PICES 12th Annual Meeting


Sessions' Summaries

S1: Science Board Symposium
Human dimensions of ecosystem variability

Co-Convenors: R. Ian Perry (SB), Vladimir I. Radchenko (BIO), Yukimasa Ishida (FIS), John E. Stein (MEQ), Kuh Kim (POC), Igor I. Shevchenko (TCODE), and Harold P. Batchelder & Makoto Kashiwai (CCCC).

S2: POC/BIO Topic Session
Physical and biological responses of coastal ocean ecosystems and estuaries to inputs of freshwater

Co-Convenors: Michael J. Dagg (U.S.A.) & Yury I. Zuenko (Russia).

S3: REX Topic Session
Influence of fishing and/or invasive species on ecosystem structure in coastal regions around the Pacific Rim

Co-Convenors: William T. Peterson (U.S.A.) & Yoshiro Watanabe (Japan).

S4: MEQ/BIO Topic Session
Aquaculture in the ocean ecosystem

Co-convenors: Ik-Kyo Chung, In-Kwon Jang (Korea), Julia K. Parrish & John E. Stein (U.S.A.).

S5: MODEL Session
Comparison of modeling approaches to describe ecological food webs, marine ecosystem processes, and ecosystem response to climate variability

Co-Convenors: Michio J. Kishi (Japan), Bernard A. Megrey & Francisco E. Werner (U.S.A.).

S6: BIO/POC/CCCC Topic Session
Latitudinal differences in the responses of productivity and recruitment of marine organisms to physical variability

Co-Convenors: Steven J. Bograd (U.S.A.), David L. Mackas (Canada) & Yoshiro Watanabe (Japan).

S7: FIS Topic Session
The role of sharks in marine ecosystems of the North Pacific Ocean

Co-Convenor: Vincent Gallucci, Gordon H. Kruse (U.S.A.) & Hideki Nakano (Japan).
This session was cancelled

S8: FIS Topic Session
Management of eel resources

Co-Convenors: Tae-Won Lee (Korea) & Katsumi Tsukamoto (Japan).

S9: TCODE Electronic Poster Session
GIS/Geographic-based applications to marine systems

Co-Convenors: Sung-Dae Kim (Korea) & Bernard A. Megrey (U.S.A.).

S10: MEQ/BIO/FIS Topic Session
Ecosystem-based management science and its application to the North Pacific

Co-Convenors: Glen Jamieson (Canada), Patricia Livingston (U.S.A.), Vladimir I. Radchenko (Russia), Takashige Sugimoto (Japan), Qi-Sheng Tang (China) & Chang-Ik Zhang (Korea).

FIS Paper Session
Session's Summary
Co-Convenors: Yukimasa Ishida (Japan) & Chang-Ik Zhang (Korea).

POC Paper Session
Session's Summary
Convenor: Kuh Kim

W1: MONITOR Workshop
Co-Sponsored by Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council's "Gulf Ecosystem Monitoring" initiative
Examine and critique a North Pacific Ecosystem Status Report

Co-Convenors: Vyacheslav B. Lobanov (Russia), David L. Mackas (Canada), Phillip Mundy (U.S.A.), Sei-ichi Saitoh (Japan) & William J. Sydeman (U.S.A.).

W2: MBM-AP Workshop (1 day)
Combining data sets on distributions and diets of marine birds and mammals

Co-Convenors: Douglas F. Bertram (Canada) & Hidehiro Kato (Japan).

W3: WG 15/TCODE Workshop
Harmful algal blooms - harmonization of data

Co-convenors: Hee-Dong Jeong (Korea) & Vera L. Trainer (U.S.A.).

W4: MIE-AP Workshop
Planning a micronekton sampling gear intercalibration experiment

Co-Convenors: Evgeny Pakhomov (Canada) & Michael P. Seki (U.S.A.).

W5: BASS Workshop
Linkages between open and coastal systems

Co-Convenors: Vladimir Belyaev (Russia), Gordon A. McFarlane (Canada) & Akihiko Yatsu (Japan).

W6: Workshop
Status of the Yellow Sea and East China Sea ecosystems
Co-Convenors: Sinjae Yoo and Hyung-Tak Kim (Korea), R. Ian Perry and Stewart M. McKinnell (PICES)

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