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Session 10: MEQ/BIO/FIS Topic Session. Ecosystem-based management science and its application to the North Pacific

Chris Frid
Ecosystem based management: A NE Atlantic view.
pdf (906 KB)

Thomas C. Malone
Implementing the integrated design plan of the coastal module of GOOS.
pdf (2.1 MB)

Konstantin A. Zgurovskiy, Vassily Spiridonov and Andrey Malyutin
Marine protected areas of the Russian Far East in ecosystem based management: Problems and perspectives.
pdf (3.36 MB)

Glen S. Jamieson and Bob O'Boyle
Canadian initiatives towards the achievement of ecosystem-based management.
pdf (177 KB)

Vjacheslav P. Shuntov and Vladimir I. Radchenko
Ecosystem based management of marine biological resources: Illusion and the reality.
pdf (5.21 MB)

David L. Fluharty
Backing into the ecosystem: Development of practices for ecosystem-based fishery management in the United States.
pdf (1.27 MB)

Chang-Ik Zhang, Sung-Il Lee and Jong-Man Kim
Ecosystem-based management of fisheries resources in the Tongyeong marine ranching area in Korea.
pdf (3.14 MB)

Kaoru Nakata, Hirokatsu Yamada, Minoru Tomiyama, Katsuyuki Sasaki, Tadafumi Ichikawa and Hiromu Zenitani
Effects of variabilities in climate and planktonic ecosystem on fisheries management of sand lance in Ise Bay, Japan.
pdf (486 KB)

Alexander Tkalin
Implementation of GEF projects as a tool for ecosystem-based management.
pdf (255 KB)

Patricia A. Livingston
Ecosystem-based science for management of Alaskan fisheries.
pdf (956 KB)

Richard J. Beamish, R.M. Sweeting, C.M. Neville and A.J. Benson
The importance of considering the impact of regimes when establishing ecosystem-based approaches to fisheries management.
pdf (113 KB)

Franz J. Mueter and Bernard A. Megrey
Species-based indicators to assess the status of the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea ecosystems with reference points.
pdf (847 KB)

William J. Sydeman, Kyra L. Mills, Diana Watters, Steve Ralston and Tom Laidig
Wings, fins, and the black box: Management implications of marine bird and fish trophic similarities.
pdf (1.88 MB)

Tatsu Kishida, Muneharu Tokimura and Tokimasa Kobayashi
Variable pelagic and demersal marine ecosystems and fisheries around Japan.
pdf (677 KB)

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