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HAB and Climate Change Symposium
May 19-22, 2015, Göteborg, Sweden

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SessionPaper IDPresenterGranted Type of PresentationPotential ReplacementAbstract TitleAuthorsAttendance ConfirmationWithdrawals
Invited10287Hans W. PaerlInvited Climate change: The links to global expansion of harmful cyanobacterial bloomsHans W. Paerl, Hai Xu, Boqiang Qin, Guangwei Zhu, Nathan S.Hall, Karen L. Rossignol, J.Thad Scott yes
Invited10328Theodore J. Smayda Invited Climate warming and harmful bloomsTheodore J. Smayda and Thomas J. Smaydayes
Invited10321Catherine LegrandInvited Cyanobacteria in future climate conditions: time to project diversity and function, not only biomassCatherine Legrandyes
Invited10315Stephanie DutkiewiczInvited Exploring marine phytoplankton biogeography through theory and models: applications to climate change studiesStephanie Dutkiewicz, Ben Ward, Jeff Morris, Jeff Scott, Mick Follows, Sonya Dyhrman, and Ilana Berman-Frankyes
Invited10285Gustaaf HallegraeffInvited Harmful algal blooms and ocean climate change: Progress on tackling a formidable predictive challenge Gustaaf M. Hallegraeffyes
Invited10290H.E. Markus MeierInvited Impact of changing physics on marine ecosystems in future coastal seasH.E. Markus Meieryes
Invited10330Kevin J FlynnInvited Modelling harmful algal growth under climate changeKevin J Flynnyes
Invited10325Joe SilkeInvited Short-term HAB forecasting in a changing environment.Joe Silkeyes
Invited10309David R. TurnerInvited The Essentials of pH and the Carbon Dioxide System for HAB ResearchersDavid R. Turneryes
General10310Keith DavidsonOral A climate link to the exceptional 2013 bloom of Dinophysis in Scottish waters and its associated diarrhetic shellfish poisoning event? Callum Whyte, Sarah Swan and Keith Davidsonyes, but not Tuesday
General10301Sanna SuikkanenOral A less saline Baltic Sea promotes cyanobacterial growth, hampers intracellular microcystin production, and leads to strain-specific differences in allelopathyAndreas Brutemark, Angélique Vandelannoote, Jonna Engström-Öst and Sanna Suikkanenyes
General10331Bernd KrockOral Development of seabird based sampling strategies for the determination of plankton communities with special focus on HAB speciesBernd Krock and Susan Waughyes
General10312Elisa BerdaletOral Expansion of the benthic dinoflagellate Ostreopsis with climate change: health risks assessment and policy strategies for managementElisa Berdalet, Magda Vila and Rafael Abós-Herràndizyes
General10329Jaap van NesOral Integration of mobile automated monitoring systems with treatment and DSS tools for smart HAB managementJaap van Nes, Wesley Boënn, Nele Desmet, Piet Seuntjensyes
General10323Polina A. KamenevaOral Long-term changes in microalgae communities on the Russian East coast with emphasis on toxic and bloom forming speciesTatiana Yu. Orlova, Polina A. Kameneva and Tatiana V. Morozova yes
General10305Lisa CampbellOral Long-term time series of phytoplankton dynamics and community composition from the Imaging FlowCytobot can reveal impacts of climate changeLisa Campbell and Darren Henrichsyes
General10319Ichiro ImaiOral Long-term trends of harmful algal blooms in the Seto Inland Sea of JapanIchiro Imai, Keigo Yamamoto, Tetsuya Nishikawa and Satoshi Nagaiyes
General10288Meri EichnerOral Microenvironments of Trichodesmium colonies – implications for ocean acidification responsesMeri Eichner, Isabell Klawonn, Samuel T. Wilson, Matthew J. Church, David M. Karl and Helle Plougyes
General10299Peter A. ThompsonOral Precipitation as a driver of phytoplankton ecology in coastal waters: A climatic perspective.Peter A. Thompson, Todd D. O’Brien, Hans W. Paerl, Benjamin L. Peierls, Paul J. Harrison and Malcolm Robb. yes
General10292Kedong YinOral Red tides are more correlated with climate variability under eutrophic conditions in Hong Kong: time series analysisKedong Yin, Jianzhang Heyes
General10297Willem StolteOral Response of North Sea phytoplankton blooms to changing climate conditions: a model scenario analysisWillem Stolte, Anouk Blauw, Tineke Troost, Ghada El Sarafy, Hans Los, Meinte Blaas and Nicky Villars yes
General10302Maarten De RijckeOral Shifting N:P ratios do not affect the competitive traits of dinoflagellates under present and future climate scenariosMaarten De Rijcke, Gabriel M. Orellana, Julie Vanden Bussche, Lynn Vanhaecke, Karel A.C. De Schamphelaere and Colin R. Janssenyes
General10296Elisa VillaOral Towards Real-time In-situ Monitoring of Toxic AlgaeElisa Villa, Carmem-Lara Manes, Jahir Orozco, Linda Medlin and Delphine Guillebault yes, talk 20-22
General10283Annie ChapelleOral Toxic blooms phenology and abiotic controls in a changing world. The case of Alexandrium minutum in Britany (French coast).Annie Chapelle, Carles Guallar-Morillo, Cédric Bacher, Martin Plus, Marc Sourisseau, Guillaume Le Gland, Valérie le Guennec, Laure Guillouyes?
