PICES 15th Annual Meeting
Boundary current ecosystems
October 13-22, 2006, Yokohama, Japan
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Scientific Program

The overall theme of the Annual Meeting is "Boundary current ecosystems". The Keynote Lecture at the Science Board Symposium will be given by Dr. Akihiko Yatsu (Hokkaido National Fisheries Research Institute), titled "Biological production, animal migration and ecosystem regime shifts in the Kuroshio and Oyashio Currents: Perspectives for sustainable use".

S1: Science Board Symposium (Oct. 16, ¾ day)
Boundary current ecosystems

Co-Convenors: Harold Batchelder (CCCC), Kuh Kim (SB), Michael J. Dagg (BIO), Gordon H. Kruse (FIS), John E. Stein (MEQ), Michael G. Foreman (POC), Suam Kim (CCCC), Jeffrey M. Napp (MONITOR), Igor I. Shevchenko (TCODE), Fangli Qiao (China) and Yukimasa Ishida (Japan)

Email your questions to Session 1 convenors.

S2: BIO/FIS Topic Session (Oct. 20, 1 day)
The human dimension of jellyfish blooms

Co-Convenors: Richard D. Brodeur (U.S.A.), Juahua Cheng (China), Hiroshi Iizumi (Japan) and Won Duk Yoon (Korea)

Email your questions to Session 2 convenors.

S3: BIO Topic Session (Oct. 19, 1 day)
Co-sponsored by IMBER (Integrated Marine Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Research)
Interactions between biogeochemical cycles and marine food webs in the North Pacific

Co-Convenors: Angelica Peña (Canada), Hiroaki Saito (Japan/IMBER) and Sinjae Yoo (Korea)

Email your questions to Session 3 convenors.

S4: BIO Topic Session (Oct. 17, 1 day)
Synthesis of in situ iron enrichment experiments in the eastern and western subarctic Pacific

Co-convenors: Maurice Levasseur (Canada), Shigenobu Takeda and Atsushi Tsuda (Japan)

Email your questions to Session 4 convenors.

S5: BIO Topic Session (Oct. 18, ¾ day)
Advances in epi- and meso-pelagic ecosystem research

Co-Convenors: Alexei M. Orlov (Russia), Evgeny A. Pakhomov (Canada) and Orio Yamamura (Japan)

Email your questions to Session 5 convenors.

S6: CCCC/MODEL Topic Session (Oct. 17, ½ day)
Modeling and historical data analysis of pelagic fish, with special focus on sardine and anchovy

Co-Convenors: Shin-ichi Ito, Michio J. Kishi (Japan), Bernard A. Megrey and Francisco E. Werner (U.S.A.)

Email your questions to Session 6 convenors.

S7: FIS/CCCC Topic Session (Oct. 19, 1 day)
Key recruitment processes and life history strategies: Bridging the temporal and spatial gap between models and data

Co-Convenors: Kerim Aydin (U.S.A.), Shin-ichi Ito (Japan), Jake Schweigert (Canada), Paul Spencer (U.S.A.), Akihiko Yatsu (Japan) and Yuri Zuenko (Russia)

Email your questins to Session 7 convenors.

S8: FIS/MEQ Topic Session (Oct. 19, 1 day)
Aquaculture and sustainable management of the marine ecosystem

Co-Convenors: Toyomitsu Horii (Japan), Jie Kong (China) and Michael B. Rust (U.S.A.)

Email your questions to Session 8 convenors.

S9: MEQ Topic Session (Oct. 18, 3/4 day)
Harmful algal blooms in the PICES region: New trends and potential links with anthropogenic influences

Co-Convenors: William Cochlan (U.S.A.) and Ichiro Imai (Japan)

Email your questions to Session 9 convenors.

S10: POC/MONITOR/CCCC Topic Session (Oct. 20, 1 day)
Synchronous and asynchronous responses of North Pacific boundary current systems to climate variability

Co-Convenors: Jack Barth, Steven Bograd (U.S.A.), Shin-ichi Ito, Kosei Komatsu (Japan) and Vyacheslav B. Lobanov (Russia)

Email your questions to Session 10 convenors.

CCCC Contributed Paper Session (Oct. 17, ½ day)

Co-Convenors: Harold P. Batchelder (U.S.A.) and Suam Kim (Korea)

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FIS Contributed Paper Session (Oct. 18, ¾ day)

Convenor: Gordon H. Kruse (U.S.A.)

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POC Contributed Paper Session (Oct. 18, ¾ day)

Convenor: Michael G. Foreman (Canada)

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BIO Poster Session (Oct. 19)

Convenor: Michael J. Dagg (U.S.A.)

Email your quiestions to BIO Poster Session convenor.

MEQ Poster Session (Oct. 19)

Convenor: John E. Stein (U.S.A.)

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W1: IFEP/MODEL Workshop (Oct. 13, 1 day)
Co-sponsored by SOLAS (Surface Ocean - Low Atmosphere Study)
Modeling iron biogeochemistry and ocean ecosystems

Co-Convenors: Fei Chai (U.S.A.) and Jun Nishioka (Japan)

Email your questions to Workshop 1 convenors.

W2: FIS Workshop (Oct. 13-14, 2 days)
Linking climate to trends in productivity of key commercial species in the subarctic Pacific

Co-Convenors: Richard J. Beamish (Canada), Anne B. Hollowed (U.S.A.), Masahide Kaeriyama (Japan), Suam Kim (Korea) and Vladimir I. Radchenko (Russia)

Email your questions to Workshop 2 convenors.

W3: MEQ/FIS Workshop (Oct. 15, 1 day)
Criteria relevant to the determination of unit eco-regions for ecosystem-based management in the PICES area

Co-Convenors: Glen Jamieson (Canada), Patricia Livingston (U.S.A.) and Chang Ik Zhang (Korea)

Email your questions to Workshop 3 convenors.

W4: MEQ Workshop (Oct. 14, 1-day) & laboratory demonstration (Oct. 13, ½-day)
Review of selected harmful algae in the PICES region: II. Dinophysis and Cochlodinium

Co-Convenors: Charles Trick (Canada) and Yasunori Watanabe (Japan)

Email your questions to Workshop 4 convenors.

W5: POC Workshop (Oct. 14, 1 day)
Evaluation of climate change projections

Co-Convenors: Michael G. Foreman (Canada) and Yasuhiro Yamanaka (Japan)

Email your questions to Workshop 5 convenors.

W6: MONITOR/TCODE Workshop (Oct. 15, 1 day)
Data management, delivery and visualization of high-volume data products

Co-Convenors: David L. Mackas (Canada), Thomas C. Royer (U.S.A.) and Sei-Ichi Saitoh (Japan)

Email your questions to Workshop 6 convenors.

W7: CCCC/CFAME Workshop (Oct. 13, 1 day)
Climate forcing and marine ecosystems

Co-Convenors: Kerim Aydin (U.S.A.), Jacquelynne R. King (Canada) and Akihiko Yatsu (Japan)

Email your questions to Workshop 7 convenors.

W8: BIO/POC Workshop (Oct. 12, Navios Yokohama Hotel)
Co-sponsored by Hokkaido University, Center of Excellence
Responses of marine mammals and seabirds to large-scale and long-term climate change: Mechanisms of environmental forcing

Co-Convenors: Yutaka Watanuki and Shoshiro Minobe (Japan), Rolf Ream and William J. Sydeman (U.S.A.)

Email your questions to Workshop 8 convenors.

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