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Workshop 5: BASS Workshop. Linkages between open and coastal systems

Tomowo Watanabe
Structure and variability of the upper layer of the Western Subarctic Gyre.
pdf (2.63 MB)

Carol Ladd, Phyllis Stabeno, Nicholas Bond, Al Hermann, Nancy Kachel and Calvin Mordy
Cross-shelf exchange in the Gulf of Alaska.
pdf (2.87 MB)

Kazuaki Tadokoro and Toru Kobari
Comparison of seasonal variations in Chlorophyll-a concentrations and oceanographic conditions between Oyashio and Ocean Weather Station P.
pdf (503 KB)

Frank A. Whitney, P.J. Harrison and W.R. Crawford
Enhancement of primary productivity in the Gulf of Alaska by transport between coastal and oceanic regions.
pdf (2.56 MB)

Svetlana V. Naydenko
Structure of zooplankton communities in the Russian Far Eastern region (Okhotsk and Bering Seas, and Pacific waters south off Kuril Islands).
pdf (445 KB)

David L. Mackas and Kenneth O. Coyle
Cross-shore exchange processes, and their effect on zooplankton biomass and community composition patterns in the Northeast Pacific.
pdf (4.66 MB)

Orio Yamamura, Kazuhisa Uchikawa, Masatoshi Moku and Hiroya Sugisaki
Myctophids in the neritic and offshore areas of the subarctic North Pacific.
pdf (2.69 MB)

Akihiko Yatsu and Masahide Kaeriyama
Linkages between coastal and open ocean habitats of chum salmon and small pelagic fishes in the Northwestern and Central Pacific.
pdf (864 KB)

Richard J. Beamish, Gordon A. McFarlane and Jacquelynne R. King
Linkages between open and coastal ecosystems on the Pacific coast of North America.
pdf (1.34 MB)

Takashige Sugimoto, Jun-Ichi Takeuchi and Takafumi Yoshida
Processes of water exchange between coastal and open oceans, and their effects on plankton community and fish recruitment.
pdf (4.36 MB)

Vladimir A. Belyaev
Pelagic fishes of the Northwest Pacific and relationship between coastal and open ocean ecosystems.
pdf (189 KB)

Sachi Ohki, S.I. Saitoh, H. Kiwada and K. Matsuoka
Variability of coastal and open ocean habitats of Sei whales in the western North Pacific using multi-sensor remote sensing.
pdf (387 KB)

Rolf Ream, Jeremy Sterling and Tom Loughlin
Oceanographic influences on Northern Fur Seal migratory movements.
pdf (4.03 MB)

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