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Session 4. MEQ Topic Session
Mitigation of harmful algal blooms

Co-Convenors: Hak-Gyoon Kim (Korea) and Mark L. Wells (U.S.A.)

Mitigation includes any method that can reduce the impact or severity of harmful algal blooms (HABs). These methods involve both physical means, such as dispersal of clay to cause flocculation of cells from surface waters, and preventative means, such as better monitoring of coastal waters, allowing selective closures of shellfish beds (in contrast to coast-wide closures). The capability for mitigation and the choice of mitigative tools depend upon the bloom-forming species, the severity of the event, and the frequency and intensity of monitoring in a region. Presentations will represent the comprehensive nature of HAB mitigation within the Pacific Rim nations.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

J.E. Jack Rensel and Nicola Haigh (Invited)
Fish aquaculture and Harmful Algal Bloom mitigation in marine waters of North America (S4-5644)
(permission to post denied)


Hak-Gyoon Kim, Heon-Meen Bae, Chang-Kyu Lee, Yang-Soon Kang, Young-Tae Park, Wol-Ae Lim, Sook-Yang Kim, Jeong-Min Shim, Chang-Su Jung and Kyoung-Ho An (Invited)
Recent approaches on the feasible mitigation and clay dispersal (S4-5677)
(pdf, 7 Mb)


Ichiro Imai
Promising prevention strategies for harmful algal blooms by utilization of seaweed- and seagrass-beds as huge sources of algicidal bacteria (S4-5782)
(permission to post denied)


Donald M. Anderson
Suppression and control of harmful algal blooms: The slow pace of progress in an important area of HAB science (S4-5895)
(waiting for permission)


Eunhye Kim, Daeuk Kim, Hyungbeen Lee, Jungyul Na, Jee Woong Choi and Donhyug Kang
A feasibility study on the acoustic monitoring of Cochlodinium Polykrikoides blooms and mitigation by ship-mounted cavitation generating system (S4-5971)
(waiting for permission)


Young Baek Son, Joji Ishizaka and Young-Sang Suh (S4-5664)
The spectral discrimination of surface harmful algal bloom in complicated coastal water conditions
(pdf, 3 Mb)


Goh Onitsuka, Naoki Hirose, Kazutaka Miyahara, Shuyo Watanabe, Hitoshi Semura, Reiko Hori and Tetsuya Nishikawa
Monitoring and modeling of Cochlodinium polykrikoides bloom in the southwestern Sea of Japan (S4-5659)
(waiting for permission)


Takafumi Yoshida and Hidemasa Yamamoto
HAB Integrated Website demonstration (S4-5583)
(waiting for permission)


Dongyan Liu, John K. Keesing, Zhijun Dong, Yu Zhen, Baoping Di, Yajun Shi and Ping Shi
Coastal Porphyra aquaculture as a nursery for large scale green tide events in the Yellow Sea
(waiting for permission)


Marina S. Selina, Tatiana V. Morozova and Tatiana Yu. Orlova
Species composition and seasonal changes in epiphytic dinoflagellates in Russian coastal waters of the Sea of Japan
(waiting for permission)


Chunjiang Guan, Fengao Lin and Xiutang Yuan
Causes of 2008 green tide bloom in Yellow Sea and estimation for the absorption of C, N and H
(waiting for permission)

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