PICES 13th Annual Meeting
Session 2 (PICES Session on Top-Down, Bottom-Up or Something Else) Manuscripts

This webpage was established to provide an opportunity for a more integrated collection of publications on the topic than would occur if all of the papers were written in isolation. When your manuscript has been submitted for peer review, it will be placed on a password protected web page. Instructions for accessing the web page will be provided to you when a manuscript has been submitted.

Manuscripts Submitted to date:
No manuscripts submitted.

Special Issue Schedule:
This is an ambitious schedule but can be achieved with a committed effort by everyone involved

Manuscript Submission Deadline:
  15 December 2004.
Peer reviews:   31 January 2005
Revision Deadline:   31 March 2005
Manuscripts to Editor:   15 April 2005
Galley proofs:   Summer 2005
Publication:   September 2005
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