PICES International Summer School

on Ecosystem Based Management
August 23-26, 2008, Hakodate, Japan , Faculty of Fisheries Scineces, Hokkaido University
23 (sat) 830-900 registration
23 Sat 900-1000 Introdaction of summer school and self introduction (Dr. Y. Sakurai)
    1000-1200 Lecture 1 : Ecological footprint (by Shiva Niazi, MSE and MLA)
    1200-1300 Lunch
    1300-1430 Lecture 2: Idea on ecosystem based management: (by Dr. M.Makino)
    1400-1500 break
    1500-1630 Lecture 3: Idea on risk management: (by Dr. H. Matsuda)
    1630-1730 Lecture 4: Sustanable development of fisheries: (by Dr. C.I.Zhang)
    1800- Reception
24 Sun 900-930 grouping
    930-1130 Introduction on modelling tools (NEMURO, Ecological footprint, management, etc)
    1130-1300 lunch
    1300-1500 Discussion by group (one adviser for one group at least)
    1500-1700 Lecture 5: Idea on sustainability of marine ecosystem: (By.Dr. M.Fujii)
    1700-1800 Group discussion (cont.)
25 Mon 900-1130 Group discussion (cont.)
    1130-1300 lunch
    1300-1500 Group discussion (cont.)
    1500-1700 Presentation by each group
    1700-1800 Conclusion and ending remarks by lecturers
    1830- farewel reception
26 Tue 900-1630 Excurtion to fishermen's village and discussions with fishermen
    900 Departure for Okhotsk Sea symposium (for participants who would like to attend)
27-29     Okhotsk Sea Sumposium
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