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Session 5: CCCC MODEL Topic Session. Comparison of modeling approaches to describe ecological food webs, marine ecosystem processes, and ecosystem response to climate variability.

Arthur J. Miller
Modelling Pacific decadal variability: Physics, feedbacks, and ecosystem
pdf (938 KB)

M. Angelica Peña
Comparing the response of three vertically resolved planktonic ecosystem models to climate change in the NE subarctic Pacific Ocean.
pdf (331 KB)

Yong-Jun Tian, Tatsuro Akamine and Maki Suda
Impacts of fishing and climate changes on the population dynamics of Pacific saury in the northwestern Pacific: A model approach.
pdf (676 KB)

Yong-Woo Lee, Bernard A. Megrey and S. Allen Macklin
Comparative analysis of statistical tools to identify recruitment-environment relationships and forecast recruitment strength.
pdf (191 KB)

Shin-Ichi Ito, Daiki Mukai and Michio J. Kishi
An analysis for seasonal and interannual growth change of Pacific saury using NEMURO.FISH.
pdf (218 KB MB)

Bernard A. Megrey, Kenneth A. Rose, Douglas E. Hay and Francisco E. Werner
A coupled lower and higher trophic level marine ecosystem model of the North Pacific Ocean including Pacific herring.
pdf (1.18 MB)

Thomas C. Wainwright
A comparison of two lower trophic models for the California Current system.
pdf (865 KB)

David L. Mackas, Mark V. Trevorrow, Douglas R. Yelland, Maia Tsurumi and Mark Benfield
Observations of zooplankton aggregation due to tidal flow over a sill.
pdf (2.62 MB)

Susan E. Allen, Debby Ianson, David L. Mackas, Mark V. Trevorrow and Maia Tsurumi
Modelling zooplankton aggregation due to tidal flow over a sill.
pdf (1.47 MB)

Sinjae Yoo, Hyun-Cheol Kim and Kyung-II Chang
On the conditions for Cochlodinium bloom.
pdf (3.66 MB)

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