General10286Cathy WintertonPoster A 100-year record of changing toxic algae in Scottish coastal waters relating to climate change.Cathy Winterton, William Austin, Eileen Bresnan and Keith Davidson. no talk, poster only
General10289Fuat DursunPoster A study on the dense bloom of the Heterosigma akashiwo in a eutrophic estuary of the Sea of MarmaraFuat Dursun and Seyfettin Tasyes
General10311Margarida P. ReisPoster Are harmful cyanobacteria blooms increasing in frequency or intensity in Southern Portugal reservoirs?Sandra Caetano, Cristina Costa, Margarida P. Reis, Maria Rodrigues and Conceição Gagoyes
General10291Maria KarlbergPoster Climate change – Good news for toxic filamentous cyanobacteria?Maria Karlberg, Melissa Chierici, Malin Mohlin, Malin Olofsson, Lasse Riemann, Franciska Steinhoff, Nina Sunesson, Anders Torstensson and Angela Wulffyes
General10307Sergei AleksandrovPoster Climate change: How does this influence on harmful algal blooms in the lagoon of the Baltic Sea?Sergei Aleksandrovyes
General10304John P. BerryPoster Do teratogenic carotenoids from cyanobacteria represent a link between climate change and global declines in aquatic vertebrate populations?Asha Jaja-Chimedza, Kristel Sanchez, Miroslav Gantar, Patrick D. L. Gibbs, Michael C. Schmale and John P. Berryyes
General10308Sergei AleksandrovPoster Effect of climate change and algal blooms on pH in the lagoon of the Baltic SeaSergei Aleksandrov, Julia Gorbunovayes
General10306Michaela BuschPoster Effects of nutrient concentrations, phagotrophic feeding and allelopathy on bloom dynamics of potentially harmful dinoflagellates Michaela Busch, Helmut Hillebrand and Stefanie Moorthi 
General10320Adi HaneinPoster Historical and recent biotoxin trends in Washington State: Analyzing closure days, frequency and duration. Adi Hanein and Jerry Borchertyes
General10295Lamia DaghorPoster Impact of environmental change on the dynamics of the phytoplankton population: Vegetative form and cysts of dinoflagellates . Lamia daghor, Touria Hssaida, Mohammed fraikech , Btssam Ennefah, Fatima Z. bouthir, Karima Chaira and Kelthoum Elbouhmadi1 
General10318Ichiro ImaiPoster Increase in massive blooms of the toxic dinoflagellate Alexandrium tamarense with warming in the eastern Bering SeaMsafumi Natsuike, Rui Saito, Amane Fujiwara, Kohei Matsuno, Atsushi Yamaguchi, Naonobu Shiga, Toru Hirawake, Takashi Kikuchi, Shigeto Nishino and Ichiro Imaiyes
General10327Marie JohansenPoster Length of time series is crucial when evaluating the effect of Climate change on Phytoplankton communities.Marie Johansen, Malin Mohlin and Bengt Karlson11yes
General10317Aidate MussagyPoster Occurrence of toxic algal bloom of Microcystis ichtyoblade in Corumana Reservoir, Mozambique, Africa.Aidate Mussagy 
General10337Margarita Fernández-TejedorPoster Ostreopsis cf. ovata growth and toxicity in a warmer Mediterranean SeaOlga Carnicer1, Carles Guallar1,2, Karl B. Andree1, Jorge Diogène1 and Margarita Fernández-Tejedor1yes
General10284Seungshic YumPoster Rapid kit development for harmful algal detectionAekyung Lee, Seonock Woo, and Seungshic Yum 
