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Session 8: FIS Topic Session. Management of eel resources.

Yuki Minegishi, Jun Aoyama, Jun G. Inoue, Masaki Miya, Mutsumi Nishida and Katsumi Tsukamoto
Definitive identification of all species of the genus Anguilla using the complete mitochondrial genome.
ppt (3.11 MB)

Shingo Kimura and Katsumi Tsukamoto
Landmark for the spawning of Japanese eel.
pdf (713 KB)

Sun-Do Hwang, Won-Seok Yang, Yeong-Jo Jo, Hyeong-Tae Moon, Tae-Won Lee, Ok-In Choi and Chi-Hong Kim
Factors affecting the daily catch of glass eels, Anguilla japonica, in the Geum-river estuary, Korea.
pdf (432 KB)

Aya Kotake, Takaomi Arai, Michael J Miller and Katsumi Tsukamoto
Differences in the migratory history of male and female Japanese eels, Anguilla japonica.
pdf (231 KB)

Jun Aoyama
An initial investigation of the biological characteristics of the Japanese eel stock in Japan.
pdf (954 KB)

Wann-Nian Tzeng
Relative importance of oceanic, estuarine and riverine growth histories of the Japanese eel, Anguilla japonica, as revealed by otolith microchemistry analysis.
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