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    Important Dates
  • July 10, 2015
    Poster submission deadline

  • July 1, 2015
    Early registration fee deadline

    Financial support application deadline

  • August 15, 2015 [DONE July 30]
    Abstract acceptance notification

  • August 10, 2015
    Financial support grant notification

  • August 10, 2015
    Confirm your presentations and attendance
  • August TBA, 2015
    Confirm your financial support grant acceptance
  • September 29, 2015
    Last day of full Registration fee
    refund deadline
    email your requests

    PICES 2015 Annual Meeting
    Change and Sustainability of the North Pacific
    Oct. 14-25, Qingdao, China
    Financial Support
    Application Deadline:July 1, 2015
    [extended from June 20]
    Notification of Financial Support Grant: August 10 , 2015
    How to receive your financial support:
    All registrants who have been approved for financial support will receive it upon registration at the meeting.
    Your contact person will be Ms. Christina Chiu.
    Application criteria:
      1. We welcome applications by early career scientists (35 years of age or younger), and scientists from countries with 'economies in transition' for financial support to attend the symposium.
      2. The applicant must submit at least one abstract to the session/workshop of his/her choice.
      3. As funds are limited, priority will be given to eligible applicants requiring only partial support (e.g. airfare or hotel/allowance).
    Required documents:
      1. Short Curriculum Vitae
      2. Abstract
      3. Financial Support Application

    Steps to apply for financial support:

      1. Read above information about
    "Application criteria"
      2. Prepare short Curriculum Vitae
      3. Pre-register for the symposium through on-line system [see table to the right] - - >
      4. Submit an abstract through on-line system [see table to the right] - - >
      5. Confirmation email will be sent to you after abstract submission
      6. Submit your CV and Financial Support Application through on-line system [see table to the right] - - >
    On-line Registration and application procedure for Financial Support
    Follow steps 1-6* to
    Pre-register for the symposium;
    Submit an abstract;
    Submit Fin. Support Application form
    Follow steps 1-2, 6 to
    Check the Status of your financial support application (applied, granted, denied); update your CV or fin. sup. application
    1. Login
    2. Update your "Contact Information"and click "Update" button to open "Meetings" page
    3. In Section 1 of "Meetings" page tick the box(es) for the meeting(s) you want to pre-register, and click "Submit" button to open Section 2*
    4. In Section 2 of "Meetings" page click on "Submit an abstract" link to open "Submit an abstract" page and follow instructions to submit an abstract
    5. Information about successsful abstract submission should appear on the screen
    6. In Section 2 of "Meetings" page click on "on-line form " link to submit your CV and fill out on-line financial support form. Use the same link to update your CV and fin. sup. application.
    * Omit step 3 if you already have pre-registered
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