General10332Valentina AsnaghiPoster Risk-Monitoring, Modelling and Mitigation (M3-HABs) of benthic microalgal blooms across the Mediterranean regionsAsnaghi V., Abboud-Abi-Saab M., Accoroni S., Bertolotto R., Casabianca S., Fricke A., Giussani V., Jauzein C., Lemée R., Mangialajo L., Minetti D., Moretto P., Ottaviani E., Pedroncini A., Penna A., Sbrana F., Totti C., Turki S., Vassalli M., Chiantore M.yes
General10314I. Noyan YilmazPoster Spatial and temporal variability of Noctiluca scintillans in the highly stratified Sea of MarmaraI. Noyan Yilmazyes
General10300Wonho YihPoster Spatiotemporal Distribution of Epiphytic Dinoflagellates in Korean SeasWonho Yih, Hyung Seop Kim, Bora Jang, Mi Ryoung Oh, Buyng Su Hwang, Jung Rae Rhoyes
General10333Hao GuoPoster Studies on the characteristics of morphology and distribution of Dinoflagellate cysts in ChinaHao Guo, Kuishuang Shao and Yubo Liang? Depends on Visa
General10334Chunjiang GuanPoster Study on response of changes of phytoplankton composition and climate in Qingduizi Bay Chinese northern Yellow SeaChunjiang Guan, Yanlong Chen, Xiaoxu Liu and Dongdong Zhangyes
General10326Chunlei GaoPoster The effects of several environmental and biological factors on the growth and forming of colonies of Phaeocystis globosaHui Li, Chunlei Gao, Zongling Wang and Xuelei Zhangyes
General10303Eileen BresnanPoster The use of the IOC-ICES-PICES Harmful Algal Event Database (HAE-DAT) to detect spatial and temporal trends in harmful algal bloom events in UK watersEileen Bresnan1, Keith Davidson2, Richard Gowen3, Steve Milligan4, Catherine Belin5 and Henrik Enevoldsen6yes
General10316Douding LuWithdrawal A 50-year temporal record of dinoflagellate cysts in sediments from the Changjiang estuary, East China Sea, in relation to climate and catchment changesXinfeng Dai, Douding Lu, Ping Xia, Hongxia Wang, Piaoxia Heno, cancel poster yes
General10282Eunice KoechWithdrawal Climate change signals in the Kenyan Rift Valley lakesOliver Kipkogei, Eunice Koech, Jully Ouma and Laban Ogallono, cancel poster yes
General10281HaddadiMoghaddam KouroshWithdrawal Climate change, Phytoplankton community response and harmful algal blooms: a formidable predictive challengeHaddadiMoghaddam,Kouroshno show yes
General10278Mathias Ahii ChiaWithdrawal Growth and antioxidant response of Microcystis aeruginosa (Cyanobacteria) exposed to Anatoxin-aMathias Ahii Chia, , Micheline Kezia Cordeiro-Araújo and Maria do Carmo Bittencourt-Oliveirano show yes
General10322Zhaoli XuWithdrawal Peaked abundance of Calanus sinicus earlier shifted in the Changjiang River (Yangtze River) Estuary: a comparable study between 1959, 2002 and 2005Zhaoli Xu, Zengling Ma and Yumei Wuno, cancel poster yes
General10280HaddadiMoghaddam KouroshWithdrawal Study on the impact of harmful algal blooms on coastal waters in Caspian SeaHaddadiMoghaddam,Kouroshno show yes
General10313Hudson Angeyo KalambukaWithdrawal Towards Airborne Imaging Spectrometry of Algae Blooms in Relation to Micronutrient Fluxes in Lake Victoria (Kenya) Shore SystemsAngeyo H. K and Mito C. show yes
General10298Donald M. AndersonWithdrawal Weather and water mass anomalies provide insights into the response of cyst-forming HAB species to climate change scenariosDonald M. Anderson, Dennis J. McGillicuddy, Jr., Bruce A. Keafer, David K. Ralston, Alexis D. Fischer, Michael. L. Brosnahan, David W. Townsendno, cancel talk yes

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