Day 4 Plenary P3 Presentations
Sustainable strategies in a warming climate
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Anne B. Hollowed (Alaska Fisheries Science Center, NMFS/NOAA, USA)
Michael J. Schirripa (Southeast Fisheries Science Center, NMFS/NOAA, USA)


Many nations have adopted a goal of building sustainable fisheries. Traditionally, this goal has been pursued through the adoption of precautionary harvest policies that are based on the expected productivity of the stock in a future environmental state. However, these harvest policies seldom explicitly consider how possible future climate change may modify critical aspects of the productivity of the stock. At the single species level, climate change could significantly influence the carrying capacity, the reproductive potential, as well as the spatial distribution of the stock. At the multi-species level, climate change may alter the abundance of competitors and predators of species targeted for fishing. Societal changes in the consumption of fish and policies regarding marine ranching and aquaculture may also change the economic factors governing fisheries. This session is intended to explore the future of fish and fisheries under a changing climate. The focus will be on examples of management strategies that could be applied to sustain fisheries under a changing climate and techniques for assessing and forecasting the performance of harvest policies under changing climate. This session is also open to new and novel modeling techniques designed to take into account an uncertain future and/or non-equilibrium conditions in fish, fishing fleets, management, and the marketing of seafood products. This could range from how future fishing vessels may be outfitted to best adapt to a changing climate to how traditional management benchmarks and concepts (maximum sustainable yield, minimum stock size threshold, etc.) could be modified or updated to take climate change into account. Inventive ways to circumvent or adapt to the forecasted impacts of climate change and the uncertainty surrounding it are also of interest.


Thursday, April 29 (9:00-12:00)



Chang Ik Zhang and Jae Bong Lee (Invited)
Impacts of climate changes and a pragmatic ecosystem-based approach for assessing and forecasting harvest policies under changing climate in Korea (P3-6212)
(waiting for permission)



Éva Plagányi, Scarla Weeks, Tim Skewes, Mark Gibbs, Elvira S. Poloczanska Ana Norman-López, Laura Blamey, Muri Soares and William Robinson (Invited)
Assessing the adequacy of current fisheries management under changing climate (P3-6073)
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Jennifer L. Nielsen, Gregory T. Ruggerone, Christian E. Zimmerman and Jamal H. Moss
Sustainable strategies in a warming climate: Salmon in the Arctic (P3-5996)
(pdf, 1 Mb)



Anne B. Hollowed, Nicholas Bond,Alan Haynie, James N. Ianelli and Franz J. Mueter
Scenario based models for predicting stakeholder responses to a changing climate: A case study for the Eastern Bering Sea (P3-6240)
(waiting for permission)



James N. Ianelli
The challenges of developing fisheries stock assessment approaches, harvest control rules, and management strategies to satisfy and adapt to increasingly complex management objectives in a changing environment (P3-6391)
(waiting for permission)



Gretta Pecl, Alistair J. Hobday, Stewart Frusher, Warwick Sauer and participants of Workshop 5
Networking across global marine ‘hotspots’ (P3-6335)
(pdf, 1.7 Mb)



Michael J. Schirripa, Rebecca J. Allee, Russell H. Beard, Stephanie Oakes, Bonnie J. Ponwith, Rebecca Shuford and Roger J. Zimmerman
An approach to an Integrated Ecosystem Assessment of the Gulf of Mexico (P3-6414)
(pdf, 0.5 Mb)



Yi-Jay Chang, Chi-Lu Sun, Yong Chen and Su-Zan Yeh
Incorporating climate changes into population dynamic modelling: an individual-based modelling approach for the pronghorn spiny lobster (Panulirus penicullatus) in eastern Taiwan (P3-6316)
(pdf, 1.2 Mb)



Masahide Kaeriyama, Hyunju Seo and Michio J. Kishi
Sustainable fisheries management of Pacific salmon in a warming climate (P3-6136)
(waiting for permission)


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