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Workshop 2: MBM-AP Workshop. Combining data sets on distributions and diets of marine birds and mammals

Yutaka Watanuki and Tomohiro Deguchi
Effect of physical factors and prey availability on diet and chick growth of Rhinoceros Auklet at Teuri island in the Japan/East Sea.
pdf (111 KB)

Julie Thayer, Leslie Slater, Yutaka Watanuki, Douglas F. Bertram and William J. Sydeman
East, West, North and South: Spatio-temporal variation in the diet and prey characteristics of Rhinoceros Auklets in the North Pacific Ocean.
pdf (578 KB)

Thomas R. Loughlin
Review of Steller sea lion diet in the eastern and western North Pacific.
pdf (1.04 MB)

Tsutomu Tamura and Hidehiro Kato
Long-term changes in food and feeding habits of the common minke whales in western North Pacific region.
pdf (2.42 MB)

Sachi Ohki, Sei-Ichi Saitoh, Hiroshi Kiwada and Koji Matsuoka
Relationship between Sei whales distribution and the environmental conditions in the western North Pacific using multi-sensor remote sensing.
pdf (1.37 MB)

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