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    PICES 2014 Summer School
    on End-to-End Models for Marine Resources Management and Research

    August 26–29, 2014
    Gangneung-Wonju National University (GWNU), Korea
    • Participants should plan to arrive not later than on Monday, August 25 and leave not earlier than on Saturday, August 30.
    • Lectures and practical seminars will be held at the Biology Center for Research and Education (1st floor) at Gangneung-Wonju National University (http://www.mbcre.ac.kr/, English version in preparation). Working language will be English.
    • There is no registration fee for the Summer School.
    • Lodging for participants and lecturers will be at the Guest House of the Marine Biology Center for Research and Education (MBCRE). Meals are included in the room rate.
    • Participants should be prepared to pay for the cost of travel to/from Gangneung. The Financial Support Application Form can be found on the Summer School website and should be submitted as a part of the application package. Travel funds are limited, so priority will be given to applicants who are prepared to pay at least some portion of the cost of their travel.


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