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Session 8. Climate change impacts on marine biodiversity and resilience

Patricia Miloslavich (Universidad Simon Bolivar, Venezuela)
Jake Rice (Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Canada)

Plenary Speaker:
Lisa Levin (Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation,
Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego)

Invited Speaker:
Camilo Mora (University of Hawaii, USA)

Biodiversity is often viewed as an ecosystem characteristic of a healthy environment that enables resilience to perturbations. Climate change can impact community composition resulting in loss of habitat, timing of life cycle events, changes in species distribution that either removes a species from the system or introduces a new species. These impacts affect the function and structure of regional marine ecosystems on various spatial and temporal scales. Climate variability is projected to change the magnitude and frequency of extreme events such that marine ecosystems may be pushed to a tipping point beyond which new processes and structures may emerge. This session encourages papers that investigate observed and predicted impacts of climate change and variability on marine biodiversity and regional ecosystem resilience.

Lisa A. Levin (Plenary)
Biodiversity consequences of climate change in the deep ocean
[pdf, 11 Mb]

Camilo Mora (Invited)
We punch nature and it will punch us back: Human impacts on marine biodiversity and their feedbacks
[permission to post denied, contact presenter]


Giulia Ghedini, Bayden D. Russell and Sean D. Connell
Contrasting effects of sustained warming and heat waves on ecosystem resilience: Climate variability disrupts producer-consumer relationships decreasing resilience to multiple disturbances
[waiting for permission]


Ines Leal, Vanessa Mendonca, Diana Madeira, Luis Narciso, Mario S. Diniz, Augusto A.V. Flores and Catarina Vinagre
Acclimation capacity of tropical and temperate coastal organisms
[pdf, 1 Mb]


Stephanie A. Henson, Claudie Beaulieu and Jorge L. Sarmiento
Rapid emergence of marine ecosystem stress
[permission to post denied, contact presenter]

