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Session 12. Linking climate change to marine management objectives

Jacquelynne R. King (Pacific Biological Station, Fisheries and
          Oceans Canada, Canada)
Alexander Turra (Oceanographic Institute, São Paulo University, Brazil)

Plenary Speaker:
Laura Richards (North Pacific Marine Science Organization)

Invited Speaker:
Kao Sochivi (Fisheries Administration, Cambodia)

Marine ecosystems are subject to a number of stressors, such as pollution, resource exploitation, coastal development, marine infrastructures and transport. Historically, management objectives have focused on addressing individual stressors, disregarding their often synergistic and compounding effects. The application of the ecosystem approach to management has reversed this trend and has encouraged more holistic and cross-sectorial management objectives. Climate change is expected to affect many of these stressors as well as the responses of marine ecosystems to them. This session will consider single as well as cross-sectoral management applications to address the effects of climate change on marine ecosystems in the context of expected climate change impacts, such as changes in productivity and seasonality of resources. The session will also consider the combined effects of climate change with other direct stressors (such as pollution) and how they interact with fisheries and ecosystem management scenarios.

Laura J. Richards, Robin M. Brown, James Christian and Jake Rice (Plenary)
Looking back to go forward: Do past management actions foreshadow management responses to climate change?
[pdf, 1.5 Mb]

Kao Sochivi (Invited)
Fisheries management and climate change responses in Cambodia
[pdf, 8 Mb]


Jake Rice
Managing in times of transition: How policy and management should react to climate change
[pdf, 0.5 Mb]


Marcus Haward
Governance challenges for marine climate hotspots
[pdf, 0.5 Mb]


Leo X.C. Dutra and Marcus Haward
Institutional and organizational mapping - A powerful approach to identify opportunities and constraints for climate adaptation in fast warming regions
[pdf, 1 Mb]

Linus Hammar
Effects of climate change on the world's oceans are not important in current marine management
[pdf, 1 Mb]
Debora De Freitas, Laura Stocker and Richard Kenchington
Uptake and pathways of coastal adaptation processes in Australia
[pdf, 2.5 Mb]
Lucy M. Robinson, Martin P. Marzloff, Sarah Jennings, Stewart Frusher, Sam Nicol, Gretta Pecl, Ingrid van Putten, Alistair J. Hobday, Marcus Haward, Sean Tracey and Klaas Hartmann
Informing ecosystem-based management of the range extending long-spined sea urchin using a structured decision making process
[pdf, 1 Mb]
Thomas G. Safford, Megan Henly and Michelle Renk
Climate change, science, and mariculture management in the United States and Brazil
[pdf, 3 Mb]
Christopher Lynam and Steven Mackinson
Mixed fisheries and ecosystem based management: Trade-offs and the importance of climate
[pdf, 1 Mb]
Stefan Koenigstein and Stefan Goessling-Reisemann
Model-based integration of experimental results and human uses to identify management options for marine ecosystems under climate change
[pdf, 1.5 Mb]
Ana M. Queiros and Stephen Widdicombe
Carbon capture and storage impacts on marine systems: Are local impacts good return for global mitigation?
[pdf, 2 Mb]
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