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Session 5. From genes to ecosystems: Genetic and physiological responses to climate change

Julie Hall (National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, New Zealand)
Coleen Moloney (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

Invited Speaker:
Carl van der Lingen (Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, South Africa)

Individual organisms experience the effects of climate change directly. Their responses are governed by genotype, phenotype, physiology and behaviour. The responses by individuals ultimately influence the impacts of climate change on individuals, populations, communities and ecosystems. This session aims to understand and explore the rich variety of genetic and physiological responses to climate change, and to assess the progress we have made in predicting the presence, extent and persistence of the impacts of these responses at the level of the ecosystem.

Tuesday, May 15

Carl D. van der Lingen and Coleen L. Moloney
From ecosystems to genes: Climate change effects on Benguela sardine (S5-8006), Invited
[pdf, 2.7 Mb]

Jennifer Sunday, Amanda E. Bates and Nicholas K. Dulvy
Marine species’ latitudinal distributions conform better to their thermal tolerance than terrestrial species: Implications for range shifts (S5-8240)
[pdf, 1.2 Mb]
Sam Dupont and Mike Thorndyke
Ocean acidification – The quest for unifying principles (S5-8031)
[pdf, 1.3 Mb]
Thomas Wernberg
Latitude and aptitude: The influence of climatic stress on the distribution, performance and function of seaweeds (S5-8297)
(permission to post denied, contact presenter)
Alexandra H. Campbell, Ezequiel M. Marzinelli, Tamsin A. Peters, Rebecca Neumann
and Peter D. Steinberg
Climate-mediated diseases affecting habitat-forming seaweeds: Complex environmental effects on hosts and pathogens (S5-8214)
(permission to post denied, contact presenter)
Rui Yin, Kyoung-Seon Lee, Guining Wang, Haruko Kurihara and Atsushi Ishimatsu
Climate changes (ocean acidification and warming) may impact the reproduction of the sea urchin Hemicentrotus pulcherrimus (S5-7999)
[pdf, 1.3 Mb]
Maarten Boersma, Arne M. Malzahn, Stefanie Schnell and Katherina L. Schoo
Food web effects of ocean acidification: Why is an increase in CO2 availability important? (S5-8287)
[pdf, N/A]
Atsushi Ishimatsu, Awantha Dissanayake, So Kawaguchi, Robert King, Haruko Kurihara, Akio Ishida and Masahide Wakita
Antarctic krill in a high CO2 Southern Ocean: Potential impacts on early development and adult growth (S5-7998)
[pdf, 1.1 Mb]
Piero Calosi, Sedercor Melatunan, Simon Rundle and Steve Widdicombe
Latitudinal variation in the vulnerability to elevated temperature and CO2 in a marine gastropod (S5-8309)
(permission to post denied, contact presenter)
Amanda E. Bates, Simon Morley, Koh Siang Tan and Chien-Houng Lai
Behaviour, thermal safety margins, environmental variability, and species-specific vulnerability to climate change (S5-8236)
(permission to post denied, contact presenter)
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