin
W2 (FIS)9543Alexander V. ZavolokinOral Winter mortality of Okhotsk Sea pink salmon in the oceanAlexander V. Zavolokin and Elena V. Strezhnevayes
W2 (FIS)9692Hyunju SeoWithdrawalREP-1Long-term changes in the environmental variability and population dynamics of chum salmon at the southern limit of distribution in AsiaHyunju Seo, Suam Kim and Sukyung Kangno, cancel poster yes
W3 (MEQ)9778David M. KidwellInvited Can harmful algal bloom mitigation make the problem worse? Complying with United States environmental laws to advance HAB control and mitigation researchDavid M. Kidwell and Susan Bakeryes
W3 (MEQ)9679Ichiro ImaiOral Biocontrol of harmful flagellate biomass blooms by utilization of harmless diatoms through germination of resting stage cells in coastal seaIchiro Imai, Yumi Imai, Takuma Toda, Kazuyoshi Miyamura, Makoto Noda, Ken-Ichiro Ishii and Takashi Nakanishiyes
W3 (MEQ)9538Kyung Ha LeeOral Feeding by the heterotrophic protists on the red-tide ciliate Mesodinium rubrumKyung Ha Lee, Hae Jin Jeong, Eun Young Yoon, Se Hyeon Jang, Hyung Seop Kim and Wonho Yihyes
W3 (MEQ)9475Douding LuOral Heterosigma akshiwo blooms in stratified water of the East China SeaDouding Lu, Xinfeng Dai, Dongrong Li, Ping Xia, Weibing Guanyes
W3 (MEQ)9637An Suk LimOral Inhibition of swimming speed and growth of the harmful dinoflagellate Cochlodinium polykrikoides by diatoms: Implications for its red tideAn Suk Lim, Hae Jin Jeong, Tae Young Jang, Se Hyeon Jang and Peter JS Franksyes
W3 (MEQ)9617JinJoo KimOral Isolation and physiological characterization of a new algicidal virus infecting a harmful dinoflagellate Prorocentrum minimumJinJoo Kim, Chang-Hoon Kim, Young-Sang Suh and Tae-Jin Choiyes
W3 (MEQ)9597Natsuko NakayamaOral Prospect for the biological control of Heterocapsa circularisquama bloom by inoculating frozen bottom sediment with HcRNAV virusesNatsuko Nakayama, Shinichi Kondo, Naotsugu Hata, Yuji Tomaru, Masami Hamaguchi, Keizo Nagasaki and Shigeru Itakurayes
W3 (MEQ)9525Chang-Hoon KimOral Removal of aquaculture discharges responsible for HABs development by the polychaete-assisted integrated culture systemParandavar Hossein, Sung-Kyun Kim, Byung-Kwon Kim, Kyeong-Hun Kim and Chang-Hoon Kimyes
W3 (MEQ)9718Christopher J. GoblerWithdrawal Choose wisely: The importance of finding the right mitigation strategy for different HABs and different coastal resourcesChristopher J. Goblerno, cancel invited yes
W3 (MEQ)9523Chunjiang GuanWithdrawal Gymnodinium algae blooms impact on the recovery of the Eriocheir sinensis resourceChunjiang Guan, Hao Guo , Xiaodong Li and Xiaoxu Liu no, cancel poster yes
W3 (MEQ)9287Md. Nazrul IslamWithdrawal Numerical simulation on harmful algae blooms and toxin production performance in a eutrophic Lake, JapanMd. Nazrul Islam, Daisuke Kitazawa and Ho-Dong Park yes, did not show yes
W3 (MEQ)9533Renyan LiuWithdrawal The newly toxic microalgae and phycotoxins in Yellow Sea of ChinaNing Wei,Lei Liu, Renyan Liu,Yubo Liangno, cancel talk yes
W3 (MEQ)9527Chang-Hoon KimWithdrawal The recurrent and localized blooms of harmful dinoflagellate Cochlodinium polykrikoides in the southeast coastal waters of Korea Roksana Jahan, Min-Jeong Ko, Chang-Hoon Kimyes, did not show yes
