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Session 7. Coastal and low-lying areas

Iñigo Losada (University of Cantabria, Spain)
Poh Poh Wong (University of Adelaide, Australia)

Invited Speaker:
Poh Poh Wong (University of Adelaide, Australia)

Scientific evidence has been presented during the last decades that the coasts and low-lying areas, especially deltas, are experiencing the adverse consequences of the hazards related to climate change. Saltmarshes, coral reefs, mangroves and other relevant ecosystems are and will be suffering degradation affecting seriously their sustainability and the services they provide. Besides, coastal human settlements are highly vulnerable to climate change, especially to extreme events. The combination of sea level rise with the alteration of sea surface temperature, storm surges, waves, run-off/precipitation and acidification are some of the relevant elements to be considered. Besides, external stressors mostly originated by increasing human-pressure such as land-use, hydrological changes in catchments, groundwater extraction or reduced sediment supply exacerbate the impact of climate change. Erosion, flooding, saltwater intrusion, ecosystem deterioration and migration or increasing valuable human assets at risk are some of the immediate impacts requiring further research and immediate action.
Contributions to this session may help to clarify and quantify the drivers of climate change impacts in coastal areas, from the evidence to projections as well as those considering the impacts and adaptation options for natural and human coastal systems.

Tuesday, May 15
Poh Poh Wong
Large-scale modular mangrove planting – Adaptation to sea-level rise (S7-8228), Invited
[pdf, 2.8 Mb]
Andy Steven, Russ Babcock, Geoff Carlin, Nagur Cherukeru, Phillip Ford, Felipe Gusmao, Gary Fry and Kadija Oubelkheir
Biogeochemical properties and ecological consequences of the 2011 floods in Moreton Bay, Queensland (S7-8253)
[pdf, 3.2 Mb]
Guize Liu, Jingfeng Fan and Kuishuang Shao
The impact of climate changes on coastal wetland ecosystem (S7-8015)
[waiting for permission]
Shailendra Mandal, Kamini Sinha and Manoj Kumar
Effects of climate change on Indian Oceans: Concepts, approaches and applications of Integrated Coastal Zone Management in planning and management of Indian coastal zone of India (S7-8282)
[pdf, 0.5 Mb]
So-Min Cheong
Coastal adaptation (S7-8221)
[pdf, 0.5 Mb]
Michael Dagg and Brian Roberts
Marsh derived DOC and CO2 production in the coastal ocean of the northern Gulf of Mexico (S7-7960)
[pdf, 1 Mb]
Evangeline Magdaong, Hiroya Yamano and Masahiko Fujii
Development of a large-scale, long-term coral cover database in the Philippines (S7-8217)
[pdf, 1.2 Mb]
Guillem Chust, Aitor Albaina, Aizkorri Aranburu, Ángel Borja, Onno E. Diekmann, Andone Estonba, Javier Franco, Joxe M. Garmendia, Mikel Iriondo, Fernando Rendo, J. Germán Rodríguez, Otsanda Ruiz-Larrañaga, Iñigo Muxika and Mireia Valle
Estuarine connectivity: Assessing species vulnerability to global change (S7-7985)
[pdf, 1 Mb]
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