Eva E. Plaganyi, Timothy Skewes and Alistair J. Hobday
Modelling ecological tipping points and road-testing management strategies for increasing marine ecosystem resilience
[pdf, 2 Mb]
Miranda C. Jones and William W.L. Cheung
Assessing vulnerability of marine species to climate change in the world’s oceans: Combining biological traits, climate projections and species distribution modelling
[pdf, 2 Mb]
Laura J. Falkenberg, Bayden D. Russell and Sean D. Connell
The role of species interactions in determining ecosystem resistance to an increasingly modified world
[waiting for permission]
Ryan D. Batt and Malin L. Pinsky
Impacts of climate on marine community structure across North America
[waiting for permission]
Claudie Beaulieu, Renata Stella Khouri, Harriet Cole, Stephanie A. Henson and Andrew Yool
Marine regime shift detection and attribution
[pdf, 5 Mb]
Laurene Pecuchet, Martin Lindegren, Anna Tornroos and Mark R. Payne
Environmental pressure drives functional diversity of fish assemblages in a temperate brackish system
[pdf, 1.5 Mb]
Katherine E. Mills, Andrew J. Pershing and Arnault Le Bris
Size structure, diversity and resilience: Observations and predictions in the context of climate change
[waiting for permission]
Denilson da Silva Bezerra, Silvana Amaral, Milton Kampel, Eduardo Rodrigues and Fabricio Brito Silva
Modeling of the pattern of mangrove resistance to sea-level rise
[pdf, 1 Mb]
Pedro C. Gonzalez-Espinosa, David A. Paz-Garcia, Eduardo F. Balart and Hector Reyes-Bonilla
Extreme events of cold water and high light irradiance are responsible of massive bleaching in coral reefs
[pdf, 1 Mb]
Martin P. Marzloff, Katell Hamon, Eriko Hoshino, Sarah Jennings, Jessica Melbourne- Thomas, Ingrid van Putten and Gretta Pecl
Ecological impacts of species range shifts: Identifying the good, the bad and the uncertain
[pdf, 1 Mb]
Alistair J. Hobday and Rachael Alderman
Testing a climate adaptation strategy for vulnerable seabirds based on prioritisation of intervention options
[pdf, 1 Mb]
Rodolfo Vogler, Francisco Arreguin-Sanchez, Diego Lercari, Pablo del Monte-Luna and Danilo Calliari
Long-term climate variability effects on the trophodynamics of a South American temperate estuarine ecosystem
[pdf, 2 Mb]
Angelo F. Bernardino, Sergio Netto, Paulo R. Pagliosa, Francisco Barros, Ronaldo A. Christofoletti, Leonir A. Colling, Paulo C. Lana, Jose Souto R. Filho, Rafaela C. Maia and Tania M. Costa
Predicting ecological changes of benthic estuarine assemblages from Marine Ecoregions of Brazil through decadal climatology
[pdf, 2.5 Mb]
Bayden D. Russell and Sean D. Connell
Surviving in a warming world: Acclimation of molluscs to warming is dependent on ocean acidification and thermal variability
[pdf, 1.5 Mb]
Elvira Poloczanska, Kristen Williams, Steve Crimp and Phil Kokic
Future ecosystem states: Linking ecological responses to climatic extremes
[pdf, 1.5 Mb]
Ivan Nagelkerken and Sean D. Connell
Effects of ocean acidification on marine species
[permission to post denied, contact presenter]
Ian McCarthy, Coleen Suckling, Melody Clark, Simon Morley and Lloyd Peck
Antarctic sea urchins can acclimate within months to rapid climate change
[permission to post denied, contact presenter]
Bryony L. Townhill, John K. Pinnegar and Miranda C. Jones
Invasive, non-native and nuisance species and how climate change might contribute to their spread
[please contact presenter]
Joana Boavida-Portugal, Jose R. Paula, Francois Guilhaumon, Miguel B. Araujo and Rui Rosa
Global patterns of Tunas and Billfishes (marlins): Present and future
[permission to post denied, contact presenter]
Francisco Barros
Beta, alpha and gamma benthic diversity on estuaries: What to expect?
[pdf, 1.5 Mb]
Johanna Yletyinen, Orjan Bodin, Benjamin Weigel, Marie C. Nordstrom, Erik Bonsdorff and Thorsten Blenckner
Understanding marine regime shifts: Detecting possible changes in structures and functions in coastal and pelagic food webs
[pdf, 1.5 Mb]
Daniel G. Boyce, Kenneth T. Frank, Boris Worm and William C. Leggett
Macroecological patterns of trophic structure and community stability in marine ecosystems
[pdf, 1 Mb]
Jose R. Paula, Joana Boavida-Portugal, Alexandra S. Grutter, Miguel B. Araujo and Rui Rosa
Future global patterns of marine cleaning interactions
[permission to post denied, contact presenter]
K. Allison Smith (K.A.S. Mislan), John P. Dunne and Jorge L. Sarmiento
Diversity of blood-oxygen binding traits in the global ocean
[waiting for presentation]
Eva Cacabelos, Gustavo M. Martins, Richard Thompson, Afonso Prestes, Jose Manuel N. Azevedo and Ana I. Neto
Marine assemblages on natural shores and coastal defence structures
[pdf, 1 Mb]
Jesus S. Troncoso, Marcos Rubal, Puri Veiga, Juan Moreira and Isabel Sousa-Pinto
Enlargement and reductions on habitat of sub-tropical and boreal intertidal species of gastropods along Atlantic coast of Iberian Peninsula in a global warming scenario
[pdf, 2 Mb]
Zelinda M.A.N. Leao, Ruy Kenji P. Kikuchi and Marília D.M. Oliveira
Coral bleaching in Brazil

Coleen Suckling, Luis Gimenez, Ian McCarthy, Ben Ciotti, James Brown, Chris Hauton and Nia Whiteley
Metabolic responses of two species of brachyuran crustaceans to ocean acidification and reduced salinity
[pdf, 1 Mb]
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