W4 (MONITOR)9550Holger BrixInvited COSYNA, the Coastal Observing System for Northern and Arctic Seas – a regional, European perspective and the global coastHolger Brix and Burkard Baschekyes
W4 (MONITOR)9660S. Kim JuniperOral Cabled ocean observatories as tools for studying biodiversity changeS. Kim Juniper and Fabio De Leoyes
W4 (MONITOR)9488YamazakiOral Joint Environmental Data Integration System: JEDI System[Hidekatsu Yamazaki, Scott Gallager, Hayato Kondo, Kunihisa Yamaguchi]yes
W4 (MONITOR)9432Mary M. GrossmannOral OIST Ocean Cube, a new coastal cabled observatory in Okinawa, Japan.Mary M. Grossmann, Satoshi Mitarai and Scott M. Gallageryes
W4 (MONITOR)9614John A. BarthOral Ten-year retrospective of the Northwest Association of Networked Ocean Observing Systems (NANOOS) Jan A. Newton, John A. Barth, David L. Martin, Michael P. Kosro, Jonathan Allan, Emilio Mayorga and many NANOOS Colleaguesyes
W4 (MONITOR)9749Jae Hak LeeOral The status of ocean monitoring in KoreaJae Hak Lee 
W4 (MONITOR)9613John A. BarthOral Using autonomous underwater gliders to observe continental margins and oceanic boundary currentsJohn A. Barthyes
W4 (MONITOR)9676Vyacheslav LobanovPoster NEAR-GOOS Cross-Basin Climate Monitoring Section: first results of a pilot projectVyacheslav Lobanov1, Sho Hibino2, Dmitriy Kaplunenko1, Aleksandr Lazaryuk1, Toshiya Nakano2, Satoshi Ogawa2 and Pavel Tishchenko1yes
W4 (MONITOR)9667William T PetersonWithdrawal Networking ocean observations around the North Pacific: why zooplankton and fisheries biologists need real-time indices of advection in the northern California CurrentWilliam Peterson, Jay Peterson and Jennifer Fisher no, cancel talk yes
TCODE E-Poster9446Kourosh Haddadi MoghaddamWithdrawal Climate change of biogenic substance and bioproductivity of water in the northern part of the Caspian SeaKourosh Haddadi Moghaddamno, cancel paper yes
GP9759Alex KozyrE-poster CDIAC Data Management Support for Ocean Carbon Dioxide MeasurementsAlex Kozyr and Robert Keyyes
GP9642Robert BlasiakPoster Balloon effects in marine capture fisheriesRobert Blasiak and Nobuyuki Yagiyes
GP9708Hokuto ShirakawaPoster Construction of advanced biologging system to implement high data-recovery rate - a challenging study to clarify the dynamics of fish population and community- Kazushi Miyashita, Takashi Kitagawa, Yoshinori Miyamoto, Hiromichi Mitamura, Keiichi Uchida, Hokuto Shirakawa, Yu-ichi Tsuda, Junichi Okuyama and Nobuaki Araiyes
GP9777Sumiko HarasawaPoster Data processing for atmospheric and oceanic CO2 measurement by Voluntary Observing ShipSumiko Harasawa, Yukihiro Nojiri, Shinichiro Nakaoka and Chisato Wadayes
GP9497Chisato WadaPoster Data site of atmospheric and oceanic CO2 observation for the Ship-of–Opportunity program of NIESChisato Wada, Yukihiro Nojiri, Shin-ichiro Nakaoka, Sumiko Harasawa, Sayaka Yasunaka, Chihiro Miyazaki, Hiroshi Tanimoto, Hideki Nara, Fumiyoshi Kondo, Yasunori Tohjima, Yukio Terao, Toshinobu Machida, and Hitoshi Mukai yes
GP9551Kei SasakiPoster Did farmed Coho salmon that escaped by the earthquake and tsunami disaster of 2011 affect native salmon?Kei Sasaki, Tadahide Kurokawa, Hideki Nikaido, Daisuke Muraoka, Yoshiro Okada and Toyomitsu Horii yes
GP9541Jiye ZengPoster Modeling surface ocean CO2 variations by a feed-forward neural network: 1990-2011Jiye Zeng, Yukihiro Nojiri and Shinichiro Nakaokayes
