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Session 1: Science Board Symposium. Human dimensions of ecosystem variability.

Lawrence C. Hamilton
Ecosystem-society interactions in the Northern Atlantic: Human dimensions of fisheries collapse.
pdf (2.13 MB)

Chris Frid, Odette Paramor, Leonie Robinson and Catherine Scott
Long term changes in the North Sea ecosystem: Disentangling fisheries, climate and eutrophication.
pdf (709 KB)

David L. Fluharty
Ecosystem variability and human response: An exploration of effect and affect.
pdf (299 KB)

Jie-Hua Lu and Ping Lv
Effects of population changes and GDP growth on the marine ecosystem in coastal regions of Northeast Asia.
pdf (227 KB)

Yu-Zhu Li
A macroeconomic approach to underlying driving forces of the depleting marine fisheries in PRC with economies in transition.
pdf (150 KB)

Hidetada Kiyofuji, Sei-ichi Saitoh, Kazuhito Watanabe and Teisuke Mimura
Environmental impact assessment of squid fisheries in Japan using RS/GIS.
pdf (1.67 MB)

Anatoly V. Smirnov and Artem Yu. Sheybak
Changes of East Sakhalin walleye pollock stock and offshore oil and gas development - whether is connection?
pdf (177 KB)

Steven J.D. Martell and Sean P. Cox
Assessment of the trophic impacts of fishing in the central Pacific Ocean.
pdf (3.44 MB)

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