PICES 12th Annual Meeting


Scientific Program
The Keynote Lecture at the Opening Session will be given by Prof. Suam Kim (Department of Marine Biology, Pukyong National University, Busan), on "Application of otolith chemistry to interpret some issues on oceanic variability and fisheries".

S1: Science Board Symposium (0.75 day)
Human dimensions of ecosystem variability

Co-Convenors: R. Ian Perry (SB), Vladimir I. Radchenko (BIO), Yukimasa Ishida (FIS), John E. Stein (MEQ), Kuh Kim (POC), Igor I. Shevchenko (TCODE), and Harold P. Batchelder & Makoto Kashiwai (CCCC).

S2: POC/BIO Topic Session (1 day)
Physical and biological responses of coastal ocean ecosystems and estuaries to inputs of freshwater

Co-Convenors: Michael J. Dagg (U.S.A.) & Yury I. Zuenko (Russia).

S3: REX Topic Session (1/2 day)
Influence of fishing and/or invasive species on ecosystem structure in coastal regions around the Pacific Rim

Co-Convenors: William T. Peterson (U.S.A.) & Yoshiro Watanabe (Japan).

S4: MEQ/BIO Topic Session (1 day)
Aquaculture in the ocean ecosystem

Co-convenors: Ik-Kyo Chung, In-Kwon Jang (Korea), Julia K. Parrish & John E. Stein (U.S.A.).

S5: MODEL Session (1/2 day)
Comparison of modeling approaches to describe ecological food webs, marine ecosystem processes, and ecosystem response to climate variability

Co-Convenors: Michio J. Kishi (Japan), Bernard A. Megrey & Francisco E. Werner (U.S.A.).

S6: BIO/POC/CCCC Topic Session (1 day)
Latitudinal differences in the responses of productivity and recruitment of marine organisms to physical variability

Co-Convenors: Steven J. Bograd (U.S.A.), David L. Mackas (Canada) & Yoshiro Watanabe (Japan).

S7: FIS Topic Session (1/2 day)
The role of sharks in marine ecosystems of the North Pacific Ocean

Co-Convenor: Vincent Gallucci, Gordon H. Kruse (U.S.A.) & Hideki Nakano (Japan).

S8: FIS Topic Session (1/2 day)
Management of eel resources

Co-Convenors: Tae-Won Lee (Korea) & Katsumi Tsukamoto (Japan).

S9: TCODE Electronic Poster Session
GIS/Geographic-based applications to marine systems

Co-Convenors: Sung-Dae Kim (Korea) & Bernard A. Megrey (U.S.A.).

S10: MEQ/BIO/FIS Topic Session
Ecosystem-based management science and its application to the North Pacific

Co-Convenors: Glen Jamieson (Canada), Patricia Livingston (U.S.A.), Vladimir I. Radchenko (Russia), Takashige Sugimoto (Japan), Qi-Sheng Tang (China) & Chang-Ik Zhang (Korea).

FIS Paper Session (1/2 day)
Co-Convenors: Yukimasa Ishida (Japan) & Chang-Ik Zhang (Korea).

POC Paper Session (1/2 day)
Convenor: Kuh Kim

W1: MONITOR Workshop co-sponsored by Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council's "Gulf Ecosystem Monitoring" initiative (2 days)
Examine and critique a North Pacific Ecosystem Status Report

Co-Convenors: Vyacheslav B. Lobanov (Russia), David L. Mackas (Canada), Phillip Mundy (U.S.A.), Sei-ichi Saitoh (Japan) & William J. Sydeman (U.S.A.).

W2: MBM-AP Workshop (1 day)
Combining data sets on distributions and diets of marine birds and mammals

Co-Convenors: Douglas F. Bertram (Canada) & Hidehiro Kato (Japan).

W3: WG 15/TCODE Workshop (1 day)
Harmful algal blooms - harmonization of data

Co-convenors: Hee-Dong Jeong (Korea) & Vera L. Trainer (U.S.A.).

W4: MIE-AP Workshop (1/2 day)
Planning a micronekton sampling gear intercalibration experiment

Co-Convenors: Evgeny Pakhomov (Canada) & Michael P. Seki (U.S.A.).

W5: BASS Workshop (1 day)
Linkages between open and coastal systems

Co-Convenors: Vladimir Belyaev (Russia), Gordon A. McFarlane (Canada) & Akihiko Yatsu (Japan).

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