GP9498Su Min KimPoster Monthly variations in proximate composition of Japanese jack mackerel (Trachurus japonicus) in the South Sea of KoreaSu Min Kim, Heeyong Kim, Sang Heon Leeyes
GP9644Zhun LIPoster New insights on the life cycle stages of the ichthyotoxic dinoflagellate Cochlodinium polykrikoides MargalefZhun LI,Myung-Soo Han,Seung Won Jung and Hyeon Ho Shinyes
GP9535Yuxue QinPoster New method for making the decision of trophic position of Pacific salmon based on both stomach contents survey and stable isotope analysisYuxue Qin and Masahide Kaeriyama 
GP9797Matthew R. BakerPoster North Pacific Research Board investment in integrated ecosystem research - the ArcticMatthew R. Bakeryes
GP9798Matthew R. BakerPoster North Pacific Research Board investments in long-term monitoring in Alaska marine systemsMatthew R. Bakeryes
GP9645Shin-ichiro NakaokaPoster Ocean surface pCO2 and air-sea CO2 flux distributions in the Pacific Ocean from 1998 to 2009Shin-ichiro Nakaoka, Yukihiro Nojiri, Sayaka Yasunaka, Tsuneo Ono, Jiye Zeng and Maciej Telszewskiyes
GP9632Toyomitsu HoriiPoster Status of abalone resources before and after the Great East Japan Earthquake along the coast of northeastern JapanToyomitsu Horii, Toshiaki Ohmura and Hideki Takamiyes
GP9605Makoto TomiyasuPoster Swimming types selectivity of ribbonfish revealed by acceleration data-loggerMakoto Tomiyasu, Takashi Hamada, Taro Hirose, Michio Ogawa, Yoko Mitani, and Kazushi Miyashitayes
GP9512Georgiy MoiseenkoPoster The comparison of the remote sensing reflectance empirical orthogonal functions for the Russian Far Eastern SeasGeorgiy Moiseenko, Igor Shevchenko and Vadim Burago yes
GP9474Andrew Jin Yi LohWithdrawal Comparison of various exposure test method for oilAndrew Jin Yi Loh, Un Hyuk Yim, Sung Yong Ha, Joon Geon An, and Won Joon Shimyes, did not show yes
GP9418Anglu ShenWithdrawal Competition between the bloom-forming dinoflagellates Prorocentrum donghaiense and Karenia mikimotoi under phosphorus limitation and at different temperatures Anglu Shen, Guangpeng Liu, Daoji Lino, last minute cancellation yes
GP9502Kirill I. АksentovWithdrawal Determination events paleotyphoons based high-resolution geochemical indicators in shelf sedimentsKirill I. Аksentov, Anatoly S. Аstakhov, Andrey V. Darin, Ivan A. Kalugindid not confirm, withdraw poster yes
GP9453Ilia B. ShakhovskoyWithdrawal Features of distribution in the World Ocean of some flying fishes of the genera Exocoetus, Hirundichthys and Cypselurus.Ilia B. Shakhovskoyno, last minute cancellation yes
GP9704Keun Bae LeeWithdrawal Fecundity of Archaeomysis vulgaris in Hakampo beach on the west coast of KoreaKeun Bae Lee, Hyoung Sum Han, Chae Woo Mayes, did not show yes
GP9429Michael Adedotun OkeWithdrawal Overview of Nigerians oceans usageMichael Adedotun Okedid not confirm, withdraw poster yes
HAB Section Meeting9473Tatiana OrlovaOral Harmful algal blooms on the Russian east coast and its possible economic impactsTatiana Orlova, Tatiana Morozova, Polina Kameneva and Olga Schevchenkoyes
HAB Section Meeting9289Md. Nazrul IslamOral Integrating numerical results with IMPACT model for mitigating harmful algae toxins in Japanese LakeMd. Nazrul islamyes

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