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W3 MEQ Topic Workshop
New technologies and methods in HAB detection: I. HAB species detection
HAB-S Meeting

Co-Convenors: Ichiro Imai (Japan) and Vera Trainer (U.S.A.)

Here we begin a series of workshops focusing on new technologies in harmful algal bloom (HAB) research and monitoring. The first workshop in this series will include lectures and integrated demonstrations of new methods in organism detection with concentrated information on HAB species. This workshop will describe equipment and methods from the following list: environmental sampling platform (ESP), FloCam, sandwich hybridization assay (SHA), qPCR, FISH, and in situ sensors including gliders. This series will continue in the future with demonstrations on automated nutrient samplers, modeling, remote sensing, and other techniques.

Saturday, October 23, 2010, W3 presentations

Satoshi Nagai (Invited)
Recent developments in molecular diagnostic technology for HAB detection (W3-6472)
(pdf, 3 Mb)


Katie Flynn Bush, Juli Dyble Bressie, Chris Navas and Clare E. Rogers (by Cherepahin)
A novel, portable flow cytometer facilitates algal population quantification in cultures and environmental samples (W3-6826)
(pdf, 2 Mb)


Ichiro Imai, Tomotaka Shiraishi, Ken-Ichiro Ishii, Keigo Yamamoto, Masaki Nakajima and Satoshi Nagai
Detection of Alexandrium tamarense (Dinophyceae) cysts in bottom sediments with real-time PCR assay: Cyst dynamics and occurrence of bloom in Osaka Bay, the Seto Inland Sea (W3-6744)
(permission to post denied, contact presenter)


Katherine Hubbard, Claire H. Ellis and E. Virginia Armbrust
Molecular detection and insights into differentiation of Eastern Pacific Pseudo-nitzschia communities from the open ocean to the Puget Sound estuary (W3-6855)
(permission to post denied, contact presenter)

Vera L. Trainer, Mark S. Strom, Qiuming Yu and Mark L. Wells
A proposal for raman-based barcoding for the identification of toxic marine pathogens and phytoplankton (W3-6775)
(waiting for permission)
Nicolaus G. Adams, Piper Schwenke and Vera L. Trainer
Population structure of Pseudo-nitzschia australis and its association to domoic acid production in the waters of Washington State (W3-6688)
(pdf, 2.4 Mb)
James Birch, Scott Jensen, Brent Roman, Doug Pargett, Christina Preston, Roman Marin, Cheri Everlove and Christopher Scholin
Remote detection of marine microbes, their genes and gene products using the Environmental Sample Processor (ESP) (W3-6857)
(waiting for permission)
Satoshi Nagai and Shigeru Itakura
Demo: Simple, rapid, specific and cost-effective method for identifying Alexandrium tamarense and A. catenella using “LAMP” method (W3-6468)
(waiting for permission)
Sunday, October 24, HAB-S Meeting Presentations
Charles Trick and William Cochlan
Report on GEOHAB Open Science Meeting on Benthic HABs (HAB-6875)
(waiting for permission)
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