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Session 3. FIS/BIO Topic Session
Early life stages of marine resources as indicators of climate variability and ecosystem resilience

Co-Sponsored by ICES

Co-Convenors: Richard D. Brodeur (U.S.A.), Douglas E. Hay (Canada), Suam Kim (Korea), Gordon H. Kruse (U.S.A.), Vladimir I. Radchenko (Russia) and Yoshiro Watanabe (Japan)

As management strategies become more ecosystem-based and climate-driven, there is a need for more information on the role of species interactions and oceanographic variability in regulating fisheries resources. The early life stage of fish and invertebrates has been shown to be critical in determining year-class success and subsequent recruitment to the fisheries. This session will examine changes in the abundance, distribution, and ecological relationships of early life stages (eggs to juveniles) of important fish and invertebrate species in relation to climate fluctuations. Studies examining these stages in relation to adult recruitment and their use as indicators of ecosystem stress or variability are invited. Examples of the uses of ichthyoplankton or juvenile surveys in the assessment or management of stocks and in forecasting future trends in fisheries are highly encouraged. The session is especially interested in papers that examine the role of early life stage work relative to ecosystem structure and vulnerability of ecosystems to climate change, with particular reference to the processes of recruitment.


Day 1, October 28, 2009

Mark Dickey-Collas and Jonathan A. Hare (Invited)
Ichthyoplankton surveys, great for assessment and day to day management but are they so relevant for understanding the future? (S3-5584)


Miriam J. Doyle (Invited)
Responding to the call for Ecosystem Based Management of marine fisheries: Perspectives from fish early life history studies in the Northeast Pacific Ocean (S3-5712)


Elizabeth A. Logerwell, Janet Duffy-Anderson, Matt Wilson and Denise McKelvey
Processes affecting the productivity of capelin and pollock in the Gulf of Alaska (S3-5581)


Sukgeun Jung, Dong-woo Lee, Yeonghye Kim, Hyung Kee Cha, Hak-jin Hwang and Jeong-yong Lee
Contrasting recruitment of two gadoid species (Gadus macrocephalus vs. Theragra chalcogramma) to Korean coastal waters in relation to climate change (S3-5613)


Lu Guan, John Dower and Skip McKinnell
Quantifying long-term variability in composition of the Strait of Georgia ichthyoplankton community (S3-5651)


Andrey Suntsov and Tony Koslow
Nearshore ichthyoplankton communities off southern and central California (S3-5954)


Richard D. Brodeur, Toby Auth, Elizabeth A. Daly and William T. Peterson
Ichthyoplankton as indicators of climate change and recruitment variability of marine fishes and salmon along the northwest coast of the US (S3-5822)


Jun Shoji, Yasuhiro Kamimura, Ken-ichiro Mizuno and Shun-ichi Toshito
Fish production in seagrass habitat under global warming: Effects of temperature on early growth and production of a dominant species, black rockfish, in temperate waters of the western North Pacific (S3-5852)

Day 2, October 29, 2009

John C. Field, Stephen Ralston and Keith Sakuma
Rockfish (Sebastes) recruitment and ecosystem indicators for the Southern California Current


Chiyuki Sassa and Youichi Tsukamoto
Distribution and growth of chub mackerel Scomber japonicus and spotted mackerel
S. australasicus larvae in the southern East China Sea (ECS) in response to oceanographic conditions (S3-5636)


David Checkley, Yoshioki Oozeki, Sam McClatchie, and Akinori Takasuka
Comparison of spawning habitats of anchovy and sardine in the Pacific Ocean off Japan and North America (S3-5999)


Motomitsu Takahashi (Invited)
Contrasting responses in growth rates between anchovy and sardine to changes in water structures in the eastern and western North Pacific (S3-5939)


Masahide Kaeriyama, Hideaki Kudo, and Hyunju Seo
Global warming effects on the early ocean life of Hokkaido chum salmon (S3-5542)


Igor Zhigalov, Alexander Figurkin and Svetlana Ovsyannikova
Oceanographic conditions and the distribution of walleye pollock eggs in the southern Kuril Islands region during March – April of 2006 and 2007 (S3-5623)


Yoshiro Watanabe
Linear response of growth rates to ambient temperature in larval round herring Etrumeus teres in the Pacific coastal waters off southern Japan (S3-5684)


Nam-Il Won, Tomohiko Kawamura, Hideki Takami and Yoshiro Watanabe
Food web structures in crustose coralline algae bed during early life stages of abalone Haliotis discus hannai in relation with recruitment process (S3-5689)


Tadanori Fujino, Hideaki Kidokoro, Tsuneo Goto and Yongjun Tian
Effect of the oceanographic condition on the abundance of mesopelagic fish: Maurolicus japonicus in the Japan Sea (S3-5743)

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