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Session 2: POC/BIO Topic Session. Physical and biological responses of coastal ocean ecosystems and estuaries to inputs of freshwater

Thomas C. Royer and Chester E. Grosch
The role of freshwater in the coastal circulation in the Northeast Pacific: Past, present and future.
pdf (2.36 MB)

Im-Sang Oh and Tae-Wook Park
Numerical experiments on the dispersion of the Yangtze River water in the Yellow and East China Seas.
pdf (4 MB)

Michael J. Dagg and G.A. Breed
A conceptual model of the biological effects of Mississippi River nitrogen on the northern Gulf of Mexico.
pdf (1.26 MB)

Wonho Yih, Young-Geel Kim and Sundo Hwang
Ecosystem response to fresh-water discharge from Keum River estuarine weir: Distribution of phytoplankton and anchovy larvae.
pdf (724 KB)

Victoria V. Nadtochy, Yury I. Zuenko and Eugene Barabanshchikov
River-sea change of zooplankton species composition: A case of Amur Bay (Japan/East Sea).
pdf (918 KB)

Elena M. Latkovskaya, T.A. Belan, V.B. Krasavtsev, A.V. Polteva, I.V. Motylkova, T.G. Koreneva and T.A. Mogilnikova
Conditions of hydrobiological community formation in the lagoons of northeastern Sakhalin Island.
pdf (4.35 MB)

Anatoly Semenchenko
Functional role of coastal waters for salmon: Is it an adaptation zone or a transit way?
pdf (17.6 MB)

Franz J. Mueter and Thomas C. Royer
Recruitment of pelagic and demersal fishes in the Gulf of Alaska in relation to coastal freshwater discharge.
pdf (681 KB)

Fan Wang
The relationship between thermohaline structure and fish catch in the East China Sea.
pdf (1.44 MB)

Richard D. Brodeur and Cheryl A. Morgan
Cross-shelf variability in hydrography, zooplankton and juvenile chinook diets in relation to the Columbia River plume.
pdf (3.65 MB)

Churchill B. Grimes
The influence of freshwater discharge on fishery production on continental shelves.
pdf (571 KB)

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