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Workshop 1: MONITOR Workshop. Examine and critique a North Pacific Ecosystem Status Report.

Keith Brander
Choosing, presenting and maintaining indicators for marine ecosystem monitoring - Experience from the NE Atlantic.
pdf (2.12 MB)

Keith Reid
The CCAMLR ecosystem monitoring programme: Application to the management of krill fisheries.
pdf (1.87 MB)

R. Ian Perry
The PICES North Pacific Ecosystem Status Report.
pdf (640 KB)

Kiyotaka Hidaka, Kaoru Nakata and Shin-Ichi Ito
Ecosystem monitoring in the western North Pacific off Japan.
pdf (1.09 MB)

George Shevchenko, Constantine Puzankov and Valery Chastikov
Monitoring of the Tsushima Warm Current in the northern Japan Sea in spring 2003.
pdf (684 KB)

Dong-Yong Lee, Gong-Ke Tan, C.S. Kim and J.Y. Han
Approach to the operational ocean observing system in the Yellow Sea through China-Korea bi-lateral cooperation.
pdf (1.58 MB)

Franz Mueter
The Gulf of Alaska ecosystem: Status and recent trends.
pdf (362 KB)

Gordon A. McFarlane
State of the ocean off the Pacific coast of Canada in 2002.
pdf (7.55 MB)

Steven J. Bograd
A status report of recent environmental and ecosystem trends in the California Current system.
pdf (2.82 MB)

Ming-Yuan Zhu, Rui-Xiang Li and Bin Xia
Marine ecosystem status in China Seas.
pdf (11.5 MB)

R. Ian Perry, Harold P. Batchelder, Sanae Chiba, Edward Durbin, Wulf Greve, David L. Mackas and Hans M. Verheye
Identifying global synchronies in marine zooplankton populations: Issues and opportunities.
pdf (1.14 MB)

Sonia Batten, William Y. Sydeman, David Hyrenbach, Ken Morgan, Peggy Yen, Mike Henry and David Welch
Multi-ecosystem sampling in the North Pacific Ocean using the Continuous Plankton Recorder.
pdf (439 KB)

Kuh Kim and Vyacheslav Lobanov
Summaries of CREAMS and NEAR-GOOS programs.
pdf (2.54 MB)

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